Friday, August 14, 2015 Login/Register Captcha Tutorial

Many of you non-russian guys heard of is a good and trustworthy source of getting modded games or apps of any mobile device, including android phones and iphones. Only catch is that you need to have an account to be able to download them and a while back some nasty captcha verification codes were introduced when you want to login or register an account on
If you know what the security codes mean you will see there are quite easy to solve.

The guide below is not needed anymore, for log-in, even if you enter the wrong captcha, 4pda will send you an email with a link that will automatically authenticate you on the site.
So, just enter your username and password and leave captcha field blank, and check the box labeled "Я не могу ввести ответ" (I can not enter an answer). You will receive an email containing a link that will authenticate you on the forum.

Don't leave your email/password in the comments for someone else to make an account for you. Read the tutorial and do it yourself. Comments that contain emails/passwords will be DELETED!

Read the guide below if you want to register a new account on 4pda, because captcha is still needed there.

The captcha codes are just numbers written in Russian with no spaces, they are made from 4 digits, ex: 2450 - written like this "twothousand andforty fivehundreds".

How to translate the Russian captcha

First thing you need is to know how the numbers are written in Russian:
0 - ноль
1 - один
2 - два
3 - три
4 - четыре
5 - пять
6 - шесть
7 - семь
8 - восемь
9 - девять
10 - десять
11 - одинадцать
12 - двенадцать
13 - тринадцать
14 - четырнадцать
15 - пятнадцать
16 - шестнадцать
17 - семнадцать
18 - восемнадцать
19 - девятнадцать
20 - двадцать
10 - десять
20 - двадцать
30 - тридцать
40 - сорок
50 - пятьдесят
60 - шестьдесят
70 - семьдесят
80 - восемьдесят
90 - девяносто
100 - сто
100 - сто
200 - двести
300 - триста
400 - четыреста
500 - пятьсот
600 - шестьсот
700 - семьсот
800 - восемьсот
900 - девятсот
1000 - тысяча
1000 - тысяча
2000 - две тысячи
3000 - три тысячи
4000 - четыре тысячи
5000 - пять тысяч
6000 - шесть тысяч
7000 - семь тысяч
8000 - восемь тысяч
9000 - девять тысяч
10000 - десять тысяч
Now you need to look for this characters in your security code, start with the thousands, than hundred, tens and finally the single digits.

Here's a example

The number in the image above is 8691
Red - восемь тысяч (8000)
Yellow - шестьсот (600)
Blue - девяносто (90)
Purple - один (1)

Final Tips

You will probably have to give it a few tries until you get the correct number, here are some final tips to make it easier: 
  1. Some of the letters used in Russian language can be written in several ways like: Б=б, so what you see in the image may not be written exactly as the list of numbers here.
  2. When you log-in refresh the page a few times, until you'll see an easier captcha image.
  3. The numbers in the images start with Uppercase letters so you can easily see where a word starts and where it ends.
  4. Look for the first 2 and last 2 characters in a number, this makes it faster to find the number.
  5. Remember the order: 4 digits, 3 digits, 2 digits and last 1 digit.
If you know a faster and easier way to solve the security codes on please share it with us :)


  1. Thank you so much. This is really helped me. I solve the captcha one try. :)

  2. thanks buddy......vry usefullllllllll

  3. Awwww... Oh man. You just save my life. I can be freak with this kind of captcha. Verrrrry thanks.

  4. Thank you so much Sir.
    I really appreciate it...
    You helped quite a lot...
    May you have no such problem in your life and may all your wishes be fulfilled...

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    2. I tried this for 2 hours now, enogh is enogh. The letters in the capcha all look complete different than on this guide here. Are u guys having fun in trolling people and letting them waste their time for nothing? Poor bastards u are.

      Seems like only russians can solve this, postings here are just lies! Don't trust this Guide at all!

      So u have to learn whole russian first to solve this, or someone write a capcha bot

    3. I said in the guide that those russian numbers are written in several way, not sure why... The letters here are taken from wikipedia, and I haven't stated it will work from the first try, it takes me usually 4-5 tires until I get it right.
      You were probably very unlucky and got only complicated captchas. As I said in the post, refresh the page until you see an easier captcha, with characters that are posted here...

    4. The letters in CAPTCHA are in handwritten Cyrillic ( Letters in guide are in printed Cyrillic. That's why they look different.

  6. Ok tried it now, seems that the captcha is not needed anymore, even if you enter the wrong captcha, if the username and password is correct, 4pda will send you an email.
    In the email you will see a link that will auto login you when you click on it.

  7. IT says to me i can only use some .ru emial, it wont accept gmail or yahoo, whats up with that?

  8. Got successfully registered and logged in.

    alternative you can use virtual RU keyboard at google taranslator

  9. this guide helped me to login, i asked 2 diffrent russians but they was't able to help me!

  10. u are awesome.....thanx a lot

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  13. 3 hour trying bu no luck somebody please make me a username in 4pda

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    Account created successfully!

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  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

    I used the above guide and it worked after a few attempts. I also viewed the source of the login pages to see what the form field placeholders said and translated them to find out what went into each field. In case it helps anyone else...

  18. Thankyou very much for sharing this helpful article

  19. I have tried for ages but had no luck in registering.

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  22. WOW!! I finally registered my 4pda accoun!! Thanks a lot!!

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    Took 10 minutes but finally worked :D

  24. Thank you so much, I lost several hours trying to register and I was so close to finish of understand it... but finally with your tutorial i solved the captcha!!! ;)

  25. Tried about 20 codes, but i am finally registred :)
    "m" in code is "t" sometimes.

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  28. I ve had an account on 4pda for a couple of years, but havent been able to login for a long time - I never get the email.

  29. I was able to register thanks to your method (thank you), but it doesn't matter.
    They tell you: Registration successful. We'll send you an email with a link to activate your account. BUT THEY NEVER SEND YOU. So, don't become mad trying to resolve the captcha. (like I did...)

  30. are you sure you spelled the email address right? You checked the for the email in the spam folder also?

  31. THAT'S RIGHT! It was in the spam folder because of language!

    You saved all my work!. THANK YOU VERY MUCH another again!

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  33. Thank you very much.I have succeed.

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  35. I can't do it. Some characters are different. Damn. Can somone help me? :( gonna send u the captcha and u will tell me what is exactly written in the image. pleasee

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  38. thanks a lot it really helped.. i was searching for captcha image for about 1 hour but when i found this page that captcha seemed a 2 minute work .. now i have a 4pda account..

  39. help i need an account please help me
    i couldnt do it someone help

    1. Read the tutorial... Is not hard at all to figure out the captcha

    2. Make sure the username you're trying is 100% going to be unique, the username is the first box you fill in, then password, confirm password, email and then the captcha.

      I was getting an error when trying to complete the registration and was pulling my hair out thinking it was because I was getting the captcha wrong but it was just the username I was trying was taken or invalid! :|

  40. Amazing, didn't think I'd ever find a way to sign up, thank you so much :)

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  43. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I finally managed to register :)

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  45. Hey. I am a native speaker of the Russian language. If someone needs help with it, write to

    I'll be glad to help :)

  46. Goddamn this helped.i It's still challenging, in a fun way.

  47. I succeeded in my second attempt. I appreciate it very much.

  48. Thanks. It was really hard to determine the numbers..

  49. Thank you thank you thank you, took me 2 trials and it worked

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  55. Thank you. It worked after a few tries.

    I'll give you some tips how to know the numbers easily, first see all the 4 Capital letters, second check the first 3 characters
    thats all :)
    sorry for my english :P

  57. Anyone can help me to make a account for ** pls? I'm verry bad with russian language.. thx..

    Email contact:

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  59. Nice... after initially thinking "OMG i'm never gonna pass this" i've solved it on 3rd try thx to this help, tyvm!

  60. thx, took a couple trys but got it

  61. Anyone can help me to make a account for ** pls? I'm verry bad with russian language.. thx..

    Email contact:

    1. I had lost my password for 4PDA so i needed a way to read the Russian captcha but now the captcha change automatically each 90 seconds which was to short for me to decipher the Russian captcha.

      So my solution was to find s service who alloew to buy only $1usd to decipher captcha and luckily I've found one:

      They have an chrome extension so that's what I used to resolve the 2 captcha, one to reset my password and the other to login once my password is reset.

      To be able to buy for only $1 I used my credit card the payement is processed by third company that are safe to use.

      So for $1 you will be able to solve 1000 captchas...

      Once my account was unlocked I just disabled the extension for security and I will re-enable it when I will need it.

    2. Good to know, but I doubt many people will pay money for captcha solver...

  62. God bless you whoever made this! :) thank you

  63. Thank you so much :) really help me

  64. Its Outdated Captcha.. There is nothing on the list..

  65. Install app from playstore it doesn't show any captcha and you can register from app. I find this after banging my head for months.

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  67. Hi.
    Hey! Your article has been of great help for me. Thank you!! I have been able to create my account in 4PDA without problem. I just wanted to tell you a couple of things:

    1. Number 0 can also be written in russian as Нуль
    2. Number 1 can also be written as Одна.
    3. Number 11 and number 900 are badly written. Numbers 11 and 900 be written Одиннадцать and Девятьсот respectively.
    4. The number 1000 can also be written as Тысячи or also Одна тысяча.
    5. I think the fastest way to be able to decipher the captcha is to sort the numbers according to the first letter with which they start, to be clear I made this list ordered in alphabetical form to find more easily and quickly a determined number according to its first letter. This is my modified list in accordance with what I have mentioned, I think it's going to be very useful for everyone.

    2 Два
    9 Девять
    10 Десять
    12 Двенадцать
    19 Девятнадцать
    20 Двадцать
    90 Девяносто
    200 Двести
    900 Девятьсот
    2000 Две тысячи
    9000 Девять тысяч

    8 Восемь
    18 Восемнадцать
    80 Восемьдесят
    800 Восемьсот
    8000 Восемь тысяч

    7 Семь
    17 Семнадцать
    40 Сорок
    70 Семьдесят
    100 Сто
    700 Семьсот
    7000 Семь тысяч

    0 Hоль or Нуль

    1 Один оr Одна
    11 Одиннадцать
    1000 Одна тысяча

    3 Три
    13 Тринадцать
    30 Тридцать
    300 Триста
    1000 Тысячи or Тысяча or Одна тысяча
    3000 Три тысячи

    6 Шесть
    16 Шестнадцать
    60 Шестьдесят
    600 Шестьсот
    6000 Шесть тысяч

    4 Четыре
    14 Четырнадцать
    400 Четыреста
    4000 Четыре тысячи

    5 Пять
    15 Пятнадцать
    50 Пятьдесят
    500 Пятьсот
    5000 Пять тысяч

    Note that I started with the letter "Д" as it seems like an "A", and I finalized with the letters Ш and Ч that seem "W" and "Y" respectively.

  68. Thanks a ton.Created an account successfully.Following the "Example" & reading "Final Tips"carefully,nailed it for me.