Tuesday, April 30, 2013

100 Zombies Level 50 Walkthrough

1. The arrows gives you the order that you need to follow, when entering the numbers.

Follow the arrows from left to right:
  1. ↓ - points to the floor, so the number is "2"
  2. → - points to the right, so the number is "1"
  3. ↖ - points to the top, so the number is "7"
  4. last number that remained is "4"
So the code you'll need to enter on the key pad is: 2174
2. Proceed to the next level.

100 Zombies Level 48 Walkthrough

1. Don't press the buttons on the wall, they give you the order you need to tap the red and green buttons, by following them from top to bottom.

Tap the two buttons like this:
  1. Red Button
  2. Green Button
  3. Green Button
  4. Red Button
  5. Green Button
  6. Red Button
  7. Green Button
2. Tap the white light to play the next level.