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4 Pics 1 Word Level 351 to Level 400

The Answers are:

  • Level 351: Tile - black domino pieces, alphabet, bathroom tiles, man on roof
  • Level 352: Zombie - green zombie mummy, zombie doctor
  • Level 353: Japan - sushi, fuji mountain, asian girl with red umbrella
  • Level 354: Ruin - forest house, old stone building on hill, building in construction, damaged house
  • Level 355: Repair - auto mechanic under car, duct tape, carpentering tools
  • Level 356: Meditate - Buddha statue, yoga guru
  • Level 357: Foam - girl doing bath with foam, man hair washed, hand washing, man's face covered in shaving foam
  • Level 358: Skin - woman face with closed eyes, bruise, abdomen pinch, back rubbed with cream
  • Level 359: Hippie - family hitch-hiking, hipsters, painting with flowers 
  • Level 360: Funny - couple at cinema eating popcorn, clown
  • Level 361: Vampire - girls wearing vampires makeup, dracula, bat
  • Level 362: Night - girls sleeping on moon, street-lamp, dog sleeping, night sky
  • Level 363: Vacation - people skiing, man on mountain peak, couple reading map
  • Level 364: Grimace - ginger with hands on ears, girl with tales and eyes closed, girl with large glasses
  • Level 365: Gambling - 4 aces cards, roulette, slot machine, man in Vegas
  • Level 366: Mint - mint leafs, girl with toothbrush
  • Level 367: Driver - girl in car showing driving license, bus driver, limousine driver, woman in invisible car
  • Level 368: Warm - girls hugging, dog with comforter, feet on heat radiator, hot teacup
  • Level 369: Geometry - 3d shapes, geometry tools, squares drawing
  • Level 370: Poison - large red mushroom, man collecting snake poison, barrel with skeleton head on it, scorpion
  • Level 371: Poker - towers of poker chips, 4 kings and 1 ace, 4 aces, people playing cards
  • Level 372: Salty - blue water, potato chips, raw fish
  • Level 373: Souvenir - matriuska dolls, shoes, mini eiffel towers
  • Level 374: Rate - "%" sign, heart beat monitor, "%" inside a red house, money next to a house
  • Level 375: Stop - white palm on red round background sign, man ripping cigarette in half, traffic scheme, bus stop on road
  • Level 376: Color - hands colored in red yellow and blue, different color shades of hair, roles of colored fabric
  • Level 377: Patch - motor oil bottles, face with eye-patch on, finger patch, worker covering hole in asphalt
  • Level 378: Title - medieval dressed lady, king book, newspaper, boxing belt
  • Level 379: Security - security camera, bodyguard, police man with green vest
  • Level 380: Bait - gingerbread house, fishing rod with hook in water, mouse trap
  • Level 381: Panel - desk with lots of buttons, window panels
  • Level 382: Crumble - apple cut in small pieces, brick wall damaged, cookies, stone city ruins
  • Level 383: Trash - plastic bottles pile, large backhoes, full street trashcan
  • Level 384: Nirvana - man in water, Indian goddess, 30 inside sun, man doing yoga
  • Level 385: Staple - paper stapler, doctors in operation, staple packs
  • Level 386: Precious - chest with treasure inside, back full of gold, couple with newborn, diamonds stone
  • Level 387: Stretch - curved train tracks, white spray on hand, girls doing gymnastics, large curved river
  • Level 388: Breeze - clothes drying, woman with open hand on the beach, windmills, girl on green field
  • Level 389: Bookmark - http:// address bar, "Links" keyboard key, open book, closed book with bookmark
  • Level 390: Transit - metro tunnel, white bus, white minivan
  • Level 391: Vision - glasses, crystal bowl, eye
  • Level 392: Stories - old typing machine, opened book, lift buttons, girl whispering to another girl
  • Level 393: Look - glasses, woman eye, woman with large white hat, drawer filed with clothes
  • Level 394: Meal - glasses on table, worms, waiter serving table
  • Level 395: Transfer - smartphone sending info to laptop, man handcuffed, bus sign, printer 
  • Level 396: Bitter - man pouring medicine in spoon, grape, lemonade glass, bad taste cup
  • Level 397: Frost - frozen leaf, frozen tree, snowflake
  • Level 398: Save - goalkeeper with ball in hands, mouse cursor with hourglass
  • Level 399: Print - white letter on black background, newspapers, large paper rolls
  • Level 400: Bubble - girl making soap bubbles, chimp, blue ball, speach bubbles

4 Pics 1 Word [Level 351 to 400] - Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "4 Pics 1 Word" by Lotum

4 Pics 1 Word Level 301 to Level 350

The Answers are:

  • Level 301: Dominate - girl riding man, horses, finish line, woman sitting on man's back
  • Level 302: Strand - ship, blue DNA, black and white woman face, bottle on beach
  • Level 303: Mantle - kid with red cape and lightning sign on shirt, section of earth, fire place, woman with white fur coat
  • Level 304: Snap - woman pulling her hair, woman breaking white stick, man with palms on cheeks
  • Level 305: Dream - woman sleeping on white pillow, man and woman laying on the floor bellow white house, a statue, woman dreaming on things
  • Level 306: Medium -man dressed in black with open arms, clothing size tags, beef steak
  • Level 307: Spikes - snow climber boot, hedgehog
  • Level 308: Premiere - red carpet, woman in red on red carpet, blackboard, man in black suit holding newspaper
  • Level 309: Strip - plane on landing pad, beach, man stripping over women
  • Level 310: Bellows - old photo camera, harmonica, man with hand on ears
  • Level 311: Sewer - sewing machine, sewers pipes, woman with scissors in her hand
  • Level 312: Sharp - razor blade, glasses, kitchen knifes
  • Level 313: Traffic - green traffic light, city street with busy traffic, cars on street
  • Level 314: Wound - man bandaging his foot, woman with blood on finger, bruise, bandage on foot
  • Level 315: Heart - ace of hearts, section of human heart, defibrillator
  • Level 316: Basic - 1+1=2, paper wit "case" written on it
  • Level 317: Sweeten - sugar poured in cup, cup and spoon, honey on a spoon, honey in a jar
  • Level 318: Guide - tourist couple picture, 4 people on snow, 3 scouts girls
  • Level 319: Scavenge - hyena, man searching trough trash, trash bales, trash plant
  • Level 320: Rose - pink rose, red roses, rising graph
  • Level 321: Converse - pair of red sneakers, man and woman in bed, woman on phone, kids with can phone
  • Level 322: Window - horse head trough small window, glass windows, person cleaning window
  • Level 323: Mother - woman holding baby, duck with babys, lion with lionets, pregnant woman on bed
  • Level 324: Island - green island on water, palm tree, island in the middle of water, small mountains near water
  • Level 325: Beans - cocked beans, green beans, coffee cup in sack with beans
  • Level 326: Fruit - kid eating banana, woman with green apple in hand, glasses with grapes juice, pineapples
  • Level 327: Gift - red gift box, kids opening present box, man with gift box in hands
  • Level 328: Hero - cartoon with red cape standing on top of a mountain, kid wearing red cape and eye mask, green guy
  • Level 329: Bicycle - bike gear being oiled with spray, bicycle seat, chained bicycle
  • Level 330: Wine - red grapes, wine bottle near wood barrel, wine bottle cap
  • Level 331: Party - kids on birthday party, wine glasses, girls parting, girls dancing in club
  • Level 332: Pink - pink flowers, pink unicorn, baby dressed in pink clothes, pink car
  • Level 333: Sword - alien with jedi sword, Jack Sparrow, ninja samurai, knight with sword
  • Level 334: Sausage - baloney cut in half, sausage
  • Level 335: Brain - human brain, brain running on treadmill, neuron
  • Level 336: Airport - man buying airplane ticket, airplane being loaded, lifting airplane, airport seats
  • Level 337: Ghost - ghost in woods
  • Level 338: Pilot - aircraft pilots, pilot cap
  • Level 339: Diving - man with underwater mask, woman holding baby underwater, girl swimming underwater, two water divers
  • Level 340: Animal - two puppies, small squirrel, elephants, sheeps
  • Level 341: Snore - man sleeping and woman with hand on ears, man sleeping on couch, man snoring near woman with pillow on ears, elephant sleeping
  • Level 342: Stink - man spelling armpit, skunks, girl holding her nose
  • Level 343: Tooth - mouth with one missing tooth, tooth brushes, tooth fairy, tooth paste
  • Level 344: Father - man holding baby, man sleeping with baby, man and baby brushing teeth, man carrying kid on his back
  • Level 345: Bowling - shelf filed with shoes, bowling balls, strike, bowler
  • Level 346: Chair - leader chair with two cuts, green chair, girl sitting on chair, chair rows
  • Level 347: Cry - man on phone crying, baby crying, woman crying
  • Level 348: Kiss - boy kissing girl, lips, couple kissing, woman kissing man
  • Level 349: Couple - couple in ping heart blanket, two golden rings, old couple
  • Level 350: Effects - soccer ball in blue fire, disco lights, rainbow lights, red sky

4 Pics 1 Word [Level 301 to 350] - Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "4 Pics 1 Word" by Lotum

Escape Action - Level 99


Missing "F"

  1. Tap and drag the papers up, and get the wrench
  2. Select the wrench and tap the faucet 3 times
  3. Pick up the sponge and soak it in the sink
  4. Pull the rope
  5. Use the sponge to clean the dirty wood plank
  6. Count how many lines are for each color: GRAY=5, BLUE=8, GREEN=7.
  7. Pull the rope
  8. Tap the color buttons in the discovered order: Gray 5 times, Blue 8 times, Green 7 times.

Escape Action [Level 99] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape Action" by "Candy Mobile"

Escape Action - Level 98


Stop! Stop! Stop!

  1. Tap the green button
  2. Pick up the knife, and slice the leafs with it
  3. Tilt the device to adjust the compass
  4. Stop all the 3 compasses when the GREEN arrows are pointing to the crack on the wall

Escape Action [Level 98] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape Action" by "Candy Mobile"

Escape Action - Level 97

3 missing objects

Multi-tap, tap and shake

  1. Shake the device
  2. Get the windmill and put it on the top socket
  3. Make the mill spin
  4. There are 4 dots on the drum, tap it 4 TIMES
  5. Tap and hold the "4" and move it to the blank wood plate
  6. Move the "8" to the middle socket, and tap it 8 TIMES to activate it
  7. Get the bud and place it in the last socket
  8. Tap and shake the the water can to reveal a wet sponge
  9. Get the sponge, select it in the inventory, then tap and hold the bud for 5 SECONDS

Escape Action [Level 97] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape Action" by "Candy Mobile"

Escape Action - Level 96

Missing Spearhead

Code on the floor

  1. Get the matchbox under the paper
  2. Use the matchbox on the bomb
  3. Get the spearhead from the hole
  4. Select the spearhead in the inventory and put it on the middle gear
  5. "3129" on the floor is the hint, it means 3 o'clock, 12 o'clock and 9 o'clock
  6. Rotate the hears to match the clocks: TOP - 3 o'clock, MIDDLE - 12 o'clock, BOTTOM - 9 o'clock

Escape Action [Level 96] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape Action" by "Candy Mobile"

Escape Action - Level 94

no missing block

reverse thinking

  1. You have to fill the upper part of the frame with the tetris blocks
  2. Tap the BLUE piece once and move it to the left
  3. Move the PURPLE block to the right side of the BLUE block
  4. Tap the GREEN block twice and put it to the right
  5. Tap the YELLOW block once and put it to the right of the PURPLE piece
  6. Move the RED block to the right of the YELLOW block

Escape Action [Level 94] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape Action" by "Candy Mobile"

Escape Action - Level 93

Hidden Letters


  1. Memorize the order of the numbers on the cross
  2. Get the shovel and use it under the big ball
  3. Tilt the device to the left, so the ball will press the button
  4. The colorfull letters that appear indicate the objects in the level: T(torch), s(sponge), c(clock), p(photo), r(rhino), m(match)
  5. Now tap the objects in the numeric order that you memorized: rhino, torch, clock, match, sponge, photo

Escape Action [Level 93] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape Action" by "Candy Mobile"

Escape Action - Level 91

Room No.


  1. Tap the wood blocks under the window to see some numbers
  2. Change the two numbers to 4 - 4, and you will get 16
  3. Flip the phone upside-down
  4. Wait 5 seconds

Escape Action [Level 91] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Escape Action" by "Candy Mobile"