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The Guides Walkthrough

The Guides walkthrough, cheats, solutions for all levels! Consisting of hundreds of extremely challenging codes, puzzles and interactive ciphers, The Guides is a journey that will challenge your wit, stretch your imagination and test your ingenuity in unique and innovative ways.
Some of the levels in The Guides will really put your brain to work, so don't get upset if you can't solve all of the levels on your own. If you need help to pass a level the walkthrough on this page will help you accomplish that. I tried to make the walkthrough as compact as I could, so if you still need further explications just leave a comment and I'll give them there...
The Guides Section 1 Walkthrough
Level #Solution
Level 1Tap the blue circle, then tap on Y(es).
Level 2Tap the circle with red dots around.
Level 3The number on top gives you the order to tap the circles: BROWN - ORANGE - BROWN - ORANGE - ORANGE - BROWN
Level 4Type "FOUR" with the ingame keyboard and hit "submit"
Level 5Make the missing numbers to 1 (the coloured circles) and 0 (the hollow circles)
Level 6Translate the binary code 01110011 01110100 01101111 01110000 with the keyboard to get the solution: "stop"
Level 7The answer is 4251 (Input settings: 4251)
Level 8The missing letter is "C"
Level 9There is a red "c" find it and tap it
Level 10Put the letters together to make the word "NIGHT"
Level 11The hint says "“<--- b="" esrever="">", so read the highlighted letters from bottom to top to find the solution: "I AM ONLY HUMAN"
Level 12Here the hits is "primrose" which is a synonym to "yellow". Put the yellow highlighted letters to form the solutions: "PERSISTENCE"
Level 13Spin the circles until you match all the orange, black and brown dots...
Level 14Hits says "Reference: 01.07", go back to Level 7 and you'll see the word "Division" highlighted in orange (as the [] in current level). Solve the equation XII / IV = 3. Enter 3 or III to solve the level.
Level 15Hint says "“a = x | b= y | c= z . . .” and the 3 arrows pointing left are another hint, they tell you to go back 3 letters, now you know how to turn "VKLIW" into "SHIFT".
Level 16Go back to the menu and use the new decoder, that allows you to shift any letters back, any number of times. Use it to decode "PMOI E FEH WXEV", the 4 arrows tells you to shift them 4 letters! You'll then get the solution: "LIKE A BAD STAR"
Level 17The hint "S > J > N > E > M" is the initials of planets in solar system: Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Earth, Mars. You need to tap them from biggest to smallest, so tap the circles that way...
Level 18Morse Code for "SIGNAL". You can translate it in-game by swiping the screen to the left.
Level 19Another Morse Code, now a new decoder is available in the menu, use it to translate it and get the solutions: "SKY"
Level 20Follow the number, from 1 to 7 and you'll get the word: "DELAYED"
Level 21There are 4 hidden letters in there: "sdvw". The hint says "+3", use the decoder to shift "sdvw" by 3 letters and you'll find the solution: "PAST"
Level 22Match the two images, the numbers under the highlighted letters gives you the order to use them to form this word: "CEREBRAL"
Level 23You can see this letters: "VG VF FVZCYR", there are also 13 orange dots in the image. Use the “a >> d” decoder to shift the letters 13 times and get the solution: "It is simple".
Level 24In this level the thing are reversed, the filled circles are "1" and the hollow circles are "0". Convert the circles to numbers: "01110011 01100101 01101110 01110011" and use the binary decoder to get: "SENSES".
Level 25The hit is actually the solution of the previous level "SENSES". Convert SENSES to cardinal points and tap the circles in that order: "SOUTH - EAST - NORTH - SOUTH - EAST - SOUTH"
The Guides Section 2 Walkthrough
Level #Solution
Level 1Press the two circles at the same time.
Level 2Top blue circle...
Level 3Put the letters in the order given by the colored dots to get "ENIGMA".
Level 4Sort the letters "t s h m e t w w e t e f k s s" by color to get "the weeks" and "smtwtfs". smtwtfss are actually initials for the days in a week, and the last "s" is highlighted, and it's "Saturday".
Level 5Find what letters are under the circles to get the solution: "ACCEPT".
Level 6Swipe the screen to the left to learn that "TRUE = locked" so by deduction "FALSE = unlocked", so the solution for level 6 is "FALSE"
Level 7Swipe the screen and solve the ecuation: 2 x 2 = 4; 4 + 36 = 40; 40/2 = 20; 20 – 2 = 18. Now decode "FGLW" by shifting 18 letters to get "NOTE".
Level 8Only underlined word is "IMPORTANT"
Level 9You need to remember the arrows fading in and out...
Level 10Now tap the arrows in the order you seen in level 9: "Right - Right - Left - Right, Up - Down - Left - Up - Down - Left", the arrows will also spell this phrase: "“STICK TO THE SIDE ROADS”, which you'll use in the next level.
Level 11The number "00000" is actually the word "ROADS" from the phrase in the previous level "STICK TO THE SIDE ROADS"
Level 12Rotate the tiles until you match the patterns...
Level 13Sort the letters it "THEY HELP MAKE INTERESTING THOUGHTS" by colors, and arrange them in the order given by the dots below to get the word "SEMAPHORE"
Level 14The hint says: "(1, 1)(2, 5)(6, 2)(2, 2)(6, 3)" which are coordinates for Column and Row. Use the to find the letters and spell: "ARIEL"
Level 15Swipe the screen and take a look at the decode sequence. Go back to the main screen and find the corresponding letters: "NLQNUXW". You will need to decode them, but first you need the number to shift the letters, you can see that "stage integer = 7" and on the main screen "07 =  +9" so shift the letters 9 times to get the solution: "SATELLITE"
Level 16The hint here is: "(6, 3)(6, 2)(3, 5)(4, 5)((2, 2)(2, 4)", you need to go back to Level 14 and find the letters that spell: "LISTEN".
Level 17This one is a Morse Code, audio version (currently bugged). It's says "... -" which is "3" decoded. There are also "3" dots surrounding the earth image...
Level 18Go to the Stella Command Statement and decode the binary and morse codes. You will obtain "xrxxe24xdx", decode the 24 again to get "xrxxexdx". Now remove all the "x" and you will remain with the solution: "RED"
Level 19Decode the numbers "3 25 4 15 14 9 1" in the "1 >> a" decoder to get the solution: "CYDONIA".
Level 20Convert the numbers into letters by going back to Level 14, you'll get "FYIKQOC". You need to decode it, but the shift value is missing, to find it slide the screen to the left and you'll see "System security key equals the sum of null values". Null values are the brown dots and their sum is 10. Now you can decode FYIKQOC to get the solution: "VOYAGES".
Level 21The hint in this levels is "RIVED IONS". Use it to reorder the numbers in STELLA and get "7 18 15 15 13 12 1 11 5", now decode it to letters to get the solution: "GROOMLAKE"
Level 22The hit is "D + V + R + S + N" and the photo says "ADD 13". You need to go back to Level 21 and convert the letters to numbers and solve the equation: "13 + 15 + 7 + 5 + 11 + 13 = 64". So the answer is "64".
Level 23Line-up the  rows and you will be able to find the word "BASE" written vertically.
Level 24The hint is "bWFyaW5lcg==". You will also have a new decoder now, called "==", enter just "bWFyaW5lcg" in the new decoder to get the solution: "MARINER".
Level 25Extract the first letter from each word in "Mars, Curiosity Might Locate Xenolith In X-Ray" to get the Roman number "MCMLXIX", this number is "1969".
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Note: This is "The Guides" by "Kevin Bradford"