Sunday, February 23, 2014

House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough - Part 2

Go inside the room

Combine the shotgun with the bullet, and use it to kill the zombie
Take some hay from the left
Take the chair on the right

Decombine, in the inventory, the chair into a pile of wood planks and a lockpick

Go in the room with the fireplace. Tap on the fireplace, and place inside the wood and the hay

Use the lockpick tool on the left door, in the fireplace room

Take the lightbulb and the piece of paper under the couch
Use the video tape on the TV

Tap on the metal box

Use the duct tape to fix the wire
Take the round piece of paper
Turn the switch

Combine the rock with the metal thing
Use the item that resulted on the fireplace, to light the fire

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House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough - Part 1

House of Fear Revenge is point and click adventure game made by dim_ok. Is a scary experience that take place inside a haunted house. Your goal is to destroy this wicked house and all the evil that is inside. The game has a lost of puzzles that will give you hours of gameplay until you beat it.
If you have trouble with finishing the game, you are in the right place. Bellow you can find the complete walkthrough of House of Fear Revenge.

So let's start:

At the outside part you will see this roman numbers: II IV VII (2 4 7). Remember them

At the left side of the house there is a door. Pick up the scroll and the pickaxe

Use the pickaxe to break the stone with the roman numbers on, and get a key and a bullet from there,

Use the key to go inside the house, using the left door. Pick up the razor blade 

Now get the wire cutter from this room, and inside the room on the left

Lots of stuff here:
Use the wire cutter to cut the chain on the ladder, and get the ladder
Enter the code you found outside (247) on the key panel, and get the duct tape
Use the razor blade to cut the body and get another key
Take the azot can

Go in the previous room, and use the ladder to get trough the small hatch in the ceiling

In this room you have to:
Take the candles that are in front of the book case
Take the shotgun that's above the fireplace
Take the small metal clip on the wall, near the shotgun
Go to the next room

Use the azot tank to frozen the skeleton, and break him

Take a book and a video tape, from the bookshelf

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