Thursday, October 24, 2013

Logo Quiz - Cars [Level 2] Answers

Answers in Level 2 are:
  • Maserati - the oval logo colored in white and blue, and with a trident inside
  • Opel - the silver circle with a squashed "Z" inside
  • Iveco - the blue letters: "vec"
  • Kenworth - the red rectangle with "KTM" inside
  • Daimler - the square colored in grey and black, and with a "D" inside
  • Corvette - the logo that is half colored in white and black , and the other half is red
  • Chery - the red oval with "A" above it and a "C" under
  • Peterbilt - the black oval outlined in white and whit this letters inside: "P  bil"
  • Fiat - the silver logo with a red square inside
  • Lancia - the blue logo with a white outlined circle in it and a "A" inside
  • Tata - the blue circle with two white curved lines in it and "A A" written under
  • Isuzu - the back letters: "I   U" and a small logo above them
  • Jeep - the black letters: "J  P"
  • Kawasaki - the letters "R    ki"
  • Lexus - the black rectangle with a white circle that has an "L" inside. Under it are this white letters: "LE"
  • Mitsubishi - the logo formed by 3 red parallelograms, forming a triangle

Logo Quiz - Cars [Level 2] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is Logo Quiz - Cars by "bubble quiz games"

Logo Quiz - Cars [Level 1] Answers

Answers in Level 1 are:
  • Audi - the one made from four silver circles linked together
  • Volkswagen - the white "W" inside a blue circle
  • Ford - the blue oval shape with white contour
  • Citroen - the two silver arrows pointing up
  • Chevrolet - the golden logo similar to a squashed "+"
  • Mercedes - the silver circle with a 3 silver lines inside
  • Skoda - the green arrow with wings
  • Suzuki - the big red "S"
  • Ferrari - the black horse inside a yellow logo shaped like a shield
  • Daewoo - the silver logo with two holes in it
  • Dodge - the buffalo head inside a red outlined logo
  • Yamaha - the blue logo similar to a round shield
  • Kia - the red outlined oval with a "A" inside
  • Volvo - the silver round logo with a blue rectangle above it
  • Chrysler - the silver logo looking like a small circle with wide wings

Logo Quiz - Cars [Level 1] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is Logo Quiz - Cars by "bubble quiz games"

Logo Quiz - Cars Answers

Logo Quiz - Cars is a puzzle game that will test your car brands knowledge. You will get a logo that is partial modified/erased and you must guess it. The game offer hints but they wear out fast, and you may need help to finish the game.
Some of the levels are easy some harder, but have no fear because we have the correct answers for   each level...

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