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Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 3] by "Candy Logo"

In Level 3 of Logo Quiz! Food are this answers:
  • In-N-Out Burger - is the yellow arrow line with this red characters in it: "-N-".
  • Hard Rock - is the yellow circle outlined in red with this letters inside: "a o" and "CAFE".
  • Kellogg's - is the red letters: "K  g's".
  • Campbell's - is the red rectangle that has inside this white letters: "C  lls".
  • Fritos - the red oval outlined in blue with this white letters above: "F S".
  • Arby's - is the red logo made from two curved lines and a "S".
  • Denny's - is the yellow hexagonal logo with two red letters inside: "D  's".
  • Dairy Queen - is the red logo with two white letters in it: "DQ".
  • Olive Garden - the dark grey logo with an green leaf branch inside and two white letters: "O G".
  • Snickers - the red outlined rectangle with two blue letters in it: "CK".
  • Pillsbury - the blue circle logo filled with white dots and 3 letters: "bur".
  • Ferrero Rocher - is the golden circle with an peanut in the lower side.
  • Pepsico - the sphere logo made from lines colored in blue, orange, green and red.
  • Toblerone - the golden mountain with 3 red letters above: "LER".
  • Becel - the logo shaped like an heart colored in yellow, white and blue. Inside are two blue letters: "el".
  • Herbalife - the green outlined circle with 3 leafs inside.
  • Spar - the christams tree inside a green circle and a red rectangle under it.
  • Dr Oetker - the red rectangle with 3 blue letters in it: "D tk".

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 3] Cheats, Solution, Walkthrough for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Logo Quiz! - Food" by "Candy Logo"

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 2] by "Candy Logo"

In Level 2 of Logo Quiz! Food are this answers:
  • 7-Eleven - the green square logo with an "7" inside.
  • Dunkin Donuts - the square logo colored in orange and purple and having inside a white coffee cup.
  • Nestle - the blue nest with 3 birds inside.
  • Chupa Chups - the yellow round wobbly logo with to red letters in it: "C C".
  • Heinz - the black outlined logo with a green and a brown line inside and this letters: a big black "I" and "1869" written in red.
  • Wall's - the red line shaped in form of a heart.
  • Kraft - the red rectangle whit a blue "A" inside.
  • Carrefour - the logo made from a grey arrow pointing left followed by a blue round arrow pointing right.
  • Oreo - the blue shadow of text that ends in an white "o".
  • Lay's - is the yellow sphere with and red ribbon above and a white "s" inside.
  • KitKat - is the red ellipse logo with an red heart above an a "k" inside.
  • Nabisco - is the red triangle with an white outline circle inside.
  • Corn Flakes - is the one made from this black letters: "C RN KES".
  • Bertolli - is the red oval logo with this white letters: "TOL" inside.
  • Haagen Dazs - is the round white logo with two black "a" inside.
  • Mondelez - is the purple logo made from this groups of letters: "M Z" and "International".
  • Baskin Robbins - is the circle outlined in blue and pink with this letters inside: "BR".
  • Gorton's - is the blue rectangle logo with a man inside, wearing a yellow rain coat. Under him are two white letters: "NS".
  • Del Monte - is the red logo outlined in yellow and green and with an white "m" inside.
  • Safeway - the square logo with an red "S" inside.

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 2] Cheats, Solution, Walkthrough for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Logo Quiz! - Food" by "Candy Logo"

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 1] by "Candy Logo"

In Level 1 of Logo Quiz! Food are this answers:
  • KFC - the old man with white hair an beard, inside a red circle.
  • Burger King - the blue circle with two yellow half-circles inside.
  • Nespresso - is the white "N" inside a black square.
  • Chick-Fil-A - is the slightly oval red rectangle that has inside and white "C" and 4 ellipses.
  • Taco Bell - is the purple bell on a blue background.
  • McDonalds - the yellow curved line that looks like an "M".
  • Walmart - the round logo made from 6 yellow lines.
  • Starbucks - the green circle with an white woman inside, having long hair and a white crown on her head.
  • Domino's Pizza - is the flipped square made from two red squares and a blue rectangle.
  • Pizza Hut - is the red hat with an green dot below.
  • Quaker - is the blue circle logo shaped like a "Q". Inside there is the face of an man with white long hair and a black hat on his head.
  • Maille - is the logo made from "ILL" written in black and this numbers: "1747".
  • Baxters - is the red curved rectangle with two white letters in it: "B S".
  • Whole Foods - is the green circle logo with 3 white "O" inside and the word: "MARKET".
  • General Mills - is the blue logo made from an blue curved line.
  • Pringles - is the face of an man with a big mustache wearing a red bow.
  • Carte Noir - is the black square logo with an white note in it. In the note are written this letters: "CA IRE".
  • Chipotle - is the red circle logo with an white pepper inside and this words: "MEXICAN GRILL".
  • Newman's Own - the round logo with a man inside surrounded by vegetables. Above him are this letters: "AN'S All Profits To Charity".
  • Woolworths - the green curved line shape like an apple, and under it two red letters: "WO".

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 1] Cheats, Solution, Walkthrough for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Logo Quiz! - Food" by "Candy Logo"

Logo Quiz! - Food by "Candy Logo" Walkthrough

Logo Quiz! - Food is another awesome game made by Candy Logo. In this one you will see some modified logos of famous food brands, and you have to guess the name of the brand. There are few logos in each level, so you have to guess most of them to unlock new levels.
Some of the levels are easy some harder, but have no fear because we have the correct answers for   each level...

Chose bellow the level you got stuck at: