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Trivia Crack Letter "J K L M N" Answers

Trivia Crack "J K L M N" Answers
Jack Black played a musician in which of the following movies? School of Rock
James Hetfield is the singer of what band? Metallica
James Naismith invented what sport? Basketball
Jammu and Kashmir is disputed by what countries? Pakistan and India
Jane Goodall became famous studying what animals? Chimpanzees
Jay Kay is the lead singer with which of these groups? Jamiroquai
Jeju Island belongs to what country? South Korea
John F. Kennedy was born in … 1917
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed in what city? Dallas
Josip Broz, better known as ‘Tito’, lead what country? Yugoslavia
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan share a common “-stan” in their names. What is the meaning of it? Land of
Keith Richards plays guitar for which venerable rock band? Rolling Stones
Keith Urban became a star of what music genre? Country
Kemari is one of the main predecessors of what sport? Soccer
Kenya doesn’t border which of the following countries? Morocco
Kharkiv and Donetsk are cities of what country? Ukraine
Kiev is the capital of what country? Ukraine
Kigali is the capital city of which African country? Rwanda
Kinshasa is the capital of what country? Democratic Republic of the Congo
Komodo Island is the part of which country? Indonesia
Kowloon city, that was demolished in the 90s, was known as ‘the city of darkness’ because… The incredible amount of piled buildings
Kublai Khan is the first foreign emperor of China. Where was he from? Mongolia
La Española is the most populated island in America. To how many countries does it belong? Two
Lake Balaton, the largest lake in central Europe, is in which country? Hungary
Lake Michigan of the United States is in the territory of how many states? Four
Lake Titicaca is located on the shores of what countries? Peru and Bolivia
Lake Victoria is in the territory of three African countries. Which ones? Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania
Lawrence of Arabia worked for what secret services? British
Leaders, collaborators and responsibles of what regime were judged during the Nüremberg Trials? German National Socialism
Leptospirosis is a disease caused by what? Bacterium
Lesotho borders what countries? Only South Africa
Leukemia is caracterized by an abnormal excess of what? White blood cells
Lewis Carrol took Alice to what country? Wonderland
Liberty, equality…. Which is the third term in the French Revolution motto? Fraternity
Libreville is the capital of what country? Gabon
Lilo, from “Lilo and Stitch”, is a big fan of which musician? Elvis Presley
Lisbeth Salander is the female main character of the ‘Millenium’ saga. What did she do for a living? Hacker
London is the capital of what country? England
Longboard is a variety of which of the following sports? Skateboard
Luis Figo was never part of which of the following teams? Parma
Luke, I am your? Father
Lumbricus terrestris is the scientific name of what animal? Earthworm
MA is the international code for what country? Morocco
MAD is the airport code for which city? Madrid, Spain
Madonna was a member of what band? Breakfast Club
Maldive Islands belong to what country? They’re a country
Mammals came from what type of reptiles? Therapsida
Managua is the capital of which country? Nicaragua
Manierism is between what two art movements? Renaissance and baroque
Manila is the capital of what country? The Philippines
Maoist communism gave special importance to what social class? Peasants
Maputo is the capital city of which African country? Mozambique
Margarita Island belongs to what country? Venezuela
Mariana Islands, located in Oceania, belong to what country? United States
Marie Antoinette was the queen of what country? France
Marie Curie is associated with what? Radioactivity
Marihuana comes from which of the following plants? Cannabis
Marilyn Monroe went by many names but what name did she go by when she was baptized? Norma Jeane Baker
Mascots were used for the first time in which Olympic Games? Munich 72
Mayon Volcano is considered the world’s most perfect cone, where is it located? Philippines
Meryl Streep is the actress that has been nominated the most for the Academy Awards. How many times? 17
Mexico City’s airport is named after whom? Benito Juarez
Mexico is divided in… States
Microwave ovens heat food by exciting which of the following molecules? Water
Middle name of Robert Plant, former lead singer of Led Zeppelin? Anthony
Mongolia borders which countries? Russia and China
Monrovia is the capital of what country? Liberia
More or less, which percentage of Mongolia is occupied by the Gobi desert? A 30%
Morocco is a country within which continent? Africa
Most of the great mountains are located in what mountain range? Himalaya
Most wrinkles are due to what event? Sun exposure
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo is an organization formed during the last military government of what country? Argentina
Mount Ararat is the symbol of Armenia. However, it belongs to another country nowadays. Which is it? Turkey
Mount Elgon lies on which two countries’ borders? Uganda and Kenya
Mount Everest is in what mountain range? Himalaya
Mount Everest marks the border of what two countries? China and Nepal
Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America, is located in what state? Alaska
Mozarabic art is representative of what century? 10th
Mr. Pink is the alias of a character in which Quentin Tarantion film? Reservoir Dogs
Mt. Everest, the highest mountain peak of world, is situated on which young mountain range? Great Himalayas
Myopia is short-sightedness. What is the opposite of myopia? Hyperopia
NASA stands for? National Aeronautics and Space Administrat
NL is the international code for what country? The Netherlands
Nairobi is the capital of what country? Kenya
Name of the cell’s organelle that is in charge of making proteins ? Ribosome
Name of the plane that deployed the first Atomic Bomb? Enola Gay
Name the numbers 1-5 in French Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Cinq
Name the technique of judging a horse back rider’s skill. Equitation
Nepal is north of what country? India
Neuer is a soccer player from which country? Germany
Neuromeans related to the what? Brain
Niagara falls have common borders with how many countries? 2
Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich were offered the role of what Spider-Man villain, which went to Willem Dafoe? Green Goblin
Nicosia is the capital of what country? Cyprus
Nicotine stimulates the liberation of a neurotransmitter. Which one? Acetylcholine
Nike was the Greek goddess of what? Victory
Nimrod, Noah’s great grandson, was renowned for his skill as what? Hunter
Nine people died in the Great London Beer Flood of 1814, when several vats ruptured and sent a million-gallon wave down what street? Tottenham Court Road
Nouvelle Orléans is located in which US state? Louisiana
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