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100 Doors World of History Walkthrough

100 Doors World of History Walkthrough for All Levels
Level # Walkthrough
Level 1Tap on the rock above the door.
Level 2Create a star using a single line.
Level 3Take the torch, light it up and use it on the mummy.
Level 4Find the 4 clothing pieces and use them on the man.
Level 5Put the log between the sphinx arms, then take the plank and put it under the rock.
Level 6Get the honey pot and the torch. Drag the honey to the beehive.
Level 7Use the sword to break the barrel. Take the key and use it to open it. Shake the phone, use the shovel on the ground to reveal all items, than place them on their slots.
Level 8Drag the rock to the right man, use the sword on the left man.
Level 9Clean the sand and use the torch and dynamite on the rocks.
Level 10Slide the wheel away, take the wooden object and use it to free the sword. Use the sword on the door.
Level 11Take the rope and use it on the camel. Now use the whip on the camel.
Level 12Make 4 in a row.
Level 13Feed the cat with the mouse. Tap the bell and put the milk in the left corner.
Level 14Tilt the phone right, connect the rope to the bell, use the wheel to raise the bell. Use the key on the door lock.
Level 15Use the screwdriver on the left gears. Drag the rope right-down, left, up-left. Tap the screwdriver to spin the gears and open the door.
Level 16Tilt the phone right, use the bucket to catch 30 eggs.
Level 17Slide the cover and take the ankh. Slide mummy right and put ankh in the slot above the door.
Level 18Match the images.
Level 19Move the rocks to the right side, in the same order.
Level 20Swipe the grass. Shake the phone, take the pot, sticks and  rocks. Place rocks next to the door, sticks over them and pot on the rocks. Catch the rabbit and put it in the pot, light the wood with the torch, than give the pot to the man.
Level 21Slide the orange circles into the square, FAST.
Level 22Tap the left men, FAST, until he's dead.
Level 23Take bucket and magnet, place bucket on stick and magnet in bucket. Drag the stick to find the key.
Level 24R - red, P - purple: PP RR PPP R P R P - R PPP RR PPP R P
Level 25Use rake on right grass, drag the gas can four parts of vine patches, use the torch to burn each grass part.
Level 26Slide the bottle to the top and let it go. Drag the pieces of glass into the sun and wait for the hay to catch fire. Use the key on the door.
Level 27Make a snow ball and put it on the right side. Repeat 3 times. Use them to make a snowman,
Level 288+3-11=0
Level 29Use the pickaxe until the green rock is destroyed.
Level 30Tap the boxes from small to large.
Level 31Tap the arrows as shown by the red dots (start from the big red dot in the middle).
Level 32Put planks in water, shake device, use the tools on the boat, use the rope on the boat and tap the boat.
Level 33Just spell KEY
Level 34Match the envelopes and mailboxes based on their color.
Level 35Tap the cow with the key.
Level 36Tilt the phone to get the ball in the center.
Level 37Tilt phone left, use axe on tree until is in pieces. Place the logs on the truck and tilt the phone right.
Level 38There are 5 differences you need to find.
Level 39Kill the bugs but not the scorpions. Use the bat to kill scorpions.
Level 40Attach wheel to cart, place barrels on cart, use the whip on the animal.
Level 41The key is on row 5 column 4.
Level 42Put the rocks above the door, on the ground.
Level 43Solve the picture puzzle.
Level 44Tap the eagle when you see it.
Level 45Use broom on spider and spiderweb.
Level 46Tilt the phone and bring the ball to "END".
Level 47Tap bells in this order: "3rd 4th 2nd 1st 3rd 3rd 2nd 1st 4th 1st 2nd"
Level 48Take gun from right side and whip from top side. Use the gun on the mummy and whip on the snake (Use two fingers).
Level 49Put sword in hands and slide to the left.
Level 50Tap planets from smallest to biggest.
Level 51Solve the puzzle.
Level 52Top: Blue Yellow White; Bottom: Pink Orange Green.
Level 53Use key on bird cage, than give cheese to the bird. Pull the lever to open door.
Level 54Attach bob and hook on the fishing pole. Put fishing pole in water and pull quickly when the bob goes down. Do this until you catch a fish. Then give the fish to the bear.
Level 55Tap chess pieces in the order shown on the floor: "3 1 2 1 2 1 3".
Level 56Use one finger to aim and a second finger to shoot. Shoot all the targets.
Level 57There's a key under the left cabinet. Use 2 fingers to take it and open the door with it.
Level 58Fill the balloon with air from red tank. Attach rope to balloon, place balloon under the key and let it go.
Level 59Drag balloon flags on their country.
Level 60"RA" - Ancient Egypt god...
Level 61Hit the airplane 6 times with the tank.
Level 62Slide vines to the sides.
Level 63Put black chest pieces on right and white pieces on left side.
Level 64Use hook to get rope, now use gook and rope on the door ring.
Level 65Sum of each row, column and diagonal must be 15:
4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6
Level 66Use magnet on vases. Swipe the wood under the door to reveal clue "021, 213". Use the gun to shoot the vases that the clue shows. You have to remain with this vases on each row:
0 1
2 1
1 3
Level 67Use the rock on the left lamp. Place ice cube key on the flame to melt the ice.
Level 68Match the egg shells:
Left - Right
1     -      5
2     -      1
3     -      4
4     -      2
5     -      3
Level 69Use the rock to break the bottle. Cut the rope with the coconut. Take key and use it on the door.
Level 70The time show is 12:00
Level 71Hang a buket with 4L on the hook then do this:
Fill 3L, put in 5L
Fill 3L, put in 5L
Empty 5L
Put 3L (only 1 now), put in 5L
Fill 3L, put in 5L
Level 72Bring the objects to the brown blocks.
Level 73Solve the puzzle.
Level 74Attach rope to bucket. Use it to take water from the well and fill the glass container to find the key.
Level 75Place stone wheel on center cog. Take screw from bottom left and connect it to the wheel to make it spin. Sharpen the tool on the wheel and use it to cut the chain.
Level 76Place glass vial on stand. Take the bucket, crown and black container, then change numbers to 350.
Level 77Put the knifes in the blue spots without hitting the woman.
Level 78Take red tank, metal torch and metal piece of the right corner. Attach metal piece and tank to the balloon. Light it with the torch and remove sand bags.
Level 79Circle - Square - Triangle
Triangle - Circle - Square
Square - Triangle - Circle
Level 80( 2 + ( 2 / 2 ) ) ^ 2 = 9
Level 81Complete the clock and set it to 8:05
Level 826kg - tap 6 times, 5kg - tap 5 times, 2 kg - tap 2 times... you get the point.
Level 83Hang a 4 litter bucket on hook and: 8 to 3, 3 to 5, 8 to 3, 3 to 5, 5 to 8, 3 to 5, 8 to 3, hang 8 bucket.

Level 84Find the 2 golden objects. First one is under the square rock on right wall (press and hold it). For the second one just drag the rock above the door, to the right side.
Level 85Tap dots in this order: "Left 1 - Right 3 - Left 3 - Left 2 - Right 2 - Left 1".
Level 86The missing number is "80".
Level 87Complete the clock and set it to 7:05.
Level 881, 2, 3, 7, 9
Level 89Shake the phone, use sickle to cut the rope, use sickle to cut 3 branches and feed the camel.
Level 90The code is 5512
Level 911 - top left, top right, bottom left, bottom, bottom right
2 -  left, bottom right, bottom, bottom left, right middle
3 - top right, left middle, right middle, bottom left, bottom right, bottom
4 - top left, bottom, top right
Level 92Tap the buttons like this (Culomn-Row): 1-1, 1-5, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 4-2, 4-3, 4-5
Level 93Move the pieces to the right pole, in the same order.
Level 94X = 1019 Y = 117
Level 95Pull the rope of right lamp. Slide "Welcome" mat to left to see the key.
Level 96Shoot the pane with the bombs. Now use another bomb on the red box to find the key.
Level 97Break the bottle, by letting it fall from high above. Attach the fuse to dynamite. Use two finger to drag the bottle to the sun and dynamite where the sun shines (middle of the door).
Level 98Get 4 in a row to win.
Level 99Find a crowbar. Shine the calendar and flip the phone upside-down. Now use crowbar on wood plank.
Level 100The solution is 100. 
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