Saturday, June 29, 2013

Riddle That [Season 1] Level 9

1. You will have to adjust the RGB (red green blue) sliders until you match the 3 colors above.
2. For fuchsia (purple):
  • Red slider far right
  • Green slider far left
  • Blue Slider far right
3. For light green:
  • Red slider far left
  • Green slider far right
  • Blue Slider middle-right
4. For dark blue:
  • Red slider middle-left
  • Green slider middle-right
  • Blue Slider right close to the end.

Riddle That [Season 1] Level 5

1. Put your finger in the bottom right corner and slide the piece of paper upward to reveal a keycode panel.
2. Now the hint tells you that he wears Hugo Boss suits, Omega clock and drives an Aston Martin. If you are a movies fan you already figured it out is James Bond, agent 007.
So enter 007 and go to the next level.

Riddle That Walkthrough

Riddle That is a puzzle game that takes it to the next step... The game is divided in seasons each having at least 10 challenging levels. Some of the levels are quite hard to pass, and requires knowledge of math and other things you've learned in school (or at least you should have learned :) ).

Chose bellow the level you got stuck at: