Friday, September 6, 2019

Gravitas - Achievement Guide

Gravitas has achievements, and you're eager to get them. This guide tells you how to. Spoilers ahead. Achievements are listed in chronological order. Story achievements aren't included.

We are not alone

Stay in the pupil pod at the beginning of the game and keep looking outside.

What do these buttons do?

Interact with all cube displays in the main lobby.

Is this allowed?

Jump into the pit without getting the glove. After SHI turns the funnel on, use it to reach the other side. Exit the funnel as soon as you enter it, so that the acceleration would be just right.

Extreme loiterer

After getting the glove, make your way back to the main lobby and pull yourself upwards.

True Appreciateur

At the beginning of "Ascension", observe the art on the left of your starting point.

Ain't nobody got time for that

Just like the description states, pull one cube in "Garden of Gravity" over to the position shown in the screenshot. Hop onto it and pull yourself towards the exit.

Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should

Succumb to the lasers in "Now You Can Die."


At the beginning of "I Will Tell You At The End", look out the window above the green and blue cubes. Jump onto them for a better view.


Push a trashcan all the way to the exit door. Easiest to obtain on "I Will Tell You At The End".

Beyond Genius

Solve "I Will Tell You At The End" without breaking the glass. The method is up to you, but I personally did this:

Good listener

During Curator's monologue in "The End!", don't do anything and just stare at the glass floor. Once the monologue is over, the shark will appear outside.

No Rush

Just like with "What do these buttons do?", interact with all cube displays in the main lobby during the meltdown. I wouldn't put achievements over my own safety but you do you.

Guide by JAG