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The Silent Age Episode 2 - Chapter 7 - Walkthrough

The Silent Age Episode 2 [Chapter 7 -  The House] Walkthrough

Open the top drawer of the cabinet. Inside you will find a matches box. Then go trough the door on the left.

Take the red wine opener that's on the shelf at the right side, then go take some blue books from the shelf in the middle.

Place the blue books in the fire place, and use the matches to light-up the fire.

Remove the rug next to the fireplace and you will reveal a secret door. Use the wine opener to open the secret door on the floor, and then go trough it.

Take the light bulb and return to the main room.

Now place the light bulb into the lamp, and your time machine will be charged.

Travel to the future and go to the fireplace room. You will find a branch on a yellow table. Then go down into the secret room and take the fire extinguisher.
Then travel to the past, and go into the next room.

Travel to the future, open the green barrel, and soak the branch into the oil that's in the barrel.
Travel to the past and light the branch on fire, into the fireplace.

Then travel to the future and fill the fire extinguisher with water, from the blue water tank.

Go to the main room, and use the burning branch to burn the vines that blocks the path to the axe. Use the fire extinguisher to put off the fire and take the axe

Go to the basement and use the axe to break the door in the middle. Now go into the new room.

Take the lamp on the left, then travel to the future and place the lamp on the right wall. Take the bottle, and return to the previous room. Place the wine bottle into the empty slot and a secret door will open.

Here you will find out the rest of the story, and after the dialogue ends, Chapter 7 ends as well.

The Silent Age - Episode 2 [Chapter 7] Walkthrough Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "The Silent Age" by "House on Fire"

The Silent Age Episode 2 - Chapter 6 - Walkthrough

The Silent Age Episode 2 [Chapter 6 -  The Island] Walkthrough

Look inside the cardboard box, and you will find a golden cup trophy.
Now open the back door of the car and take the tire jack and a blue wire.
Then move forward, to the boat.

Use the golden cup to empty the water that is inside the boat.
Then connect the blue wire to the boat's engine, and go inside the boat to leave the area.

Go to the gate, and use the tire jack to bend the metal bars, allowing you to go inside.

An alligator block the path, you must find a way to make him go away.
Get the bush scissors and use it to cut the fence, then go trough the hole in the fence

Go inside the metal trailer/RV

Use the light switch, near the door, to turn the lights on.
Then take the small red key near the table on the right.
Then go outside the trailer, and near the pool you will find an electricity panel.

Use the red key to open the electricity panel, and tap the button to turn the electricity ON, then turn it OFF.
Now the fish in the pool is fried, but you can't reach it.
Go the the barbecue grill and take the tongs, then use them to take the fish.

Now head back to the alligator area, and use the fish to feed the alligator.

Go to the right side an take the chainsaw. It is rusted, and you need to oil it a bit to make it work.

Head back inside the RV, and use the yellow barrel to oil the chainsaw, then go back to the alligator room.

Use the chainsaw to cut open the wood doors.
And this is where Chapter 6 of Episode 2 in Silent Age Ends.

The Silent Age - Episode 2 [Chapter 6] Walkthrough Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "The Silent Age" by "House on Fire"