Friday, May 10, 2013

Blendoku Walkthrough

Blendoku is an innovating puzzle game, that centers on matching blocks of similar color shade. The puzzles will be easy in the beginning  but will gradually increase in difficulty as you advance the game, making it harder and harder to pass them. But don't despair we're here to help you :)

Blendoku 2 is out! Check the walkthrough here

Chose the level you got stuck on, to find the correct solution:

Simple Level 1 to Level 150

Medium Level 1 to Level 150

Hard Level 1 to Level 100

Master Level 1 to Level 75

Winter Level 1 to Level 50

Simpe 2 Level 1 to Level 150


  1. Where can I find all the other levels? Does anyone know?

    1. there isn't much demand for the paid levels... so i focused on other game...

  2. i need help on the medium 2 pack :(

  3. How can I restart where I left off, rather than back to the beginning (of the level?)