Sunday, November 1, 2015

TileMap Walkthrough

TileMap walkthrough, cheats, solutions for all levels, for android devices and ios devices. Check you brain abilities in new unusual puzzle TileMap.
At each level, you need to locate the tiles in such a manner that their joints will receive a circle of exactly the same color. Replace and rotate the tiles to upbuild the correct map. The larger amount of tiles involved in the game, the more difficult to match them. Remember that at same level you have several correct solutions
Although TileMap doesn't look really polished is an good and addictive puzzle game, it only has 40 levels, but they get gradually harder and beating the game will prove challenging.
If you can't find the solutions to some of the levels, and you are tired of trial and error, the walkthrough on this page will help you pass all the levels... Just pick the level you can't solve below!

If you have the solutions for the last 2 levels please share them with us.