Tuesday, April 23, 2013

100 Doors Level 61 Walkthrough

1. You have to move the knight until you color all the squares in grey. There are many combinations that you can make to complete this level, but if you can't do it here is one of the solutions:
First will note each square, for reference, like this:

No tap them in this order:
  • G - I - O - H
  • B - K - D - F
  • L - N - E - C
  • J - P - J - A
  • J - C - E - K
  • M - K - E - C
2. Above you'll need to tap one more time the black square and the door will open.
3. Now go on next door.

100 Doors Level 60 Walkthrough

1. When you press the door some random shapes appear on the door. Count the shapes/numbers on each door, except the ones that are crossed. Those numbers will represent the final code.
2. If you counted the shapes correctly you should have this code: 132211.
3. Proceed to the next level.

100 Doors Level 59 Walkthrough

1. The logic of this level is unknown... But here is what you have to do:
  1. Press the blue rock on the top left side
  2. Tap the grey crumpled paper in the right side.
2. Now press the shell from the bottom left corner, several times, until the door opens.
3. Proceed to door 60.

100 Doors Level 58 Walkthrough

1. Pick up the empty bucket, select it in your inventory, then tap the hydrant to fill the bucket with water.
2. Now that the bucket is filed with water, pick it up, again, and use it to extinguish the fire.
3. Now the path is clear and you can proceed to the next level.

100 Doors Level 57 Walkthrough

100 Doors Level 56 Walkthrough

100 Doors Level 55 Walkthrough

1. On the door stands written "FEAR", and this is the clue... you have to tap the animals in the order that they fear from each others.

The order is this:
  1. Elephant - is afraid of mouse
  2. Mouse - is afraid of cats
  3. Cat - is afraid of dogs
  4. Dog - are afraid of snakes
  5. Snake - are afraid of eagles
  6. Eagle
2. Now tap the arrow to play door 56.

100 Doors Level 54 Walkthrough

100 Doors Level 53 Walkthrough

1. You have to arrange the flags to match the direction of the wind.

Tap them like this:
  1. Left column, flag 2
  2. Left column, flag 3
  3. Right column, flag 1
  4. Right column, flag 2
  5. Right column, flag 4
2. Play the next level.