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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "Z"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter Z. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
If you can't find the question you are looking for, or the answer is wrong, just leave a comment here and we'll fix it asap!

Zealous supporter of a team: fanatic
Zeus counterpart in Roman mythology: jupiter
Ziggy __ and the Spiders from Mars: stardust
Zigzagging ski race around poles: slalom
Zimmerman is this talented songwriter's surname: bob dylan
Zinedine __, well-known French footballer: zidane
Zodiac starts with the letter S: scorpio
Zodiac symbol denoted by fishes: pisces
Zoe __, actress, Daughter of Lenny: kravitz
Zone of high ground between two streams: divide
Zoroastrian cleric aka mobad: mobedyar
Zuckerberg's platform: facebook

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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "Y"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter Y. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
If you can't find the question you are looking for, or the answer is wrong, just leave a comment here and we'll fix it asap!

Y&R chemist whose father called her My Beauty: ashley
Yankees player who married a Hollywood actress: dimaggio
Yard-long double-edged sword from Eastern Africa: kaskara
Yarn measure equivalent to 18 hanks or 126 skeins: spindle
Yellow __, animation with The Beatles: submarine
Yellow bird friend of Snoopy in Peanuts cartoons: woodstock
Yellow bulbous spring flower: daffodil
Yellow citrus fruits come from a __: lemon tree
Yellow fish friend of Ariel in Little Mermaid: flounder
Yellow French sauce similar to tartar: remoulade
Yellow part of shelled food: egg yolk
Yellow pigmentation of the skin: jaundice
Yellow weed flower, edible: dandelion
Yellowish French liqueur flavored with aniseed: pastis
Yes, this is the study of bird's nests: caliology
Yet to be sounded: unplumbed
Yiddish courage: chutzpah
Yiddish equivalent of the Hebrew word "kippah": yarmulke
Yo-yos were first used as __ in the Philippines: weapons
Yoga pose with back raised like river crossing: bridge
Yoga practiced in heated rooms: bikram
Yoga with props; furniture yoga: iyengar
Yogurt served very cold, popular in South Africa: tuttis
Yogurt with no whey, passed through filter: strained
Yom Kippur, Day of __ in Jewish religion: atonement
You Bet Your Life host, __ Marx: groucho
You can eat them: edibles
You can find these in catacombs: skulls
You can have many up your sleeve: tricks
You can make a mountain out of one: molehill
You can purchase these on a Kindle: ebooks
You can't make a __ out of a sow's ear: silk purse
You can't make an omelette without __ the eggs: breaking
You can't teach them new tricks: old dogs
You cannot do this with your eyes open: sneeze
You don't want to run out of gas on this expressway: autobahn
You got lucky girl, when he found you: tom petty
You lost this when you cannot remember: memory
You must control this to not gain weight: portion
You need one to insert your door opener: keyhole
You need this to legally drive a car: license
You put a ring on it: finger
You put your head here when you are sleeping: pillow
You shrug them sometimes: shoulders
You want to roll a seven or __ in craps: eleven
You're an actor if you tread the __: boards
You've probably been told not to crack these: knuckles
Young humans, not adults: children
Young pigeons: squabs
Young woman of noble birth: damsel
Young woman: maiden
Youngster aboard ship: cabin boy
Your double never fails to be there: mirror
Your handwritten name on a line: signature
Your head won't stay wet after you use this: hairdryer
Your mother and father: parents
Your mother told you to never run holding this: scissors
Your parent's father: grandpa
Yuri __, first man to travel in outer space: gagarin

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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "X"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter X. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
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X Factor judge: cheryl
X-Men star Rogue, Anna __: paquin
X-ray of blood or lymph vessels: angiogram
X-ray of your blood vessels with dye: angiogram

CodyCross Answers for questions starting with Letter "X" for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "CodyCross" by "Fanatee Games"

CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "W"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter W. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
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W. G. __, wrote Austerlitz novel: sebald
Wacky __, slang word for marijuana: tobacky
Wade __ is the real name of Deadpool: wilson
Wagon wheel pasta: rotelle
Waifish British supermodel and Rimmel London face: kate moss
Wake of vapour left by a fast plane in flight: contrail
Walk like one with bangles if you like this US song: egyptian
Walked down the aisle: married
Walking casually: strolling
Walking supports: crutches
Walking under one is said to be bad luck: ladder
Walking under this is considered bad luck: ladder
Walking upwards, usually outdoors: hiking
Walkway along beaches, usually made of boards: boardwalk
Wall __, Douglas shines as Gordon Gecko: street
Walt __ Pictures: disney
Walt __ was scared of mice: disney
Walter __, creator of the Bauhaus in Weimar: gropius
Walter __, director of The Motorcycle Diaries: salles
Walter __, won an Oscar for The Fortune Cookie: matthau
Walter Hunt patented the first __ rifle in 1849: repeating
Walter Koenig's character on Star Trek: chekov
Walter Scott novel that boosted the Middle Ages: ivanhoe
Wanted his grave beside Beethoven's: schubert
War famed for the Charge of the Light Brigade: crimean
War in which MASH is set: korean
War memorial at Ypres; Last Post is played nightly: menin gate
War planes at close quarters combat: dog fight
Warcraft villain, __, played by Daniel Wu: guldan
Wardrobe __, repairs and washes costumes: master
Warfare strategy of wearing down opponentsNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN attrition < /">/b>
Warm moments associated with menopause: flashes
Warren __, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway: buffett
Warren Buffet's holding company, __ Hathaway: berkshire
Warty sea slug is __ with wart-like bumps: covered
Was a "bugger for the bottle" said Monty Python: aristotle
Washington __ play at the Verizon Center: capitals
Washington __, author of Rip Van Winkle: irving
Wassily __, Russian abstract artist: kandinsky
Wasting muscle mass due to the lack of use: atrophy
Water __, appliance that makes warm showers possible: heater
Water __, you can also do it on snow: skiing
Water activity with paddle and dugout boat: canoeing
Water animal amusement park: seaworld
Water falling over a surface; waterfall: cataract
Water nymphs that protected streams, rivers, wells: naiads
Water spirit in the form of a horse: kelpie
Water spirit misleading travelers to drown: kelpie
Waterfalls located between Canada and the US: niagara
Waterfalls on the US-Canada border: niagara
Waterproof canvas fabric for tents: tarpaulin
Waterproof overshoes: galoshes
Waterway connected Hudson River with Great Lakes: erie canal
Watery mythical lady with a fishy tail: mermaid
Waver between opinions: vacillate
Waves that disappear quickly: ripples
Wax used in pedicures and manicures: paraffin
Way of acting, doing something, speaking: manner
Way of gathering objects from bottom of a river: dredge
Way of getting meat from animals in the wild: hunting
Way of painting using an air spray nozzle: airbrush
Way something is viewed, interpreted, regarded: aspect
Way to listen to music between LP records and CDs: cassette afrikaans
Way your hair looks when waking up: bedhead
Way, mood: manner
Wayne __, British fashion designer, Red or Dead: hemingway
Wayne Gretzky's nickname, The __: great one
Wayne role in True Grit, __ Cogburn: rooster
WC: toilet
We're a Couple of __, from Easter Parade: swells
Weakest form of volition: velleity
Wealth or riches, usually precious metals: treasure
Wealthy girl in Billy Joel's classic song: uptown
Wealthy landowner who later became a pirate: bonnet
Wealthy older woman in Dicken's Great Expectations: havisham
Wealthy sport utilizing leisure ships: yachting
Weapon shell launched and guided to target: missile
Weapon you wouldn't want in hot potato: grenade
Weather instrument invented by Torricelli: barometer
Weather prediction made by meteorologists: forecast
Weather prognostication: forecast
Weather system bringing low temperatures: cold front
Weaver is Ripley in 1986 military sci-fi movie: aliens
Web __ games are played without downloads: browser
Web treats designed to remember who you are: cookies
Weblog publishing site; diary "dot" com: blogspot
Website founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger: wikipedia
Wedding Crashers, Scooby-Doo actress, Isla __: fisher
Wedding dessert from Central Europe: kolach
Week-long festival in Pamplona, Spain: san fermin
Weeping, wailing and the __ of teeth: gnashing
Well-groomed French lady: soignee
Well-known stage actor; played Henry Taylor on 24: colm feore
Well-known typewriter manufacturer, Smith __: corona
Wellington is the capital of New __: zealand
Wellington's nickname: iron duke
Welsh author famous for his children books: roald dahl
Welsh fruit loaf aka speckled bread: bara brith
Wendy Schaal voices __ in American Dad: francine
Wes __, Nightmare on Elm Street director: sta craven
West Antarctica sea near Coats Land: weddell
West Bank city, Cave of the Patriarchs: hebron
West German name for former East German currency: ostmark
West Indian musical style, usually improvised: calypso
West Point is a famous military US __: academy
West Russian krai, Gorbachev's birthplace: stavropol
West Virginia mountain, sedimentary rock: limestone
Western drama series based in Dodge City: gunsmoke
Western European country; capital is Brussels: belgium
Western Hemisphere marsupials: opossum
Western movie legend aka Duke: john wayne
Western Sahel sword with a tapering tip: takoba
Whaler ship featured in Moby-Dick: pequod
Whales and dolphins are __: mammals
Whapuku, or __: large prized fish from Australia: wreckfish
What a company needs to pay; opposite of asset: liability
What a dog shouldn't bark up at: wrong tree
What a teacher asks for in class: silence
What a witness states in a court of law: testimony
What an army marches on: stomach
What bad news does fast: travel
What Burger King is called in Australia, __ Jacks: hungry
What can go wrong: anything
What candidates in the US must go through: campaigns
What Clay Aiken's biggest fans call themselves: claymates
What comes after fall: winter
What deserves no thanks when forced: kindness
What does it all mean, this study will explain: semantics
What Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia were: graces
What every why has: wherefore
What fair exchange is not: robbery
What faith can move: mountains lithosphere
What films with sound were first called, for short: talkies
What fine words can't butter: parsnips
What God hath joined together, let no man put __: asunder
What goes up must __: come down
What is left to heirs: bequest
What Italians call Scotland: scozia
What knocks at least once at every man's gate: fortune
What lends enchantment to the view: distance
What liars should have: memories
What Lisa plays in The Simpsons: saxophone
What little Miss Muffet sat on: a tuffet
What livestock eats: fodder
What makes the man, according to Shakespeare: clothes
What makes things perfect: practice
What no money can buy: priceless
What nutritionists study; dietetics: sitology
What one cannot do if he/she can't obey: command
What one is off when they're crazy: rocker
What one should do for the worst: prepare
What Paris was called in Roman times: lutetia
What PB stands for in computing: petabyte
What pirates are after: treasure
What pompous people's chests are like: stuffed
What secretive families hide in their closet: skeletons
What seeing is: believing
What shouldn't be mixed with pleasure: business
What the early bird does to the worm: catches
What the end does to the means: justifies
What the old are over: the hill
What the one who denies all eventually does: confesses
What the pasteurization process kills: microbes
What the rotten apple does to its neighbours: injures
What to use to appease your crying infant: pacifier
What you don't judge a book by: its cover
What you hear before train departure, All __: aboard
What you hit when you want to sleep longer: snooze
What you may buy as gift when traveling: souvenir
What you should keep for a rainy day: something guesswork
Wheel guards on a car or bike to prevent splashing: fenders
Wheel inside a car that changes the direction: steering
Wheel of __, tv game show; cookie with a message: fortune
Wheeled object commonly used in the circus: unicycle
When a baby's primary teeth come in: teething
When a car stops working during a journey: breakdown
When a person is given a higher rank at work: promotion
When a player's cards are exposed for all to see: ouvert
When a radio station is broadcasting right now: live on air
When a storm comes ashore from over the sea: landfall
When a woman ceases having menstrual periods: menopause
When an airplane leaves the ground to fly: take off
When an astronaut leaves the capsule: space walk
When chemicals transform from one set to another: reaction
When February has 29 days: leap year
When in Rome, do as they do: romans
When it feels colder because of the breeze: windchill
When legal proceedings are a sham, __ court: kangaroo
When life gives you lemons, make __: lemonade
When one presents a counter argument, Devil's __: advocate
When one thing partially covers another: overlap
When pupils become larger, receive more light: dilate
When something doesn't develop in the body: agenesis
When something is attractive, it has __: appeal
When stomach acid moves into your chest: reflux
When sugar has turned to alcohol: fermented publisher
When the bottom teeth close over the top teeth: underbite
When the pass is considered complete in football: reception
When they fall out, honest men come by their own: thieves
When this is full, find a bathroom quick: bladder
When two people are to be married: engaged
When you need to eat: hungry
When you're in a foerign country you're said to be: abroad
When your mind is not sure what something is about: confusion
Where a select or favored group holds power: elitism
Where a spring or river begins: source
Where an artist keeps oils: paintbox
Where arm and torso meet, joint: shoulder
Where bands hang out when not performing: green room
Where children with no family are sent: orphanage infection
Where circus performers eat, not public: cookhouse
Where dead bodies are kept for autopsy: morgue
Where fliers wait for the fly bar in circus: pedestal
Where gasoline is placed in an automobile: fuel tank
Where golfers go to celebrate a round of golf: clubhouse
Where Kelly Ripa met her husband, All My __: children
Where Marvin Gaye heard it: grapevine
Where military members live on base: barracks
Where nuns, monks or friars live: convent
Where planes land and models strut: runways
Where prisoners are kept while awaiting execution: death row
Where Rasputin's body was thrown: neva river
Where something begins: origin
Where the devil usually is: detail
Where the highest mountains are: himalayas
Where the majority of the plays occur in baseball: infield
Where the ocean meets the land: coastline
Where to eat on a train: buffet car
Where trash is stored and covered with dirt; dumps: landfills
Where two things join, or a certain point in time: juncture
Where wealthy take their money to pay less taxes: tax haven
Where you keep things cold: fridge
While George Harrison's __ gently weeps: guitar
Whims about food: faddiness
Whirling art movement with bold geometric lines: vorticism
Whiskered water mammal that "barks": sea lion
Whistle __, exposes illegal, unethical conduct: blower
Whitcomb Judson invented it in the 1890s: zipper a barber
White __, belief whites are a superior race: supremacy
White __, emigration from cities to suburbs: flight
White __, savior bidder of hostile takeover bid: knight
White ants: termites
White china clay used in paper, paint and drugs: kaolin
White collar workers work here: office
White goods brand, famous for washing machines: hotpoint
White grape wine from Emilia-Romagna: albana
White parrot with yellow mane: cockatoo
White pill used for headaches; blood thinner: aspirin
White water __, extreme river sport: rafting
White, 8 Mile rapper discovered by Dr. Dre: eminem
White, kidney-shaped nut that's actually a fruit: cashew
Whitehouse area has Oval Office, Situation Room: west wing
Whitewater __, extreme, double paddle sport: kayaking
Who __ to you will chatter of you: chatters
Who keeps __ with the wolf will learn to howl: company
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea: spongebob
Who's Afraid of __ Woolf?, black comedy film: virginia
Whoopi __, 80s comedian, co-host of The View: goldberg
Whoopi __, won an Oscar for Ghost: goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg's self professed biggest fear: flying
Wide __, catches the ball from the quarterback: receiver
Wide semiaquatic reptile with long jaw: crocodile
Wide tubes of pasta: rigatoni
Wide-mouthed construction equipment: backhoe
Widely and unfavorably known: notorious
Widely known as the first synthetic plastic: bakelite
Widely known type of bear known for its temper: grizzly
Widely planted grape helps make cognac: trebbiano
Widely popular headache, pain medicine brand: tylenol
Widening of a blood vessel, can rupture: aneurysm
Widespread African language: swahili
Widespread loss of electricity in urban area: blackout
Wiener __, a well-known Austrian dish: schnitzel
Wife of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt: eleanor
Wife of Perseus, placed in the stars after death: andromeda
Wife of pharaoh who started a revolution in Egypt: nefertiti
Wild and ferocious: savage
Wild and noisy Irish party; also "blowing a __": hooley
Wild cat, chic, sporty roadster: jaguar
Wild cats with tufted ears: lynxes
Wild frontier town of the Old West in Kansas: dodge city
Wild horned ibex living in Germany's Alps: steinbock
Wild West days, the first to do something: pioneer
Wild, mad behavior or panic: frenzy
Will __, Merry Men's skilled swordsman: scarlet
Will Eisner's superhero character: spirit archaeology
Will Smith, the Fresh __ of Bel-Air: prince
William __ is best known for playing James T. Kirk: shatner
William __ was the 1st President to die in office: harrison
William __, aviation mogul, company has his name: boeing
William __, superb Irish storyteller: trevor
William __, winner of Battle of Hastings in 1066: conqueror
William Grove invented the first __ in 1842: fuel cell
William Herschel discovered this type of radiation: infrared
William Herschel's sister and discoverer of comets: caroline
William Osler is known as the Father of Modern __: medicine
William Penn's religion: quaker
William S. __, author of the Beat Generation: burroughs
William, the __, created a cross-channel Empire: conqueror
Wind energy structure; part of Dutch landscape: windmill
Wind instrument aka mouth organ: harmonica
Wind instrument; French harp or mouth organ: harmonica
Window covers that can be vertical or Venetian: blinds
Wine is stored there: buttery
Winged creatures from the Bible: angels
Winged horse with dragon scales in Chinese folklore: longma
Winner of 2015 Best Picture Academy Award: birdman
Winner of a contest, event, race: champion
Winner: champion
Winston __, UK Prime Minister during WWII: churchill
Winston Churchill's mother, Jennie __: jerome
Winter event of 2 or 4 people teams: bobsled
Winter game with stones and brooms: curling
Winter game, __ fight: snowball
Winter sport in which a person rides a small sled: skeleton
Winter sport with a vehicle that slides over ice: bobsleigh
Winter sport; dogs, horses or a motor vehicle pull: skijöring
Winter, summer, autumn and spring: seasons
Wireless network that can be used to transfer data: bluetooth
Wireless tech for short distance data exchange: bluetooth
Wise and learned, showing good judgment: sapient
Wise centaur who trained Achilles; Kheiron: chiron
Wishing for something to happen: hoping
Witch means wise woman in this language: wiccan
Witches are said to have magical __: powers
With a __ = to the full, to the nth degree: vengeance
With a separate price for each item on the menu: a la carte
With Fawcett, Brit developer of polyethene: gibson
With Gibson, developed industrial polyethylene: fawcett
With Jones made global non-stop balloon flight: piccard
With Scribes in the New Testament, opposed Jesus: pharisees
With the rain in __, Three Dog Night hit: shambala
With Tigris created Mesopotamia: euphrates
With Woodward he exposed the Watergate affair: bernstein
Withdrawal of a group from a larger en  secession
Within: inside
Without any air, vaccuum or space: airless
Without any difficulty or problem: easily
Without ending or beginning, forever, always there: eternal
Without help, relief, assistance: aidless
Without limits: boundless
Without notice: abruptly
Without offspring: childless
Witticism, one-liner: wisecrack
Wizard of Oz character had no heart: tin man
WKRP in Cincinnatti star, Howard __: hesseman
Wodehouse Drones' club member with a silent "p": psmith
Wolf, flow and fowl are all __: anagrams
Wolfgang van __, wrote Faust: goethe
Woman in Norse mythology linked to deaths in battle: valkyrie
Woman of high social rank; a title of nobility: countess
Woman or girl who acts in a play or movie: actress
Woman spirit that shifts into a spider in Japan: jorogumo
Woman who "got married" in Coppola's film: peggy sue
Woman who inherits a lot of money, property: heiress
Woman with a __, Monet's sun umbrella: parasol
Women's dress hanging straight from the shoulders: chemise
Won 6 Emmys for portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce: alan alda
Won an Oscar for Goodbye, Mr. Chips, __ Donat: robert
Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1934: cavalcade
Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1941: rebecca
Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1985: amadeus
Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 2015: birdman
Won the Printz Award for novel Looking for Alaska: john green
Wonderful, fascinating, excellent: awesome
Wood or ethanol, derived from biomass: biofuel
Wood stick used to make shish kebabs: skewer
Wooden boy: pinocchio
Wooden clogs to protect costumes in circus: slop shoes
Wooden conical bore from Switzerland: alphorn
Wooden conical labrophone used by mountain dwellers: alphorn
Wooden crate used in factories: pallet
Wooden cupboard with drawers or shelves: cabinet
Wooden devices for attaching washing to a line: dolly pegs
Wooden fence preserver: creosote
Wooden or plastic circles twirl around the body: hula hoops
Wooden post to support beer's raw ingredient: hop pole
Wooden puppet who lied a lot: pinocchio
Wooden sailing boats used by the Vikings: longships
Wooden toy becomes boy, Disney's classic movie: pinocchio
Wooden, romantic cutlery: lovespoon
Woodward partner and Watergate exposer: bernstein
Woodwind instrument invented in Belgium in 1840: saxophone
Woodwind instrument used in Hungarian music: tarogato
Woodwind instrument with a single reed mouthpiece: clarinet
Woody herb often used on chicken: rosemary
Woody, aromatic evergreen shrub used as herb: rosemary
Wookie with famous growl, Solo partner in Star Wars: chewbacca
Word for nonsense, and a boiled sweet: humbug
Word for ocean in Greek: okeanos
Word game that rhymes with a popular fruit: tapple
Word made out of the letters of another word: anagram
Word meaning the same as another word: synonym
Word recently coined: neologism
Word seen same when upside down, like "swims": ambigram
Word that is the opposite of another: antonym
Word used in US for leaseback: reversion
Wording of Nobel prize: Physiology or __: medicine
Words added as afterthought at the end of a book: addendum
Words that look, but don't sound the same: eye rhyme
Work done only for a limited time: freelance
Work of art made by glueing different materials: collage
Work song on large merchant vessels: sea shanty pneumatic
Work stoppage by a body of workers: strike
Worker who builds or repairs wooden things: carpenter
Worker who puts something "over your head": roofer
Workers' rights groups: unions
Working class sitcom: roseanne
Working of bread dough to strengthen gluten: kneading
Working space in a office: cubicle
Workman's must, tool to loosen, tighten nuts: wrench
Workplace comedy starring Andy Dick, Phil Hartman: newsradio
Workplace of artists, actors, musicians: studio
Works with elephants in a circus: bullhand
Works with law but not in the level of a lawyer: paralegal
World __ Day focuses on world sanitation: toilet
World __ Day supports action to combat the disease: cancer
World class chess champion, Bobby __: fischer
World famous Halloween parade site, __ Village: greenwich
World of __, video game made into movie in 2016: warcraft
World record-breaking marathon runner, Paula __: radcliffe
World wide network of computers: internet
World's busiest airport in passenger traffic: atlanta
World's deadliest animal: mosquito
World's deepest lake, in southern Siberia: baikal
World's largest auditing firm, tax experts: deloitte
World's largest employer, started as small retailer: walmart
World's largest freshwater lake by area: Lake __: superior
World's largest impact event in Russia in 1908: tunguska
World's largest ocean: pacific
World's largest rainforest: Amazon
World's largest rainforest; 20% of world's water: amazon
World's largest rodent with a big nose: capybara
World's most popular online antivirus protection: norton
World's most popular sport: football
World's only island city state: singapore
World-famous Jamaican sound: reggae
World-weariness, scoffing: cynicism
Worldwide known boxer movie star: stallone
Worldwide social media with online profiles: facebook
Worn beneath pants: underwear
Worn by actors and soldiers in ancient Greece: buskin
Worn under clothing to hide valuables in circus: grouch bag
Worst case __: scenario
Wound, hurt, damage to your body: injury
Woven fabric with a loopy curled pile: boucle
Woven fabric with elaborate, raised pattern: brocade
Woven textile art: tapestry
Wrap a corpse in a piece of cloth: shroud
Wrapping, warmth, concealment, blankets: covers
Wreath that is worn or hung decoratively: garland
Wrestling type that has men's and women's events: freestyle
Wretchedness of condition or circumstances: misery
Wretchedness of condition or circumstances: misery teeterboard
Wright Brothers testing grounds: kittyhawk
Wrinkles, spots of bother: hitches
Writer known for his crime novels about the Mafia: mario puzo
Writer of Civil Rights songs in the 1960s: bob dylan
Writer, comedian famous for SNL, 30 Rock: tina fey
Writing online about different things for fun: blogging
Writing using rhythm, stanzas, verses, etc: poetry
Written and printed publisher's opinion: editorial
Written by a man, but known as Divine: comedy
Written item for the purchase of something: receipt
Written or spoken expression of regret; sorrow: apology
Written piece for a newspaper or magazine: article
Written piece; online or in a magazine: article
Written record of job history, used to apply: resume
Written, spoken communication: discourse
Written, video, or audio on a website: content
Wrongly taking property for personal gain: larceny
Wrote a diary about the time she spent hiding: anne frank
Wrote Good Will Hunting with friend, Damon: affleck
Wrote Gulliver's Travels, __ Swift: jonathan
Wrote Hound Dog with partner Stoller: leiber
Wrote Principia Mathematica with B. Russell: whitehead
Wrote the libretto for Così fan tutte: da ponte
Wrote The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner: sillitoe
WSOP final table, the __ Nine: november
Wu __, only woman to lead a Chinese dynasty: zetian
WWE wrestler Steve Austin ring name: stone cold
WWI battle also known as the "Race to the Sea": albert
WWI battle, ignoble Italian defeat: caporetto
WWI campaign in Turkey with Australian involvement: gallipoli
WWII U.S. Navy leader, Fleet Admiral Chester W __: nimitz

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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "V"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter V. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
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Vacuum __, generally used on carpets and upholstery: cleaner
Vague, uncertain: equivocal
Val __, a Tartan noir writer: mcdermid
Valet __, a benefit to have in crowded cities: parking
Valley of __, Luxor's ancient royal burial site: the kings
Valley with deep, steep sides, stream at bottom: canyon
Vampires are supposed to keep away from this: garlic
Van __, professor and vampire hunter from Dracula: helsing
Van __, was in love with brown-eyed girls: morrison
Van Gogh painted The __ Eaters: potato
Vancouver __, hockey team member of NHL: canucks
Vanderbilt Commodores are from __ T: N nashville
Variant to curling, former Olympic event: ice stock
Variation on fruit salad, usually marshmallow: ambrosia
Variety of grossular, cinnamon-colored gem: hessonite
Variety of peach family with smooth skin: nectarine
Variety of quartz ranging from yellow to brownish: citrine
Variety of squash: crookneck
Vegetable common in many salads: lettuce
Vegetable used to make pies and eventually lanterns: pumpkin
Vehicle driven by Ernest Hemingway in WWI: ambulance
Vehicle fuel type; Italian fashion brand: diesel
Venetian lagoon island linked to Daphne du Maurier: torcello uss monitor
Venetian rowing boat for romantic tourists: gondola
Vengeance: revenge
Venom is a poison from an __, like a snake: animal
Venomous Aussie snake has coastal and inland types: taipan
Venomous sea animal, red and white stripes, spines: lionfish
Ventilation from the top of the house: attic fan
Venus is also called the Earth's __ planet: sister
Venustraphobia is fear of __ women: beautiful
Verdi opera from a play by Friedrich Schiller: don carlos
Verdi's opera with Va, pensiero: nabucco
Versailles treaty demilitarized this German area: rhineland
Versed, well-acquainted: cognizant
Vertebrae also known as tailbone: coccyx
Vertical pipe used to drain rainwater from a roof: downspout
Vertical Scrabble: upwords
Vertical support, usually decorative pillar: column
Very absorbent towels may be made of this: huckaback
Very close to target, but not hitting it: near miss
Very dangerous dog's parasite: heartworm
Very eloquent person: wordsmith
Very energetic person: dynamo
Very exaggerated figure of speech, in writing: hyperbole
Very famous director; co-founded DreamWorks: spielberg
Very fast sombrero-wearing mouse, Speedy __: gonzales
Very high elevation, above tree growth: alpine
Very large indeed: humongous
Very light, sheer, gauze-like fabric: gossamer
Very muscular or strong; type of papertowels: brawny
Very near the end: epilogue
Very poor person supported by public charity: pauper
Very shiny photograph print: glossy
Very small headphones: earbuds
Very small pieces: particles
Very thin layer of tissue covering a surface: membrane
Very thoughtful, usually sad: pensive
Very well known by everyone: famous
Very young female chicken: pullet
Vessel commanded by the timelord in Doctor Who: tardis
Vessel formerly used in distilling: alembic
Vessel powered by a furnace and water: steamship
Vest especially worn over a shirt: waistcoat
Vesta, to the Greeks: hestia
Veterans __, aka VA in charge of post war care: affairs
Via __, Roman road from the capital to the sea: ostiense
Via __, sorrowful route taken by Jesus to Calvary: dolorosa
Vicar __, principal deputy of bishop: general
Vicomte seducer in book by Laclos: valmont
Victor Hugo's character who lives in a church: quasimodo
Victorian watch chain: albert
Victorian writer and lord, In Memoriam: tennyson
Video games are __ across different platforms: played
Viennese building and Jugendstil art movement: secession
Vietnamese mooncake: banh pia
Viewing __, balconies on buildings to admire views: platforms
Viewing wheel by the River Thames: london eye
Villa Jovis, Emperor __ abode in Capri: tiberius
Village of the __, unemotional kids, horror flick: damned
Villain in Shakespeare's Hamlet: claudius
Villains in Another Brick in the Wall: teachers
Vilnius is the capital of __: lithuania
Vince __, actor who starred in Wedding Crashers: vaughn
Vincent __, artist rumored to have cut ear off: van gogh
Vinegar that is made from ale: alegar
Violent effort to change country's leadership: uprising
Violent encounter between military forces: battle
Violent encounter between two military forces: battle
Violent spinning storm: tornado
Violent, hostile, forceful act against another: attack
Violet quartz used in jewelry: amethyst
Violet quartz, used as decoration or jewelry: amethyst
Viral disease, variola, that leaves skin scars: smallpox
Viral infection carried by animals; can be fatal: rabies
Virgil's history of Rome: aeneid
Virgin Mary appeared in this small French town: lourdes
Virginia __ play football at Scott Stadium: cavaliers
Virtual band that released the hit Clint Eastwood: gorillaz
Virtuous, holy: saintly
Virus protection software owned by Intel: mcafee
Viscera, insides: entrails
Visible evidence something is no longer there: vestige
Visible part of an ant colony, sticks up above ground: anthill
Vital link between cerebellum and spinal cord: brain stem
Vitality and glamour combined: pizzazz
Vladimir __, writer of Lolita: nabokov
Vodka and cranberry makes a marine wind: seabreeze
Vodka, whiskey, gin, intoxicating liquid: alcohol
Voice of Jenny in Finding Dory, Diane __: keaton
Volkswagen bug, not British rock band: beetle
Volkswagen model named after a Mediterranean wind: scirocco
Volver, Vanilla Sky, and Blow actress, __Cruz: penelope
Volvo engineer who devised the seat belt: bohlin
Voodoo priest in Haiti: houngan
Vortex: whirlpool
Voting age dropped to 18 during this war: vietnam
Voucher for readers: book token
Vulcanized material developed by Charles Goodyear: rubber
Vulnerable part of infant skull aka fontanelle: soft spot

CodyCross Answers for questions starting with Letter "V" for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "U"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter U. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
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U.S. based online company founded by Jeff Bezos: amazon
U.S. President Cleveland's first name: grover
UFC fighter, Anderson __ Silva: spider
UFO: Unidentified Flying __: object
Ugandan dictator, human rights abuser, Idi __: amin dada
Ugandan, styled himself the Last King of Scotland: idi amin
Ugly small/giant mythical creatures; live in caves: trolls
UK 1983 robbery, gold bullion remains unrecovered: brinks mat
UK currency: sterling
UK housebuilders who sound like an exotic fruit: persimmon tutankhamun
UK monarch with the 2nd longest reign: victoria
UK science-fiction short stories by Eric F. Russell: deep space
UK spicy, currant cake like Eccles cake: banbury
Ukraine's border with Belarus northeast of Kiev: chernobyl
Ukrainian stringed lute-type instrument: bandura
Ultimate goal in NHL, __ Cup: stanley
Uma __, actress of Kill Bill: thurman
Umbrella term for formal leaders of religions: clergy
Umbrella toting fictional character Mary __: poppins
UN General __: assembly
UN's real power is in this council: security
Unable to get up and about: bedridden
Unable to resist for long: quitter
Unable to understand written words; not aphasia: alexia
Unaccompanied, abandoned, forsaken: lonesome
Unassuming first name of Mussorgsky: modest
Unauthorized writing or drawing on a public place: graffiti
Unbearably tedious: ad nauseam
Unclear perception, hard to express: elusive
Uncomfortable, wary: uneasy
Unconventional protagonist: antihero
Undecided or neutral in politics: mugwump
Under __, sports clothing company: armour
Under __, TV show based on a Stephen King's book: the dome
Undergo pain, distress, loss, grief, injury: suffer
Underground __ was a passage for slaves: railroad
Underground stem that produces roots and shoots: rhizome
Underhand interference; to deliberately destroy: sabotage
Underwater pursuit popular with Red Sea tourists: diving
Underwater vessel: submarine
Underwriters evaluate risk for this industry: insurance
Unduly held as faultless: sacred cow
Unesco World Heritage Site in San Antonio, Texas: the alamo
Unexpected phonecall or visit by a salesman: cold call
Unexpected piece of news: bombshell
Unexplained series of designs at Nazca: geoglyph
Unfilled space within a mass; a hollowed-out space: cavity
Unfinished __, 2015 Dave Franco movie: business
Unforeseen or unplanned events: accidents
Unidentified __ Object, aka UFO: flying
Unidentified __ Oddball is a 1979 book adaptation: flying
Unimportant, meaningless: trivial
Union __ Railroad, largest railroad in western US: pacific
Unique and unrepeatable: one off
Unique male in a group: odd man out
Unique six-limbed legendary creatures: dragons
Unit of capacity for spirits (63 gallons): hogshead
Unit of electric power; one billion watts: gigawatt
Unit of heat; measurement of food energy: calorie
Unit of hydrostatic pressure: decibars
Unit of liquid measurement, __ of milk: gallon
Unit of measurement; 10,000 square meters: hectare
Unit of the metric system, not mile: kilometer
Unit of two or more squads: platoon
Unit that equals one million gigabytes: petabyte
Unitary parliamentary republic in Central Europe: hungary
United all Frankish tribes under one ruler: clovis
United Nations children's relief arm: unicef
United State's most northern state: alaska
Univ. of Cincinnati __ play at Nippert Stadium: bearcats
University of Kentucky city, Revolutionary battle: lexington
University that Bill Gates dropped out from: harvard
Unknown: anonymous
Unlawful __, illegal firing of an employee: discharge
Unlawful killing of another human: murder
Unlawful: criminal
Unlike anything else out there: unique
Unlimited extent of time, space or quantity: infinity
Unnaturally or acutely uneasy or apprehensive: nervous
Uno, Snap and Pit are examples of __: card games
Unorthodox way of spreading news: grapevine
Unpaid and unfree labor of vassals in Feudalism: corvee
Unpleasant in temper, stubborn: ornery
Unpleasant period: thin time
Unplowed land near a fence or border: headland
Unputdownable; very exciting: riveting
Unscrupulous seizers: grabbers
Unscrupulous tradesman: profiteer
Unskilled hospital workers: orderlies
Unsteady movements, wavering: stagger
Unter den Linden in Berlin is a tree-lined __: boulevard
Until 2016 Pixar had produced seventeen __ films: feature
Unwavering poise, assurance, position: aplomb
Unyielding attitude or opinion: adamant
Unyielding, obdurate: flinty
Upbeat, feelling-good Lion King's tune __ Matata: hakuna
Uphill stretches of the Tour de France race: ascents
Upholstered bench, couch, sofa: settee
Upholstered chair that leans back: recliner
Uplifting, illuminative: edifying
Upmarket Swiss ski resort with luxury Palace hotel: gstaad
Upper body bone: clavicle
Upper body part; joint that allows arm movement: shoulder
Upper body, above abdomen, below the head: thorax
Upper case letters on a keyboard: shift key
Upper hand: advantage
Upscale, fancy mineral water brand: perrier
Upset and disappointed: gutted
Upward-moving current of air: updraft
Uranus and Neptune are both __: ice giants
Uranus moon named after the King of the Fairies: oberon
Urban __, macabre folklore, part of pop culture: legend
Urgency, importance: priority
Urges Orestes to kill their mother: electra
US 1980 film from an insect's point of view: the fly
US actor who played Batman: val kilmer
US actress of "When Harry Met Sally": meg ryan
US ally, human rights violator, Saudi __: arabia
US archetypal clarinetist who died in 2004: artie shaw
US Attorney General from 2001-2005: ashcroft
US battles to end slavery, 1861-1865: civil war
US boxer Floyd, world heavyweight champ in 1950s: patterson
US boxer who bit his opponent's ear: mike tyson
US brothers who invented a flying machine: wright
US cartoon about an old man with big glasses: mr magoo
US Christmas singing activity, house to house: caroling
US city where the Gateway Arch can be found: st louis
US comic strip about a lasagna-loving feline: garfield
US community folk dancing; square or line: hoedown
US company that co-owns Hotpoint and Indesit: whirlpool
US desert state that is home to Area 51: nevada
US fermented dairy product, baked potato topping: sour cream
US fruit pastry, widely eaten: apple pie
US government has 3 of these to balance power: branches
US had three wars with this Florida tribe: seminole
US has no relations with this Middle East state: palestine
US horror comedy film about mogwai pet: gremlins
US impressionist painter, Frederick __: frieseke
US international news agency founded in 1995: bloomberg
US inventor, developed a steamboat in 1786: john fitch
US music genre; Irish, Scottish and English roots: bluegrass
US National park became World Heritage Site in 1984: yosemite
US national park, a world Heritage Site since 1984: yosemite
US prison center of 1962 jailbreak mystery: alcatraz
US rail system is run by this group: amtrak
US railroad administrator: amtrak
US retired track and field athlete: carl lewis
US salad made with eggs, meat, cheese and lettuce: chef salad
US songwriter responsible for Wichita Lineman: jimmy webb
US sprinter Flo-Jo's married surname: joyner
US swimmer lied about robbery in Rio de Janeiro: lochte
US swimmer, multiple gold medallist: mark spitz
US tennis Grand Slam tournament: us open
US torture scandal with Iraqi prisoners: abu ghraib
US track and field star, 9 time gold medal winner: carl lewis
US TV media streaming service: netflix
US university in Indiana, French name: notre dame
US version of this holed cheese is called Swiss: emmental
US writer, author of popular children books: dr seuss
US's voluntary army __ Guard: national
Use a calculator to __ the volume of a cylinder: calculate
Use this to avoid water rings on tables: coaster
Use this to never forget a birthday or a holiday: calendar
Used before forks: fingers
Used by referees in games: whistle
Used by wizards and Harry Potter to make spells: magic wand
Used for boiling water: tea kettle
Used for cooking and warmth when outdoors: campfire
Used for dry lips: chap stick
Used for injured optical; part of pirate getup: eyepatch
Used for removing bones: boning
Used for sewing: needle
Used for treating inflammation: ibuprofen
Used in everything from toys to remote controls: batteries
Used in organic farming, synonym of nitratine: soda niter
Used in the home: domestic
Used or seen daily: everyday
Used to give a licorice-like flavoring: aniseed
Used to heat houses, melt ores or produce steam: furnace
Used to improve signals: antenna
Used to measure weight; equals 1,000 kilograms: metric ton
Used to operate valves in combustion engines: camshaft
Used to organize digital content and search: keyword
Used to pound nails: hammer
Used to serve food and display or store dishes: sideboard
Used to stop or prevent passage: barrier
Used to surf the web: browser
Used to treat, snake bites: antivenom
Using a bow and arrow as a sport: archery
Using bizarre, illogical and incoherent settings: absurdism vertebrae
Usually sweetened, milk with no water: condensed
Usually two days shorter than any other: february
Usually worn for golf-playing: plus fours
Usually, a small space to store clothes: closet
Usually, mammals give birth to __: live young
Utah State __ play football at Maverik Stadium: aggies
Utensil designed for baking quiches: quiche pan
Utensil designed to consume warm liquid dishes: soup spoon
Utensil that skins fruits and vegetables: peeler
Utensil to moist the meat, often used with turkey: baster
Utensil to remove stone inside: pitter
Utensil used for cooking, __ pan: frying
Utensil used to give food a citric kick: zester
Utensil used to open preserved tin food: can opener
Utensil used to remove skin from foods: peeler
Utensil used to suck up excess liquid: baster
Utensil usually comes in salt, pepper combo: shaker
Utensil with a flat end for spreading foods: spatula
Utmost change, farthest from center, outermost: extreme
UTSA Roadrunners play at the __ in TX: alamodome
Utterly illogical, untrue, senseless, laughable: absurd

CodyCross Answers for questions starting with Letter "U" for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "CodyCross" by "Fanatee Games"

CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "T"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter T. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
If you can't find the question you are looking for, or the answer is wrong, just leave a comment here and we'll fix it asap!

Table __ is both for single and double games: tennis
Table __, aka ping pong; an Olympic sport: tennis
Table between a couch and television: coffee
Table designed for eating meals: dining
Table Mountain overlooks this South African city: cape town
Table, chairs for informal dining: dinette
Table-tennis bat: paddle
Tabloid magazine the National __: enquirer
Tail bone at the very bottom of the spine: coccyx
Tailor-made costume for women: tailleur
Tainted Love band: soft cell
Taiwanese-born director of Brokeback Mountain: ang lee
Take a __, baseball game reference; a redo: raincheck
Take a look at me now, Phil __: collins
Take an unfair share of something, not sharing: bogart
Take for granted, without proof, suppose: assume
Take Our Children to Work Day founder: Gloria __: steinem
Take someone or something by force: capture
Takes his or her clothes off to music for a living: stripper
Takes the bumps and bruises for the actor: stuntman
Taking a little off the top or the side: trimming
Taking action to correct previous wrongdoing: atonement
Taking by force, unfair loss in game: robbery
Taking God's name in vain: blasphemy
Taking place in spring: vernal
Taking place in winter: hiemal
Taking someone else's blame: scapegoat
Taking wastes out of blood with a machine: dialysis
Tale As Old As Time, from __ and the Beast: beauty
Tale or legend, passed on through speech: folk tale
Talent game show known for oriental instrument: gong show
Talk __ to the dozen, at great length: nineteen
Tall African animal, has a blue and black tongue: giraffe
Tall black formal accessory mostly worn by men: top hat
Tall constructions: buildings
Tall, African animals with extra long neck: giraffes
Tampa Bay __ plays hockey at Amalie Arena: lightning
Tan/light brown casual pants made of cotton: khakis
Tantalus' son, whose flesh was eaten by the gods: pelops
Tape __, flexible ruler for checking sizes: measure
Tape invented in 1930 by Richard Drew: scotch
Tapping a keyboard with fingers: typing Bessie __, me
Tarantula is a type of this: spider
Target's canine mascot, Spuds look alike: bullseye
Tasks that don't seem to have productive purpose: busy work
Taste __ add flavour to food: enhancers
Taster, treats and at rest are __ of each other: anagrams
Tasty shelled nut with green seed: pistachio
Tasty white nut used in desserts, ice cream: macadamia
Tavern in The Merry Wives of Windsor: garter inn
Tax imposed by a king on holders knight's fees: scutage
Tax-exempt shopping areas at airports: duty free
Taxi __, movie with Robert De Niro: driver
Taxi Driver's character played by De Niro: bickle
Taxi, Always Sunny star married to Rhea Perlman: devito
Tchaikovsky's failed ballet, now famous: swan lake
Tea __, perforated metal ball for stewing: infuser
Tea, juice drink with facts on inside of cap: snapple
Teacher in a university or faculty: professor
Teacher of All Saints, title for Sufi teachers: khwaja
Teacher of Sunnah, title for Pirs: makhdoom
Teacher that counsels students in school: advisor
Teacher, professor, lecturer: educator
Teacher, professor: educator
Teachers in this country have been paid in vodka: russia ground beef
Team of Magic, Kareem and Wooden: lakers
Team or person that is expected to lose: underdog
Team that is playing at home, opposing the visitor: home team
Tear __, manipulative, sentimental film or book: jerker
Tear drop nut, used in desserts, ice cream: almonds
Tears rolling down the cheeks; bawling: crying
Tech brand that produces the Ideapad: lenovo
Tech company, one who makes prophetic predictions: oracle
Technical term for bone break: fracture
Technique in which a painter applies paint: brushwork
Teddy __, animatronic, talking bear kid's toy: ruxpin
Teddy Roosevelt's Long Island home: __ Hill: sagamore
Teen magazine just under the legal age: seventeen
Teenager shot in head for going to school: malala
Teeth substitutes: dentures
Teeth that are between canines and molars: premolar
Telephone attached by a wire: land line
Telescope: spyglass
Telescopic __, optical zooming: vision
Television binge effort, sounds athletic: marathon
Telling someone about danger: warning
Temperature when water vapor condenses into water: dew point
Temporary dark patch on the sun: sunspot
Temporary setback; fault in an app or program: glitch
Temporary storage for holding data until ready: buffer
Ten years: decade
Ten-part Olympic event won by Jenner in 76: decathlon
Tended King David in old age: abishag
Tends and herds ruminant mammals: shepherd
Tends to flock, Jesus to his followers: shepherd
Tense and anxious: uptight
Term applied to Y&R tycoon Victor Newman: ruthless
Term commonly referenced to filmmakers or directors: auteur
Term for a misfit: odd man out
Term for a papal election: conclave
Term for a young swan: cygnet
Term for combined| wehrmacht
Term for murder; to kill someone: homicide
Term for scientific solving of legal issues: forensic
Term for the crime of killing one's father: patricide
Term for the study of the origins of the universe: cosmogony
Term for two-wheeled, off-road, mucky vehicle: dirt bike
Term used to define complete vision loss: blindness
Term used to designate elves and fairies: sprite
Terra __, Latin for land that remains undiscovered: incognita
Terraria is a sandbox action-__ game: adventure
Terrible creature only exists in the mind: phantasm
Territory containing people under a government: nation
Territory invaded and occupied by a nation: colony
Territory: domain
Terror of Asians, Genghis Khan's people: mongols
Terry __, English writer of fantasy satirical novels: pratchett
Tesla __, car and energy company: motors
Test of speed against the clock: time trial
Test used to ensure you are human and not a robot: captcha
Testosterone is the main male __: hormone
Tetradrachm's face who knew it all: athena
Texas __ colors are Burnt Orange and White: longhorns
Texas __ is done to country and western music: twostep
Texas __ play in Arlington: rangers
Texas A&M __ play football on Kyle Field: aggies
Texas A&M football stadium: kyle field
Texas baseball club, New York City hockey team: rangers
Texas NBA team won twice in 90s with Olajuwon: rockets
Texas Ranger, martial artist, tough guy meme: norris
Texas' northern neighbor, Broadway staple: oklahoma
Text translation for foreign movies: subtitle
Thai capital, also called Krung Thep: bangkok
Thai capital, setting for second Hangover movie: bangkok
Thank God It's __, 1978 disco musical: friday
That's how Moses crossed the Red Sea: dryshod
That's how the cookie __: crumbles
The 1st phonograph was invented by him in 1877: edison
The 1st use of __ power for electricity was in 1951: nuclear
The 3rd film of this animated series is from 2010: toy story
The __ and the Bobby-Soxer, movie with C. Grant: bachelor
The __ are look-alike parents for Timmy Turner: turnbaums
The __ Bears is based on the Disney attraction: country
The __ Before Christmas was released in 1993:
The __ Book, 2016 movie: jungle
The __ Book, story about a boy raised by animals: jungle
The __ bride, a comic opera by Smetana: bartered
The __ cat is known for its hairless skin: sphynx
The __ Connection, won the Academy Awards in 1972: french
The __ Cookie, Lemmon, Matthau first movie: fortune
The __ Cried Wolf: boy who
The __ Deception, doc criticized US military: panama
The __ Dog is a black and white Walt Disney film: shaggy
The __ effect, based on a return to life: lazarus
The __ flag fish has red and yellow stripes: spanish
The __ Game, film on solving the riddle of Enigma: imitation
The __ gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1794: cotton
The __ Giraffe, hot Dalí painting: burning
The __ Grimm, 2005 adventure fantasy film: brothers
The __ hydroid is in the family of fire corals: stinging
The __ in the room: subject avoided for discussion: elephant
The __ Karamazov was Dostoyevsky's final novel: brothers
The __ Life of Henry VIII, post Boleyn beheading: private
The __ Link, TV game show first appeared in the UK: weakest
The __ Man, Woodward horror about burning effigy: wicker
The __ New Clothes, Danish fairy tale: emperors
The __ Night, Van Gogh evening masterpiece: starry
The __ of Christ, Caravaggio painting: taking
The __ of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde: picture
The __ of ID, comic in a shabby medieval kingdom: wizard
The __ of King George, royal mental health film: madness
The __ of Notre Dame, a movie and an animation: hunchback
The __ of Pickpockets, French short film: mozart
The __ of the Lambs, thriller with Jodie Foster: silence
The __ of Venice, a Shakespeare's comedy: merchant
The __ on the River Kwai, won an Oscar in 1958: bridge
The __ proves the rule: exception
The __ Pump, popular shoe in 1989: reebok
The __ Queen, Hepburn missionary in colony: african
The __ Race: a world racing competition: amazing
The __ Race: amazing
The __ Redemption, movie with Tim Robbins: shawshank
The __ retriever is one of the most popular dogs: labrador
The __ Rose of Texas: yellow
The __ Sea Raven is bright yellow with prickly fins: atlantic
The __ Show on Earth, Heston as circus manager: greatest
The __ shrimp-goby lives in mud or sand substrates: ambanoro
The __ snapper has a black spot below dorsal fins: onespot
The __ Spaniel is known for its luxurious coat: cocker
The __ Spider Man, US comic book by Stan Lee: amazing
The __ starred Eva Gabor as Miss Bianca: rescuers
The __ triggerfish is also known as Picasso: assasi circus tent
The __ tuna can grow to 400 lbs: bigeye
The __ waspfish has a large crown: cockatoo
The __ Way joined Rome to Capua: appian
The __ whale is one of the largest whale species: humpback
The __ Witch of the West, Oz antagonist: wicked
The __ Years, late 80s opened by Joe Cocker: wonder
The __ Zone, TV show consisting of various tales: twilight
The __, 1964 Oscar winner, cartoon panther: pink phink
The __, 2015 Matt Damon movie: martian
The __, 70s sitcom about opposing personas: odd couple
The __, 80s movie about a martial art: karate kid
The __, American movie about Chinese farmers: good earth
The __, animation about the heir of the jungle: lion king
The __, Benicio del Toro 2010 lycanthrope movie: wolfman
The __, biographical movie about a Polish musician: pianist
The __, Brit film about male strip-tease: full monty
The __, British short film that won the 2014 Oscar: phone call
The __, crafty lady by Vermeer: lacemaker
The __, creepy Shirley Jackson short story: lottery
The __, crime drama based on Mario Puzo's novel: godfather
The __, Disney's smash African 1994 hit: lion king
The __, doo-wop band that moved around: drifters
The __, John Wayne travels to Ireland: quiet man
The __, launched Donny and Marie's careers: osmonds
The __, Mel Brooks' comedy about Broadway: producers
The __, Mickey Rourke was nominated for an Oscar: wrestler
The __, most Oscar nominated film in 2005: aviator
The __, movie soundtrack included Mrs. Robinson: graduate
The __, movie with Buster Keaton: garage
The __, movie with John Wayne as a war veteran: searchers
The __, movie with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable: misfits
The __, movie with Paul Newman as a pool player: hustler
The __, or sea cow, is a large marine mammal: manatee
The __, picture book adapted into an Oscar winner: lost thing
The __, reality show of true love and roses: bachelor
The __, resources not owned, open to all: commons
The __, sang highway radio hit Wild Thing: troggs
The __, successful Motown girls' group: supremes
The __, superlative adjective, the most grandiose: greatest
The __, terrifying piece by Edvard Munch: scream
The __, the original reality show, 90s MTV staple: real world
The __, TV Show about a ship cruise and its crew: love boat
The __, TV show following two KGB agents: americans
The __, TV show starring Kevin Bacon as FBI agent: following
The __, UK murder mystery play by Agatha Christie: mousetrap
The __, US film about a flirtatious Mrs. Robinson: graduate
The __, US film with Dustin Hoffman: graduate
The __, woman in insane asylum in 1948 movie: snake pit
The __, won the Academy Awards in 2007: departed
The __, won the Academy Awards in 2012: artist
The __-Minded Professor is the first Flubber movie: absent
The __brush coral is tall with small branches: bottle
The A in former Brooklyn based store A&S: abraham
The A-Z of a language: alphabet
The ability to make others well: healing
The ability to receive or contain, storage: capacity
The absence of noise: silence
The act of animals coming together to breed: mating
The act of being gentle to other people: kindness
The act of ending a marriage: divorce
The act of going without food, esp. in religions: fasting
The act of looking out for the welfare of others: altruism
The act of moving through the air above the ground: flying
The act of one item hitting another: impact
The act of propelling a boat using a paddle: paddling
The act of pushing away, not accepting: rejection
The act of sliding down a small hill with snow: sledding
The act, process, or industry of extracting ores: mining
The Adams __, NES video game released 1992: family
The Adventures of __, Belgian comic, movie: tintin
The Age of __, Scorsese's 19th century love story: innocence
The Akita is a dog breed from the __ of Japan: ains
The alternative verdict to innocent: guilty
The Amber __, written by Philip Pullman: spyglass
The American __, fans of the US football team: outlaws
The animals that are people: humans
The apparent change in position of an object: parallax
The Apple 1 __ was released in 1976: computer
The April ones bring forth May flowers: showers
The art of being able to wait: patience
The art of chasing metal: ciselure
The art of horsemanship: manege
The art of making an image, not with paint: drawing
The art of shooting with a bow and arrow: archery
The art or sport of fighting with swords: fencing
The assasination of __ Ferdinand started WWI: archduke
The Baltic States are Estonia, Lithuania and __: latvia
The banded __ is a venomous Pacific marine snake: sea krait
The banded __ star has dark brown bands: brittle
The barred __, central Atlantic fish with stripes: hamlet
The Battle of __, decisive naval combat in WWII: midway
The bearing of an object in relation to the North: absolute
The Beast's right hand and pendulum clock: cogsworth
The bed or channel in which a river flows: riverbed
The best is __: yet to come
The best laid __ of mice and men: schemes
The best things in life __: are free
The best way to a man's heart goes through it: stomach
The best-known ancient oracle was found here: delphi
The Big __ of 1938, "Thanks for the Memory": broadcast
The birth name of Cambodian dictator Pol Pot: saloth sar
The biter is __ bit: sometimes
The Black __ killed millions in the 14th century: plague
The Black __, 1985 dark fantasy Disney film: cauldron
The Black Jack is a large __ tropical fish: predatory
The black panther in The Jungle Book: bagheera
The Blue ridge coral is the only one that forms a __: skeleton
The Blues __, stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd: brothers
The Bold and the __, LA fashion soap opera: beautiful
The bones in your body make up the __: skeleton
The Book of Lamentations is about __: sorrows
The Boxer breed comes from __ in Europe: germany
The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Molly __: ringwald
The bride in the Songs of Solomon: shulamite
The Bridge on the __, prison camp in Burma: river kwai
The Buffalo __ are owned by Terry Pegula: sabres
The call of __, the need to use the loo: nature
The Calvados of colonial America: applejack
The capital of __ is Hanoi: vietnam
The capital of Armenia: yerevan
The capital of Belize: belmopan
The capital of Botswana: gaborone
The capital of Colombia: bogotá
The capital of Comoros: moroni
The capital of Eritrea: asmara
The capital of Faroe Islands: torshavn
The capital of Georgia (the country): tbilisi
The capital of Guam: hagatna
The capital of India: new delhi
The capital of Iraq: baghdad
The capital of Isle of Man: douglas
The capital of Kentucky: frankfort
The capital of Laos: vientiane
The capital of Lesotho: maseru
The capital of Liberia: monrovia
The capital of Mali: bamako
The capital of Mayotte: mamoudzou
The capital of New Hampshire: concord
The capital of New York: albany
The capital of Niger: niamey
The capital of Norfolk Island: kingston
The capital of North Dakota: bismarck
The capital of Ohio: columbus
The capital of Palau: ngerulmud
The capital of Pitcairn Islands: adamstown
The capital of Republic of Macedonia: skopje
The capital of Seychelles: victoria
The capital of Sudan: khartoum
The capital of Tennessee: nashville
The capital of Turkey: ankara
The capital of Tuvalu: funafuti
The capital of United Arab Emirates: abu dhabi
The capital of Zimbabwe: harare
The captain yells this as the ship is going down: abandon
The carving or engraving on whale bones: scrimshaw
The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D __: salinger
The celebration of two people getting married: wedding
The central concept of this religion is dukkha: buddhism
The Central Criminal Court: old bailey
The Chamber of __, lobbies for business interests: commerce
The cheap seats in sports: bleachers
The chemical element Pu: plutonium
The chief character of Dickens's A Christmas Carol: scrooge
The child is the Antichrist in 1976 film: the omen
The clapping of a theater audience: applause
The classical Chinese Book of Changes: i ching
The clones are made on planet __ in Star Wars: kamino
The Coathanger's and Opera House's home city: sydney
The common __ is also known as common stingray: stingaree
The common garden mint; a candy flavor: spearmint
The concept of __ spray cans began in 1790: aerosol
The consequence of an action; outcome: result
The consumer of art, entertainment: audience
The contrary of something; in another way: otherwise
The corn __ was invented in 1850: picker
The Cowboy State: wyoming
The creator of Peanuts (comic strip, not food): schulz
The Curious Case of __ Button, film with Brad Pitt: benjamin
The current capital of Tanzania: dodoma
The Da Vinci Code author was once a pop singer: dan brown
The Dachshund is also called the __ dog: weenie
The Dalai Lama is a central figure in __ Buddhism: tibetan
The Dalmatian is known for its __ coat: spotted
The dark time between evening and morning: nighttime
The date a person is born: birthdate
The daughter of a monarch: princess
The daughter on "All in the Family": Sally __: struthers
The day before today: yesterday
The Deer __, De Niro, Walken changed by war: hunter
The degree a line deviates from being straight: curvature
The Devil and Max __ contained profanity: devlin
The Devil is a __ evil entity: religious
The Devil With the Three __ Hairs, 1812 tale: golden
The devil's home in Australia: tasmania
The Doctor's __, UK play by George Bernard Shaw: dilemma
The ear is the __ organ: hearing
The earth is hit by __ 100 times a second: lightning
The ecclesiastical unit committed to one pastor: parish
The eddaic poems were written in this language: icelandic
The eighth Avatar of the god Vishnu: krishna
The eldest son of the Russian highest monarch: tsarevich
The electric chair was invented by one: dentist
The Empire __ Back, a Star Wars movie: strikes
The end of a marriage: divorce
The English __, a large dog breed, has huge head: mastiff
The Epsom Derby is one: horse race
The evening meal, typically an informal one: supper
The executioner of yore: deathsman
The executive capital of South Africa: pretoria
The extreme opposite of orderliness: disarray
The eye of an __ is bigger than its brain: ostrich
The Fabulous __, US film, Pfeiffer and the Bridges: baker boys
The fairest rose is at last __: withered
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris __, a film: lessmore
The FBI motto: Fidelity, Bravery, and __: integrity
The fear of being __ alive is called taphephobia: buried
The Federation's deep space explorers: starfleet
The feel of a surface or substance: texture
The Fifth __, Willis and Jovovich futuristic film: element
The film industry turned it into a glamorous item: cigarette
The final David Bowie album: blackstar
The final step to becoming a practicing lawyer: bar exam
The first drops of breastmilk after a baby's birth: colostrum
The first full-length Pixar film: toy story
The first Iraq war was known as the __ Gulf War: persian
The first meal of the day: breakfast
The first metal __ was invented in 1874: detector
The first O in COO: operating
The first of its kind: original
The first Olympics were held here: athens
The first one in the US took place in August, 1790.: census
The first particle __ was invented in 1911: detector
The first president of Turkey: ataturk
The first programmable __ was built in 1938: computer
The first set of gnashers of a young mammal: milk teeth
The first step in this is discontent: progress
The first White House's First Lady, __ Adams: abigail
The Flintstones was the first US primetime __: cartoon
The Flower __, Diego Rivera's oil painting: carrier
The fluid that surrounds blood cells: plasma
The Force Awakens is set __ years after Episode 6: thirty
The Fourth __ or Power, today "the press": estate
The fourth one was D'Artagnan: musketeer
The Fox and __, 1981 Disney film: the hound
The French __ War, aka Seven Years' War: indian
The French Lieutenant's Woman, Sarah __: woodruff
The Frog __, an 1842 German fairy tale: prince
The front of the body: anterior
The furthest flight routes and destinations: long haul
The game of poker requires this: gambling
The gaming industry is worth __ of dollars: billions
The gentle __ of rain on a rooftop: patter
The genus of peppers: capsicum
The giant squid is one of the largest __: animals
The Girl with the __ Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson: dragon
The Girl with the Dragon __, a book and a movie: tattoo
The Girl with the Dragon __, book by Stieg Larsson: tattoo
The glowing remains of a fire: embers
The golden age was never the __ age: present
The Goonies follow __ Willy's treasure map: one eyed
The Grand __ Hotel, movie with Ralph Fiennes: budapest
The Grass is __, movie with Cary Grant: greener
The grass is like this on the other side: greener
The Great __ make up the center of the US: plains
The Great __, Chaplin's satire of Hitler: dictator
The Great __, Italian movie, 2013 Oscar winner: beauty
The Great American __, 1974 rodeo documentary: cowboy
The Great Mouse __ is an animated mystery film: detective
The great tower or innermost keep of a castle: donjon
The Greek Muse of astronomy: urania
The Greek muse of comedy: thalia
The Greek Muse of music and lyric poetry: euterpe
The Greek Muse of tragedy: melpomene
The guard hairs of an animal's fur: top coat
The Guns of __, Peck part of Allied commando team: navarone
The head of a company, chairman: president
The Headless Horseman's victim, __ Crane: ichabod
The heel was his only weak spot: achilles
The highest German military honor: iron cross
The highest peak in the Americas: aconcagua
The highest point of a mountain: summit
The highest-ranking authority: supreme
The Hill F1 champion in the sixties: graham
The Hindu class system divides people into __: castes
The horse Alydar lost to 7 out of 10 times: affirmed
The Howards of __, US film with Cary Grant: virginia
The Hubble is one in space: telescope
The Human __, Rooney as telegram boy: comedy
The human body's filters: kidneys
The iconic muppet, __ the Frog: kermit
The Incredibles is an animated __ Disney film: superhero
The inside of a building: interior
The inverse of multiplication: division
The jazz-age flapper cartoon character: betty boop
The Jeep __ is a well known SUV model: wrangler
The kind of power that corrupts totally: absolute
The kind of stone that gathers no moss: rolling
The kind of wheel that gets the grease: squeaky
The King of Crete commanded the building of the __: labyrinth
The King's __, Oscar-winner stuttering film: speech
The King's __, won the Academy Awards in 2011: speech
The King's castle in Memphis: graceland
The king's fool: jester
The kitchen of an aircraft: galley
The Komodo __ is the largest lizard in the world: dragon
The Lady from __, movie with Rita Hayworth: shanghai
The Lady in __ 6: Music Saved My Life, a film: number
The land of the Philistines: philistia
The lark __, V. Williams piece for violin: ascending
The Last __ Show, black and white coming of age film: picture
The Last __, British-Italian epic film about Puyi: emperor
The Last __, movie about a monarch of China: emperor
The last car of a train: caboose
The last name of a yellow animated family from TV: simpson
The Last of the __ by James Fenimore Cooper: mohicans
The Last of the __, a novel and a film: mohicans
The late Natasha Richard son's husband, Liam __: neeson
The leader of a clan or tribe: chieftain
The Legend of __ Hollow, story by Washington Irving: sleepy
The lek is the official currency there since 1926: albania
The letter 'F' in the spelling alphabet: foxtrot
The letter in Nathaniel Hawthorne's work: scarlet
The lightest of all metals: lithium
The line around a specific shape in an art piece: contour
The ling is a long thin fish from the North __: atlantic
The Lion in __, Anthony Hopkins film debut: winter
The Lion King, 1994 __ animated film: disney
The Lion Sleeps __: tonight
The Little __ Boy, Christmas percussion classic: drummer
The Little __ main character: Ariel: mermaid
The Little __, 1948 Tom, Jerry Oscar winner: orphan
The little girl in The Wizard of Oz: dorothy
The Little Mermaid's father: triton
The Loch Ness monster lives in a __ Lake: scottish
The Magic __, animated TV series: school bus
The main constituent of marsh gas: methane
The main event in the US football calendar: super bowl
The main ore of iron: hematite
The main room of a royal palace: great hall
The male organ of a flower, usually with an anther: stamen
The Man Who Skied Down __, documentary: everest
The man who works the circus lights: shanty
The Manx is a __ breed of cat with no tail.: domestic
The map __ does not have scales: puffer
The mapping partner of longitude: latitude
The Mark of Zorro swashbuckler actor, __ Power: tyrone
The mathematical symbol for taking away: minus sign
The matrilineal name of General Franco: bahamonde
The meat of a deer: venison
The Mediterranean __ is good for growing fruits: climate
The middle coat of the eyeball: choroid
The Millennium __ is Han Solo's ship in Star Wars: falcon
The Mona Lisa is a __: painting
The Monkey's Paw is the world's first __: bibliomat
The month in which a new year starts: january
The month with the highest number of letters: september
The More the __, rich man sublets apt in comedy: merrier
the morning breeze: memnon
The most common cuttlefish: broadclub
The most famous Pokemon: pikachu
The most famous wrestler/actor in the world: the rock
The most notable inhabitant of the Sherwood Forest: robin hood
The most popular carrots used to be this color: purple
The most populous borough of New York City: brooklyn
The most venerated saint in Ireland: patrick
The mountain lion: cougar
The movie 20,000 __ Under the Sea is from 1954: leagues
The movie Fantasia is set to pieces of __ music: classical
The N in the international phonetic alphabet: november
The name for the three-banded Italian flag: tricolore
The name of a streetcar: desire
The name of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge: kampuchea
The name of Captain Ahab's whaler: pequod
The name of the 2010 World Cup ball: jabulani
The name of the 2014 World Cup ball: brazuca
The name the Turks gave Constantinople: istanbul
The name Wendy was made up for this story: peter pan
The Nazi air force during WWII: luftwaffe
The New __, NYC's culture magazine: yorker
The Night of the __, Tennessee Williams' play: iguana
The night of this present day: tonight
The norm; average: standard
The official controlling a sports match: referee
The official European Union anthem: ode to joy
The official national sport of Cuba: baseball
The official residence of a sovereign: palace
The Old __ = Virginia's nickname: dominion
The old ones never die, just fade away: soldiers
The oldest one discovered in Pi-Ramesses in Qantir: stable
The oldest tennis tournament in the world: wimbledon
The one the groom relies on to have his back: best man
The one who fights in the sport of wrestling: wrestler
The one who never quits: fighter
The one who occupies abandoned buildings, land: squatter
The one who shouldn't be shot: messenger
The ones who flip and fly in the air for show: acrobats
The ones who hear no good of themselves: listeners
The ones who never win: cheaters
The only continent in all hemispheres: africa
The only land mammal that cannot jump: elephant
The only one of its kind, not typical: unique
The opposite of flat shoes: high heels
The opposite of lights: shadows
The opposite of male: female
The opposite of sister: brother
The opposite of vituperation: acclaim
The order that players are up to bat in baseball: lineup
The origin or coming into being of something: genesis
The original drummer for The Beatles: pete best
The original four-legged swastika: fylfot
The original ultimate fighter: gracie
The outcome of lemons added to water: lemonade
The outermost part of the Earth's atmosphere: exosphere
The pangs you have when you are ravenous: munchies
The part of an insect between head and abdomen: thorax
The passing to the enemy's side: defection
The Pekingese is also known as the __ or the Peke: liondog
The pen is __ than the sword: mightier
The people Jonah refused to preach to: ninevites
The period of time between midnight and noon: morning
The Persistence of __, by Dalí, if you can remember: memory
The Persistence of __, Dali's "melted" work: memory
The person in charge of a gaming table: croupier
The person with the final say in baseball rulings: umpire
The personification of death in Greek mythology: thanatos
The Peruvian camel: alpaca
The Pink __ is one of the funniest cartoons: panther
The place behind the performance area in a play: backstage
The place where celebrities exhibit their gowns: red carpet
The place where one must draw the line: somewhere
The plastic tips on the end of shoelaces: aglets
The pleasing sound of nothing at all: silence
The plucking of strings. Also known as __: pizzicato
The porcelain object Duchamp titled "Fountain": urinal
The power of recalling what has been learned: memory
The powerful sound of a __ taking off into space: rocket
The precipitous front of a tide-water glacier: ice cliff
The preserver and protector in Hinduism: vishnu
The pride of the Yankees, Lou __: gehrig
The Prince of Egypt is a __ animated film: biblical
The process in which energy is emitted as waves: radiant
The process of breaking down food in the body: digestion
The process or period of gathering in crops: harvest
The proof of the __ is in the eating: pudding
The proper place for a crooner to sing: cabaret
The prophet in the lion's den: daniel
The public conveyance in Venice: vaporetto
The quality or state of being greater: majority
The queen's daughter: princess
The quiet sound of kittens __ for milk: mewing
The real name of the fashion designer: gabrielle
The rechargeable lead-acid __ was invented in 1859: battery
The red one carries oxygen: blood cell
The Return of the __ Son, Rembrandt painting: prodigal
The reversed P "paragraph" symbol: pilcrow
The right to sell a company's services or products: franchise
The Righteous __, 60s hit was later in a movie: brothers
The Road to El __, US drama with Kevin Kline: dorado
The Road__ is known for speed, a cartoon character: runner
The Roman fighter Spartacus: gladiator
The roof of the mouth: palate
The roof of your mouth: palate
The Roosevelt who displayed a teddy bear: theodore
The rustle of __ that have fallen to the ground: leaves
The sad donkey on Winnie the Pooh: eeyore
The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel __: hawthorne
The science of life: biology
The science of remedies or therapeutics; iamatology: aceology
The science of sound, used in music: acoustics
The science of the laws, especially of the mind: nomology
The science or study of the management of funds: finance
The scientific study of snakes: ophiology
The Scottish capital: edinburgh
The Screwtape Letters author: cs lewis
The Second Best Exotic __ Hotel, 2015 movie: marigold
The second officer in charge of flying an aircraft: copilot
The second son of Queen Elizabeth II: andrew
The second-highest ranking of angels: cherubim
The semi arid part of southern Argentina: patagonia
The Serengeti cat is half Bengal, half __ Shorthair: oriental
The shape of a baseball field: diamond
The shape of a fungus before it releases spores: puffball
The shape or outline of the armhole: armscye
The shrill sound a bird makes: whistle
The sixth planet from the Sun: saturn
The smallest continental area in the world: australia
The smallest kind of blood vessel: capillary
The smallest ocean: arctic
The soft __ of birds: chirping
The soft sound of doves: cooing
The son of a sovereign or king: prince
The song of __, dubbed the brother of Marseillaise: departure
The sort of pot that never boils: watched
The sound of h as in hag: aspirate
The sound of nothing: silence
The Spanish painter of Las Meninas: velazquez
The sphincter __ waste from the body: evacuates
The Sphynx is a __ breed of cat: hairless
The spice of life: variety
The Spongebob Movie: __ Out of Water: sponge
The sport or act of fighting with the fists: boxing
The state of being spread out or transmitted: diffusion
The state of having lost the esteem of others: disrepute
The state of mind of a sad person: unhappy
The state or quality of being calm, tranquil: serenity
The state that Bernie Sanders represents: vermont
The steady sound of __ chugging along tracks: trains
The story of somebody's life: biography
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and __: mr hyde
The strongest tendon in the body: achilles
The study of alien spacecraft and similar phenomena: ufology
The study of bones: osteology
The study of meaning: semantics
The study of past events: history
The study of projectiles in flight: ballistic
The study of stars and planets: astronomy
The study of the heavens: uranology
The study of the universe: cosmology
The sun's daily goodbye: sunset
The Supreme __, the Pope: pontiff
The swooshing of long __, swaying in the wind: grasses
The Sword in the Stone is about King __: arthur
The thin end of the wedge is __: dangerous
The Three Caballeros is a Disney __ buddy film: musical
The time from midday to evening: afternoon
The time of greatest successes: heyday
The time when all men will be judged: doomsday
The title given to the daughter of a tsar: tsarevna
The title of one of Madonna's tours: Blond __: ambition
The title of Wilhelm II, German monarch in WWI: kaiser
The Torah is the book of this religion: judaism
The total income produced by a given source: revenue
The town where Batman lives: gotham
The tree Jack climbed in the fairy tale: beanstalk
The twelve primary followers of Jesus: disciples
The type of plant where Homer Simpson works: nuclear
The typification of something: byword
The upper wooden ridge at the side of a ship: gunwhale
The US capital between 1789 and 1790: new york
The USB __ was launched in 1996: interface
The uses of it are sweet: adversity
The Usual __, gave Kevin Spacey an Oscar: suspects
The usual epithet of Mars: red planet
The usual time when someone sleeps: bedtime
The valley where the Dead Sea scrolls were found: qumran
The very essence of something: quiddity
The Virgin __, first film by Sofia Coppola: suicides
The Virgin Queen: elizabeth
The voice to Marge Simpson, Julie __: kavner
The way an empty sack cannot stand: upright
The way birds of a feather flock: together
The way one who gives twice does it: quickly
The way you think or feel about something: attitude
The Wealth of __, Adam Smith book: nations
The Welsh mafia, a portmanteau word: taffia
The whole is __ than the sum of the parts: greater
The whole kit and __: caboodle
The wife of a viceroy: vicereine
The wizard at King Arthur's court: merlin
The woman Romeo claimed to love before Juliet: rosaline
The word for "postures" in yoga: asanas
The word for 18 in German: achtzehn
The word nice comes from a Latin word meaning this: ignorant
The workforce, or the HR department: personnel
The World's __ Athlete, a 1973 Disney Tarzan movie: greatest
The world's constructed auxiliary language: esperanto
The world's largest non-polar desert: sahara
The Wrath __, second original Star Trek movie: of khan
The Yeti supposedly lives in the __ region of Nepal: himalayan
The Young __, 2009 film about the English queen: victoria
The youngest child in The Simpsons: maggie
Theater lighting, center of attention: spotlight
Theatre of war in WWI, now called Thessaloniki: salonika
Theatrical code to warn of fire: mr sands
Theft, stealing: larceny
Theodor Kober helped to design it in the 1890s: zeppelin
Theodore Dreiser novel, An American __: tragedy
Theological school for clergymen: seminary
Theory of Evolution: darwin
Theory supported by the idea of natural selection: evolution
Therapeutic manipulation of muscles for pain: massage
There are 1 __ ants for every human: million
There are 17-20 species of these flightless birds: penguins
There are two sides to every __: question
There is no artistry or ideals in this statement: pragmatic
There is no garden __ its weeds: without
There is no place __: like home
There were ten before Hebrews fled Egypt: plagues
There's calm in its eye: hurricane
Thermodynamic variables as temperature: entropy
Thermonuclear __ was first tested in 1952: weapon
These "French" dogs are actually from Germany: poodles
These are raced in Nova Scotia's bizarre regatta: pumpkins
These blood vessels carry blood away from heart: arteries
These body parts make movement possible: joints
These chips are found in classic American cookie: chocolate
These don't ever make one right: two wrongs
These e-currency transactions cannot be reversed: bitcoin
These funds invest in "dead" companies: vulture
These glands produce a baby's first meal: mammary
These hold the wheels on your car: lugnuts
These kind of hours fly fast: pleasant
These lines will never cross: parallel
These numbers were created in China during 2nd C: negative
These people have an annual convention in Ireland: redhead
These people stayed at the YMCA: village
These seeds are used on hamburger buns: sesame
These Stars play on ice in this Texas city: dallas
These type of novels are full of pictures: graphic
They also built pyramids: aztecs
They appear when one is clenching a fist: knuckles
They are all for monarchic rule: royalists
They are always right: customers
They are informally called ice: diamonds
They are out there: aliens
They are prescribed: medicines
They are the devil's tools: idle hands
They are usually married to kings: queens
They attach your feet to the saddle: stirrups
They believe in full-immersion baptisms: baptists
They build tunnels underwater: sandhogs
They can go longer than camels without water: giraffes
They can speak Basque and Catalan besides Spanish: spaniards
They could be called "the opposite of sisters": brothers
They do not make the man: clothes
They don't bite when they find search results: spiders
They eat just about anything: omnivores
They explore the underground: cavers
They fly the bird: pilots
They harvest the ocean: fishermen
They help neurons talk to each other in the body: synapses
They like inflicting pain: sadists
They live beyond The Wall: wildlings
They live where the pyramids were built: egyptians
They look like snakes with feet: lizards
They make drawings come to life: animators
They make socks or stockings posher: clocks
They make up half the casualties of war: civilians
They mark the outer boundaries of a football field: sidelines
They obstruct progress; hurdles: obstacles
They often come with thunders and lightning: storms
They play the shawm: oboists
They play the snare: drummers
They power your devices: batteries
They protect and keep the hands warm: gloves
They reigned in France from 1328 to 1589: valois
They say he played possessed by the devil: paganini
They say it never sleeps: new york
They say the best are grown in Florida: oranges
They show guests to their seats at a wedding: ushers
They speak louder than words: actions
They used to infest the Caribbean Seas: pirates
They were first put in 1973 Chevy models: air bags
They will happen: accidents
Thick as __: thieves
Thick dairy product obtained by fermentation: sour cream
Thick piece of material used in handling hot pans: pot holder
Thick sideburns: mutton
Thick tissues that link muscles to bones: sinews
Thickening the liquid of a soup by boiling: reduce
Thigh supported hi-tech device: laptop
Thin cord or thread used for tying, binding: string
Thin dough used in Middle Eastern pastries: phyllo
Thin fruit dessert topping from Eastern Europe: slatko
Thin growth from the base of blades of grass: ligule
Thin layer, like wood on a coffee table: veneer
Thin membrane, singers "loudspeaker": diaphragm
Thin metal cord carrying electricity: live wire
Thin passage of water; anagram of "artist": strait
Thin, brief and short, describes saucy clothing: skimpy
Thin, crisp crackers: wafers
Thin, hard outer layer of a breakfast food: eggshell
Thin-bodied animal kept as pet; weasel's cousin: ferret
Thing or event that is symbolic of a group: iconic
Think about something/chew the cud like a cow: ruminate
Thinking about something way too much: obsessive
Thinking something specific will happen, anticipate: expect
Third book of Torah: leviticus
Third largest ocean, "the mine of gems": indian
Third-place metal found in ancient Mesopotamia: bronze
Thirstquencher of a Caribbean party sharing drink: rum punch
This 80's band doesn't kill anyone: poison
This __ actor, Jonah Hill: is the end
This agreement can be written or oral: contract
This angel can make your business dream come true: investor
This animal does not have a brain: starfish
This animal's foot will bring you good luck: rabbit
This aspect of your blood rises and falls: pressure
This athlete is not an aerialist or trapezist: acrobat
This band's lead singer married Gwyneth Paltrow: coldplay
This battle crushed the Incan empire: cajamarca
This battle marked end of Bonaparte's rule: waterloo
This Beatle imagined a hypothetical world: lennon
This Beatles' wife was stolen by Eric Clapton: harrison
This bell of the ball, Pan's pixie dust friend: tinker
This belt moves luggage at an airport: conveyor
This big red dog is friendly and loyal: clifford
This bird can run faster than a horse: ostrich
This browser's logo is a panda, not a fox: firefox
This bush in Saskatchewan has scientists baffled: crooked
This butter substitute can't be yellow in Missouri: margarine
This chair helps you stand up: lift chair
This city joins Dallas in local airport name: fort worth
This city, not Rio, is Brazil's capital: brasilia
This city, not Toronto, is Canada's capital: ottawa
This computer key allows you to erase mistakes: delete
This computer key gives you room to breathe: spacebar
This container has been spiked in many movies: punch bowl
This country disputes Kosovo with Albania: serbia
This country goes first in Summer Olympics parade: greece
This country's capital is Kuala Lumpur: malaysia
This country's flag is the oldest in the world: denmark
This Croydon singer's real name is Michael Omari: stormzy
This device joins two pieces of metal together: crimp tool
This dramatic play is for reading, not acting: closet
This drink follows shot of hard liquor: chaser
This entity sells directly to consumers: retailer
This famous basketball player stars in Space Jam: jordan
This fast bird simply said "beep, beep," Road __: runner
This fish is used to make imitation crab meat: pollock
This flat state is known as the Jayhawk state: kansas
This folk dance can get pretty loud: clogging
This force is deadly: lethal
This fork is used to consume seafood: cocktail
This game has elements of baseball and soccer: kickball
This game is known as checkers in the US: draughts
This game machine comes with flippers, metal ball: pinball
This genre rarely presents real facts: fiction
This George B. Shaw's play inspired My Fair Lady: pygmalion
This green vegetable is 96% water: cucumber
This group of people were interned during WWII: japanese
This gum is more known for helping addicts: nicorette
This high walking is also called funambulism: tightrope
This horizontal line cuts the Earth in half: equator
This iconic festival was revived in 1999: woodstock
This insect's bite can lead to sleeping sickness: tsetse
This iron ore has been used for thousands of years: limonite
This is popped off to enjoy a soft drink: bottle cap
This island state suffers from high prices: hawaii
This Kid worked as a ranch hand in Alberta: sundance
This kind of airy candy comes from spinning sugar: cotton
This kind of dance may include tango and waltz: ballroom
This kind of disease requires remedies alike: desperate
This kind of mind is a perpetual feast: contented
This laughing candy will satisfy your hunger: snickers
This machine tears up confidential papers: shredder
This martial art uses clinch, knees and elbows: muay thai
This medicine will at least make you feel good: placebo
This noble gas keeps balloons afloat: helium
This nocturnal carnivore wears a black mask: raccoon
This paddle sport can be also called crew: rowing
This pasta means "little tongues" in Italian: linguine
This person can't drop balls, swords or flames: juggler
This person dies for his/her beliefs: martyr
This person has the final say at a newspaper: editor
This person plans and builds using math and physics: engineer
This person rings you up at a store: cashier
This piece can move diagonally in chess: bishop
This poisonous plant killed prisoners in old times: hemlock
This president created the Thanksgiving holiday: lincoln
This president's birthday is a holiday: lincoln
This profession doesn't allow anyone over six feet: astronaut
This profession requires a steady hand: surgeon
This professional keeps an office running secretary
This pursuit means no more privacy: limelight
This rock monarch sang about a Blue Christmas: presley
This saint is celebrated every February in the US: valentine
This Saturn moon has a retrograde orbit: phoebe
This scientist created three rules about motion: newton
This Secretary promotes US businesses: commerce
This shark has a large black spot above front fins: epaulette
This snack cheese comes covered in a red wax: babybel
This southern state has an official Coke Day: georgia
This spoon removes the inside of the bone: marrow
This sport can be synchronized: swimming
This sport combines basketball and soccer: handball
This star has guided ships for centuries: northern
This starts a soccer or football game: kick off
This state has an occidental brother: virginia
This state is known as the "Corporate Capital": delaware
This study takes closer look at bird eggs: oology
This team plays in "Hockeytown" USA: red wings
This traveler called Gulliver has a first name: lemuel
This trumpeter imagined a wonderful world: armstrong
This type of dragon is actually a giant lizard: komodo
This type of egg is boiled inside sausage meat: scotch
This type of hair can be a follicle annoyance: facial
This vegetable makes urine smelly: asparagus
This word contains a y but no vowels: rhythm
This word sounds like Caesar's: scissors
Thistle-like vegetable with leaves and a heart: artichoke
Thomas __, author of Le Morte d'Arthur: malory
Thomas __, wrote The Witch of Edmonton: dekker
Thor __, Norwegian explorer and anthropologist: heyerdahl
Thor's weapon of choice: hammer
Thoroughly washed hands, face, body: abluted
Those born in the __, are among the privileged: purple
Those who enter to conquest or plunder: invaders
Those who illegally follow or harass others: stalkers
Those who watch a show or play: audience
Thou shalt not bear false __ against thy neighbor: witness
Thought expressed with symbolic fictional figures: allegory
Three __, Picasso's distorted orchestra piece: musicians
Three boneheads, slapstick legends: stooges
Three children born at the same time: triplets
Three consecutive strikes in bowling: turkey
Three cowboys of this brand died of lung cancer: marlboro
Three is a crowd, two is __: company
Three main colors: red, blue and yellow: primary
Three Mile __, partial nuclear meltdown in 1970s: island
Three plus ten plus one: fourteen
Three sides, three angles, acute and obtuse: triangle
Three-__ toads are good luck in Asian cultures: legged
Three-dimensional laser images: holograms
Three-dimensional picture made by lasers: hologram
Three-sided shape, musical instrument: triangle
Three-wheeled motorized rickshaw-type vehicle: tuk tuk
Thriller about a war veteran on a killing spree: targets
Throat lymphoid tissues often surgically removed: tonsils
Thrombocytes, they help stop bleeding: platelet
Throwing a coin in this place brings good luck: fountain
Thunder and __: lightning
Tibetan Buddhist Tenzin Gyatso is the 14th __: dalai lama
Ticket valid for multiple journeys over a period: season
Tie that doesn't need to be tied: clip on
Tiger Sharks are large and have dark __: stripes
Tiger Woods' real first name: eldrick
Tight female lingerie piece: corset
Tight or mean with money: stingy
Tight-fitting stretch pants: leggings
Tight-fitting; close to the body: clingy
Tight-lipped, disinclined to talk: taciturn
Tightrope walking at greater height, over 20 feet: highwire
Tim __ directed Alice In Wonderland in 2010: burton
Tim __, Left Behind author: lahaye
Tim Burton directed Pee-wee's Big __: adventure
Tim Burton's film about a gifted storyteller: big fish
Time __: placing items to dig up in the future: capsule
Time between flights before final destination: layover
Time following the middle of the day: afternoon
Time frame after the Post-classical history period: modern
Time of enlistment in any military branch: service
Time spent outdoors on a blanket with food: picnic
Time that a project has to be finished by: deadline
Time when all the troubles seemed so far away: yesterday
Time when someone is a child; usually a memory: childhood
Time you are supposed to come home: curfew
Times __, standard font: new roman
Times __, US popular intersection: square
Times __, was default typeface of Microsoft Word: new roman
Timetables, programs, dockets, schedules: agendas
Timmy __ has fairy godparents: turner
Timmy Turner loves __ Tang, who doesn't like him: trixie
Timon & __, Disney animated TV show: pumbaa
Timon's species that stand on two legs: meerkat
Timothy Olyphant plays __ Givens in Justified: raylan
Tina Fey started on __ Night Live: saturday
ting it's leaving port: bluepeter
Tiny bits of chocolate to sprinkle over ice-cream: jimmies
Tiny breed of dog named after a big Mexican State: chihuahua
Tiny fish used by fishermen as bait: minnow
Tiny glass balls for rolling or collecting: marbles
Tiny legume; Christmas dish in some cultures: lentils
Tiny marine crustacean with six pairs of limbs: copepod
Tiny marine organism, SpongeBob's nemesis: plankton
Tiny nation on the island of Borneo: brunei
Tiny nutty seeds used to make tahini sauce: sesame
Tiny organisms first observed by van Leeuwenhoek: bacteria
Tiny pieces of bread, for crispy grilled toppings: crumbs
Tiny sacs of air in the lungs: alveoli
Tiny, colorful, poisonous frog found in tropics: dart frog
Tiny, imaginary creatures: fairies
tion company: reuters
tion in pill form; usually oblong: capsule
tion that kills a virus in the body: antiviral
tion that you are disqualified: black flag
Tires for emergencies: spares
Tissue damage caused by extreme cold: frostbite
Tissue or organ transplant, medical term: allograft
Tissue that is present in joints, rib cage, ears: cartilage
Tissues connecting bones to other bones: ligaments
Titanfall is the first FPS by __ and EA: respawn
Titanic is a romance __ film from 1997: disaster
Titanic sister ships: Brittanic and __: olympic
Titanic's male star: di caprio
Title character of a controversial book by Nabokov: lolita
Title character of Cervantes' epic Spanish tale: quixote
Title given to the prime minister of Ireland: taoiseach
Title of Ancient Egyptian ruler: pharaoh
Title of ancient Indian emperor: samraat
Title of nobility, female: baroness
To __ go where no man has gone before (Star Trek): boldly
To abduct: kidnap
To accumulate, collect, amass: garner
To acknowledge opponent's victory beforehand: concede
To act out a play, entertain people: perform
To actively not notice someone or something: ignore
To adorn: furnish
To agree: consent
To aim for a goal, ambition: aspire
To allocate tasks, lessons, homework: assign
To anger or upset someone with words or actions: offend
To apply oil to, usually in a rite: anoint
To ask for something: request
To attack with explosives, repeatedly: bombard
To attempt to counterbalance carbon footprint: offset
To avenge, usually by retaliating: revenge
To back up: reverse
To be able to do something without a problem: afford
To be cautious when doing something: careful
To be courageous, valiant, not scared: bravery
To be drained of strength or energy: exhausted
To be extremely angry: enraged
To be filled with amazement; awe, admiration: wonder
To be filled with satisfaction about something: pleased
To be given a prize: awarded
To be irritated due to indigestion: dyspeptic
To be made publicly known: transpire
To be no help whatsoever: hinder
To be turned or cast back, mirror: reflect
To be without employment: jobless
To become joined: connected
To become something or someone else: transform
To become visible, come into sight: appear
To begin a journey or quest: embark
To betray one's country, Benedict Arnold: treason
To board a plane or ship for a journey: embark
To break up, dissolve, disperse: disband
To breakout, bunk, flight: escape
To breathe with difficulty, rhymes with "cheese": wheeze
To bring down to a smaller size, number, etc: reduce
To bring into existence or to produce: generate
To bring together, attach: connect
To build: construct
To capture's someone attention; to involve: engage
To catch, seize, arrest: apprehend tiger shark
to cause to stop sleeping: arouse
To check; fix the measurement of a tool: calibrate
To choose something or someone over others: select
To clap and cheer after a performance: applaud
To clap hands in approval: applaud
To clean your throat with mouthwash: gargle
To clumsily feel for something: fumble
To coerce, make, obligate: pressure
To come down from a higher place: descend
To communicate, as information or news: transmit
To complain: kvetch
To confirm, ratify or state positively: affirm
To connect two things together for use: adjoin
To connect, to see eye-to-eye: relate
To consider something unworthy; despise, contempt: disdain
To construct a lie: fabricate
To contemplate or think carefully about something: reflect
To cook just below boiling point: simmer
To cook the fat out of something: render
To count or work out mathematical problems: calculate
To cut down expenses: retrench
To cut or separate tissues for study: dissect
To cut, tear; to hurt: lacerate
To decipher, crack, decrypt: decode
To decorate: ornate
To delay temporarily: put off
To demand something firmly: insist
To depreciate: lose value
To destroy or deface something: vandalize
To detail carefully: elaborate
To determine an outcome, choose one thing: decide
To develop gradually and over time, change: evolve
To deviate from normal path, go another way: diverge
To die = to __ one's last: breathe
To die from being unable to breathe: suffocate
To disassociate yourself from someone or something: disown
To disparage someone: put down
To distribute, arrange in groups: assort
To distribute, arrange in groups: assort
To ditch circus posters instead of putting them up: charley
To divide foods, set aside for later: separate
To do dangerous movements in surfing or skiing: hot dog
To do or say something shocking: raise __: eyebrows
To draft for a military service: conscript
To draw in by appealing to the senses, emotions: attract
To drive backwards: reverse
To dwindle: decrease
To eat a lot in short period of time: pig out
To elongate: stretch
To empower, authorize, permit someone to act: enable
To enclose something within set boundaries: confine
To endure something like a surgery: undergo
To enfeeble is to make feeble or __: weaken
To engage in combat with lances on horseback: jousting
To engrave drawings on animal bones: scrimshaw
To enter a horse in a race: nominate
To exaggerate, to take excessive action: overdo
To explode something, such as dynamite: detonate
To express your opinion about something: critique
To extract or emit under pressure: squeeze
To fall forward, tumble down, top heavy: topple
To fall off a ship: overboard
To feel embarrassed about something: ashamed
To feel fear, be scared of, apprehensive: afraid
To feel great worry or tension over something: stressed
To feel that all faith is gone: hopeless
To fiddle or interfere with something: tamper
To fight by grappling and holding an opponent: wrestling
To fill a spot: occupy
To fill with love; to __ someone: enamor
To finally find a wanted person: capture
To find your way somewhere: navigate
To finish something successfully, to accomplish: achieve
To fix foods to be eaten: prepare
To flog a dead horse is __: useless
To force someone to do something: oblige
To force someone to follow a law, rule, etc: enforce
To gain possession of something: obtain
To gain possession of, gain through effort: obtain
To get another company to do part of the work: outsource
To get away from, out of a restraint: escape
To get something with effort: obtain
To get troops together for battle, inspection, etc: muster
To give approval to do something: consent
To give in: surrender
To give power over to an authority figure: submit
To give someone a job, to have them work for you: employ
To give up in a battle: surrender
To go on a trip on a boat: voyage
To go onto the beach or land from a ship: ashore
To go somewhere without worrying about the risks: venture
To go to an event, lecture, school: attend
To gulp and ingest food or drink: swallow
To haul a criminal under the bottom of a ship: keelhaul
To have an opposite reaction than expected: backfire
To have confidence in someone: believe
To have confidence in the truth: believe
To have faith in someone or something: believe
To have female cats reproductive system removed: spayed
To have last minute nerves before getting married: cold feet
To have power over: control
To hear more than you want to hear: get an __: earful
To hear no lies, you shouldn't ask them: questions kitesurfing
To hear what someone is saying closely attend: listen
To help, give support, aid: assist
To illegally carry away a person, kidnap: abduct
To impact a stationary object; not a collision: allide
To improve or change form or condition: reform
To improve the appearance of an area of land: landscape
To Increase prices abruptly: jack up
To increase the ticket price: mark up
To inform; cause to know: acquaint
To injure by overuse, misuse or excessive pressure: strain
To interrupt the quiet, rest, peace, or order of: disturb
To join or fasten one thing to another: attach
To jut out: overhang
To keep going: continue
To keep your teeth from getting damaged: protect
To launch a book: publish
To lead an uninteresting life: vegout
To leave a hotel at the end of your stay: check out
To leave someone and never return: abandon
To leave something out: exclude
To listen to conversations without being noticed: eavesdrop
To live in a new country for permanent residence: immigrate
To long, want, crave: desire
To look at something with pleasure, approval: admire
To lose body liquid: dehydrate
To lose water or body liquids: dehydrate
To make a contribution; to bestow: donate
To make a record of, systematic collecting: codify
To make amends and fix: put right
To make bigger, grander, expand: enlarge
To make designs in metal or glass by using acid: etching
To make free from blame or guilt or consequence: absolve
To make louder, larger, stronger, bigger: amplify
To make marks by cutting, carving or engraving: incise
To make or create a fabric with a hooked needle: crochet
To make possible; to provide means or tools: enable
To make someone feel self-conscious: embarrass
To make something firm: harden
To make something pretty: beautify
To make something unusable, not work correctly: disable
To make unclear or confusing; darken: obfuscate
To misappropriate funds: embezzle
To mix two things together: combine
To motivate someone to do something: inspire
To move forward: advance
To move upward, climb to a higher point: ascend
To neglect or pay no attention to: ignore
To observe a holiday or special occasion: celebrate
To obtain: acquire
To outline, trace, delineate, silhouette: define
To pamper: cosset
To pay no attention to: ignore
To penetrate or enter unexpectedly or violently: plunge
To perform an operation on a patient: surgery
To perform mathematical computations: crunch
To persuade someone of something: convince
To physically make something, art, music: create
To pierce the body with a sharp stake or item: impale
To place furniture in: furnish
To plan something artistically and skillfully: design
To practice a performance: rehearse
To praise or idolize: worship
To prepare food so as to avoid decomposition: preserve
To prepare for sleep: kip down
To preserve corpses: embalm
To pretend to be sick to avoid doing work: malinger
To prorogue, recess, suspend: adjourn
To provide money for something or someone: finance
To provoke, start a reaction: fire up
To put a breathing tube in a patient: intubate
To put an end to: abolish
To put information into a code, to encipher: encrypt
To put meat in a sauce for a period of time: marinate
To put money into something for a profit: invest
To raise money through a variety of sources: crowdfund
To reach your destination; to finally happen: arrive
To read superficially: browse
To receive money when someone dies: inherit
To record events as they evolve: chronicle
To reduce a number of employees in a company: downsize
To refine, render noble: sublimate
To release air from your lungs: exhale
To remain local rather than holidaying abroad: staycate
To remember, recollect; bring out of memory: recall
To remove a program or file from a computer: delete
To renovate, freshen up: refurbish
To repeat words from memory; related to poetry: recite
To reproach, berate: upbraid
To rest inactive during summer: estivate
To restart a computer: reboot
To restore to good condition after damage: repair
To rise against constituted authority: revolt
To rise from the dead: resurrect
To rise in rank, to make progress: advance
To rise out of water, come into view: emerge
To run a ship onto the beach or on land: aground
To run away: escape
To save something from danger, fire, water: salvage
To scribble aimlessly: doodle
To scribble or draw with no purpose on notebook: doodle
To secure with a hammer: nail down
To see or create something in a person's mind: imagine
To sell too many tickets for a flight: overbook
To set a ship afloat; to release a rocket: launch
To set or give a value to something: appraise
To set up something; to determine rules: establish
To set upon or work against forcefully: attacks
To sew a design on a piece of cloth: embroider
To share a ride: carpool
To ship commodities to another country: export
To shock, astonish: astound
To smoke like a chimney; to swear like a __: trooper
To smudge, kiss or smear: smooch
To soak up liquid, sponge or towel: absorb
To spend lavishly: squander
To stab something: impale
To stagger, wobble; to sway: totter
To stay away from others without having any contact: isolate
To stop plans you've made with friends: cancel
To strike with a sudden feeling, usually good: surprise
To struggle in opposition of something, someone: contend
To substitute an offensive word by a pleasant one: euphemize
To suck the air and dirt from carpets or rugs: vacuum
To suffer serious pain, anguish, torture: agonize
To take errors into account on a reading: calibrate
To take money out of the bank: withdraw
To take possession of money fraudulently: embezzle
To talk nonsense like a face cloth: flannel
To teach or train someone, provide schooling: educate
To tell customs you are traveling with something: declare
To tell wrongdoings you've done: confess
To turn a boat over in the water: capsize
To turn a liquid into a substance resembling jelly: congeal
To turn into bone, to petrify: ossify
To turn something upside down: invert
To underline, emphasize, remark: highlight
To understand the meaning of something: interpret
To untie the mooring lines of a boat: cast off
To use heat to seal a wound or destroy diseases: cauterize
To violently burst, fly into pieces, break up: explode
To voluntarily sign up for military service: enlist
To walk or strut with defiant air: swagger
To watch closely, pay attention: observe
To win in a battle, complete __ of the enemy: defeat
To withdraw from an organization; political: secede
To work the land to grow crops: cultivate
To work together, cooperate: play ball
Toadlike animal's legs are eaten in some cultures: bullfrog
Toadying, fawning: truckling
Tobacco ash left in the pipe after smoking: dottle
Tokay geckos are one of the __ geckos: largest
Tokyo "Inspire the next" electronics firm: hitachi
Tolerated, suffered, felt: endured
Tom __, 3x national title coach at Nebraska: osborne
Tom __, Rage guitarist, Harvard graduate: morello
Tom Clancy's __ Six Siege released Dec 2015: rainbow
Tom Hanks war movie, Saving __ Ryan: private
Tomaso __, Vivaldi contemporary, Italian composer: albinoni
Tomato was once called this: love apple
Tomb of the __ Soldier: unknown
Tomb-__ Day, a national holiday in China: sweeping
Tommy __, Pesci's character in Goodfellas: devito
Tommy __, Will Smith's Men In Black co-star: lee jones
Tommy and __, crime solvers till death do them part: tuppence
Tonitrophobia is the fear of __ storms: thunder
Tony Hawk's Pro __ 5 released Dec 2015: skater
Too eager to offer advice not asked for: officious
Took paint or wallpaper off walls: stripped
Took power by force: usurped
Took someone's possessions dishonestly: robbed
Tool with pointed end used for writing/engraving: stylus
Tool with two jaws for gripping, pulling: pincer
Tooth __ is used to make your smile shine: whitener
Tooth __ makes up the visible part of a tooth: enamel
Top 40 Casey Kasem voiced this Scooby Doo pal: shaggy
Top __, collectible cards: trumps
Top award given by the music industry: grammy
Top NFL squad known for being tough as metal: steelers
Top of ship's mast; title of newspaper: masthead
Top part of a seat, behind the head: headrest
Top part of the skull that protects the brain: cranium
Topeka-based famous discount shoe line: payless
tor in labs: phenol
Torch with extremely flammable gas: butane
torn by an inner conflict: agonist
Toronto __ play at the Air Canada Centre: raptors
Tortilla folded around a filling: burrito
Total __, Schwarzenegger virtual vacation flick: recall
Total lack of vision: blindness
Totalitarian movement started in Italy during WWI: fascism
Toto's 1983 number one hit about a continent: africa
Tough choice between two: toss up
Tough decision between equally unfavourable choices: dilemma
Tough flexible tissue found in parts of the body: cartilage
Tough lawless person, bully, roughneck: ruffian
Tough__; dolly bird, cutie; small sweet cake: cookie
Toulouse-Lautrec's favorite venue, __ Rouge: moulin
Towards the back of the ship: astern
Towards the centre: inward
Towelling sports accessory to absorb perspiration: sweat band
Tower built for 1889 World's Fair in Paris: eiffel
Toxic disease from infection, also septicemia: sepsis
Toy brand owns Barbie, Hot Wheels and Matchbox: mattel
Toy car maker: hotwheels
Toy for two kids, one at each end, up and down: seesaw
Toy Story features Woody and Buzz __: lightyear
Toy weapon with a cork down the barrel: pop gun
Toy with little bulbs to create bright designs: lite brite
Toys 'R' Us is a US toy __: retailer
Toys, balloons etc sold in circus stands: novelties
Track from which ships are launched into water: slipway
Tracks that trains run on: railroad
Tractor implement for tillage aka flat lifter: subsoiler
Tractors powered by __ were created in 1849 Iowa: gasoline
Tracy __, appears in books by Jacqueline Wilson: beaker
Tradeable contracts not for now: futures
Traders, storekeepers, business dealers: merchants
Tradesperson who fuses metals using a torch: welder
Trading __, reality TV show about wife swapping: spouses
Traditional Ascot races headgear for men: top hat
Traditional beer mug, common in Germany: beer stein
Traditional candelabra for the holiday of Chanukah: menorah
Traditional children's song of English origin: muffin man
Traditional culture communicated orally: folklore
Traditional Egyptian and Palestinian instrument: arghul
Traditional female Japanese performer: geisha
Traditional Japanese flooring, sitting mat: tatami
Traditional practice, habits, uses: custom
Traditional stringed Chinese instrument: jiaohu
Traditional sushi is wrapped in edible __: seaweed
Traffic that is coming towards you: oncoming
Train __, amateur interest in railroads: spotting
Train of a flamenco dress: ruffles
Trained and licensed doctor: physician
Trait of being obsessed with yourself: egomania
Trans-__ Railway, linking Moscow with Vladivostok: siberian
Transaction arranger, most famous stock __: broker
Transamerica __ stands out in San Francisco skyline: pyramid
Transatlantic air service created by Freddie Laker: skytrain
Transatlantic ocean liner between 1936 and 1967: queen mary persimmon
Transfer something to your computer: download
Transfer to one's computer: download
Transform something into another form: change
Transformers' star, married to Fergie, Josh __: duhamel
Transformers: Dark of the Moon directed by __ Bay: michael
Transition metal, used in electric guitar strings: nickel
Transmission that you manually shift: standard
Transparent eye part that protects iris and pupil: cornea
Transparent lemon and lime carbonated drink: sprite
Transparent plastic for wrapping food: cling film
Transparent quartz: crystal
Transparent tape with multiple uses: scotch
Transvaal president, Boer leader against Britain: kruger
Trashed, anagram of inured: ruined
Travel book that is technically government property: passport
Traveler who chronicled the Mongolian rule in China: marco polo
Traveler: passenger
Traveling in a boat with the aid of the wind: sailing
Travellers belongings: luggage
Travelling for pleasure: tourism
Treasure-carrying engine buried in Polish tunnel: gold train
Treated honestly, impartially: fairly
Treated or spoken to insolently: insulted
Treaty of __ sought WWI peace with the Ottomans: sevres
Trebek-led question game show: jeopardy
Tree faller: logger
Tree of __, found in the Garden of Eden: knowledge
Tree or insect that came in a plague: locust
Tree that worried the Little Prince: baobab
Tree whose name means "fig-mulberry" in Greek: sycamore
Trekkies are people who love __: star trek
Trendy Japanese lima bean look-alike veggie: edamame
Trent __, US singer and songwriter: reznor
Trial period to assess fitness or readiness: probation
Tribe banished in Trail of Tears: cherokee
Trick-taking card game: pinochle
Trickster spider from African folklore: anansi
Trifling, unimportant: footling
Trimming of strands on your head: haircut
Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of __: thirteen
Trojan princess not trusted for her prophecies: cassandra
Trolls are Norse monsters who live in the __: mountains
Trophies given at the Academy Awards: oscars
Tropical black bird with large beak: toucan
Tropical breeze that blows towards the Equator: trade wind
Tropical cyclone given alphabetical names: hurricane
Tropical fish with dragon-like fins and eyes: dragonet
Tropical fish with sharp teeth: piranha
Tropical fruit with a crown: pineapple
Tropical fruit, orange flesh, tiny black seeds ß
Tropical fruits with pink flesh and green outer: guavas
Tropical fruits with white flesh and hard shell: coconuts
Tropical mosquito-borne disease; deadly: malaria
Tropical perch-like ocean creature: driftfish
Tropical plant used in conservatory furniture: rattan
Tropical tree with tall trunk and large leaves: palmtree
Tropical tree; its fruit can reach 80 lbNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN jackfruit >
Tropical viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes: dengue
Tropical yellow fruit with black seeds in center: papaya
Trouser suspenders, once: galluses
Trousers barely reaching below the knees: breeches
Troy __, quarterback, played alongside Irvin, Smith: aikman
True Colors singer, Cyndi __: lauper
True heir of the iron throne in Game of Thrones: daenerys
Truman __, US writer of Cold Blood: capote
Truth in Latin: veritas
Truth is __ than fiction: stranger
Try again if at first you don't __: succeed
Try not to overload the donkey, he might kick!: buckaroo
Tsunami, seismic sea movement following earthquake: tidal wave
Tube connecting lungs to throat, trachea: windpipe
Tube that connects the throat and stomach: esophagus
Tube that moves the urine from kidney to bladder: ureter
Tube used to breathe underwater: snorkel
Tube used to swallow food: esophagus
Tube-nosed seabirds with stiff wings: fulmar
Tubes that connect ovaries to uterus: fallopian
Tubular wind __ sing when the wind blows: chimes
Tubular, foam piece used in pools and lakes: noodle
Tulsa Golden __ play at Skelly Field: hurricane
Tumor of the nerve tissue: neuroma
Tune: melody
Tuneful: melodious
Turin-based soccer club meaning "youth": juventus
Turkish porridge for the Muharram: ashure
Turkish tax system of enrollment of Christian boys: devshirme
Turn a murky liquid clear by straining items out: clarify
Turn and cough to check for organ exiting: hernia
Turn signals, informally: blinkers
Turned to stone: petrified
Turned toward someone, face to face: facing
Turning a ship on its side: careening beekeeper
Turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, etc.: reptiles
Tuxedos and gowns are __ wear: formal
TV clown on The Simpsons: krusty
TV drama about gladiators in Ancient Rome: spartacus
TV drama about life of plastic surgeons: nip tuck
TV mogul: CNN, TBS, TNT and more: ted turner
TV movie for kids, How the __ Stole Christmas: grinch
TV sensation, mother of eight children: octomom
TV series about best selling author and detective: castle
TV series about the routine of a paper company: the office
TV series about the world's most famous vampire: dracula
TV show about a cartoon aardvark: arthur
TV show about a family in Renaissance Italy: borgias
TV show about a family living in Springfield: simpsons may flowers
TV show about a rebel spy and assassin: nikita
TV show about a remote hotel, __ Junction: petticoat
TV show about misfits in Greendale College: community abduction
TV show about the FBI and terrorists: blacklist restaurants
TV show about the working-class Gallagher family: shameless
TV show centered around the Ewings: dallas
TV show centered in a hip-hop company: empire
TV show on a serial killer who kills counterparts: dexter
TV show on the early life of Arthur's court wizard: merlin
TV show starring the adventurer Bear Grylls: man vs wild
TV sit-down reporter, heaviest thing in a boat: anchor
TV's Batman, Quahog's mayor: adam west
Twelve __, family tree for Jewish people: tribes
Twelve o'clock: midnight
Twenty minus nine plus one: twelve
Twice-baked Italian almond cookies, cantuccini: biscotti
Twisted, baked bread represents people hugging: pretzel
Two __ of Verona, a Shakespeare's comedy: gentlemen
Two audio channels: stereo
Two books of Corinthians are Paul's __: epistles
Two businesses coming together as one: merger
Two homes that share a common wall: duplex
Two lines with rhyming ends; Shakespeare's sonnets: couplets
Two major groups of these people are Shia, Sunni: muslims
Two openings at the bottom of your nose: nostrils
Two or more atoms combined chemically: molecule
Two pieces of bread with a filling: sandwich
Two runners cross the line at the same time: dead heat
Two types of cars: manual and __: automatic
Two-dimensional code developed in Japan: qr code
Two-dimensional geometric shape with seven sides: heptagon
Two-dimensional pattern array using dots: dotmatrix
Two-piece women's swimsuit: bikini
Two-player board game, goal is to capture a flag: stratego
Two-shelled mollusk, found on shoreline rocks: mussel
Two-toed mammals guilty of a deadly sin: sloths
Two-wheeled vehicle attached to a frame: bicycle
Two-word term for vein carrying blood to the heart: vena cava
Tyler Durden is the main character of __: fight club
Type of accordion used in Russian folklore music: livenka
Type of American roots music: bluegrass
Type of ancient weapon, shoots bolts or quarrels: crossbow
Type of antelope in Africa, also a type of car: impala
Type of baseball pitch thrown to spin: curveball
Type of beach tree known for its large leaves: palmtree
Type of being like Bilbo Baggins: hobbit
Type of castles on high ground: citadels
Type of catapult used in the medieval period: mangonel
Type of celebration with music and lights: carnival
Type of chemical that kills mites: acaricide
Type of coding used to create links: hypertext
Type of country dance done in a sequence: line dance
Type of crumpet, pancake in Oceania: pikelet
Type of dark red bean: kidney
Type of dark spice, has strong flavor: pepper
Type of dog breed, known for plush coat, Lassie: collie
Type of felt pen, often permanent: marker
Type of fish known for its long whiskers: catfish
Type of foil that replaced tin foil in 1910: aluminum
Type of food, with filling wrapped in a tortilla: burrito
Type of ginger plant, used as a spice: turmeric
Type of glyph used in computing aka hack, whack: backslash
Type of hero inspired by a Romantic poet: byronic
Type of hockey officials who call icing violations: linesmen
Type of holiday cake made with fruit and nuts: fruitcake
Type of job held by the Two Broke Girls: waitress
Type of legislative body with two branches: bicameral
Type of medicine used to establish cause of death: forensic
Type of movie genre; scary, bloody: horror
Type of music from French Creole Louisiana: zydeco
Type of needle found in the kitchen: trussing
Type of paint mixed with water and egg: tempera
Type of paper with non stick coating for baking: parchment
Type of park with rides and games: amusement
Type of planet that Jupiter and Saturn are: gas giant
Type of plant, also a bright red-purple color: fuchsia
Type of printer cartridge: inkjet
Type of rabbit with long hair, wool: angora
Type of radiation, made the Incredible Hulk: gamma ray
Type of ride in an amusement park using cars: bumpercar
Type of rose has the appearance of a pruned tree: standard
Type of sausage popular in Louisiana: andouille
Type of sky that is all gray: overcast
Type of story read to young children at bedtime: fairytale
Type of surgery performed on lung cancer patients: lobectomy
Type of surgery to remove wrinkles: facelift
Type of swing dance from early 1930s: jitterbug
Type of tree that never loses its leaves: evergreen
Type of volcanic glass: obsidian
Type of wall built by British band, Oasis: wonder
Type of word that gives us time to think: crutch
Type of zoo designed for young children: petting
Types of crustaceans with hard exoskeletons: isopods
Typical bread from Lunigiana region in Italy: sgabeo
Typical Irish food made with sodium bicarbonate: soda bread
Typically a golfer's last club: putter
Typically blue gemstone that is a mineral corundum: sapphire
Typically white herons with cascading feathers: egrets
Typographic recourse to emphasize a word or phrase: underline
Tzadikim __, 36 righteous people: nistarim

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