Monday, February 24, 2014

House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough - Part 6

Now put the crystals in the order that is shown in the normal dimension: Top - orange, Left - red, Bottom - purple and Right - green
You will find a empty book inside

Put the book in the bookshelf in the other room

The bookshelf will unblock the path to top and bottom floors. 
But first let's deal with the ghost that is in the attic

Use the wood cross on the ghost to make her go away
Tap the small container on the table, and enter the patters that you've memorize earlier
You will find a orange spring wire

Now combine the wire with the clock

Go to the lower level

Use the sword to kill this guy

Take the stick

Place the stick on the stand

Now go to the top level

Take the lantern

Go down on the ladder

Place the lantern on the floor
Tap the mirror to go to the normal dimension

Take the sledgehammer and use it to break the wall

Place the clock on the dynamite and get out of the house in 20 seconds

CONGRATULATIONS you now have you're revenge.

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House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough - Part 5

This is the first room of the alternative dimension. There is nothing to do here, for now

In the next room you will find another ghost
The book on the chair tells you how to kill her

Go back to the normal dimension, in this room
You will find a safe under the rug
Tap on the light on the left wall, then tap small spot on the door to see the code for the safe
Enter the code: 17516, and take the skull (the ghost's skull)
Put the skull in the fireplace and the ghost will be killed

Now that the ghost is gone, you can explore the room
First combine the half of key with the round shape to obtain a key
Use the key to open the door in the middle and take a purple crystal. (Note: the door is now also open in the normal dimension)
Use the ladder to go in the attic

You will stumble upon another ghost here... So let's deal with her

Go in the normal dimension and enter the new opened place

Lots of thing to do here:
First take the sword and the bottle (near the chair)
Insert the light bulb, from your inventory, in the lamp. The light will how a code, written upside-down: 351104
Tap on the small safe and enter the code: 351104. You will find a orange crystal inside

Now go into the bathroom (tap the TV in the red couch room)
Fill the bottle with water

Use the bottle with water to extinguish the fire in the fireplace
Then tap on the fireplace
Pick up the wood cross and tap the small safe

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House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough - Part 4

Here you will find a scary guy with long hands
Combine the arrow with the crossbow, and use the crossbow to kill the guy

Now you will find a pattern in the drawer. Memorize it.
The globe needs a code to open. The code is on the wall, only that is scrambled a little. The correct code is 508020
You will find a green crystal inside.

No go back to this room, tap on the door bellow the clock
Insert the gears you've collected to open the door

You will find a ghost with a scythe, inside. You need to deal with him to go further

Go back to the room with the red couch
You will find the code for the safe in one of the books you've collected
The code is 14582437
Inside the safe you will find a clock and a key

Now you need to open the left door in this room.
First array the pattern as shown, and use the key you've found in the safe, to open the door

This is the body of the ghost with the scythe that is in the clock room
Use the knife to stab him in the heart
Tap the mask on his face and take the red crystal

Now the ghost is gone
Use the candles to light the bottom mirror
Tap on the mirror

Now you are in an alternative dimension
Tap on the brick wall

Tap the brick marked with an "X" until you break the wall

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House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough - Part 3

Use the candles on the fireplace to light them
Place the candles on the stand that is in front of the bookshelf
Pick up the items in the bookshelf: a scroll, a small gear and a book

Now spit the candle in two parts

The bars are now removed, and you can go to the second floor

You will find a scary wolf here. To deal with him go to the top floor

Pick up the items that are here: a crossbow, a gear and a shotgun bullet

Now arm the shotgun with the bullet and use it to kill the wolf
Go inside the next room

Pick up the knife, and remember how the 4 crystals are arranged

Now go back to the previous room
Tap the clock and take the small round handle. Remember the time: 10:10
Now tap on the shelf and set the numbers to what the clock shows: 10 10
You will find in the drawer a gear, a hammer and a arrow

Now go back to this room and use the hammer to break the vase near the fireplace
You will find half of a key inside

Now go to the wolf room, and use the ladder to go to the attic

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