Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Escape Game Hospital Escape Walkthrough

"Escape Game Hospital Escape" is a puzzle game by "Neodots Creation", available for andriod and iphone. This time you are stuck inside a hospital, and you have to find a way to get out of it. To do so you will need to cheat your way, to find codes and keys and items that will help you escape this nightmare.

Even dough the game may seem pretty easy to pass you may find yourself in need of a guide to walk you through the game, well you are in the right place.

  1. Pick up the battery from the drawer
  2. Get the second battery from the clock

  1. Go to the desk and pick up the remote control
  2. Insert the batteries in the remote

  1. Now go back in the first room, and use the remote to turn on the tv
  2. Remember the channels numbers: 2141

  1. Now go to the main lobby, and tap the coffee machine

  1. Enter the code that you discovered on the TV: 2141
  2. Pick up the key

  1. Now tap the second blue door
  2. Use the key to open the "STORE ROOM"

  1. Pick up the orange rug
  2. Pick up the metal bar
  3. Get the doctor mouth cover
  4. Get the hammer behind the red cabinet
  5. Return to the main lobby

  1. Get the red file container on the floor
  2. Enter the first blue door

  1. Place the orange rug under the "STAFF ROOM" door
  2. Tap the glass on the door

  1. Use the hammer to break the glass
  2. Use the metal bar to press the key nail, and the key will fall on the rug
  3. Tap the rug
  4. Get the key
  5. Put the green mask on
  6. Use the key to open the door

  1. Get the blue apple
  2. Open the red file, that you picked previously from the floor, and you see the code: 5413, use it to open the first aid cabinet, and get the orange glass container
  3. Get a purple book from the shelf, open it and get the code: 25232
  4. Use the code to open the first aid kit box, and pick a red key from it
  5. Use the red key to open the green cabinet, and pick a gray key from the top pokey of the coat

  1. Go back to the first aid cabinet, and use the key to open the safe, and get a key card from it

  1. Return to the desk in the main lobby
  2. Tap the blue apple and open it to get a key
  3. Use the key to open the second shelf 
  4. Pick up the paper ball
  5. Unfold the paper by tapping it several times
  6. Use the orange solution on the paper to reveal the code: 06983

  1. Go trough the first blue door in the main lobby, and then tap the left side to go to the "EXIT" door
  2. Enter the code: 06983 in the key panel to open the door

  1. Congratulations, you've escaped from the hospital