Monday, March 23, 2015

Guess The Emoji Answers

Below you will find the answers for all the 120 levels of the game called "Guess the Emoji". Hope you find this list helpful...
Guess The Emoji will entertain you for hours! Our new kid and family friendly game tests your logic and reasoning skills to solve simple (and sometimes hard!) Emoji Puzzles! You'll be presented with a screen displaying some emojis - what is it that these emoticons are describing?! Can you guess them all?
Level 1: Sunglasses, Love Letter, French Kiss, Corn Dog, Watch Dog, Cornbread, Coffee Break, Burger King, Apple TV, Starfish
Level 2: Shellfish, Bookworm, Moonwalk, Fire Truck, Fire Alarm, No Smoking, Lady Bug, Toilet Paper, Pizza Box, Angry Birds
Level 3: Rocket Fuel, Spiderman, Family Tree, Carpool, Tennis Shoes, Air Mail, Fortune Cookie, Shrimp Cocktail, Baseball Diamond, Home Run
Level 4: NASA, Easter Egg, Smoke Alarm, Light House, Goodbye Kiss, Cry Baby, Cash Cow, Popcorn, Facebook, Starbucks
Level 5: iPhone, Cowboy, Shooting Star, Pumpkin Pie, Diamonds, Cat Nap, iTunes, Catfish, Flag Ship, Earth Worm
Level 6: Fruit Punch, Happy Feet, French Fries, Graduate, Barber Shop, Rocket Science, Lucky Star, Love Song, Dentist, Chocolate Milk
Level 7: Sunlight, Grand Parents, Silent Night, ET, City Of Angels, TV Anchor, Rain Or Shine, Mute, Fish And Chips, Twelve Monkeys
Level 8: Mad Hatter, Harry Potter, Canadian Bacon, Dog Food, Blood Diamond, Scary Movie, Time Out, Tiger Woods, Thunder Storm, Horsepower
Level 9: Pearl Harbor, Gangnam Style, Bathroom, Candy Crush, Heart Attack, Cotton Candy, Milk Chocolate, Ice Cream Truck, Free Willy, Baby Bottle
Level 10: Bee Line, Christmas, Party Animal, Lab Rat, Cat Woman, Blue Moon, Shower Cap, Time Flies, Lance Armstrong, Family Photo
Level 11: New York Times, Early Bird, Michael Jordan, Psycho, Pizza Hut, Puppy Love, Italian Job, Angels And Demons, Baby Shower, Hammer Time
Level 12: Finding Nemo, Pins And Needles, Eye Candy, Nose Bleed, Banana Boat, Ghost Busters, The Pianist, Walking Dead, Plane Crash, 7 Up
Level 13: Love Boat, Bridal Shower, Drama Queen, Birthday Song, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Of Hearts, Paper Cut, Smoking Gun, Doorbell, Cookie Monster
Level 14: Oceans Eleven, Up, Sweat Pants, British Airway, Pen Pals, Finish Line, Snow Man, Turtle Dove, Hotdog, Life Of Pi
Level 15: Beauty Queen, Perfect Storm, Housewife, Cocktail Party, Candy Apple, Hot Air Balloon, Four Seasons, Dances With Wolves, Animal Planet, Piggy Bank
Level 16: Bloody Mary, Eyeliner, NYPD, Botox, Hancock, Bear Grylls, Bed Bugs, Watchmen, Pin Head, Poker Night
Level 17: Teacup Poodle, Bible, Car Accident, Butcher, Bright Idea, Tongue Twist, Fairy Tale, Fisherman, Car Wash, Ringworm
Level 18: Down To Earth, House Wine, Miss Piggy, Canada, Goatee, Vanilla Sky, ATM Pin, Group Chat, Hunger Games, Horseshoe
Level 19: Lethal Weapon, Makeover, Book Bag, Forest Fire, Runaway Bride, Drive In Theater, Rulebook, Sound Of Music, Ninja Turtles, Air Force One
Level 20: What Lies Beneath, Banana Split, Sex And The City, UFO, Mario Brothers, Mr And Mrs Smith, Corn Nuts, Key To My Heart, Benjamin Franklin, Breakfast Club,
Level 21: Father Time, In And Out Burger, Run Out Of Gas, Sweet And Sour Pork, Happy Ending, Happy Meal, Iron Man, Wedding Ring, Recycle Paper, Bombshell
Level 22: Cellular, Sunflower, Lemonade, Good Luck, Rags To Riches, Fight Club, Wedding Crashers, Music To My Ears, Crash, Full Moon
Level 23: Shockwave, Scream, Star Wars, Wheel Of Fortune, Tiramisu, Star Gaze, Letter Head, Ghost Story, Rodents, Secret
Level 24: Snakeskin Boots, Blow Fish, Long Time No See, Skittles, Girls Night Out, Club Med, Playstation, The Jungle Book, Panda Express, Monday
Level 25: Time Travel, Driving Miss Daisy, Hangover, Amour, Vampire, Saved By The Bell, Crocodile Dundee, Kung Fu Panda, Garage, No Pain No Gain
Level 26: backstabber, Radio silence, Cupid, Insomnia, Tour de france, Runny nose, Dog eat dig, Orchestra, Graduation date, Sleeping pills
Level 27: Pinocchio, Sick Leave, cold feet, Bread winner, Puss in boots, Alphabet soup, Wait and see, Triathlon, Bus station, Donut hole
Level 28: Birthday party, London bridge, Columbus, Tiger prawn, Hell no, Notebook, Dessert, Snakes on a plane, Silence of the lambs, Camera shy
Level 29: Tequila sunrise, Appletini, Death stare, Pork chop, Tennis elbow, Hot chick, Movie star, Bank of america, Dancing queen, Pegasus
Level 30: Bad hair day, Dark horse, Bolt, King of the hill, Baggy jeans, Call the shots, Plant vs zombies, Eurostar, Propose, bee movie
Level 31: new york new york, poison mushroom, ice ice baby, love sick, men in black, sixth sense, anteater, dreamworks, wimbledon, license to kill
Level 32: french open, second hand smoke, blood type, ski goggles, high five, Sailor Moon, bikini bottom, hotmail, avatar, punch line
Level 33: midnight in paris, desert storm, zero dark thirty, queen bee, screw up, end game, booze cruise, man vs food, hold your horses, fist bump
Level 34: winnie the pooh, divorce, turbo, eat pray love, midnight snack, tesla, cocktail dress, battleship, milkshake, cloudnine
Level 35: Kimchi, Lacoste, Slow death, Sweet talk, Home sweet home, Jazz music, Honey bunny, Kfc, Christmas carol, Sleeping beauty
Level 36: kiss of death, x files, lucky thirteen, sweet sixteen, uptown girl, holy trinity, keyhole, jackpot, love triangle, frog prince
Level 37: smokey eye, cowbell, bell curve, eiffel tower, man purse, x ray, victory dance, samsung, cuts both ways, holy ghost
Level 38: sake bomb, sin city, happy hour, shoe horn, game of thrones, zero hero, world champion, afternoon tea, youtube, hello kitty
Level 39: Tropical drink, Princess bride, Cat fight, Angel investor, Adam and eve, London eye, Bugs bunny, Space invader, Skyfall, Bank robbery
Level 40: French wine, Macbook air, Apple bees, Fast and furious, Speed, Ted, Around the clock, Underdog, Lady luck, James bond,
Level 41: Soccer Mom, Mouse Hunt, Cutting Costs, Big Apple, Mad Man, Chicken Fried Rice, Toilet Humor, Squid Ink, Mail Order Bride, Gift Exchange
Level 42: One Two Punch, Food Poison, Angel Hair, Watch Out, Reservoir Tracks, Office Drama, Animal Tracks, Guess Jeans, First Kiss, Venom
Level 43: Jamie Oliver, Tooth Fairy, Psychic, Green Thumb, Home Movie, Save The Earth, Toolbox, Crossbow, Spelling Bee, Evil Twins
Level 44: World Bank, Disney, Dunkin Donuts, Doorman, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Hot Tub, Cash Back, Warewolf, Game Boy, American Express
Level 45: Walkman, Car Alarm, Frostbite, Back To Square One, Converse, Struck By Lightning, Blood Drive, Steroid, Potato Head, Fallen Angel
Level 46: Girl Power, Cop Out, Solar System, Family Doctor, Tropic Thunder, Mailbox, Booger, Planet Of The Apes, Elephant Trunk, Abraham Lincoln
Level 47: Flashback, Before Midnight, Evolution, Fox Hole, Dinner Party, Recycle Bag, Scrambled Eggs, Octopussy, Eight Tracks, You Are Toast
Level 48: Fire Fighter, Bee Sting, Seven Up, Before Sunrise, African Elephant, Snow White, Mood Swing, Tsunami, Raging Bull, Chateau
Level 49: Diners Club, Diarrhea, Pixar, Carls Jr, Corn Flakes, Wine Spa, Blood Orange, Plug And Play, French Alps, Sick As A Dog
Level 50: Netflix, Spicy, Planet Hollywood, Black Hawk Down, King Kong, Dark Chocolate, Pie Chart, Boombox, February, Money Talk
Level 51: Thor, Game Over, Her, Catch A Wave, Discman, Pizza Delivery, Mtv, Armchair, Honey Bear, Color Wheel
Level 52: Ski Lift, Head Over Heels, Light Year, Sherlock Holmes, Asahi, Truffle, Bob The Builder, House Cat, Money Bag, Bikini Top
Level 53: Xbox One, Suicide, Busy Bee, Traffic Alert, Downward, Haymaker, Catcher, Seafood, Parma Ham, Keynote
Level 54: Bulldozer, Mermaid, Thunder Buddies, Killer Whale, Titanic, Hot Bath, Family Ties, Free Balling, Strongbow, Hashtag
Level 55: Fast As Cheetah, Driver License, Tower Of Babel, American Football, Vintage Wine, Iron Chef, Call For Help, Samsung Galaxy, Disc Jockey, Space Camp
Level 56: Radio Station, Sleep Walking, Matrix, Water Proof, Hugs And Kisses, Atomic Bomb, Keyring, Drug Money, High Tide, Bell Bottom
Level 57: Postal Service, Root Beer, Lightning fast, Centaur, Sleepy Head, Jackie Chan, Save The Date, First Love, Le Coq Sportif, Morning Coffee
Level 58: Newton, Hit And Run, Dead Sea Scroll, Deviled Eggs, Star Trek, Kopi Luwak, Moses, Thirsty, Lick, Latte
Level 59: Chocholate Ice Cream, Wedding, Bus Stop, Fountain Of Youth, Miss America, Baseball Cap, Predators, Phone Book, Lock Screen, Black Mamba
Level 60: See No Evil, Antarctic, Ski Pants, Outlook, ATM Card, Rockstar, Red Shoe Diary, Paintball, White Wine, Arm Wrestle,
Level 61: Hollywood, Christmas Gift, Candy Man, Film Director, 12 Angry Men, Time In A Bottle, Hundred Years War, Kit Kat, Nose Ring, Rice Cake
Level 62: Pretty Woman, Foul Play, British Pound, Rainbow, Justin Bieber, Flappy Bird, Touchdown, Adele, Star Wrench, Home Sick
Level 63: Hit The Books, Sunday, Cut A Check, Courier, Electric Piano, Lamb Chops, NY Jets, Standing Ovation, Fruit Ninja, Land Down Under
Level 64: Paris Hilton, Top Gun, Cherry Red, Snap Chat, Fax Number, Mother Nature, Fosters, Peace Out, Legally Blonde, Rugby World Cup
Level 65: Diamond Black, Gift Tag, Computer Bag, Apple Computer, Bejeweled, Small Town Girl, Icloud, Halloween Custome, Tapeworm, Turtle Power
Level 66: Captain America, Mission Impossible, Tokyo Tower, Rule Book, Discovery Channel, Costume Party, Beefcake, Home Alone, Fine Dining, Ice Cream Cake
Level 67: The Lone Ranger, Time Is Up, Life and Liberty, Electric Guitar, Chick Flick, Twins, Lucked Out, The Frog Prince, American Dad, Ambulance Chaser
Level 68: Polar Bear, Elephant Man, Super Eight, Bedtime Stories, Rat Race, Linkin Park, Jet Lag, Harold and Kumar, The Smurfs, City Lights
Level 69: Powerpuff Girls, Bad Luck, Tears Of Joy, Eye Shadow, Star Power, Gas Lamp, Car Sick, Winter, Tarzan, Lemonhead
Level 70: Water Skiing, Rock Paper Scissors, Margarita, Walk The Line, Cherry Blossom, Acapella, Facebook ID, Radio Shack, News Anchor, Four Square
Level 71: Drive By Shooting, Surfin USA, Kate Upton, Crying Game, Double Diamond, House Party, Slow Dance, Audi, Filthy Rich, Monsters Inc
Level 72: Peace On Earth, Paper Airplane, Paper Man, Bill Gates, Dreamcast, Golf Club, Lebron James, Ghost Rider, Jazz Club, Credit Card
Level 73: Milk Carton, Water Gun, Finish Strong, Chinese Medicine, World Peace, French Toast, Maneater, Music Box, Sleep Talking, Slow Traffic
Level 74: Oscar, Crown Jewel, Honey Bee, Sad Song, Mint Chocolate, Finger Paint, Rush Hour, Forrest Gump, South Park, Apple ID
Level 75: Booze, Mad Cow Disease, Speed Demon, Key West, Doctor Who, Camp Out, Toilet Seat, No Battery, Bridesmaids, Surfing The Web
Level 76: Cat and The Fiddle, Rain Forest, Food Truck, Palm Tree, Full Moon Party, Fruit Loops, Homeless, Hawaii, Alien Ant Farm, Rain Boots
Level 77: Lady In Red, Needle In A Haystack, Radiohead, Be Cool, Bacon and Eggs, Plastic Surgery, Under Lock and Key, Blind Date, Clockwork Orange, Phoenix
Level 78: Apple Of My Eye, Bonfire, Katy Perry, Four Leaf Clover, Emperor, Turtle Wax, Bucktooth, Three Wise Monkeys, Ant Hill, White House Down
Level 79: Thumb War, Nine Lives, Mushroom Cloud, Catch Twenty Two, Red Bull, Dragon Ball, Rihanna, Princess Toadstool, Leather Purse, Magic Eight Ball
Level 80: Wet Willy, Area Fifty One, Movie Clip, Monkey Wrench, Babe, Door Lock, Infant Formula, Paper Clip, Powerbar, Dont Stop The Music,
Level 81: Foot In The Door, Water Polo, Helicopter Ride, Paint By , Drug Research, A Monster In Paris, Punch Drunk Love, Chill Pill, Chick Fil A, Lock and Load
Level 82: Strawberry Cake, Bird Flu, Line Dancing, Smell A Rat, Valentines Day, Baby Steps, Lightning Storm, Flower Delivery, Family Man, Dirty Martini
Level 83: Business Plan, Looper, Coffee Mate, Two For The Money, The Godfather, Counting Sheep, Monkey Around, Bed Bath and Beyond, Picking Your Nose, Kill the Irishman
Level 84: Delta, Energy Drink, Hurricane, Love Birds, Pass The Buck, Volkswagen, Game Face, High Noon, Eyeball, Wake Up
Level 85: No Soup For You, Starburst, Drug Mule, Twelve Angry Men, Cold Turkey, NBA, Chinese New Year, Sound Wave, Loud Mouth, Twitter
Level 86: Pub Crawl, Miami Heat, Pole Dancing, Monster Energy, Shell Shocked, Play Station, Run For The Hills, Best Man Down, Nail Art, Beach House
Level 87: Game Time, Burn Out, Conflict Diamond, Walk On The Beach, Smoke Free, Frog Legs, Sweet Heart, Currency, Upside Down, Rain Check
Level 88: Banana Bread, Bait, Deutsche Bank, Sweet Dreams, Scientist, Beating A Dead Horse, Countdown, Tongue Tied, Family Kingdom, Spring Break
Level 89: You Go Girl, Wormhole, Be Quiet, Fruit Cocktail, Pokerface, Gas Light, Penguin Suit, Tag Heuer, Hot Shower, Door Stop
Level 90: Dominos Pizza, Bermuda Triangle, Star Struck, Death Sentence, Foot The Bill, Inception, BBC, Pencil Skirt, Aladdin, Plan B
Level 91: Wedding Day, No Woman No Cry, Time Is Crawling, Tower Of London, Mountain Dew, Harvest Time, Play By Ear, B Movie, Bang For Your Buck, Flag Football
Level 92: Photo Bomb, Tiffany and Co, Honeybun, This Is 40, Golf Ball, Cat In The Hat, Fried Chicken, Dirty Dancing, Richie Rich, Grape Nuts
Level 93: North Face, No Sleep Tonight, Drooling, Hit The Spot, Pie In The Sky, Banana Republic, Dropbox, Music Video, Face The Music, Square Meal
Level 94: American Apparel, Peephole, Temple, Sun Chips, Flight Attendant, Cut To The Chase, Numbers Game, Love You To Death, Deadliest Catch, Bridezilla
Level 95: Around The World, Bluetooth, Chocolate Cake, American Pie, World Cup, Gamestop, Clueless, Earworm, Firefox, The Lucky One
Level 96: Weak Link, Book Lover, Plumber, Whirlpool, What Time Is It, Stopwatch, Monkey Love, Dairy Queen, Library Card, Power Play
Level 97: Babys Day Out, Party Bus, Cool Down, Camp Rock, Deaf, Man Up, No Signal, Ski Boots, Desperate Housewives, Kentucky Derby
Level 98: Fish Net, Jetblue, V For Vendetta, Victorias Secret, Fireman Hat, Shot In The Dark, Penmanship, Pump Up The Volume, No Luck, Desert Rose
Level 99: Market Crash, Rock Bottom, Bikini Lines, Heads Up, Pin Up, Your Call, White Chicks, Old Navy, Bull Fighting, Dance All Night
Level 100: Family Circle, Priceline, King Of The World, Redbox, Playboy, Internet, Get Smart, No Kiss For You, Smoking Hot, Flickr,
Level 101: Missed the Bus, Pin Up Girl, Tomato Tomato, Wake Up Call, Beauty and the Beast, Back Seat Driver, Raining Men, House of Cards, City of God, One Up
Level 102: Burst your Bubble, Muppets, Sunbathe, Houston Rockets, Say No To Drugs, City and Color, Hide and Seek, Ear of Corn, Hat Stand, Holy Grail
Level 103: Hear Hear, Paper Boy, Super Star, Township, Boeing, Backfire, Hear the Bells, Money Tree, Spice Girls, Donkey Kong
Level 104: Pancake, Driving me Nuts, The Jig is Up, Nut Cracker, 3D Glasses, Bun in the Oven, Mighty Mouse, Guys Night Out, The Shining, Burn Notice
Level 105: Moon Light, Seagull, Fight Fire With Fire, I Smell a Rat, Bridge Stone, Headlight, Never Say Never, Hershey Kisses, George Washington, Pencil Sharpener
Level 106: Atari, Blackberry, Xerox, Caps Lock, Black Tuesday, Red Herring, Birds and the Bees, Blues Clues, Geek in the Pink, McDonalds
Level 107: Cry Over Spilt Milk, Sit Up, Gunfire, Girl Next Door, Memoirs of a Geisha, Meatballs, Screw Driver, Baby Girl, Crocodile Rock, Citibank
Level 108: Pizza Face, Vegetarian, Christmas Choir, Cyber Monday, Cherry Tomato, Magic Mike, Alphabet Song, Steam, Blade Runner, Oktober Fest
Level 109: Seven Samurai, Ball Boy, Bushfire, Juicy Fruit, Tom and Jerry, Junior Mint, Air Jordan, Mouth Watering, Wedding Bells, Ice Breaker
Level 110: Runner Runner, Airbus, Anchorman, 16 Candles, Head On, BMW, Boy Who Cried Wolf, Counting Stars, Frosty the Snowman, Gossip Girl
Level 111: Up in Arms, One Tree Hill, Premier League, 5 Hour Energy, Balls of Fury, Wind Surfing, Corn Chip, Pineapple Express, Grown Ups, IBM
Level 112: Fish out of Water, Fire House, Yamaha, Honey Dew, Goody Two Shoes, Goldfish, Out of Time, Mounties, Cowboys and Aliens, Plant Food
Level 113: Dead Man Walking, True Blood, Alarm Clock, Blackmail, Kings Speech, Forever 21, Thanks Giving, Church Bells, Hot Wheels, Easter
Level 114: Hands Down, Pants on Fire, Horses for Courses, Crossfire, White Elephant, Hole in One, Jazz Hands, Dawn of the Dead, Camel Back, Cars
Level 115: Eye for an Eye, Eye to Eye, Castle, Scissor Hands, Fisheye Lens, Water Boy, Snow Angel, Crossover, Honeymoon, White Christmas
Level 116: After Earth, Step Up, Cloud Atlas, Buzzer Beater, Third Wheel, Train Wreck, Man on Fire, Super Bowl, Top Hat, Air Gun
Level 117: Ice Princess, Starship Troopers, Bye Bye Bye, Bowling Green, Sushi, Mouth to Mouth, Cool Runnings, Earth Hour, Fatal Attraction, Hog Wash
Level 118: Power of Love, Bud Light, 50 Shades of Grey, Fireman, 101 Dalmatians, Update, Monsters vs Aliens, Lightning Crash, Barber, Halloween
Level 119: Eye of the Storm, Wake Boarding, Computer Virus, Sad Panda, Fire Flower, Jack in the Box, Animal House, A Time to Kill, Green Lantern, Show me the Money
Level 120: Sea Biscuit, Brb, Rabbits Foot, Amusement Park, Read it and Weep, Fireball, Watership Down, Fire Ants, Black Friday, Princess Diaries,


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