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That level again 3 Walkthrough All levels

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That level again 3 Walkthrough
Story #Answers
Let's Start The GameTap the word "START"
Good, but we need to change the backgroundSlide your finger from right to left.
One More Button LeftPause and resume the game to get the right arrow button.
Here's the keyTake the key from right side and use it to open the door on the left.
It's all in your handsYou can slide some of the background elements with your finger. Slide the top left block and it will make the key from previous room fall down. Go back and take the key, then proceed to the next room.
How do you press it?Stand on the platform next to the button, then slide the key on the button, using your finger.
Too dark, can you make it brighter?Adjust the brightness in your phone settings (auto-brightness must be off).
Take this super key!!!Move the big key using your finger.
Let's see how you'll handle thisPut the key near the right wall, climb the character on the key, then use your finger to lift the key and character.
Throw it awayStand in the middle of the screen, than throw the key at the left side, it will get teleport on the right side, right on the buton.
The door is not openHold your finger on "NOT" to open the door.
You shall not pass!Use the key to push the character forward.
You won't break throughTilt the phone left and right to make the spike ball hit the wall.
A little bit furtherHit the crack in the top right wall, with the key, to break it. That slide the key through the hole, and on the second button!
Double JumpPress the "Jump" button with 2 fingers.
Get WarmRub the character with your finger.
Hide the gameSlide the fire on to the smoke detector (the white thing on the ceiling - left side).
Now think for yourselfSlide the flower pot to the right. Stand on it. Slide the sun 2 times right. A tree will grow. Now you can jump up at the right platform. Walk a bit out of the screen, then return with the key (walking to much out of the screen will kill you). Take the key and enter the house when is dark (slide the sun).
RIP 2016Change the date, one year back, in the phone setting.
I've always been alone, but then I met herUse the girl to press the button, then move the boy under the door to block it.
We've become a very good team.Use the girl to jump on the boy, than she can reach the button. Then use the girl to push the 2 spikes on the button. Afterwards jump down with both characters.
I was ready to do everything for herKill the boy somewhere in the middle of the spikes, than jump with both characters on the corpse.
I share everything with herTake the key, then return to the main menu and press "SHARE" button.
Words were helping to become closerYou can move the words with your finger. Make a bridge out of them.
There's always a way to herClimb up the left platform, and jump from there.
We supplemented each otherPut girl on boy head. Walk right. Jump girl up, take the key. Kill boy in the spikes, than put girl on boy's head again and go on the door. (see video below if confused)
Did I betray her?Kill yourself in the spikes, then go to previous level
Now I'm making my way aloneYou can create blocks by touching the screen...
I've changed my pint of viewTilt your phone
I don't want to do anythingJust don't do anything for a few seconds, the spikes will than vanish.
I'm doing all I can! But I stay stillPress all 3 buttons at the same time to open the door.
I destroyed everything that was moving mePress the 3 buttons until you break all of them.
Let other forces to control me. I'll remember it.Tilt the phone.
I've been describing the solutionPress the buttons in this order: LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-JUMP-JUMP. (Read the description on Google Play/App Store)
Level #Answers
Level 1 (Hello)Walk to the girl.
Level 2 (The Obstacle)Jump over the gap.
Level 3 (Believe in yourself)Jump over the gap (there is a invisible platform starting from the middle of the gap)
Level 4 (IQ test)Tap the "I" on "IQ".
Level 5 (Find all the flowers)Tap all the flowers in the level, an the flower in the Main Menu.
Level 6 (The box)Tilt the phone until you get the couple together.
Level 7 (IQ test 2)Us the square, circle and triangle to make a bridge over the gap.
Level 8 (Another way)Walk left.
Level 9 - END (I won't let her vanish
  1. Go next to the girl and pres "pause" button.
  2. You need to find the light - tap the area where the hints button is.
  3. No move the pause button next to the play button. Then tap and hold the pause button to stop the moving platforms. Walk to the next area.
  4. Go to the right side and tap the middle square. Go trough the door.
  5. Congratulations you've just finished That level again 3
Level 10 - SAD ENDAvailable only for people who donated.
If you can't solve a level with the explications above, take a look at the video guide below

Complete video walkthrough for That level again 3

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