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Wheely 4 Time Travel Walkthrough

Level 1 - 0:00 | Level 2 - 0:25 | Level 3 - 1:10 | Level 4 - 1:50
Level 5 - 2:25 | Level 6 - 3:00 | Level 7 - 3:10 | Level 8 - 4:05
Level 9 - 4:50 | Level 10 - 5:35 | Level 11 - 6:20 | Level 12 - 7:05
Level 13 - 7:40 | Level 14 - 8:10 | Level 15 - 9:05 | Level 16 - 10:05

Wheely 4 Time Travel Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, Help, Solutions for all levels. You can play it here
Note: This is "Wheely 4 Time Travel" by "Pegas Games"

Troll face Quest Sports puzzle Walkthrough

Troll face Quest Sports puzzle Walkthrough
Level #Answers
Level 1Tap the "O" from the word "TROLL" written on the score board.
Level 2Tap the man shoulder to inflate his muscles, that tap the weight
Level 3Tap the moon 3 times, than tap it on the ground to kick it
Level 4Tap the small star in the bottom-right corner
Level 5Tap the hair hidden behind the weights to make a troll and a dog appear
Level 6Tap the globe hidden behind the desk, near the doctor, than tap it on the ground.
Level 7Tap the troll smiley in the top area, above the bowl
Level 8Tap the man's head, than tap it again to hit it with the tennis racket.
Level 9Tap the goal gate and than the score table several times
Level 10Tap the screen than the head of the troll on the right
Level 11Tap the area above the goal keeper, than the ball.
Level 12Tap man again while in air above the sand.
Level 13Tap the boom-box than the man's shoes and finally his head.
Level 14Drag the disk away from his hand, tap the CD player, take the CD and put it in his hand
Level 15Find the scissors in the lower left side, use the to cut the red paper near the door. Take the red card an show it to the bodyguard
Level 16Tap the target then the girl's eye
Level 17Tap the man's abdomen, the parachute and the man again.
Level 18Drink all the bottles
Level 19Tap the troll face until the bar fills than tap the ball
Level 20Slide the big cloud to the right and the troll sun will melt your opponent
Level 21Tap the guy on the right, than tap his hair to cut it with the machine
Level 22Tap the small guy several times, and fast
Level 23Tap the air pump 2 times than the inflated globe
Level 24Tap the 3 ships on the right that the ship on the left
Level 25Slide the skateboard platform to the right 
Level 26Tap the lever shape on the top-left side, near the lights tower
Level 27Tap the exhausts of the 3 cars than the traffic light
Level 28Tap the crowd fast and several times, that tap the jumper. Repeat 3 times
Level 29Rap the scope in the water, than the submarine on the left side and finally the fan
Level 30Make the score show "13"
Level 31Tap the skater when he's in front of you
Level 32Tap the seller's hand, then the t-shirt and that the convict
Level 33Tap the "Finish" sign, the man with sunglasses in the crowd and than the you...
Level 34Tap the shaded bottle on the right side of the bar, than drink it
Level 35Unscrew the screws of the bike's wheels
Level 36Just tap the man
Level 37Set the display to "60"
Level 38Tap the "tree" on the top-right part of the hill, light it on fire and burn the a** of the lazy man
Level 39Tap the rope on the left, than the orange window
Level 40Tap the man. DON'T tap the "CLICK HERE" button
Level 41Tap the boxer, that the punching bag
Level 42Slide the cabinet to the left, than unplug the scanner
Level 43Tap the arrow 2 times
Level 44Tap the TV screen that the drum several times, and fast
Level 45Take the feather that's on the old man's head and use it on his nose
Level 46Tap the TV until you find the soccer match
Level 47Tap the boy's head 3 times, that the 3rd green hat.
Level 48Tap all the small rocks you find on the doping stand, and near it
Level 49Tap the trash can, slide the stinking shoe in front of the crowd than tap on you
Level 50Tap the stand you're on two times to be number one

If you can't solve a level with the explications above, take a look at the video guide below

Troll face Quest Sports puzzle Answers, Cheats, Solutions, Walkthrough for Android iPhone, iPad, iPod
Note: This is "Troll face Quest Sports puzzle" by "Spil Games"

Troll Face Quest Unlucky Walkthrough

Troll Face Quest Unlucky Walkthrough
Level #Answers
Level 1Tap the arrow on the box
Level 2Tap the left leg of the ostrich
Level 3Tap on the jackhammer on the left side
Level 4Tap on all thing inside the vault than several times on the thief
Level 5Tap the guitar player's hat than tap the hat again while it's on the ground
Level 6Tap the helium tank handle and keep it pressed until the troll balloon inflates, than pop the balloon
Level 7Walk to the right, until you reach the next area. Dump the trash in the radioactive machine
Level 8Tap the frog 2 times, than the troll to jump over it
Level 9Plug the fan into the power socket than tap the coin in the man's hand
Level 10Tap the spike fish hiding in the bottom right corner. Tap the fisherman, than slide the spike fish on his fishing hook.
Level 11Slide the fish food jar to the left, then feed the fish with the dangerous stuff.
Level 12Tap the drill than tap the wall several times.
Level 13Randomly tap the buttons on the control panel...

If you can't solve a level with the explications above, take a look at the video guide below

Troll Face Quest Unlucky Answers, Cheats, Solutions, Walkthrough for Android iPhone, iPad, iPod
Note: This is "Troll Face Quest Unlucky" by "Spil Games  "