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100 doors of the Ghost Town Walkthrough

100 doors of the Ghost Town Walkthrough for All Levels
Level # Walkthrough
Level 1Tap the door.
Level 2Tap the painting, use key on to open the door.
Level 3Change the colors of the left cabinet to RED - GREEN - BLUE - YELLOW.
Level 4Connect the tiles of the eye picture.
Level 5Put the log between the sphinx arms, then take the plank and put it under the rock.
Level 6Find the 4 keys: 1 - top left corner of the door, 2 - on the table, 3 - top shelf, 4 - on the floor next to the bookshelf.
Level 7Rotate the numbers until they match the roman numbers.
Level 8Take chain cutter from bottom-right corner and use it on the chained door.
Level 9The code is 8603.
Level 10Shoot the target on the door.
Level 11Solve the picture puzzle.
Level 12The code is 954.
Level 13Find the highlighted objects.
Level 14Take the crowbar form the table, use it to open chaste. Use knife on the right chair to find the key.
Level 15Tap the red buttons in this order: Top-middle | Top-right | Bottom-left | Bottom-middle.
Level 16Tilt the phone to guide the balls on their colors.
Level 17Solve the circle, square, triangle puzzle.
Level 18Solve the picture puzzle.
Level 19Light all the symbols.
Level 20Find the hidden objects.
Level 21Place the barrel under the anvil and cut the rope.
Level 22Light the buttons in this order: Purple - Green - Red - Blue - Yellow - Red.
Level 23Take the vinyl and put it in the player.
Level 24Place the chips on their corresponding color
Level 25Find the 5 differences of the two pictures.
Level 26Solve the image puzzle.
Level 27Find the highlighted objects.
Level 28Match the colors on each circle.
Level 29Find the dolphin, sea horse, bird and butterfly symbols.
Level 30Attach the rope to the weight.
Level 31The code is 126.
Level 32Put the numbers of the clock in the correct order.
Level 33Blue+Red=Purple, Red+Yellow=Orange, Blue+Yellow=Green, Blue+White=Cyan
Level 34Smash the barrel with the anvil. Use crowbar on door.
Level 35Place the chips on their corresponding color.
Level 36Find the hidden objects.
Level 37Solve the puzzle.
Level 38Make all the faces of the cube have the same color.
Level 39Solve the jigsaw puzzle.
Level 40The code is 42085.
Level 41Tilt the device and bring the ball to the hole.
Level 42Solve the puzzle.
Level 43Find the 4 gears and put the in the door mechanism.
Level 44Find the hidden objects.
Level 45Tap: Middle | Middle-left | Middle-right.
Level 46Find the 5 differences.
Level 47The code is 625390
Level 48Make so that no image is repeated...
Level 49View Solution.
Level 50Bring all the pieces to the middle, to form a rhombus.
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