Monday, June 16, 2014

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 3] by "Candy Logo"

In Level 3 of Logo Quiz! Food are this answers:
  • In-N-Out Burger - is the yellow arrow line with this red characters in it: "-N-".
  • Hard Rock - is the yellow circle outlined in red with this letters inside: "a o" and "CAFE".
  • Kellogg's - is the red letters: "K  g's".
  • Campbell's - is the red rectangle that has inside this white letters: "C  lls".
  • Fritos - the red oval outlined in blue with this white letters above: "F S".
  • Arby's - is the red logo made from two curved lines and a "S".
  • Denny's - is the yellow hexagonal logo with two red letters inside: "D  's".
  • Dairy Queen - is the red logo with two white letters in it: "DQ".
  • Olive Garden - the dark grey logo with an green leaf branch inside and two white letters: "O G".
  • Snickers - the red outlined rectangle with two blue letters in it: "CK".
  • Pillsbury - the blue circle logo filled with white dots and 3 letters: "bur".
  • Ferrero Rocher - is the golden circle with an peanut in the lower side.
  • Pepsico - the sphere logo made from lines colored in blue, orange, green and red.
  • Toblerone - the golden mountain with 3 red letters above: "LER".
  • Becel - the logo shaped like an heart colored in yellow, white and blue. Inside are two blue letters: "el".
  • Herbalife - the green outlined circle with 3 leafs inside.
  • Spar - the christams tree inside a green circle and a red rectangle under it.
  • Dr Oetker - the red rectangle with 3 blue letters in it: "D tk".

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Note: This is "Logo Quiz! - Food" by "Candy Logo"


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