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OneWord Answers

OneWord : Pics Quiz By PlaySimple Games Answers. In OneWord you have to find a single word that links the 4 images you see in each level. The answers are from various domains, and some of them are hard to figure out. If you are looking to cheat to some of the levels, and find the correct answers to them, you came to the right place. Below you will see the answers for the first 10 levels, but keep in mind the the levels are randomized on each device. I sorted them by the number of letters and in alphabetical order, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

OneWord Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Answers, Cheats, Solutions

OneWord 3-4 Letter Answers

Cat Ram Arch Bait Bush Club Deaf Form Grow Half Help Kiss Leaf Mice Pick Skin Tile Tube Tune

OneWord 5 Letter Answers

Basin Brain Brass Bread Chess Chimp Cloud Crash Crush Dance Dutch House Learn Maple Pilot Pitch Point Poker Queue Slice Slide Snail Snore Spain Start State Teeth Tiger Title Tools Twins Wreck

OneWord 6 Letter Answers

Animal Attack Border Bottle Bridge Button Cannon Church Coffee Desert Empire Family Insect Island Kettle Ladder Letter Marble Mother Peeled Planet Pricey Rescue School Search Silent Spiral Sponge Statue String Studio Tablet Thumbs Trendy Vowels Wealth

OneWord 7 Letter Answers

Balloon Bowling Carwash Convert Cushion Dentist Drawing Earring Exhaust Fireman Formula Friends Library Lottery Mailbox Musical Package Picture Printer Shuffle Stomach Student Tragedy Vitamin

OneWord 8 Letter Answers

Backpack Bathrobe Campfire Elephant Fortress Language Meditate Military Mountain Precious Question Security Sinister Umbrella
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Dog Genius Answers

Dog Genius By Dayin Yang Answers. Are you a dog lover? Do you think you know all the major dog types of dogs?. Dog Genius will test your knowledge of recognizing dog breeds, you see in each level a picture with a dog and you need to name what type it is. There are just 50 levels currently to solve, but some of them are challengin... If you can't solve a level just look for it below and you will see what's the correct answer for it/

Dog Genius Answers, Cheats, Solutions

Dog Genius Level 1 to Level 25 Answers

Level 1: Pug
Level 2: Chihuahua
Level 3: Labrador
Level 4: Husky
Level 5: Bulldog
Level 6: Shibu
Level 7: Dachshund
Level 8: Mastiff
Level 9: Corgi
Level 10: Poodle
Level 11: Akita
Level 12: Chow Chow
Level 13: Boxer
Level 14: Mountain Dog
Level 15: Collie
Level 16: Pomeranian
Level 17: Schnauzer
Level 18: Rottweiler
Level 19: Wire Fox Terrier
Level 20: Tibetan Mastiff
Level 21: German Shepherd
Level 22: Boxer
Level 23: Beagle
Level 24: Papillon
Level 25: Greyhound

Dog Genius Level 25 to Level 50 Answers

Level 26: Saluki
Level 27: Collie
Level 28: Chow Chow
Level 29: Great Dane
Level 30: Sheepdog
Level 31: Samoyed
Level 32: Vizsla
Level 33: Tibetan Mastiff
Level 34: Dobermann
Level 35: Pointer
Level 36: Whippet
Level 37: Wire Fox Terrier
Level 38: Chinese Crested
Level 39: Keeshond
Level 40: Boston Terrier
Level 41: Afghan Hound
Level 42: Havanese
Level 43: Afghan Hound
Level 44: Dalmatian
Level 45: Saint Bernard
Level 46: Irish Setter
Level 47: Whippet
Level 48: Bloodhound
Level 49: Komondor
Level 50: Pekingese
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