Saturday, April 13, 2013

100 Floors Level 56 Walkthrough

1. You have to change the numbers to match the numbers of flags that are near each number
2. The correct order is, from top to bottom:

  • 4
  • 3   5
  • 5
  • 2  4
3. Now touch the green arrow to proceed to the next floor.

100 Floors Level 55 Walkthrough

1. You can see some tetris blocks. But there's more to this level.
2. Tilt your phone until you find two more sets of tetris blocks. You have to align all of the tetris items so they will cover the door. It may be a bit tricky to align them...
3. Touch the green arrow to go to the next level.

100 Floors Level 54 Walkthrough

1. You can see a panel where you need to enter a code. The panel is surrounded by letters and numbers.
2. The code you need to enter is: "03150405".

But Why ? 
You see written in bold text that A=01.
The calcualtor says to Enter: "CODE"
So "C" is the third letter in the alphabet resulting "C=03". "O" is the 15 letter, so O=15. Following the same rule you find that "D=05" and "E=05"
3. Proceed to Floor 55.

100 Floors Level 52 Walkthrough

1. You can see a panel where you need to enter a 4 digits code. Notice the Christmas decorations...
2. You will have to enter the code: "1225". Why? Christmas in on December (12) on the 25th.
3. You can now go to the next floor.

100 Floors Level 51 Walkthrough

1. Notice the knife above the door? You have to make a knife shape using the white squares.
2. Above you will need to make click on the white block inside the black blocks and the level will be cleared.
3. Proceed to the next level.