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Escape That Level Again Walkthrough

Below you have the quick walkthtoughs for each level in Escape That Level, if you need additional help just take a look at the video above (for quick seeking, times for each level are below)

Test 1 (0:00) - Jump on the button.
Test 2 (0:08) - Jump up and take the key to unlock the next level.
Test 3 (0:22) - Press the button on top left and the button on bottom right.
Test 4 (0:38) - Climb on the top platform and jump from there straight on the safe, 2 times. Take the coin and go back to level 3 and make a wish at the water fountain, now he door for test 5 is unlocked.
Test 5 (1:14) - Use the 4 buttons to spell "WISH".
Test 6 (2:06) - Just stand still for ~5 seconds and the door will open.
Test 7 (2:22) - Time your jumps so you won't hit the spikes, press the 2 red buttons to open the door.
Test 8 (2:58) - Climb on the middle-right platform and walk to the right, you will find the key there.
Test 9 (3:20) - Go back to the previous level and take the key again from the secret room.
Test 10 (3:45) - Press the buttons in this order: middle-left, bottom-right, bottom-left, top-left, middle-right, top-right.
Test 11 (4:30) - You can break the platforms with your head, start by jumping where the arrow points, then left side, then right side.
Test 12 (4:55) - You have to go back to level 11 and walk into the right wall, on each platform. You will go into level 12 and be able to press the 3 buttons.
Test 13 (5:57) - Press each button and jump fast on the platforms that appear.
Test 14 (6:28) - Press the buttons in this order: bottom-right, middle-right, middle-left, top-left, top-right
Test 15 (7:05) - Jump diagonal into the pit and this way you will reach both buttons, then catch the key...
Test 16 (7:30) - Light the circles this way: purple - green - cyan - yellow.
Test 17 (8:05) - Jump several times to reveal the rest of the first platform, kill the ghost by hitting it from underneath, jump over the second ghost and take the key..
Test 18 (8:40) - You have to press the buttons at the right time to make the 3 bars fill at the same time. Start with the middle button than wait 3 seconds and press the top button, the after 3 more seconds press the bottom button.
Test 19 (9:05) - Light the circles this way, from to to bottom: green - orange - purple.
Test 20 (10:01) - First take the key from top platform and then choose the door that's already opened (the one you came through from the previous level)
Test 21 (10:25) - You have to stand on all the arrow boxes until you bring them all down on the dotted line.
Test 22 (11:16) - This one may be random, the sequence in the video is: red - yellow - cyan - pink - orange - cyan
Test 23 (12:10) - You will have to pop all the red balloons, just push them into the spikes.
Test 24 (13:52) - Take the key then go back to Test 20, and open the right door, on top middle platform.
Test 25 (14:28) - Just go through the door...
Test 26 (14:30) - You have to order the cardinal signs (but flipped upside-down): tap top-left button 4 times, bottom-left button 2 times, bottom-right button 2 times.
Test 27 (15:08) - You are upside-down now, but it should be pretty easy to press the 2 buttons...
Test 28 (15:27) - Just keep walking right until you reach the top and take the screwdriver, then go back...
Test 29 (16:06) - Return to Test 26 an use the screwdriver to take the "N" cardinal point. Now you can fix the sentence "THE KEY IS MISSING"
Test 30 (16:55) - Make the scientist say something, than climb on-top the speech balloon to prevent it from flying away.
Test 31 (17:20) - Climb up and take the candle, then go back to Test 25 and use the candle to reveal the patterns you'll need to make in test 31. So make them like this: top-left: half moon, bottom-left: 4 "triangles", top-right: a circle, bottom-right: two half circles.
Test 32 (19:45) - Press the 4 buttons and be careful not to get hit by the electricity traps.
Test 33 (20:12) - Press the two buttons and after you pressed the second button jump on the electricity beam to kill yourself, than you will fly up the chimney and find the key in there.
Test 34 (20:45) - Now only your yes are visible, but you won't have any trouble to press the two buttons even like this.
Test 35 (21:10) - Climb up and hit the two ice blocks on the ceiling with your head. Now push the key back to level 33 and use the stove to melt the ice...
Test 36 (22:07) - Go near the dog to make him mad, than go back to the left side of the level. Jump over the dog when he's charging at you. Congratulations you finished Escape That Level Again
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