Sunday, September 21, 2014

Escape: The Giant Chimney Walkthrough


  1. Take the hammer that is inside the table's drawer.
  2. Use the hammer to remove the nail that keeps the top drawer of the cabinet shut. Inside you will find a flashlight.
  3. To the right of the Buddha statue you will find a piece of rope.
  4. Behind the grey cabinet you will find a drawer handle. Use the handle and the hammer  to open the drawer that is under the desk. Inside you will find the top part of a pick-axe.
  5. Next to the fire place you will find a wood stick. And under the wood plank next to the fire place you will find two batteries.
  6. Insert the batteries in the flashlight and use it to light the inside of the fireplace. Combine the wood stick with the half of pick-axe and the rope. 
  7. Look for a secret compartment under a wood plank and take the item inside.
  8. Use the pick-axe to break the coat-hanger and reveal a small display.
  9. Use the flashlight to get a lightbulb that is on the left side of the brown cabinet.
  10. Place the lightbulb on in the lamp above to reveal 3 hidden letters: "aTE".
  11. Take back the lightbulb and put it on the other lamps to reveal the rest of the letters: "gRQ - uyg - Eju".
  12. Now you can open the locked drawer that's on the table with this code: "TjyR". Inside you will find an audio tape.
  13. Get the batteries from the flashlight and charge it with the batteries charger in your inventory. Place the charger into the power outlet.
  14. Place the tape in the cassette player, and insert the batteries in the back, then listen to the tape. The tape tells you how to open the arrows drawer on the cabinet
  15. Go to the arrow drawer and tap the arrows in this order: "Left - Bottom - Bottom - Top - Right". Inside you will find a saw blade.
  16. Connect the blade with the orange handle to make a saw. Use the saw to cut the white wood planks on the wall.
  17. Place the wood planks in the fireplace, using the flashlight. Use the pick-axe and the saw on the wall to take a red phone.
  18. Read the messages on the phone and you will find the last code: "2847". Inside you will find a silver key.
  19. Use the silver key to open the blue door, and escape.

Escape: The Giant Chimney Cheats, Solution, Walkthrough for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape: The Giant Chimney" by "WaveA PTE.LTD."

Escape: Delusional Love Walkthrough


  1. Go to the top shelf off the cabinet and read the note that is in the hand statue.
  2. Behind the horse picture there is another note. It says: "R>G>B>Y".
  3. Look inside the foot statue for the third note.
  4. Look under the cactus for another clue, concerning the stars puzzle.
  5. Go on the room to the right side of the cabinet. Take a look inside the small closet and you will see a code: "3814". Flip the note to see how to use it.
  6. Go to the office area, and look inside the envelope on the table to see a new note.
  7. In the third drawer of the desk you will find a new clue: "B>Y".
  8. Look for a blue folder in the big library.
  9. On the bottom sheld you will see another clue: (97) X @ - 100 = 94 and (74) X 3 / 6 = 37. Add them together to get a code: "9437".
  10. In the middle side of the book shelf you will see this: "G>B".
  11. The rest of the walkthrough is explained in the video above.

Escape: Delusional Love Cheats, Solution, Walkthrough for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape: Delusional Love" by "WaveA PTE.LTD."