Sunday, November 16, 2014

Push the Squares Walkthrough

Push The Squares is an new kind of puzzle game made by "Ketchapp". The gameplay in Push the Squares is simple but hard to master. You have different kind of color squares that you need to push to a certain location. The squares go only in one direction, an you will have to use arrows to change the direction, portals to teleport the squares to different location, and some areas will change the color of the squares. All this added together makes an fun and interesting puzzle game to play.
But as i told you before, some levels are quite hard, and solving them is a real challenge. If you don't know how to solve one of the levels in Push the Squares, this page will help you. Below you will find links to walkthrough for each level in Push the Squares. Just look for the level you can't solve and you will see the easiest solution.

If you got stuck to a level, choose it bellow: