Monday, June 16, 2014

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 1] by "Candy Logo"

In Level 1 of Logo Quiz! Food are this answers:
  • KFC - the old man with white hair an beard, inside a red circle.
  • Burger King - the blue circle with two yellow half-circles inside.
  • Nespresso - is the white "N" inside a black square.
  • Chick-Fil-A - is the slightly oval red rectangle that has inside and white "C" and 4 ellipses.
  • Taco Bell - is the purple bell on a blue background.
  • McDonalds - the yellow curved line that looks like an "M".
  • Walmart - the round logo made from 6 yellow lines.
  • Starbucks - the green circle with an white woman inside, having long hair and a white crown on her head.
  • Domino's Pizza - is the flipped square made from two red squares and a blue rectangle.
  • Pizza Hut - is the red hat with an green dot below.
  • Quaker - is the blue circle logo shaped like a "Q". Inside there is the face of an man with white long hair and a black hat on his head.
  • Maille - is the logo made from "ILL" written in black and this numbers: "1747".
  • Baxters - is the red curved rectangle with two white letters in it: "B S".
  • Whole Foods - is the green circle logo with 3 white "O" inside and the word: "MARKET".
  • General Mills - is the blue logo made from an blue curved line.
  • Pringles - is the face of an man with a big mustache wearing a red bow.
  • Carte Noir - is the black square logo with an white note in it. In the note are written this letters: "CA IRE".
  • Chipotle - is the red circle logo with an white pepper inside and this words: "MEXICAN GRILL".
  • Newman's Own - the round logo with a man inside surrounded by vegetables. Above him are this letters: "AN'S All Profits To Charity".
  • Woolworths - the green curved line shape like an apple, and under it two red letters: "WO".

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Note: This is "Logo Quiz! - Food" by "Candy Logo"


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