Tuesday, January 9, 2018

EnigmBox Walkthrough

EnigmBox by BenoĆ®t Freslon answers, cheats, solutions for android and iOS devices. EnigmBox is an interactive and sometimes challenging puzzle game like no other. You will have to solve different kind of puzzles, many of them will involve you're phone sensors like microphone, camera, bluetooth, volume and many more.
Some of the levels are can prove difficult to solve, but I'm gonna walk you through all of them.
Keep in mind that the levels are randomized on each device! I grouped them by their icon's color so you can easily find the one you need help with...

EnigmBox Orange Levels Solutions
  • Broken Heart. This one needs the phone's camera. Just look around your room with the camera and you will find all the pieces of the broken heart.
  • Fireball. Just turn the volume of your phone all the way up.
  • Power Source. Connect the battery charger to your phone.
  • Color. For this one you must point the camera to something RED.
  • One Position. Turn the phone until you align this email addres: "whynotzoidberg@enigmbox.com". Now use you're own email addres to send a mail to whynotzoidberg@enigmbox.com. He will replay back to you the code: "thankyou".
  • The Name. Tap the door 3 times. When the character comes out you will have to say "Enigmbox" out-loud, in the phone microphone. Make sure you say it articulated, else it may not work.
  • At The Back. Just write the brand name of your phone, like: Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc...
  • Puzzle. Solve the puzzle, it makes an arrow that points to the "clock" of your phone. Just enter the current time as the code. Ex 6:32 or 632.
  • Paperweight. Tap and hold the clipboard, then select copy. Now paste the text in the text box. If you can't use copy/paste on the phone, the code is "thisispassword".
  • The Missing Signs. Use the volume buttons to place the missing signs. (10 - 5 = 5) (3 + 3 = 6) (20 - 11 = 9).
  • The Machine. For this one you will need to go into your phone "Settings". You will find there a button labeled "Enigmbox".
  • Electromagnetic. You're phone has an magnetic sensor, just put the phone near something metallic or electronic, like a laptop or TV.
  • A Ring. The code is "lol". You have to select and copy the text on the ring. Than paste the text inside the fire to decode it.
  • Without Eyes. Just put your finger below the "Hints" icon. The phone will vibrate for a few seconds and the heart will appear.
  • The Beginning. Just go back to level selection page, and replay level 1.
  • Fast Puzzle. The puzzle is a lie, just hit the "Back" button on your phone and replay the level.
  • The End is The Beginning. Activate the GPS Location, on your phone. Then you will have to walk around a bit and the heart will appear.
  • Blind Search. First tap and hold on the screen and move the phone in every direction to find the right position (the phone must face down...). Now move your finger and listen to the sounds, they will guide you to the heart (it's on the right of the characters legs).

EnigmBox Blue Levels Solutions
  • The Dark Night (Batman). Just put the phone in a dark place, like the pocket of your pants...
  • The Path (Maze). First solve the maze/labyrinth, then press the "Home" button of your phone, and then return to the game.
  • Black. Just turn off / lock the screen.
  • A Message from God. You have to replay the song played by Chuck Norris. Just press this keys: 1 1 1 2 3 2.
  • Clearer. Just turn the Brightness of the phone to maximum.
  • Angry Bird. Wait for the bird to be inside the cage, then simply turn off the screen, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on.
  • Break the Rules. If you try to tap the heart you'll get an ERROR message. Error is the actual code needed :)
  • Pong. Just flip the phone upside down to bounce back the ball.
  • The Heart is in The. Go back to the main page of the game and read the "Credits".
  • Under the Dust. Blow into the phone's microphone to get rid of the dust. Than join the points and they will form the logo for "Bluetooth". Now simply turn bluetooth on in your phone's settings.
  • Lying (Dog). Just lay the phone down and wait for the dog to fall asleep.
  • Airplane. Put your phone in "Airplane" mode.
  • Catch the Sun. Just tilt the phone as if you want to make a photo of the sun in the sky.
  • Orientation Direction (NEWS). "NEWS" stand for cardinal points. Just use the phone as a compass and orient it to the North, East, West and South.
  • The Candle. Blow into the microphone to snuff the candle and reveal the code: 12332189
  • Geek Art. The way people write hearts in chat rooms is: <3

EnigmBox Green Levels Solutions
  • Open Without Touching. Imagine your phone is a bottle cap, just rotate the phone as you do when open a bottle.
  • To Move. Just move the leaves away to reveal the heart.
  • Contact. Put a finger on each end of the wires to close the circuit.
  • Save it. Just lay the phone on a flat surface to keep the heart in the center.
  • 4 Holes, 1 Outlet (Funnel). First use your fingers to cover the 2 holes in the funnel. Now just make some noise to get the heart out of the funnel.
  • All Fingers. Just use to fingers, one on the finger print, the other on the heart.
  • Impossible. The answer is "impossible".
  • Don't Release. Tap the icon to start the level and keep your finger on the screen.
  • Under the Snow. Just rub the bottom-left area of the screen until the heart appears.
  • Tennis. Shake the phone to hit the tennis balls, when the heart appears tap on it.

EnigmBox Red Levels Solutions
  • Highly Visible Code. You have to go back to the desktop / app drawer of your phone. You will see that the icon of EnigmBox has a "42" sticker on it. Go back to the game and enter "42" as the code.
  • Never the Right Moment. For this one you have to go back to the level selection page and wait a few minutes (may take even 5 min). A butterfly will appear in the center of the screen, don't tap it!. Go back to the butterfly level and catch it with the net.
  • Not So Simple (Morse Code). The morse code is "SIX". You will have to enter "6" as the code to complete the level.
  • The Scribble (Suitcase). Follow the black dot and you'll draw the android or apple logo. Just go to EnigmBox page in Play Sore or App Sore and read the description of the game. The last line is: "Congratulations! You just found the code: ❤ Code: greatgame"
  • Friend. Check your phone's Contacts list, you will find a new contact there and the code.
  • Address (www). To decode the address you must replace each letter with 3 letters offset. The decoded address is "http://www.enigmbox.com/code/". Use your internet browser to go to this page, you will find the heart there.
  • 1, 2, 3 ... SUN. You need a phone with a front camera for this. Just film your face with the camera when the character is on the screen.
  • Too Late. Go into phone Settings and set the clock to 1 hour earlier.
  • The Earth Seen from The Sky. If you go to the coordinates "30 ° 4'59" N, 97 ° 8'28 "W" using Google Maps, you'll see a satellite image with the word: "LUECKE".
  • Mirror. Use the phone to film yourself in a mirror. You will then receive this message: "Do not move anymore. The code is: reflection."
  • The Doctor. You need to connect the headphones. Now listen to the sounds to crack the safe... (the order is Red, Orange, Green, Blue. Put them in the TOP/UP position)
  • The Speaker (Music). Start your music player and play a song. Return to EnigmBox and you should see the heart now.
  • Last Code. You will notice 2 moving icons for the levels "Under the Snow" and "Without Eyes". Go check this two levels, you will see 2 words in the "THE" and "END". So the final code is "the end".