Friday, April 5, 2013

100 Floors Level 47 Walkthrough

1. In this level you have to arrange the tiles so that you will close the circuit between the grey dot in the middle and the lightning symbol from the bottom left corner.
2. The above picture shows how the tiles must be aligned. You will only need to press 3 times on the tile from the bottom left and the door will open.
3. Touch the arrow and go to the next floor.

100 Floors Level 46 Walkthrough

1. You have to match the symbols on the door with the symbols that are reflected on the ground.
2. The presses you need to do are:
First row:
  • Left: 3 times
  • Middle: 3 times
  • Right: 3 times
Second row:
  • Left: 3 times
  • Middle: 2 times
  • Right: 3 times
Third row:
  • Left: 2 times
  • Middle: 1 time
  • Right: 2 times
3. The door should now be open, and you may proceed to floor 47.

100 Floors Level 45 Walkthrough

1. Having the hammer selected in the inventory, tap on the silver box until in brakes.
2. Pick up the knife that is in the bottom left of the elevator.
3. With the knife selected, cut the rope that holds the balloon. Then tilt the phone to guide the balloon into the red button.
4. You can now advance to floor 45.

100 Floors Level 44 Walkthrough

1. Slide the plant to the left side, and two more hint to solve the level will be revealed.
2. Now adjust the colors on the 4 parts of the door until they match the hints.

1st  = Gray (1G)
2nd = White (2W)
3rd = Black (3B)
4th = White (4W)

3. Proceed to the next level.

100 Floors Level 42 Walkthrough

1. Touch the button in the bottom-left to turn the lights off.
2. Slide the left half door in the left, and the right half in the right.
3. Now slide the top part of the door up, and the bottom part down.
4. Now arrange the shapes as viewed on the previously steps.

Top left = Triangle
Top right = Square
Bottom left = Circle
Bottom right = Diamond
5. Now you can play next the level.

100 Floors Level 39 Walkthrough

1. As the name suggests, you have to light up all the dots with just 4 lines. Start from the top-left corner and draw a diagonal line, all the way to the bottom, that connects 4 dots.

2. Now continue the line all the way to the left-bottom corner, connecting 4 more dots.

3. Now go to the right side, with another diagonal line.

4. Last is line is vertical connecting the two dots that are still unlit.

5. Touch the arrow and proceed to the next floor.

100 Floors Level 38 Walkthrough

1. You have to get the tree needles to be in the green zone at the same time.
The order to press them is

first the BIG TIMER,
second THE SMALL timer,
and third the MIDSIZE TIMER.

You just need to work on the timing. For reference, you should wait about a half of second between presses.

2. The door is now open, and you can play floor 39.

100 Floors Level 37 Walkthrough

1. Slide the barrel in the right side.

2. In the top-left of the level there is a small square tile that can be slided away and reveal a panel.

3. Press the ball in the top-left corner to pick it up.

4. Turn the phone upside down and the last button will be released, and the door opened

5. Touch the green arrow to go to the next level.

100 Floors Level 35 Walkthrough

1. Plug the cord into the socket.

2. Make the number "35" by touching the lines.  Above it shows "36" because as soon you finish writhing "35" the doors instantly opens...

3. Proceed to 35th floor.

100 Floors Level 34 Walkthrough

1. You will have to spell "100 FLOORS" by touching all the letters that compose the sentence.

2. In the above picture only "S" remained to be touched before the door opens.

3. Now you can proceed to floor 35

100 Floors Level 33 Walkthrough

1. You have to touch the right button that represents the color of the shapes that appear on the door. Make 5 correct answers to pass the level.

Cloud = white button      
Banana = yellow button  
Cherry = red button        
Snowflake = white button
Pear = yellow button        
Fire = red button              

2. Next floor awaits you...