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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "N"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter N. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
If you can't find the question you are looking for, or the answer is wrong, just leave a comment here and we'll fix it asap!

Naga __, glowing phenomenon on the Mekong River: fireballs
Nail __, scissors for the fingers and toes: clipper
Nails, hair that doesn't puncture the skin: ingrown grand entry
Name by which Mars is known: red planet
Name for 'new' Mexican coins from 1993 to 1996: nuevo peso
Name for a tin-mining area, South West Britain: stannary
Name for historical game birds in holiday songs: partridge
Name given to 13 popes, meaning harmless and pure: innocent
Name given to an abnormal curvature of the spine: kyphosis
Name given to an espresso with added water: americano
Name given to popular topics on Twitter: trending
Name honors home of the rum and Coke: cuba libre
Name of 16 popes, inc the current Pope Emeritus: benedict
Name of a character from the Addams Family: wednesday esperanto
Name of Alexander the Great's mother: olympias
Name of an early plastic invented around the 1900s: bakelite
Name of any stringed instrument of this family: zither
Name of Britain's withdrawal from the EU in 2016: brexit
Name of cloth placed behind primary mast: mainsail
Name of Edward and Bella's daughter in Twilight: renesmee
Name of Elvis Presley's house: graceland
Name of first mechanical slot machine, __ Bell: liberty
Name of God in the Bible, also a witness: jehovah
Name of Jill's housekeeper on soap opera: esther
Name of the creator of Garfield's comic strip: jim davis
Name of the Military College of South Carolina: citadel
Name of the patient in the board game Operation: cavity sam
Name of the search for people accused of sorcery: witch hunt
Name of US state and Caucasian country: georgia
Name or assign someone to a position: appoint
Name that Julius Caesar gave to present-day Paris: lutetia
Nancy Boyd is her pen name: Edna St __ Millay: vincent
Nancy Drew's genre: mystery
Nancy Drew's profession: detective
Napoleon made his brother __ king of Naples (ita.): giuseppe
Napoleon's birthplace: ajaccio
Napoleon's last utterance, the love of his life: josephine
Narcolepsy is a sleep __: disorder
Narinder __, Indian inventor of fiber optics: kapany
Narrator of The Outsiders: ponyboy
Narrow land strips connecting two larger landmasses: isthmus
Narrow opening made by parts separating: fissure
Narrow saw, looks like a serrated violin: bow saw
Narrow strip of salt water in the seashore: tide pool
Narrow topographic depressions on the sea floor: trenches
Narrow valley with steep sides made by water: ravine
NASA mission sent to photograph Mercury: messenger
NASA rover that is conducting a mission on Mars: curiosity
Nashville __ play at the Bridgestone Arena: predators
Nasty word spelled backwards in The Shining: redrum
Natalie __, played Padme Amidala in Star Wars: portman
Natalie __, plays a Tyrell in Game of Thrones: dormer
Nation and continent, capital Canberra: australia
Nation state in Central Europe, capital Ljubljana: slovenia
National airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001: sabena
National capital of Australia: canberra
National flower of China: narcissus
National Guard base, where troops drill and train: armoury
National Hockey Stadium in major Pakistani city: lahore
National martial art sport of the Philippines: escrima
Nationality of long-distance runner Gebreselassie: ethiopian
Nationality of Muppet chef: swedish
Nationality of Olympic gymnast K�hei Uchimura: japanese
Nationality of Puccini's Madam Butterfly: japanese
Nationality of the author Leo Tolstoy: russian
Nationality of the composer Richard Wagner: german
Nationality of the fashion model Gisele Bündchen: brazilian
Nationality of the music producer known as Zedd: russian
Nationality of the poet Rumi of the 13th century: persian
Nationality of Verdi's opera princess, Aida: ethiopian
Native American name for the blackfish: tautog
Native American river boat, outdoor activity: canoeing
Native from the South American city La Paz: bolivian
Native of the only UN state starting with a Q: qatari
Natives of Barbados: bajans
Natural body substance that influences growth: hormone
Natural coloring matter in animals and plants: pigment
Natural substance that is found in food: vitamin
Natural sweetener that comes from plant leaves: stevia
Natural tarnish that forms on metals and stone: patina aerial hoop
Natural understanding of need: intuition
Natural, formal and social are three types of this: science
Naturalist known for the evolutionary theory: darwin
Naturally produced sugar of the body: dextrose
Naturally-occuring acid; muscle supplement: creatine
Nature-worshipping religion: paganism
Naval battle between the Ottomans and Holy League: lepanto
Naval commander in chief of a large fleet: admiral
Naval enlistee, someone who sails for a living: sailor
Nazi secret police force founded by Hermann Göring: gestapo
Nazi secret police: gestapo
Naïve Smith appointed senator in Capra's film: jefferson
NBA champion basketball team in 1961: celtics
NBA Live 16 features OKC __ player on cover: thunder
NBC action series about an amnesiac: blindspot
NBC newsmagazine, To Catch a Predator: dateline
Nearby boxing or wrestling judge: ringside
Nearest star system from the sun, Alpha __: centauri
Nearest town to Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia: augusta
Nearly 25,000 perished constructing this canal: panama
Nearly, but not quite: almost
Neck accessory for male evening suit: bow tie
Need for Speed's __ installment was released in 2013: twentieth
Needlework done with a hook and yarn: crochet
Needlework for dresses with honeycomb pattern: smocking
Needlework with a single hooked needle: crochet
Negative aspect of something, hanppens: downside
Negative balance in your bank account: overdraft
Negatively charged subatomic particle: electron
Neil __ Tyson, modern-day American astrophysicist: degrasse
Neil __, stated obvious about breaking up: sedaka
Neither liberal nor conservative: __ of the road: middle
Neither single nor triple: double
Neither something nor everything: nothing
Nemertea; __ worms or proboscis worms: ribbon
Nemesis of Dalmatians everywhere: cruella
Nemo's dad in Finding Nemo: marlin
Neolithic settlement on the Bay of Skaill: skara brae
Neolithic stone settlement in Scotland: skara brae
Nepalese knife, weapon, tool, ceremonies: khukri
Nerd rockers who paid tribute to Buddy Holly: weezer
Nerve layer in the back of the eye: retina
Nerve-shredding event: nail biter
Netflix series, __ Things: stranger
Netflix show about a blind Marvel superhero: daredevil
Netted holes on a pool table: pockets
Networks without electrical cords: wireless
Never seen, opposite of dejà vu: jamaisvu
Never the favorite cartoon dog: underdog
Neverending: infinite
New __ is called "The Birthplace of Jazz" in the US: orleans
New __, name given to Northeast region in US: england
New __, party town, Hurricane Katrina victim: orleans
New __, place where Lord of the Rings was shot: zealand
New __, spacecraft sent to Pluto: horizons
New England __ play at Gillette Stadium: patriots
New Jersey __ play at the Prudential Center: devils
New name for Alaska's highest mountain: denali
New Orleans jazz popular with white musicians: dixieland
New Orleans nightlife center: __ Street: bourbon
New wine shouldn't be put into old ones: bottles
New Year's Eve in Germany: silvester
New York __ play at Madison Square Garden: knicks
New York __ play football at the MetLife Stadium: giants
New York __ play hockey at the Barclays Center: islanders
New York Hockey Team: islanders
New York Jets' most famous celebrity quarterback: namath
New York team of Riley and Ewing: knicks
New Zealand movie set offering tours: hobbiton
New Zealand's largest body of water: lake taupo lamborghini
Newly enlisted military member: recruit
Newspapers, Internet, television, radio: mass media
Newt __, fictitious J K Rowling author: scamander
Next to a ship or the pier: alongside
Next to Kenya, Congo, and South Sudan: uganda
Nice way of saying "fired": layoff
Nickelodeon show about toddlers: rugrats old kingdom
Nickname for Canadian $1 coin: loonie
Nickname for doctors but not for ducks: quacks
Nickname for the armed forces of the USSR: red army
Nickname for the Boeing 747: jumbo jet
Nickname for US city Detroit, Michigan: motor city
Nickname of Arsenal's supporters: gunners
Nickname of Australian swimming great Ian: thorpedo
Nickname of British soldiers in Revolutionary War: redcoats
Nickname of New Zealand's rugby team: all blacks
Nickname of tennis player John McEnroe: superbrat Ship's flag in
Nickname of the heavyweight boxer Rubin Carter: hurricane
Nickname of US army troops in WWI: doughboys
Nickname to the baseball playing field: diamond
Nicolai __ is a villain on Danny Phantom: technus
Nicosia is capital of this Mediterranean island: cyprus
Nigerian extremists blamed for mass abductions: boko haram
Night __ Goggles, nocturnal optic function: vision
Nightcrawler and __ actor, Jake Gyllenhaal: southpaw
Nighttime footwear, often large and fuzzy: slipper
Nike is the Greek goddess of __: victory
Nikolai __-Korsakov, composer of Golden Cockerel: rimsky
Nine letter one word synonym for or else: otherwise
Nine-tailed fox of the Korean folklore: kumiho
Ninety percent of all extinct __ are birds: species
Nino __, Italian stylist and wool business owner: cerruti
Nintendo's 1984 shooting game: dropzone
Nissan car shares name with Campbell's speedster: bluebird
No __, sentence usually said to the press: comments
No advertising to kids in this Scandinavian land: sweden
No big deal if you take Altoids, Certs or Mentos: halitosis
No holds __, no restraint: barred
No intersection: parallel
No longer exists: extinct
No longer living: deceased
No man is __ with his lot: content
No news is __: good news
No syllable in the last line of a verse: catalexis
No. 1 element on the periodic table: hydrogen
Nobel prize winning author from Mississippi: faulkner
Noble born who is trained to fight: knight
Noble gas, 3rd most popular in atmosphere: argon gas
Nobody should rest on one's own: laurels
Nobody wins when a game of chess ends this way: stale mate: Nor‰
Nocturnal arachnid, elongated body and a stinger: scorpion
Noir mystery movie with Nicholson and Dunaway: chinatown
Nomadic Middle Eastern people: bedouin
Nominated 10 times for the Academy Awards, John __: huston
Non-beverage cocktail served cold, with red sauce: shrimp
Non-commissioned Army officer: sergeant
Non-dairy creamer is __: flammable
Non-federal government powers belong to the __: states
Non-flying bird with enormous eggs: ostrich
Non-metal element with some metallic properties: metalloid
Non-partisan, even-handed: unbiased
Non-religious, not affiliated to a church: secular
Non-stick surface; makes cleaning pans easy: teflon
Non-stop; without interruptions: direct
Non-verbal and non-physical communication: telepathy
Nonbelief in the existence of God: atheism
None but the brave __ the fair: deserves
Nonhuman mammal with the longest lifespan: elephant
Nonrepresentational art: abstract
Nonsense talk, sounds like the way a duck walks: twaddle
Nonsense word from The Owl and the Pussycat: runcible
Nonsensical short poem in five lines: limerick
Nooked, in a small recessed section of a room: alcoved
Nordic mythical sea creature; release the __: kraken
Norma Jean Baker,aka, Marilyn __: monroe
Norman invasion in 1066, William the __: conqueror
Norovirus is a common cause of food __: poisoning
Norse seafarers, raiders and traders: vikings
North African city with bustling Djemaa el-Fna: marrakech
North America's largest movie theatre operators: cineplex
North American fish comes in yellow and blue: walleye
North Carolina State __ are from Raleigh, NC: wolfpack
North Dakota's frigid capital: bismarck
North French region, capital is Orleans: loiret
North German city and port on the River Alster: hamburg
North German state, Mecklenburg-Western __: pomerania
North Korean Supreme Leader in 2016, Kim __: jong un
North Sea wetland area with rich biodiversity: wadden sea
North Texas Mean Green are from __, TX: denton
North-east Indian state whose capital is Kohima: nagaland
Northern __'s mouth faces up to catch prey: stargazer
Northern astrological sign for those born in July: cancer
Northern China sea aka Bo Sea: bohai sea
Northern Illinois __ play football from DeKalb, IL: huskies
Northern Russian sea near Kolguyev Island: pechora
Northernmost Latin American country: mexico
Northernmost Scandinavian country: norway
Northwest __, decree to expand US territory: ordinance
Norwegian __ cats bred for cold climates: forest
Norwegian explorer, the first to the South Pole: amundsen
Norwegian mineral, contains uranium: cleveite
Norwegian nutty cheese with large holes: jarlsberg
Norwegian rodents: lemmings
Nosey Parker, Paul Pry, __ Tom: peeping
Not a beginner, not intermediate, an __ level: advanced
Not a liar, honorable, fair, sincere: honest
Not a lot: little
Not a participant in the crime, but assists: accessory
Not a safe bet: long shot
Not a veteran, often blamed for mistakes: newbie
Not a veteran: rookie
Not a wide opening, not a lot of room: narrow
Not ambiguous, emotional conclusion: closure
Not as bad as a migraine: headache
Not audible: unheard
Not breakfast, not lunch: brunch
Not capable of dying; everlasting: immortal
Not capital letters: lower case
Not cautious of danger: unwary
Not clear, questionable: equivocal
Not continuous or systematic: desultory
Not done by chance or accident: wilfully
Not extreme or excessive: moderate
Not for the general public; meant for a select few: esoteric
Not formal: casual
Not gentlemen: ladies
Not hardcover, book that becomes damaged easier: paperback
Not high heels, comfortable female footwear: flat shoes
Not in-the-know; lacks knowledge: ignorant
Not like anything else: unlike
Not natural or spontaneous: contrived
Not on the fixed menu: a la carte
Not on the Internet or connected: offline
Not ordinal numbers: cardinal
Not permanent: temporary
Not present: absent
Not private: public
Not quite all, almost all: nearly
Not reacting visibly; not aggressive: passive magna carta
Not real; outward appearance; a building face: facade
Not sick: healthy
Not silk, but almost as shiny: taffeta
Not sisters: brothers
Not so great in size or worth: lesser
Not so nice place for a naughty kid, in the __: doghouse
Not solid or gas: liquid
Not straight forward: indirect
Not straight, having several bends: crooked
Not the author's real name: pseudonym
Not the best word choice, i.e., politically __: incorrect
Not the headquarters: branch
Not the top: bottom
Not up to __ = unsatisfactory: scratch
Not visible, behind closed doors: unseen
Not wanting to do anything, lack of motivation: laziness
Not within what is legal: unlawful
Not yet a sapling: seedling
Not yet a suspect, person of __: interest
Not yet taken: vacant
Notable family of politicians hit by tragic events: kennedy
Noted African American contralto, Marian __: anderson
Noted French art noveau glassmaker: Rene __: lalique
Notepad: tablet
Nothing __ nothing gained: ventured
Nothing __, nothing gained: ventured
Nothing comes between me and my __.: calvins
Nothing to __, quickest route through Customs: declare
Notice of violation: citation
Notorious Colombian drug lord: escobar
Notorious French serial killer, Henri __: landru
Notorious Welsh pirate famed for many captures: black bart
Notre Dame __ Irish are from Notre Dame, I: Nfighting
Nottingham official, Robin Hood´s nemesis: sheriff
Nourishing substances such as minerals, vitamins: nutrients
Nova __, maritime province of Canada: scotia
Novel and film about an orphaned fawn, The __: yearling
Novel by Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in __: brooklyn
Novel by Charles Dickens: 2"__ Twist": oliver
Novel by Nick Hornby turned into a film: about a boy
Novel by Nora Ephron based on her failed marriage: heartburn
Novel written by James Joyce: ulysses
Now rare in U.S., vitamin C prevents it: scurvy
Now, __, 1942 film inspired by Whitman poem: voyager
NPC means Non-Player __: character
Nuclear country, heated neighbor of India: pakistan
Nuclear weapon element: plutonium
Nucleomituphobia is the fear of nuclear __: weapons
Number 2 __ used on standardized tests: pencil
Number after nineteen: twenty
Number after twenty-nine: thirty
Number of holes in a full-length golf-course: eighteen
Number of seats in a restaurant when full: capacity
Number of sides of a dodecagon: twelve
Number with 12 zeros: trillion
Nurse shark is a bottom __ shark: dwelling
Nut of a tree, usually English or Persian: walnut
Nut that's a seed and same genus as peach: almond
Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if __: injected
Nutrient found in some foods and medicines: vitamin
Nutritious starch from a root, source of tapioca: cassava
Nutty, twice cooked Italian dessert: biscotti
Nuuk is this chilly Danish territory's capital: greenland
NY island famously bought on the cheap: manhattan
NYC area, short for Triangle Below Canal Street: tribeca
NYC borough of baseball's Mets: queens
NYC borough that gave the world the hip hop: the bronx
NYC toy store in the film Big, F.A.O. __: schwarz
NYC's largest borough: queens
Nymph of Artemis turned into a bear: callisto
Nyx, Greek __ of the night: goddess

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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "M"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter M. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
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Macabre singer with female first name: cooper
Machado __, Brazilian writer of realist novels: de assis
Machete like one handed sword of Medieval Europe: falchion
Machine for pilot practice: simulator
Machine for reading barcodes: scanner
Machine or person who gathers crops: harvester
Machine that is able to fly: aircraft
Machine that makes a car move: engine
Machine to hatch eggs and keep them warm: incubator
Machine tool engineer, famous for screw threads: whitworth
Machine used to propel a car, boat, or plane: engine
Machinery, wheels, etc, which supports the car: chassis
Machu __, ancient Peruvian settlement: picchu
Mackerel is a food fish with __ backs: striped
Mad __, not so festive gathering with hatted man: tea party
Mad as a __: hatter
Mad Men was named after ad men on this NY avenue: madison
Madagascar's tiny, eastern neighbor: mauritius
Madagascar: __ 2 Africa is a 2008 cartoon: escape
Madame __, French Revolutionary executed in 1793: roland
Madame Emma __, adulterous wife in Flaubert's book: bovary
Made first solo non-stop transworld balloon flight: fossett
Made for fertilizers, potassium salts: potash
Made from cacao beans, extremely delicious: chocolate
Made of clay that has been hardened by heat: ceramics
Made to be broken, just like piecrusts: promises
Made-to-fit: custom
Magazine that helps you traverse TV programming: tv guide
Maggie May was this singer's muse: stewart
Magic __, psychedelic forest flora: mushrooms microsoft
Magic Kingdom's principal roadway, Main __: street
Magical influence; to bewitch an item: enchant bimini road
Magically animated beings of Jewish mythology: golems
Magician and escapologist born Ehrich Weiss: houdini
Magician of the Arthurian legend: merlin
Magician's story: patter
Magistrates in charge of public area, historical: aediles
Magna Carta is also known as The Great __: charter
Magnate, mogul: tycoon
Magnavox __ was the 1st video game console: odyssey
Magnesium-rich chamosite: delessite
Magnetic object used for finding directions: compass
Magnificent French tragedian: corneille
Main body of riders in a bicycle race: peloton
Main character in Far from the Madding Crowd: bathsheba
Main character of Homer's The Iliad: achilles
Main character of The Jungle Book, Disney film: mowgli
Main course in a French restaurant: entrae
Main dish, leftovers used as cold cuts: roast beef fingertip
Main gas in Jupiter: hydrogen
Main Incan deity who created all living things: viracocha
Main raw material grown in a region: staple
Main support pole for the main tent in circus: king pole
Main tributary of the Ob River in Russia: irtysh
Main variety of yachting, regatta: sailing
Major Canadian wildfire of 1825: miramichi
Major global hit for Boy George and band, Karma __: chameleon
Major political U.S. group from 1834 until 1854: whig party
Major prophet, "God will Strengthen": ezekiel
Major Siberian waterway, flows into the Arctic: ob river
Major snowstorm, can shut down cities: blizzard
Major U.S. national passenger railroad service: amtrak
Major US airline headquartered in Chicago: united
Major valve of the human heart: aortic
Major worldwide news syn
Make a fault seem less serious: extenuate
Make a movie with drawings, cartoons: animate
Make less, cut a price: reduce
Make or become thick or thicker: thicken
Make sacred by applying oil in a ceremony: anoint
Make something known in order to sell it: advertise
Make sure you get the big piece of this bone: wishbone
Make this short to get to the point: long story
Maker of beer and record books: guinness
Maker of three-dimensional representations: sculptor
Makers of Barbie: mattel
Makes and sells glasses and lenses: optician
Makes music sound louder: amplifier
Makes nothing who makes no __: mistakes
Makeup designed to cover skin blemishes: powder
Makeup for the mouth, glossy or matte: lipstick
Makeup to enhance the eye: mascara
Making and operating marionettes for fun: puppetry
Making clay items in a wheel and firing them: pottery
Making her societal debut: debutant
Making something equal, even, uniform: leveling
Male attendants of the bridegroom at a wedding: groomsmen
Male born from the same parents as you: brother
Male equivalent of witch, magical powers: wizard
Male first name; Middle Eastern kingdom: jordan
Male honeybees: drones
Male horse, used for breeding: stallion
Male leader of a committee or board: chairman
Male of this sea species carries the unborn: seahorse
Male parent: father
Male partner in a marriage: husband
Male perfume and a German city: cologne
Male range of voice between bass and tenor: baritone
Male singing voice between tenor and bass: baritone
Male swimming suit: trunks
Male swimsuit popular Europe, not so much in US: speedo
Maleficent star, __ Jolie: angelina
Malefiz, or __, is a descendant of Pachisi: barricade
Mall activity: shopping
Malted milkball candy comes in paper carton: whoppers
Mamas & the Papas least favorite day of the week: monday
Mammal native to Africa and Asia: antelope
Mammals with incisors; groundhogs, squirrels: rodents
Man considered the inventor of the periodic table: mendeleev
Man in the __, Michael Jackson song: mirror
Man in the moon with a cream cheese hat: aiken drum
Man king of the jungle: tarzan
Man someone is married to: husband
Man who herds cattle, lives on a ranch: cowboy
Man who revolutionized the US car industry: henry ford
Man who saw the ghosts of Christmas: scrooge
Manageable explosive patented in 1867: dynamite
Manager of a school, film, production: director
Mandarinfish is also known as the green __: mandarin
Mandatory protein in a Ploughman's lunch: cheese
Mandy is sung by Barry __: manilow
Manet painted The __ Singer: spanish
Manhattan's Art-Deco famous building: chrysler
Manipulation of one's thoughts; cleansing: brainwash
Manta rays have __-shaped fins: triangle
Manueline monastery at Belem, Lisbon: jeronimos
Manufacturer of Boxing Equipment: everlast
Manufacturer of Lipitor: pfizer
Many American traditions come from this region: midwest
Maori people are native to New __: zealand
Maps that show where you can submerge in the ocean: dive site
Maradona, Pele, Beckham, Ronaldo: football
Maraschino, a type of: cherry
March __, popular college basketball tournament: madness
Marcus __, Roman emperor, writer of Meditations: aurelius
Margaret __, former British Prime Minister: thatcher
Marge hides __ money in her hair, The Simpsons: christmas
Maria __, Russian tennis player: sharapova
Marie __, monthly health and beauty magazine: claire
Marie-Antoine __, French pastry chef to royalty: careme
Marijuana helps some with this seizure disorder: epilepsy
Marijuana use became legal in 2014 in this state: colorado
Marilyn Monroe's first husband, James __: dougherty
Marilynne Robinson's book about fathers and sons: gilead
Marine carnivores like seals and walruses: pinniped
Marine entity in tropical seas around coral reefs: surgeon
Marine fish belonging to the Carangidae family: pompano
Marine food delicacy; two-shelled mollusk: oyster
Marine, transparent and with stinging tentacles: jellyfish
Mario __, Nintendo's brethren hit: brothers
Marion __, won an Oscar for La Vie en Rose: cotillard
Marionette: puppet
Maritime member of the Justice League: aquaman
Marjorie Merriweather Post's daughter, Dina __: merrill
Mark out as evil, stigmatise: demonise
Mark Twain created The Adventures of Tom __: sawyer
Marked by diversity or variety: manifold
Marked Irish accent: brogue
Marks used to represent one's speech: quotation
Marksman, sniper, gunner: shooter
Marlene __, sultry actress of The Blue Angel: dietrich
Maroon 5 frontman, Adam __: levine
Marshall Mathers: eminem
Marsupial from Australia, largest in possum species: cuscus
Marsupial that is like a small kangaroo: wallaby
Marsupials endemic to Australia: kangaroos
Martha and the Vandellas hit: "Dancing in the __": street
Martha's __, vacation place of the Kennedys: vineyard
Martial art from Japan with many variations: karate
Martial art made famous by Steven Seagal: aikido
Martin __, comedian starring in Bad Boys: lawrence
Martin __, director of Goodfellas: scorsese
Martin Luther posted 95 to start the Reformation: theses
Martin, last German to be World No 1 golfer: kaymer
Martin__, translated the Bible to German: luther
Marvel Comic writer, known for movie cameos: stanlee
Marvin Gaye heard it through this: grapevine
Marvin Gaye sang about this source for gossip: grapevine
Marvin the __ came from space to blow up the Earth: martian
Mary __, movie about a magical nanny: poppins
Mary __, penned Frankenstein at age 19: shelley
Mary __; she saw Christ after his Resurrection: magdalene
Mary Jo Buttafucco shooter, Amy __: fisher
Mary Mallon, better known as __ Mary: typhoid
Mary Poppins combines live action and __: animation
Mary Poppins starred Dick __ as the male lead: van dyke
Maryland __ play football at Maryland Stadium: terrapins
Mascara, lipstick, etc; usually worn on the face: make up
Mass departure; Genesis: exodus
Mass movement by a fleeing crowd: stampede
Mass of hexagonal wax cells built by bees: honeycomb
Mass of tissue on both sides of your throat: tonsils
Massachusetts __ from Amherst, MA: minutemen
Masses of tissue in the throat, often removed: tonsils
Massive Mexican top piece: sombrero
Massive snake known to swallow livestock whole: anaconda
Massive snowstorm that dumps tons of snow fast: blizzard
Massive stretch of treeless land: prairie
Master of Suspense: hitchcock
Match at which people abuse each other verbally: slanging
Matching pullover and cardigan worn together: twinset
Material inside bone, often donated: marrow
Material made from animal skin to write on: vellum
Material stretched over wood for paintings: canvas
Material that can be stretched: elastic
Mathematical study of change; "small pebble": calculus
Mathematician played by Russell Crowe in a movie: john nash
Matt, creator of The Simpsons: groening
Mattel's toy car line: hot wheels
Matthias __, Austrian, Mozart of Football: sindelar
Mattress filled with water: waterbed
Max __, false identity used to deposit stolen gold: heiliger
May day festival among the Celts: beltane
May torture your feet: verruca
Maya __, Black poetress and civil rights activist: angelou
Maya __, US actress of Bridesmaids: rudolph
Maya nut, used for reforestation programs: breadnut
Maybe next time he'll think before he __: cheats
Mayim Bialik 90s, pre Big Bang Theory sitcom: blossom
Mayor __, Springfield's corrupt politician: quimby
Maze, fantasy movie starring David Bowie: labyrinth
McDonald's chubby purple mascot: grimace
Me and Bobby McGee singer, Janis __: joplin
Meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch: brunch
Mean __, a Scorsese's movie with De Niro: streets
Meandering, atmospheric air current: jet stream
Means of starting a car or a fire: ignition
Means of transportation with two wheels: bicycle
Means to gain something, also a street: avenue
Measurement, grading, rank: rating
Meat coated with flour and fried: breaded
Meat from ground pork or beef, formed in a casing: sausage
Meat not prepared with salting or drying: uncured
Meat pastry and hat type: pork pie
Mechanical excavator found at construction sites: backhoe
Mechanical marvel used to cut yards: lawnmower
Mechanical piece used to spray water: sprinkler
Mechanical version of the hand-held mangle board: box mangle
Mechanism that shows data measurement: analog
Mechanism that throws empty shells from a gun: ejector
Mechanism to represent variable data continuously: analog
Mechanized device created by Jethro Tull: seed drill
Medal-winning US sprinter and long jumper: carl lewis
Media library for iPhone, iPod: itunes
Medic emergency vehicle: ambulance monologue
Mediacal applications: radiology
Mediacal condition of people over average weight: obesity
Mediacal condition seen by the excess of body fat: obesity
Mediacal counterpart: jekyll
Mediacal doctor: physician
Mediacal expert in joints and muscles: osteopath
Mediacal issue: placebo
Mediacal jumping with cord around your ankles: bungee
Mediacal name for chickenpox: varicella
Mediacal organization founded by Osama Bin Laden: al qaida
Mediacal personnel wear them: scrubs
Mediacal problem appearing again, returning: recurrent
Mediacal professional, surgeon, specialist: doctor
Mediacal science of feet: chiropody
Mediacal science that relates to x-rays: radiology
Mediacal specialist; support provider: midwife
Mediacal specializing in charts: billboard
Mediacal specialty; x-rays: radiology
Mediacal supplies pioneer: blount
Mediacal term for a bruise: contusion
Mediacal term for baldness: alopecia
Mediacal term for being abnormally small: dwarfism
Mediacal term for injury: lesion
Mediacal term for lung-related issues: pulmonary
Mediacal treatment requiring hospital stay: inpatient
Mediacal use: ointment
Medicinal plant similar to mint: hyssop
Medicinal root sometimes found in energy drinks: ginseng
Medicine based on fraud or ignorance: quackery
Medicine for stopping itching and pain: camphor
Medicine for upset stomach, indigestion or nausea: bismuth
Medicine that counteracts poisons: antidote
Medicine that provides immunity to a disease: vaccine
Medicine that reduces pain and fever: aspirin
Medicine to neutralize stomach acid: antacid
Medicine used for pain and to thin blood: aspirin
Medicine used in your ear to prevent infections: ear drop
Medicine usually comes in the form of pills or __: capsules
Medicine without an active ingredient: placebo
Medieval church music: plainsong
Medieval engine of war with a sling: trebuchet
Medieval game of "chicken": jousting
Medieval German double-reeded wind instrument: krummhorn
Medieval knightly code; a gentleman: chivalry
Medieval language, Boston basketball team: celtic
Medieval moral book with animals: bestiary
Medieval play about the birth of Jesus: nativity
Medieval tapestry depicting the battle of Hastings: bayeux
Medieval term for desert dweller: saracen
Meditating: thinking
Mediterranean nation with Greek, Turkish pops.: cyprus
Mediterranean plant, mustard like, used in salad: arugula
Mediterranean port and capital of Lebanon: beirut
Medium-green chili pepper, eaten on spicy foods: jalapeno
Medium-sized bag to take on a trip: suitcase
Medium-sized bird with blue plumage: bluebird
Medium-sized carnivore, "cousin" to the mongoose: binturong
Medium-sized cat with beautiful spots: leopard
Medium-sized feline found in America, bobbed tail: bobcat
Medium-sized wildcat found in Middle East, Africa: caracal
Medulla __, part of hindbrain controls vomiting: oblongata
Medusa, Euryale and Stheno: gorgons
Meet the __, 2007 film with Tom Selleck: robinsons
Meet the Fockers and Zoolander actor, Ben __: stiller
Meeting, reunion: gathering
Meetings that aim to communicate with spirits: seances
Mega capital city of the Khmer Empire: angkor
Mega sci fi movie franchise began in 1977: star wars
Mel __, Lethal Weapon's actor: gibson
Mel Brooks' movie and broadway show: producers
Melissa __, Ghostbusters reboot actress, comedian: mccarthy
Mellow-flavored soft cheese from Italy: provolone
Member of a discussion group: panelist
Member of Fox's Society of Friends: quaker
Member of the 60s British rock band Cream: Eric __: clapton
Member of the grass family, used to make beer: barley
Member of the upper house of parliament: senator
Members of secret society organized into lodges: masons
Members of the primordial race of giants: cyclops
Membranous __ is the shortest and least dilatable: urethra
Memorial and museum in Oświęcim, Poland: auschwitz
Memory is your __ to retrieve information: ability
Memphis __ play at the FedExForum: grizzlies
Men __, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star: in black
Men strain at gnats and __ camels: swallow
Men's protective sport device invented in Canada: jockstrap
Menacing influences: baleful
Mendel founded this science in 1865: genetics
Menial worker, also describes their dull tasks: drudge
Mental condition causes memory loss in elderly: alzheimer
Mental disorder of two halves: bipolar
Mental state of insecurity, anxiety: neurosis
Mental tendency toward something: incline
Merry __, rotating horses, carousel: go round
Meryl __, Out of Africa's star: streep
Mesa is a land __ with steep walls and a flat top: formation
Mesmerizing autocratic coach: svengali
Mesopotamian city: seleucia
Mesopotamian rivers, Tigris and __: euphrates
Messy and untidy, not very neat: scruffy
Messy: untidy
Metabolic disease related to high blood sugar: diabetes
Metabolic disorder associated with high blood sugar: diabetes
Metal compound used as a diamond substitute: zircon
Metal element used in rechargeable batteries: nickel
Metal item for holding live coals for heating: brazier
Metal made of copper and tin; bright brown: bronze
Metal made of two or more elements, e.g. bronze: alloys
Metal or porcelain plug for a cavity: filling
Metal single outershell of a plane: monocoque
Metal that prevents steel from rusting: chromium
Metal used with alloys to create batteries: antimony
Metal utensil usually used to shred cheese: grater
Metal, reddish-brown color, can be a hair color: copper
Metal-coiled spring that travels down stairs: slinky
Metallic element used for magnetic alloys: cobalt
Metallic radioactive element: uranium
Metamorphed limestone: marble
Metathesiophobia is the fear of __: changes
Meteorite bruise on a planet: crater
Meteorologist's study: weather
Method called pot roasting when using meats: braising
Method of preparing food; preserved; cured: smoked
Method used to make patterned bed covers: quilting
Method, process: technique
Mexican beer often spiked with a lime wedge: corona
Mexican muralist, Frida Kahlo's husband: rivera
Mexican resort on the Pacific Coast: acapulco
Mexican round flat bread: tortilla
Mexican TV stereotype on the Simpsons: bumblebee
Mexican-American oil painter, __ died 2000: escalera
Mia __, Rosemary's Baby main star: farrow
Miami __ play at Hard Rock Stadium: dolphins
Miami Heat plays at the American __ Arena: airlines
Miami Hurricanes play in Coral __, FL: gables
Michael __, actor, married Catherine Zeta-Jones: douglas
Michael __, UK scientist who discovered benzene: faraday
Michael __, UK scientist who discovered benzene: faraday afterward
Michael __, won an Oscar for Wall Street: douglas
Michael __, writer known best for Jurassic Park: crichton
Michael J Fox's 90s political sitcom: spin city
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney duet: saysaysay
Michael Phelps is a retired __: swimmer
Michael Phelps regarding his occupation: athlete
Michel__, Sistine Chapel painter: angelo
Michelle Obama's alma mater: princeton
Michigan State __ play at Spartan Stadium: spartans
Mickey Mouse first appeared in __ Willie: steamboat
Micro __, super tiny toy cars from the 1990s: machines
Microblogging site; sounds like a drinking glass: tumblr
Microscopic algae with silica on cell walls: diatoms
Microsoft operating system that preceded Vista: windows xp
Microsoft's software suite: office
Microstate in Europe between Spain and France: andorra
Middle ages chemistry to make gold: alchemy
Middle ear bone also called the stirrup: stapes
Middle Eastern dish with chopped parsley or mint: tabbouleh
Middle Eastern drupe; teardrop nut: almond
Middle Eastern flatbread, laffa: taboon
Middle Eastern food spread made from chickpeas: hummus
Midnight's __, by Salman Rushdie: children
Midwest natural disaster of 1930s: dust bowl
Midwestern city with two MLB teams: chicago
Midwestern dumpling: pierogi
Mike Tyson's boxing Nintendo game: punch out
Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of openness: glasnost
Mila Kunis, actress, __ on That 70's Show: jackie
Milan newspaper once edited by Mussolini: avanti
Milanese dish with saffron: risotto
Mildly perfumed toilet water: cologne
Mile High 2015 Super Bowl champs: broncos
Miles O'Brien on Star Trek: TNG, Colm __: meaney
Milfoil: yarrow
Military __, precursor to biathlon: patrol
Military belt and strap named after a commander: sam browne
Military dictatorship in Japanese history: shogunate
Military fighting in battle; active __: combat
Military formation of a few battalions: brigade
Military home of operations: army base
Military rhythmic song, used when running: cadence
Military time traveler from 2036: john titor
Military troop that serves on horses: cavalry
Military uniform, soldier's everyday clothing: fatigues
Milk powder comes in chocolate and strawberry: nesquik
Milk produced by a "bearded" animal: goat milk
Milla __, actress of Resident Evil: jovovich
Millennium & __, global hotel group: copthorne
Milli _, infamous German duo caught faking it: vanilli
Millionaires, billionaires, science of wealth: aphnology
Mimi __, Lost In Space actress: rogers
Mimicry of someone or something: imitation
Miming game; "two words, a movie": charades
Mincer: grinder
Mindanao's preferred sword in the Philippines: kampilan
Mineral used in making glass: fluorite
Mini chocolate roll, can also be found in lollipop: tootsie
Mini Hawaiian guitar: ukulele
Minions is an ___ comedy film: animated
Minister of Foreign __: affairs
Minke whale are the second __ whales: smallest
Minnesota Golden __ play at TFC Bank Stadium: gophers
Minor, airless planets that orbit the Sun: asteroids
Minsk is this capital of this ex-Soviet country: belarus
Minsk, the capital of this Eastern European country: belarus
Miracle of __, servant art by Tintoretto: the slave
Miscellaneous assortment: gatherum
Misery and American __ Story actress, Kathy Bates: horror
Misfortune, reversal: whammy
Mishmashed recipe served in deep dish vessel: casserole
Mislaying, misplacing, not winning: losing
Misleading, deceptive, false belief, notion: fallacy
Misnamed island owned by Denmark: greenland
Misprint: errata
Mispronunciation of R as L: lallation
Miss America politician, Bess __: myerson
Mix of African, Spanish and French cultures: creole
Mix of flours and liquids to prepare foods: batter
Mixer: blender
Mixing two colors or pigments together softly: blending
Mixture of grains, nuts and fruits: granola
Mixture of kamacite and taenite, "filling": plessite
Miyagi taught the "kid" this martial art: karate
MLK was huge fan of this science fiction TV series: star trek
MMA hold of an arm held between thighs: armbar
MMS, multimedia __ service:
Mnemophobia is the fear of __ from your past: memories
Mobile enclosure to board planes: jetway
Mobile game where players catch pocket monsters: pokemon go
Mobile phone brand with One Touch model: alcatel
Mobster who crumbled to tax evasion: al capone
Moby Dick author, Herman __: melville
Mockery, humorous adaptation, imitation: parody
Model Gisele __ is married to Tom Brady: bundchen
Modern __ cement was invented in 1845: portland
Modern __, TV show exploring family in comedy: family
Modern conservative movement; Boston event: tea party
Modern day state of the Khans: mongolia
Modern pentathlon includes this shooting event: pistol
Modern toilets developed by Sir John Harington: flushing
Modern word for a close male friendship: bromance
Modest or meek, usually a coveted quality: humble
Modus __, way of living: vivendi
Moe's hairstyle, round shaped: bowl cut
Moist creamy cheese, Stracchino: crescenza
Molded Italian ice cream with layers: spumoni
Mole-like animals often confused with mice: shrews
Mollusc with two hinged shells, soft body: bivalve
Mollusk with spiral shell and tentacles: nautilus
Moment of revelation; exclamation of discovery: eureka
Mona Lisa Descending a __, 1992 Oscar winner: staircase
Monday __ Quarterback, retrospect player: morning deep fryers
Monet painted Beach in __: pourville
Monetary gain after business expenses: profit
Money __, 2016 US film with George Clooney: monster
Money borrowed to buy a house or building: mortgage
Money earned through work: income
Money given back for a bad product: refund
Money given for a service or goods: payment
Money is deposited in them, checking __: accounts
Money lender with excessive interest rates: loan shark
Money made by working, paycheck: income
Money made from a job or business: income
Money maker: minter
Money offered for recovery of lost items: reward
Money paid for work regardless of hours: salary
Money pocket in men's pants, women's purses: wallet
Money present, can be used at stores, restaurants: gift card
Money received per hour: pay rate
Money workers claim back, e.g. snacks for meetings: expenses
Mongol leader __ Khan: genghis
Mongrels: scrubs
Monk and the highest authority in Tibetan Buddhism: dalai lama
Monk of the "Yellow Hat" school: dalai lama bamboo boat
Monkey __, movie with Cary Grant: business
Monopoly is an __-based game of wealth: economy
Monosodium __, better known as MSG: glutamate
Monotonously talks on and on: drones
Monstrous reptile with magical powers: basilisk
Monstrous, strangely diabolical: ghoulish
Mont Sainte-__, Cezanne artworks of Provence: victoire
Montana's biggest city, near Yellowstone Park: billings
Month between January and March: february
Month between November and January: december
Month between October and December: november
Month Halloween is celebrated: october
Month in which the U.S. has its shortest day: december
Month to celebrate love and valentines: february
Month to which Octavius added one day: august
Month when Grandparent's Day is celebrated: september
Months that start on __ will have Friday the 13th: sunday
Montreal __ , hockey team member of NHL: canadiens
Monty __, British comedy group of the absurd: python
Monty Burns's assistant in The Simpsons: smithers
Monty Python and the __: Arthurian legend tales: holy grail
Monty Python stage musical: spamalot
Moon __ are found in most oceans: jellyfish
Moon in Jupiter not affected by tidal heating: callisto
Moon in Saturn known for its two-tone coloration: iapetus
Moon of Saturn that has no craters: methone
Moons that share an orbit but never collide: trojan
Moral fable; Aesop's had animals: apologue
Moral principles, standards of behavior: ethics
Moralist who rejected the idea of original sin: pelagius
More explosive than bullets of same caliber: magnum
More formal term for "plant science": botany
More people are killed by __ than plane crashes: donkeys
More serious than a twisted ankle: sprained
More than arguing: fighting
More than half illuminated: gibbous
Morgan __, financial company: stanley
Morgan __, global financial services corporation: stanley
Morpheus in The Matrix; CSI actor, Laurence __: fishburne
Morphology branch, studies structure of organisms: anatomy
Mortal __ X, reboot of the classic Sega game: kombat
Moses separated this to free his people: red sea
Moses snappers have large spot below __ fin: dorsal
Mosquito disease causes small heads in newborns: zika virus
Mosquito-borne tropical disease aka breakbone: dengue
Mosquitoes are more __ to the color blue: attracted
Most __ contains fish scales: lipstick
Most __ in the body are beneficial or harmless: bacteria
Most abundant chemical element in atmosphere: nitrogen
Most charming art nouveau tower: eiffel
Most common duck in the US, green headed: mallard
Most common flower; also a breakfast drink: carnation
Most common of these large, furry mammals: brown bear
Most common pants worn, denim: blue jeans
Most common pitch in baseball: fastball
Most common type of computer: digital
Most common type of household battery: alkaline
Most dust particles in your house are made of __: dead skin
Most eligible trio of brothers in 1990s: hanson entertainer
Most obvious star cluster seen on the night sky: pleiades
Most popular type of lettuce: iceberg
Most probable outcome, certainty, probably: likely
Most romantic man of the musketeers: aramis
Most westernmost and easternmost US state: alaska
Mostly ridden by children: tricycles
Mother __, Albanian-Indian nun: teresa
Mother of Jacob's sons Dan and Naphtali: bilhah
Mother or father: parent
Mother to many, Natalie Suleman, aka the __: octomom
Mothership in Nolan's Interstellar: endurance
Motion __ detects when there is an intruder: sensor
Motoring route that must be payed for: toll road
Mount __ is home to Greek gods: olympus
Mount __, highest peak in the Caucasus: elbrus
Mount __, historical peak in South Dakota, US: rushmore
Mountain chain that separates France and Spain: pyrenees
Mountain range between China, India and Pakistan: karakoram
Mountaineer Heinrich who spent seven years in Tibet: harrer
Mountainous region between Black and Caspian seas: caucasus
Mountains between the Black and Caspian seas: caucasus
Mounted knights' weapons, long sticks for charging: lances
Mouse Trap is a 3D __ board game for kids: building
Mouse-like domestic pets that burrow in earth: gerbils
Mouth surgeon always asks if you've been flossing: dentist
Movable or immovable property, no real estate: chattel
Move at slow pace, one step at a time: walking
Moveable plank bridge on a ship: gangplank
Moveable symbol to show where pointer is: cursor
Moved clumsily: lumbered
Moved in for a close-up on a camera: zoomed
Movement of a limb away from your body: abduction
Movement that aims equal rights for women: feminism
Movement with your hands to show something: gesture
Movie featuring Hitchcock's shower sequence: psycho
Movie of blue people; forum character: avatar
Movie starring Dustin Hoffman dressed as a woman: tootsie
Movie starring Lana Turner: __ of Life: imitation
Movie where Steve McQueen escapes Devil's Island: papillon
Movie with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren: houseboat
Movie with Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatohead and others: toy story
Moving a ball with lots of short kicks: dribbling
Moving furtively or inconspicuously: lurking
Moving furtively: lurking
Moving oddly, no dexterity, clumsy: awkward
Moving through water by using your arms and legs: swimming
Moving without anchor or mooring: adrift
Moving without having a particular place to go: wander
Moving your body to a tune: dancing
Moving your body up and down: jumping
Mozzarella __, fried US snack to dip in sauce: sticks
Mr __, Oscar-winner for Luxembourgish short film: hublot
Mr. __ Builds His Dream House, movie with C. Grant: blandings
Mr. Burns' loyal assistant: smithers
Mr. Squarepants first name: spongebob esperanto
Mrs __ is the very pineapple of politeness: malaprop
Mrs __, movie starring Robin Williams: doubtfire
Mrs and Mrs Clark __, Hockney kitty art: and percy
Mrs. __, is loved more than she will know: robinson
Ms Hill and Messrs Jean and Michel comprise?: the fugees
Ms. Muffet seat, low stool, pouffe: tuffet
Ms. Puff runs a __ school on SpongeBob: boating
MTV prank and stunt show: jackass
MTV's adolescent show about lycanthrope: teen wolf
Much Ado About __, a Shakespearean comedy: nothing
Much Ado About Nothing heroine: beatrice
Much better than no bread: half a loaf
Much sought after Last Supper's goblet: holy grail
Much-needed period of relaxing on your own: me time
Mud __ as you walk on it: squelches
Mud __, off-road motor sport, mudding: bogging
Mud avalanche caused by rain, erosion: landslide
Mudbugs, or __, are freshwater lobsters: crawfish
Muddy __, father of modern Chicago blues: waters
Muddy, almost level bed of a dried lake: mudflat
Muhammad Ali's birth name: __ Clay: cassius
Muhammad's burial place, Islam holy site: medina
Multi-armed demonic being of Hindu mythology: rakshasa
Multi-sided flat shape: polygon
Multi-Unit Space Transport and Recovery Device: mustard
Multicolor natural beauty: rainbow
Multicolored cookie: rainbow
Multinational business magazine: fortune
Multiple __, disease of the brain, spinal cord: sclerosis
Munch painted Death in the __: sickroom
Municipal station ready to help buildings in flame: firehouse
Murder mystery reality TV competition: whodunnit
Murdered, assassinated: killed
Murderous Clown in Stephen King's novel It: pennywise
Muscle contraction felt by women during period: cramps
Muscle from collarbone to upper arm: deltoid
Muscle in the mouth, contains taste buds: tongue
Muscles in the upper arm, bulge when bent: biceps
Muscovite like mica with magnesium: phengite
Muscular organ that is part of the urinary system: bladder
Mushroom that sounds like seafood: oyster
Music emits from this in cars, stereo systems: speaker
Music group associated with collieries: brass band
Music made using cutlery, aka playing the bones: spoons
Music performance by band, singer or orchestra: concert
Music produced without electric amplification: acoustic
Music style in no key, sounds controversial: atonal
Music term for very fast tempo: presto
Music-themed, 1920s perfume created by Lanvin: arpege
Musical composition and combination of chords: harmony
Musical drama starring Minnelli as Sally Bowles: cabaret
Musical instrument in the lute family: mandolin
Musical instrument often linked to Scotland: bagpipes
Musical instrument used in Flamenco performances: castanets
Musical movie with Travolta: hairspray
Musical percussion instrument; marimba, balafon: xylophone
Musical piece by US composer Gershwin, __ in Blue: rhapsody
Musical pieces or decrees in law: canons
Musical that features the song Chim Chim Cher-ee: poppins
Muslim dynasty, ruled in the Levant 1127-1250: zengid
Muslim fasting holiday: ramadan
Muslim holiday of fasting, the ninth month: ramadan
Muslim military-political leader of the Crusades: saladin
Must be fastened when the sign is lit on a plane: seatbelts
Mutant Professor: xavier
My __, tale of an east London flower seller: fair lady
Mysteries that remain without logical explanation: unsolved
Mystical card that tells the future: tarot card
Mythical bird that is reborn from ashes: phoenix
Mythical character who flew too close to the sun: icarus
Mythical creature that awakens in a Moon phase: werewolf
Mythical creature with man's head and fish's tail: merman
Mythical Greek monster with lion's head: chimera
Mythical Irish specter portending death: banshee
Mythical rabbit with antlers from North America: jackalope
mythology: bugbear
Muller-__, white grape created by Swiss botanist: thurgau

CodyCross Answers for questions starting with Letter "M" for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "CodyCross" by "Fanatee Games"

CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "L"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter L. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
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LA __ play at the Staples Center: clippers
La __, French mail order company founded in 1837: redoute
La __, Puccini opera about Rodolfo and Mimi: boheme
La __, tomato-throwing festival in Bunol, Spain: tomatina
LA Rams play at the LA __ Coliseum: memorial
La Santa Maria, la Pinta and la Nina: caravel
Laboratory receptacle: petri dish
Laborer who sets hard surface flooring: tile layer
Laboured or processed: worked
Lack of energy, pathology terminology: anergy
Lacking creative skill: artless
Lacking the ability to do something, not able: unable
Ladies and __: gentlemen
Lady __, holiday of Virgin Mary in Mexico: guadalupe
Lady and __, 1955 romantic Disney film: the tramp
Lady and the Tramp is an animated __ musical: romantic
Lady Gaga song, A Million __: reasons
Lady's sweet appendage: finger
Lagoon shared by Poland and Germany; on the Oder: szczecin
Laid back, relaxed: easy going
Laid her eggs on the waves: halcyon
Lance __, American former cyclist: armstrong
Lance __, stage performer did over 15,000 shows: burton
Land almost surrounded completely by water: peninsula
Land along the sea or ocean: coastal
Land along the sea or ocean: seashore
Land area that divides the flow of water: watershed
Land by the side of a lake: lakeshore
Land controlled by the lord of the manor: demesne
Land of Legos, famous pastry named after itself: denmark
Land of Pre-Columbian civilizations: mexico
Land plowed and left alone for a season: fallow
Land used for grazing: pasturage
Land-locked S. American country: bolivia
Land-locked S. American country: paraguay
Landlocked African country, capital Lilongwe: malawi
Landlocked Himalayan nation: bhutan
Landlocked, former Communist neighbor of Romania: moldova
Language also known as Rusyn: ruthenian
Language similar to Latin in terms of vocabulary: italian
Language spoken in the French Polynesia: tahitian
Language used for all international transactions: english
Lanky flightless bird from Africa: ostrich
Large American real estate company, __ 21: century
Large and bright constellation listed by Ptolemy: centaurus
Large area controlled by one ruler: empire
Large area full of trees and bushes: forest
Large axe used in combat: battleaxe
Large beings in Norse mythlogy who live near rocks: trolls
Large bird of prey found in the Andes mountains: condor
Large bird that runs very fast but can't fly: ostrich
Large bird, known for holiday dinners: turkey
Large bird, raised on farms, cooked for dinners: turkey
Large blunt sewing needle: bodkin
Large board behind the basketball net: backboard
Large bodies of water: oceans
Large body of ice moves slowly or spreads outward: glacier
Large bone that holds lower organs in place: pelvis
Large building in India: bhavan
Large building where college students live: dormitory
Large caliber gun from the 16th century: musket seismometer
Large celebration; organized event: festival
Large chunk of land that rises up above the rest: mountain
Large citrus fruit, great for juice: orange
Large cooking container to make soups or stews: stockpot
Large crocodilian with short snout: alligator
Large crustacean, two claws, dish in US: lobster
Large deer live in tundra regions, pulls sleighs: reindeer
Large deer, both male and female grow antlers: reindeer
Large drum used by the Mongols in battle: naqara
Large electric cooking pot used to cook slowly: crock pot
Large enclosure for birds: aviary
Large endangered marine mammal; Sea Cow: dugong
Large ensemble during Swing Era: big band
Large estate, used for farming or ranching: hacienda
Large fire built for celebration, entertainment: bonfire
Large fish known for its teeth and aggression: barracuda
Large flat case for carrying drawings, papers: portfolio
Large flat pan used to fry foods: griddle
Large flat space in front of a garage: driveway
Large flat surface to watch movies on at a theater: screen
Large garrison town in Lower Saxony, NW Germany: osnabruck
Large gate or entrance; gateway on a website: portal
Large goblet used for wine drinking: chalice
Large group of horses, etc in a procession: cavalcade
Large handkerchief worn on head or around neck: bandana
Large heavy gun that shoots stone balls: cannon
Large hill of sand made by wind flows: sand dune
Large house in the city joined to others: townhouse
Large impressive residence, celebrities' house: mansion
Large island in Indonesia: celebes
Large knife used for clearing foliage: machete
Large lake between Bolivia and Peru: titicaca
Large lake on the border of Estonia and Russia: peipus
Large lavish meal or feast, celebration: banquet
Large leg tendon behind the knee: hamstring
Large London square with lions and fountains: trafalgar
Large long-tailed bird with beautiful feathers: pheasant
Large marine mammal, not actually a feline: sea lion
Large marsupial with pointed nose and large ears: bandicoot
Large maze, intricate paths, hard to solve: labyrinth
Large metal or wooden piece carried for protection: shield
Large metal plates struck together or with a stick: cymbals
Large military unit with its own headquarters: brigade
Large N American amphibian known for noisy croak: bullfrog
Large North American brown bear: grizzly
Large outbreak of disease: pandemic
Large pasta tubes that are stuffed and baked: manicotti
Large physical body in space; we live on one: planet
Large piece of land filled with trees: forest
Large pine species, common across North America: ponderosa
Large place where water is stored: reservoir
Large pot for making stew over open fires: cauldron
Large prized crab from western US: dungeness
Large prying tool used by criminals in movies: crowbar
Large purple fruit used in cooking: eggplant
Large ray with horns on each side of mouth: devil ray
Large rock that orbits the sun, __ belt: asteroid
Large rodent with quills: porcupine
Large rodent with spines on the body and tail: porcupine
Large round inflated object to play with: beach ball
Large sailing vessel, merchants and soldiers: galleon
Large scale rotating air mass: cyclone
Large sea duck mostly black: scoter
Large seabird that is almost extinct: albatross
Large seabirds with narrow wings: albatross
Large semiaquatic rodent with a musky smell: muskrat
Large sheet of paper, printed on one side: broadside
Large ship that carries cargo: freighter
Large ship used to carry oil: oiltanker
Large slave city on the continent of Essos: yunkai
Large sledges traditionally pulled by reindeer: sleighs
Large soft fabric used as bed covering: blanket
Large tropical lizard, popular pet: iguana
Large tropical yellow fruit with hard skin: pineapple
Large unit of military ground forces: regiment
Large vibration in mechanical or electrical system: resonance
Large walk-through area with mirrors in carnivals: funhouse
Large wall that separates compartments in a ship: bulkhead
Large wardrobe with doors and shelves: armoire
Large waterbird with a long bill and throat: pelican
Large white dog breed native to Turkey: akbash
Large white fruit, green or brown on the outside: coconut
Large white seabird with yellow head: gannet
Large worn rock, detached from the Earth: boulder
Large, thick-skinned animal such as an elephant: pachyderm
Larger computer system, sits on a desk: desktop
Larger formal hat worn with a tuxedo: top hat
Larger teeth at the back of your mouth, not wisdom: molars
Largest Andean, Colombian city: bogota
Largest animal that ever lived: blue whale
Largest Bavarian city, home to Bayern's soccer team: munich
Largest Buddhist temple in the world, in Indonesia: borobudur
Largest Central American republic: nicaragua
Largest Christian church in Egypt: coptic
Largest church buildings: basilicas
Largest city in Europe, Turkey's cultural capital: istanbul‎
Largest city in the Bahamas: nassau
Largest city in the state of North Carolina: charlotte
Largest division of a state in the US: county
Largest English speaking city south of the U.S.: kingston
Largest freshwater fish in the world: sturgeon
Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea: sicily
Largest living primate, eats mostly plants: gorilla
Largest mammals in the world: whales
Largest member of the primate family: gorilla
Largest natural satellite of Neptune: triton
Largest number formed by one syllable in English: twelve
Largest of the United Arab Emirates: abu dhabi
Largest of the world's crocodile species: saltwater
Largest part of the brain: cerebrum
Largest planet in the Solar System: jupiter
Largest purchase of land in US history: louisiana
Largest rainforest in the world: amazon
Largest river in the world: amazon
Largest river system that flows to the Arctic: yenisei zahi hawass
Largest satellite of Uranus: titania
Largest town in the Republic of Congo: kinshasa
Larisa __, Russian gymnast with 19 Olympic medals: latynina
Larry the __ is the beach king on SpongeBob: lobster
Larry who played J. R. Ewing in Dallas: hagman
Larvae form of mite that can bite: chigger
Las Vegas show reenacting Titanic sinking: jubilee
Last bowler on a team, keeps team from drifting: anchor
Last major Mauryan emperor, promoter of Buddhism: ashoka
Last Man __, Tim Allen's second attempt TV series: standing
Last name of the Count of Monte Cristo: dantes
Last name of the main character in Star Wars: skywalker
Last name of two US states: dakota
Last name of US first lady Jackie's husband, 1960s: kennedy
Last supper: final meal
Lasting winter in Game of Thrones: long night
Late night host with trademark arm movement: arsenio
Later learners or bloomers: opsimaths
Latin American dish cooked in corn husk: tamale
Latin American stuffed pastry: empanada
Latin cocktail of lime, mint and coconut rum: cojito
Latin name for Copenhagen: hafnia
Latin name of the greek demi-god, son of Zeus: hercules
Latin phrase meaning the common people: plebeius
Latin term that means the current state of things: status quo condition
Latin term used for the university one attended: alma mater
Latina star played by Jennifer Lopez on screen: selena
Latter Day Saints' position similar to a pastor: bishop
Launched: released
Lauren Bacall and Goldie Hawn film, __ Flower: cactus
Laurence who played Ray Langston on CSI: fishburne
Law and Order Special __ Unit: victims
Law enacted by a legislative body: statute
Law enforcement officer; leader elected: sheriff
Lawsuits considered silly, unimportant: frivolous
Layered cake that used to be made with beets: red velvet
Layered dessert, ice cream, toppings, and cream: sundae
Layered pastry from Germany filled with sweets: strudel
Layman's term for myocardial infarction, heart __: attack tegucigalpa
Lays slogan, __ can't eat just one: betcha
LDW, insurance waiver against loss and __: damage
Le __, Canadian newscast by Geneviève Asselin: national
Lead singer of Pearl Jam: vedder
Lead singer of the band No Doubt, Gwen __: stefani
Leader of the Tibetan Buddhists: dalai lama
Leaders of Jewish rebel army in Judea: maccabees
Leading actor in Scott of the Antarctic: john mills
Leading figure of the Pop Art movement: warhol
Leading GMO research company: monsanto
Leafy herb can be used like lettuce: sorrel
Leafy plant, patch where kid's dolls are born: cabbage
Leafy shelters in a garden: bowers
Leafy vegetable, eaten raw or cooked: spinach
Leafy vegetable, iceberg is one type: lettuce
Lear's true daughter: cordelia
Learn about children by studying this: paedology
Learned master in Sanskrit, Buddhism: pandita
Learning about excrement, obscene literature: scatology
Leave it behind after a meal: gratuity
Leave it to __, 1950s idyllic TV family show: beaver
Leave the gun, take the __: cannoli
Leaves of coriander used as a garnish: cilantro
Leaves, plants, flowers, branches in paintings: foliage
Lech __, Polish trade unionist and president: walesa
Lecherous, lubricious: oversexed
Led __, sued in 2016 for copyright infringement: zeppelin
Led Brazil to 1962 World Cup, after Pele: garrincha
Led by Lord Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean: endeavour
Led the expedition that first went around the world: magellan
Led the Greeks in the Trojan War: agamemnon
Lee Ann __, I Hope you Dance US country singer: womack
Lee who played The Six Million Dollar Man: majors
Left without protection: unguarded
Leftover quantity: remainder solar ships
Legal dissolve of a marriage: divorce
Legal member of a country or state: citizen
Legal term, application to a higher court: appeal
Legal, world's most popular drug: caffeine
Legally taken and raised by other parents: adopted
Legend, tradition, folklore: mythology
Legendary creature in West Virginia: mothman
Legendary creature, fire-spewing, with serpentine: dragon
Legendary dragon-like creature: wyvern
Legendary sea monster big as a ship with tentacles: kraken
Legendary sword that belonged to a British monarch: excalibur
Lego __ is a popular hobby for all ages: building
Lego __ World is based on movie with same title: jurassic
Lego Batman 3: __ Gotham, released in November 2014: beyond
Lego range for building complex machines: technic
Lego The __ is based on the Lord of the Rings: hobbit
Leguminous tree in the Fabaceae family: tamarind
Leif __, Icelandic explorer who 1st reached America: erikson
Leisurely walking: strolling
Lemurs are __ primates from Madagascar: nocturnal
Lena __ plays Cersei in Game of Thrones: headey
Lender at high interest rates, old term: usurer
Lenin's party; led the Russian Revolution in 1917: bolshevik
Lenovo range of tablets designed for home users: ideapad
Leo __, author of War and Peace: tolstoy
Leonard __, American conductor and composer: bernstein
Leonard __, composer of West Side Story: bernstein
Leonardo __ could draw and write at the same time: da vinci
Leonardo __ painted the Vitruvian Man: da vinci
Leonardo __, Italian artist and inventor: da vinci
Leonardo __, won an Oscar for The Revenant:
Leonardo Da Vinci is erroneously credited for this: scissors
Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece: mona lisa
Lerner and Lowe musical set in London, My __: fair lady
Les __ Dangereuses, novel on Revolutionary France: liaisons
Les Demoiselles d'__, Picasso painting: avignon
Leslie Nielsen's parody of the skies: airplane
Less cold blizzard: rainstorm
Less exciting name for cowboy: rancher
Less scary name for halitosis: bad breath
Less than enough; barely covering: skimpy rolling pin
Let __ dogs lie: sleeping
Let the __ stick to his last: cobbler
Letter denoting Einstein's cosmological constant: lambda
Letter pad on computers; can be found on a piano: keyboard
Lettered dice, word finding game: boggle
Letters and tiles, spelling board game: scrabble
Letters, numbers representing traded company: symbol
Letting foods soak in liquid overnight: marinate
LeVar __, young Kunta Kinte, Geordi La Forge: burton
Level of authority in a hierarchy; rank: echelon
Leveraged __, management buying control: buyout
Levi __, inventor of the denim jeans: strauss
Lewd, raunchy: obscene
Li'l Abner's girlfriend: daisy mae
Libra is assigned to this month: october
Life form individual: organism
Life insurance fund closed to new business: zombie
Life Is __, gave Benigni an Oscar for Best Actor: beautiful
Life is __, Roberto Benigni's Oscar winner movie: beautiful
Life is just a bowl of __: cherries
Life is not all beer and __: skittles
Life line for your smartphone: charger
Life used to be gloomier before him: edison
Life, Liberty and Pursuit of __: happiness
Life-threatening condition aka blood poisoning: sepsis
Light azure hue associated with newborns: baby blue
Light blue gemstone: turquoise
Light green vegetable eaten and used in cooking: celery
Light in a concentrated line: laser beam
Light purple color; plant of aromatic scent: lavender
Light red wine from province of Verona: bardolino
Light-up bedtime buddy who was never glum: gloworm
Lighter than air item, balloon: aerostat
Lightest element, makes up water with oxygen: hydrogen
Lighthearted, fun social news website: buzzfeed
Lightweight hand-held air wafting devices: paper fans
Lightweight, loose fitting shirt for women: blouse
Lightweight, small shoes which are easily slipped on: slippers
Lighweight bowl made of interwoven materials: basket
Like __, predictably and smoothly: clockwork
Like a cauliflower with green heads: broccoli
Like Capone, actor got caught with tax evasion: snipes
Like snowmobiles, but on water: jet skis
Likely the MLB's drunkest team: brewers
Lilo's monstrous looking friend: stitch
Lily-livered, fearful: craven
Limb of a tree, large or small: branch
Limb that gave Daniel Day-Lewis an Oscar: left foot
Limbless slithering reptiles: snakes
Lincoln __ is a luxurious SUV: navigator
Lincoln Center music, dance, and drama school: juilliard
Lindsay __, former US no. 1 tennis player: davenport
Line for holding a tent steady: guy rope
Line from center to circumference of circle: radius
Line of ancestry, tracing of the family: lineage
Line of rulers from the same family: dynasty
Line that goes from one corner to the opposite one: diagonal
Line that separates North and South hemispheres: equator
Lines of longitude: meridians
Lingua __, also known as trade language: franca
Lingua franca in Ancient Mesopotamia: akkadian
Lingua franca of the Neo-Assyrian Empire and Persia: aramaic
Lion tamer, Indiana Jones favorite tool: bullwhip
Liquid in outer space will always form a __: sphere
Liquid inside __ can be used for blood plasma: coconuts
Liquid put on salads or other foods: dressing
Liquid put under pressure with gas, hair spray: aerosol
Liquid spread on art to dry shiny: varnish
Liquid swished in the mouth to clean it: mouthwash
Liquid used as a nail polish remover: acetone
Liquid used as flavoring for drinks: bitters
Liquid used for oral hygiene: mouthwash
Liquid used to cure something, magical potion: elixir
Liquid used to take off nail polish, thin paint: acetone
Liquorice-flavored "heavenly body" spice: star anise
Lisa __ played Phoebe in Friends: kudrow
Lisa collects Malibu __ Dolls in The Simpsons: stacey
List of a team's players: roster
List of activities and the times they'll be done: timetable
List of actors, crew at the end of a movie: credits
List of cases set for court on a set day: docket
List of items for sale, classes, books, etc: catalog
Literal Greek meaning of coccyx: cuckoo
Literal meaning of planet: wanderer
Literary festival: book fair
Literary figure, repeated in reverse order: chiasmus
Literary style inspired by a Spanish poet: gongorism
Literary work that defends author's ideas: apology
Literary work that idealizes rural life: pastoral
Literature on how to prepare food: cookbook
Lithuanian capital, named after the Vilnia River: vilnius
Liticaphobia is the fear of __: lawsuits
Little __ fell great oaks: strokes
Little __, 1931 film about organized crime: caesar
Little __, Andersen's tale of a dying street child: match girl
Little __, group led by Spanky and Stymie: rascals
Little blue creatures with the same last name: smurfs
Little gift thrown in on buying bigger item: lagniappe
Little girl demon, antagonist of The Exorcist: pazuzu
Little girl hairstyle, hair divided in two: pigtails
Little Miss__, it shows a trip and a beauty pageant: sunshine
Little ones have big ears: pitchers
Little Red __ Hood, a French fairy tale: riding
Little Richard's favorite flavor, Tutti __: frutti
Little wheels on furniture: castors
Live Entertainment Capital of the World: branson
Live From New York It's __ Night!: saturday
Live video streaming site: ustream
Lively couples dance from Spain since 1700s: fandango
Lively or animated in spirit or body: vivacious
Lively tempo in music: allegro
Liver disease comes in B and C forms: hepatitis
Liver disease with major scarring: cirrhosis
Liver disease; types can range from A to E: hepatitis
Living autopsy; examination of tissue sample: biopsy
Liz Taylor plays an Egyptian queen in this movie: cleopatra
Liza __, daughter of Judy Garland: minnelli
Liza Minnelli song from a 1972 musical: cabaret
Lizard, well-known for being a pet: iguana
Loathsome, extremely unpleasant: revolting
Local agency of law enforcement: police
Location of first Olympics to use electric timers: stockholm
Lockable storage chest: coffer
Log cake with candies inside: lolly cake
Logical fallacy, refuting unrelated argument: straw man
London's macabre historical attraction: dungeon
Lone __, Tonto, Hi-Yo Silver, started on radio: ranger
Lone Star capital, Midwestern music hub: austin
Lone Star massacre happened with this equipment: chainsaw
Long and narrow land next to the ocean: seacoast
Long and narrow sea inlets bordered by steep cliffs: fjords
Long arm of the sea __ by steep cliffs: bordered
Long coat made from waterproof fabric: raincoat
Long coat which extends below the knee: overcoat
Long collarless shirts from South Asia: kurtas
Long dagger popular during Renaissance: cinquedea
Long dress worn by medieval women: kirtle
Long extended area along waterfront for walking: promenade
Long flat-bottomed sled used for sliding on ice: toboggan
Long form documentary PBS news show: frontline
Long form of can't: cannot
Long greenish reptile "cousin" to the crocodile: alligator
Long light spear, thrown with hands: javelin
Long narrow boat with ornamental stem; Venice: gondola
Long necked lute from modern Greece: bouzouki
Long nerve running down the back of the leg: sciatic
Long pastry with chocolate on top and cream inside: eclair
Long period without rainfall: drought
Long piece of ice formed by dripping water: icicle
Long placard with an announcement: banner
Long rod inserted into foods to hold while cooking: skewer
Long romantic song: ballad
Long running TV series about a collie: lassie
Long sandwich aka hoagie, hero, grinder: submarine
Long serving Chairman of Federal Reserve: greenspan
Long sled made of wood slats: toboggan
Long sticks circus performer walks with: stilts
Long time advice columnist: dear abby
Long upper bone in your arm, above the elbow: humerus
Long vehicle for transporting the deceased: hearse
Long walks through the woods on a trail: hiking
Long, narrow mark, band, line: streak
Long, slender fish found in the Pacific Ocean: quillfish
Long, thin food bowl, usually for pigs: trough
Long, thin strip of metal, wood, like a slat: spline
Long-beaked bird with a large throat pouch: pelican
Long-distance race that consists of three parts: triathlon
Long-handled bartending utensil: bar spoon
Long-handled stewing or frying pan: skillet
Long-legged lynx-like cat with tufted pointed ears: caracal
Long-necked onion with a small bulb: scallion
Long-stemmed salad veg with leaves at top: celery
Longest reigning British monarch, Queen __ II: elizabeth
Longest river in southeast Asia: mekong
Longest river in the European Union: danube
Longest running London play (since 1952): "The __: mousetrap
Longest-ruling female in Russia, __ the Great: catherine
Longfin __ is native to Australia: spadefish
Look inwards and study oneself in this field: autology
Looking for martians, study of their planet: areology
Looking: seeing
Looks like a person; set up to frighten birds: scarecrow
Loom-fitting and the patterned fabric made on it: jacquard
Looming, impending: imminent
Loose __, main idea with modifying clauses: sentence
Loose fitting pants that inspired a NYC team name: knickers
Loose leaf plant, in salads and cooked, __ greens: collard
Loose pants with a bib and suspenders: overalls
Loose trousers for casual wear: slacks
Loosely fit dress worn a lot in Hawaii: muumuu
Lord __, allegedly cursed by Tutankhamun's tomb: carnarvon
Lord of the Rings, Frodo __: baggins
Lord Peter __, detective of Dorothy Sayers' novels: wimsey
Lord Protector of the Commonwealth: cromwell
Lord Voldemort is played by actor Ralph __: fiennes
Loretta Lynn's singing sibling, __ Gayle: crystal
Los __ Kings play hockey at the STAPLES Center: angeles
Los __, Peruvian site of Cloud Alien People: pinchodos
Los __, site of the WW2 Manhattan Project: alamos
Los Angeles __ play at the Staples Center: lakers
Los Angeles soccer team that landed Beckham: galaxy
Los Angeles soccer team that landed Beckham: galaxy &
Loser, beaten, destroyed: defeated
Losing my __, REM's hit song from the 90's: religion
Loss of memory, usually from brain injury: amnesia
Loss of motor function, voluntary movements: paralysis
Loss of muscle coordination, usually in arms, legs: ataxia
Lost __ began as a board game before an Xbox one: cities
Lost at sea: adrift
Lotion or emulsion to darken your skin: tanner
Lots of houses have this to keep warm during winter: fireplace
Loud, compressed air at sports events: air horn
Loud-sounding natural phenomenon: thunder
Loudspeaker for low bass frequencies: subwoofer
Loudspeakers for low frequencies (no dogs!): woofers
Louis __, 1st pilot to cross the English Channel: bleriot
Louisa __, American author of Little Women: may alcott
Louisiana Creole dish based on the Spanish paella: jambalaya
Louisiana-Lafyette Ragin' __ are in NCAA Division 1: cajuns
Lounge where those about to fly wait: departure
Love interest in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame: esmeralda
Love interest of Bridget Jones: mark darcy
Love interest of Pip in Great Expectations: estella
Love makes the world __: go round
Low level computer language; asm: assembly
Low quality counterfeit: brummagem
Low seat without a back also known as footstool: ottoman
Low-cost air carrier out of Denver: frontier
Low-cost German airline with green logo: germania
Low-cost Spanish airline, merged with ClickAir: vueling
Low-lying land tract enclosed by dikes: polder
Low-pitched wind instrument: bassoon
Lower jaw bone: mandible
Lower level of carbon dioxide than normal: acapnia
Lower part of a river where it meets the sea: estuary
Lowest currency note in the U.S.: dollar
Lowest rating in military shooting: marksman
LSD was given to CIA members, __ personnel: military
Luciano __, Operatic Tenor: pavarotti
Luck of __ is a drawing game from 2006: the draw
Luck, risk, not predicted or controlled: chance
Lucky __ brings the receiver good luck: bamboo
Lucky talisman, tossing game with "ringers": horseshoe
Ludo and checkers are a type of __: board game
Luggage hauler: porter
Luke __, Star Wars' protagonist: skywalker
Luke, former world No 1 golfer: donald
Lump of tissue behind the nose, not tonsils: adenoids
Lung disorder including difficulty breathing: asthma
Lustful, indecent: salacious
Lustrous transition metal resistant to corrosion: titanium
Lusty, strapping: vigorous
Lutjanidae, active carnivorous fishes of warm seas: snapper
LV stands for Louis __: vuitton
Lying animal with head raised in heraldry: couchant
Lynyrd __, southern rock pioneers: skynyrd

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