Saturday, December 19, 2015

Drop In The Cup Level 55 to 72 Walkthrough

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Level 55: (0:00) - Wait for a gap to form and launch the ball straight in the cup.
Level 56: (0:30) - You can drop the ball straight in the cup with an medium power shot.
Level 57: (0:55) - You can move the walls using the green button...
Level 58: (1:40) - To avoid the invisible walls just bounce the ball one time on the ground.
Level 59: (1:56) - You can put the ball in the cup using full power and the right angle.
Level 60: (2:10) - You can just bounce the ball on the right wall...
Level 61: (2:40) - Bounce the ball on the right platform, it's bottom side.
Level 62: (3:20) - Drop the ball on the ground to make the cogs go away, than aim for the cup...
Level 63: (3:40) - Try to drop the ball when the lasers are off...
Level 64: (4:00) - Launch the ball straight up, at medium power. The magnet will pull it inside the cup.
Level 65: (4:10) - Launch the ball straight in the cup and flip the cup cover at the right moment.
Level 66: (4:20) - The cup is in the right side, you'll find it eventually.
Level 67: (5:11) - Try to make a gap and aim the ball straight in the cup.
Level 68: (6:10) - Takes a bit of luck to get this one, the technique is to aim at the ground and bounce the ball into one of the magnets.
Level 69: (6:21) - You'll need to bounce the ball on one of the tilted platforms, using low power.
Level 70: (7:25) - You can bounce the ball over the cogs with a medium power shot.
Level 71: (7:44) - Cut the line with your finger, than put the ball in the cup...
Level 72: (0:00) - ???
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