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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "D"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter D. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
If you can't find the question you are looking for, or the answer is wrong, just leave a comment here and we'll fix it asap!

Daenerys __, is played by Emilia Clarke: targaryen
Dagger type weapon on the end of a gun muzzle: bayonet
Daily frequency: quotidian
Daily record of experiences, observations: journal
Daily records of events: diaries
Dairy much used in french cuisine: butter
Dairy product made by churning milk: butter
Dairy product used as a pizza topping: cheese
Dairy rejecters: vegans
Daisy __, Rey, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens: ridley
Dali painted __ and Hand: apparatus
Dali's melting watches were inspired by this cheese: camembert
Dallas __ play at the American Airlines Center: mavericks
Dallas basketball team added to NBA in 1980: mavericks
Dam-making river creatures: beavers
Damage of any kind to the body: injury
Dame Helen __, English actress: mirren
Dan Castellaneta voices Homer __: simpson
Dan Conner on Roseanne, John __: goodman
Dana __; an FBI agent and doctor on The X-Files: scully
Dance form of emotional intensity, foot stamping: flamenco
Dance marked by flowing movements across the room: foxtrot
Dance music causing change of consciousness: trance
Dances using the tip of her toes: ballerina
dandy: popinjay
Dangerous __, period piece with Glenn Close: liaisons
Dangerous coagulated mass in arteries: blood clot
Dangerous mineral once used in construction: asbestos
Daniel __, Harry Potter Actor: radcliffe
Danish short film about a hospital friendship: helium
Danny __ played Louie De Palma in Taxi: devito
Dante __, writer who gave us the Divine Comedy: alighieri
Dante's hell with nine circles of suffering: inferno
Dardel, __ post-impressionist painter: swedish
Dark absorbent fuel made of burning wood: charcoal
Dark azure edible fruit: blueberry
Dark form that is cast from the light on an object: shadow
Dark green nutty legume from French volcanic soil: puy lentil
Dark red-brown color; someone stuck on an island: maroon
Dark, solid substance used for roads, pathways: asphalt
Dark, ugly acne lesions: blackhead
Darren __, director of Black Swan: aronofsky
Darwin's evolution islands: galapagos
Dashboard in a car with controls: console
Data that proves the facts: evidence
Date in which Magi reached their destination: epiphany
Dating __, a matchmaking business: agency
Dating game show hosted by Chris Harrison: bachelor
Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra: iphigenia
Daughter of Necker and critic of Napoleon: de stael
Daughter of Zeus and Leto, Apollo's twin sister: artemis
Daughters of a brother or sister: nieces
Dauntless, gutsy: intrepid
David __, author of Cloud Atlas: mitchell
David __, Californication star, Agent Mulder: duchovny
David __, known for his book Cloud Atlas: mitchell
David __, magician and endurance artist: blaine
David __, US TV talk show host for 33 years: letterman
David Bowie's androgynous alter ego Ziggy __: stardust
David Bowie, the __ of rock: chameleon
David Furnish is married to this pianist: elton john
David killed him with a slingshot: goliath
David Lynch cult TV series: twin peaks
Davy __, folk hero killed at The Alamo: crockett
Davy Crockett: Born on a mountain top in __: tennessee
Davy Jones's locker: seafloor
Dawn: daylight
Day __, speculation of stocks, currencies: trading
Day of __, holy day also known as Yom Kippur: atonement
Day of the week that starts the Sabbath: friday
DC's Legends of __, TV series about superheroes: tomorrow
Dead ball restart situation after foul in soccer: free kick
Dead body, cadaver: corpse
Dead Calm, The __, and Titanic actor, Billy Zane: phantom
Dead Man __, Sean Penn is on death row: walking
Dead without a will: intestate
Deadly, fatal: lethal
Deadpool villain, MMA Strikeforce fighter, Gina __: carano
Dealer, usually in expensive fabrics: mercer
Dealing with something, minimizing stress: coping
Dear Abby column writer's last name: phillips
Death __ Her, Streep, Willis, Hawn black comedy: becomes
Death of living cells and tissues by many causes: necrosis
Death's walking stick, farming tool: scythe
Debbie __, actress of Singin' in the Rain: reynolds
Debts or money owed: liability
Debuted in 1966; adventures of the USS Enterprise: star trek
Decay in morals: decadence
Decayed and rotten: putrid
Deceased Blues Brother, comedian brother: belushi
December 26, Saint's Day in Ireland: stephen
Decency, decorum: propriety
Deceptively affable, for the Irish: sleeveen
Decidedly not what a shrinking violet is like: extrovert
Deciduous tree with dark purple berries: mulberry
Deciphered: decoded
Decision requiring no thought: no brainer
Decisive battle of the Chinese Civil War in 1940s: huaihai
Declare abandonment of: renounce
Decongestants shrink __ membranes in noses: swollen
Decorate architectural forms with miniatures: purfle
Decorated, ornaments added to something: adorned
Decorating something with stripes: striping
Decoration at the foot of a printed page: tailpiece
Decoration that is sewn onto a piece of cloth: appliqué
Decorative piece of a car wheel: hubcap
Decorative wheel cover on a car: hubcap
Decorative wheel covers on a car: hubcaps
Decorative, if not practical: fanciful
Decreased oxygen to tissues, choking, also fatal: asphyxia
Decree, declare, pronounce formally: adjudge
Decryption code: cipher
Deep and narrow __ from a stream or river: ravine
Deep and painful regret about something: remorse
Deep blue-violet color; a plant used to make dye: indigo
Deep blue; the birthstone of September: sapphire
Deep green stone; May's birthstone: emerald
Deep purple-reddish color: dubonnet
Deep swimming flatfish; Ariel's yellow friend: flounder
Deep water fishing boat using many baited hooks: long liner
Deep-fried vigna mungo Indian dessert, jhangiri: imarti
Default font used in MS Word since 2007: calibri
Defender of women's rights: feminist
Defensive player between second and third basemen: short stop
Defensive walls in battlements: bulwarks
Defibrillation for car battery: jump start
Defibrillation is an __ shock to the chest or heart: electric
Deficiency in red blood cell production: anemia
Defined by a concern with beauty or good taste: aesthetic
Defoliant used during Vietnam War Agent __: orange
Defunct NYC women's fashion store, __ Teller: bonwit
Degas painted L' __: absinthe
Degree of prominence in words, phrases: accent
Deliberate destruction or failure: sabotage
Delicate facial hairs that add expression: eyebrows
Delivered by politicians as a rule: screeds
Delivery of supplies by plane with a parachute: airdrop
Della Reese TV series, __ by an Angel: touched
Deltiology is the collection of these items: postcards
Delusional parasitosis is a belief you have __: parasites
Delusions of __, unqualified greatness: grandeur
Demand's better half: supply
Demonic representations of Satan: devils
Demonophobia is the fear of evil __: demons
Deng __, leader of China from 1978-1989: xiaoping
Denis __, French philosopher of the Encyclopédie: diderot
Denise __, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen: richards
Denoting grammatical person, a __ pronoun: personal
Dense chocolate square treat popular in the US: brownie
Dental __ is to prevent cavities: sealant
Dental __, liquid metal filling for cavities: amalgam
Dental __, surgical fixture for missing teeth: implant
Deny someone proximity: push away casino host
Depart secretly and quickly to avoid capture: abscond
Department that takes care of radioactive waste: energy
Depression from a collapsing volcanic center: caldera
Deputy sheriff, gunslinger at the O.K. Corral: wyatt earp
Derogatory term for an intellectual person: egghead
Derogatory term for impoverished neighborhood: ghetto
Des __, Hawkeye capital named after French fort: moines
Describes a car with a hinged rear door: hatchback
Describes a horse with a reddish-brown coat: chestnut
Describes a petite nose turned up at the tip: retrousse
Describes a stepped waterfall, a torrent of water: cascading
Describing word, found before a noun: adjective
Descrimination based on how old you are: ageism
Desert and reward seldom keep __: company
Desert horned __ has many different horns all over: lizard
Deserted, abandoned: defected
Deserved to be laughed at: risible
Designated locations for boats in a harbor: berths
Designed to protect from the sunlight: sunglass
Designed to serve food; buffet table; plural in UK: sideboard
Designer of buildings: architect
Desire to purchase a product by the public: demand
Desires are __ by delays: nourished
Dessert with a creamy consistency: pudding
Dessert: Rice, bread, chocolate: pudding
Destroying: wrecking
Detailing, itemizing, numbering: listing
Detective __ Harris, Denzel's role in Training Day: alonzo
Determination of who keeps a minor child: custody
Determine by calculating, usually on a computer: compute
Detroit __ played at Joe Louis Arena: red wings
Detroit car brand started by GM: cadillac
Detroit sound that brought us Temptations: motown hearing aid
Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Old __: testament
Deux-__, west French dept named after two rivers: sèvres
Developed radio telegraph system, Guglielmo __,: marconi
Developed the 1st blood transfusion service: bethune
Developing, improving: evolving
Deviate away from the main topic: digress
Deviation from the rule, form, arrangement: anomaly
Device flattens the "wrinkles" in female hair: hair iron
Device in a car used to start the engine: starter
Device invented in the Middle Ages: windmill
Device polishes, improves chocolate quality: conche
Device sends medicine to lungs for asthma victims: inhaler
Device that can be used without connecting cord: wireless
Device that cooks food by exposing it to radiation: microwave
Device that sends electrical shocks to the heart: pacemaker
Device to capture photos; most cellphones have it: camera
Device to control a character in a computer game: joystick
Device to measure fractions of time; used in races: stopwatch
Device to turn something on or off: switch
Device used by police to restrain people: handcuff
Device used to gain Internet access: router
Device used to open a tin: can opener
Device used to preserve food at low temperatures: freezer
Device used to surf the web: computer
Device used to take photos: camera
Device used to transfer images into a computer: scanner
Device uses the shadow of the Sun for navigation: backstaff
Devices used to stop a car: brakes
Devil's __; supporter of unpopular opinion: advocate
Devoid of freedom or liberty: captivity
Devoted love, worship: adoration
Devotion, fondness, love: affection
Dewey's pre Internet book categorizing system: decimal
Dhirubhai __, founder of Reliance Industries: ambani
Diabolical boiled egg dish: deviled
Diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye: iridology
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses: medicine
Diamonds __, Prince's song about precious stones: and pearls
Diana Ross and The __: supremes
Diaphragm spazzing: hiccups
Diathermy uses heat to destroy __ cells: abnormal
Dictatorial order: diktat
Die-cast vehicles first sold in cardboard packs: matchbox
Died of a heart attack while filming Wagons East!: john candy
Diego Rivera's famous painting, __ Leader Zapata: agrarian
Difference between bid and stock asking prices: spread
Different colored skullcap worn by RC clergy: zucchetto
Different forms of a gene; dominant or recessive: alleles
Different pieces of cloth sewn together: patchwork
Dig a corpse out of the ground: exhume
Dig Dug's hero wins by __ and killing monsters: digging
Digestive organ comes in small, large sizes: intestine
Digestive organ; cows have four of them: stomach
Digital __, photographic revolution, no film needed: cameras
Digital cell phone, __ phone, portable, moving: mobile
Digital music service fought with Taylor Swift: spotify
Digital representation: avatar
Digital Voice __, used by journalists, students: recorder
Diminishing __, profits don't match effort: returns
Dinosaur, anagram of parrot: raptor
Dionne Warwick composer, Burt __: bacharach
Diplomat and chief weapons inspector over Iraq: hans blix
Dipping dish, usually made of cheese or chocolate: fondue
Dipping sauce for egg rolls or spring rolls: plum sauce
Dipsophobia is fear of drinking __: alcohol
Direct competitor of Atari 2600 in the late 1970s: astrocade
Directions or position while flying: bearing
Director of Gallipoli and Picnic at Hanging Rock: peter weir
Director who doesn't shy away from bloodshed: tarantino
Dirty Harry's Irish surname: callahan
Dirty Harry's last name: callahan
Dirty move, under-the-belt punch: low blow
Disagreement; what a lawyer would say: objection
Disastrous drop of snow on a mountain: avalanche
Disciple of Jesus, also identified as Bartholomew: nathanael
Discipline of forces producing or changing motion: kinetics
Discipline which explores celestial bodies: astronomy
Disconcerted, embarassed, ashamed of: abashed
Discontinue little by little: phase out
Discount vouchers you cut out: coupons
Discounted branded clothing store __ Rack: nordstrom
Discover existence of something: detect
Discovering: finding
Discovery channel's annual deep sea event: shark week
Discriminatory tax on female hygiene products: pink tax
Discuss something for mutual benefit: negotiate
Disdainfully or skeptically humorous: sardonic
Disease associated with dogs and foaming mouths: rabies
Disease that causes loss of taste function: ageusia
Disease that causes production of too few steroids: addison
Disease with serious outbreak in Brazil in 2015: zika virus
Diseases that affect the tissues around teeth: pyorrhea
Disguised, with false identity: incognito
Dish made with ground beef and other ingredients: meatloaf
Dish that is cooked in an oven; green bean __: casserole
Dish typical from Southern states made with maize: cornbread
Dishes, utensils, glasses, coasters, forks: tableware
Dishonest public official, with no integrity: corrupt
Dishwasher __, small dishwashers: drawer
Disinfectant soap: carbolic
Dismount from a horse, vehicle, motorcycle: alight
Disney hit about tundra and sister's love: frozen
Disney story of Anna and Elsa: frozen
Disney's animation with classical music: fantasia
Disney's The Sword and the Rose is based in __: england
Disobedient or mischievous: naughty
Disorder of severe uneasiness: anxiety
Disorder of sight; brain ignores an eye, "lazy eye": amblyopia
Disposable drinking vessel: paper cup
Dissimilar, non-identical , distinctive, different: diverse
Distance east or west from the Prime Meridian: longitude
Distance event includes running, swimming, biking: triathlon
Distinction, prestige: cachet
Distress caused by the mind; fear of danger: anxiety
Distress device shown in the sky to alert Batman: bat signal
Distress or excruciating pain: anguish
Distress signal for planes, ships and boats: mayday
Distribution __, path from vendor to consumer: channel
Ditka's "Da Bears" reside in this city: chicago
Diurnal means it happens during: daytime
Diver's costume: wet suit
Diverse, not all the same: varied
Divine inspiration: afflatus
Division of content within a book: chapter
Dizzy feeling, spinning, also a Hitchcock film: vertigo
DJ who contributed to popularize rock and roll: alan freed
DJ's creative song introductions: liners
DM: __ message or private message: direct
Dmitri __, created the table of chemical elements: mendeleev
Do ___ Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick: androids
Do it while the sun shines: make hay
Do not wear out your __: welcome
Do-gooder with special powers: superhero
Doctor __ is the most powerful sorcerer: strange
Doctor __, 1965 film starring Omar Sharif: zhivago
Doctor usually refers to a __ doctor, MD, PhD: me
Doctor who advocated euthanasia, Jack __: kevorkian
Doctor who discovered penicillin: Alexander __: fleming
Doctor Who's lifetime enemies: daleks
Doctor's identification of an illness, disease: diagnosis
Doctors without __, courageous relief group: borders
Document giving permission to leave a country: exit visa
Document of purchase with items, costs: invoice
Documentary about the dolphin hunting in Japan: the cove
Documentary, March of the__: penguins
Does not have gametes: agamous
Dog breed that shares name with a Mexican state: chihuahua
Dog comes in 3 types: giant, standard, miniature: schnauzer
Dog Day __, Al Pacino tries to rob a Brooklyn bank: afternoon
Dog Day __, movie with Al Pacino as a bank robber: afternoon afrikaans
Dog house: kennel
Dogs __ Poker, famous canine portrait: playing
Dogs apt to draw sleds: malamutes
Dolby co-invented this film/sound recording method: videotape
Doling out: issuing
Dollar bill: ace note
Dolphins quarterback who starred in many movies: dan marino
Dom __, actor, comedian, chef, director: deluise
Dome __, gold-roofed shrine in Jerusalem: of the rock
Domestic animals, such as goats, pigs and sheep: livestock
Domestic cat closely related to the Siamese: shorthair
Domestic feline bred to look like a jungle cat: bengal
Don __, mean-spirited, insult comic: rickles marie curie
Don __, opera by Mozart: giovanni
Don Johnson crime drama based in Florida: miami vice
Don't __ Ice is a children's game for ages 3 and up: break the
Don't ask, don't tell was this president's policy: clinton
Don't let the grass grow under __: your feet
Don't make __ a mouse, or the cat will eat you: yourself
Don't Miss __, a Parker Brothers 1965 board game: the boat
Don't miss anything, keep your eyes __: peeled
Don't open this indoors: umbrella
Don't outrun the __: constable
Don't put the cart before __: the horse
Don't Rain on __, popular song from Funny Girl: my parade
Don't Shoot the __, it is not his fault: messenger
Don't teach your grandmother how to __: suck eggs
Donald Sutherland's son, Jack Bauer: kiefer
Donations to aid poor, ill, animals, etc: charity
Done quickly and badly: slapdash
Donna Murphy plays Mother __ in Tangled: gothel
Donors give __, blood, and sometimes organs: tissue
Doom: The Board game is an __ game from 2004: adventure
Doors singer who died young and is buried in Paris: morrison
Doris __ on Everybody Loves Raymond: roberts
Dorothy __, 1976 gold medal female skater: hamill
DOS, disk __ system: operating
Double __, Nintendo basketball game: dribble
Double saucepan: bain marie
Double-breasted jacket worn by sailors: reefer
Double-edged Japanese sword: tsurugi
Doubt is not the end of wisdom, but the __: beginning
Doubts, questions, dubitates: hesitates
Dough, stretched, cut; pasta: noodles
Douglas __, American painter, born 1951: bourgeois
Dover is the capital of this American state: delaware
Down and Out in __, expose on Reaganomics: america
Down the __ Hole, Alice in Wonderland metaphor: rabbit
Dr. No was the first film featuring this hero: james bond
Dr. Remy Hadley on House, __ Wilde: olivia
Dracula's sleeping place, aka casket: coffin
Draft drawing to represent chief features: sketch
Dragon-slaying patron of England: st george
Dragonslayer is a 1981 Paramount __ & Disney film: pictures
Dramatic Spanish dance and music: flamenco
Drambuie, Scotch whisky "construction" drink: rusty nail
Draw with small dots: stippling cake urchin
Drawing a pattern in a hard, flat surface: engraving
Drawing intended as humorous; animated film: cartoon
Drawing quick, rough pictures: sketching
Drawing type used to make cartoons: animation
Drawn tight, like a sail: frapped
DreamWorks Chicken Run starred Mel __: gibson
Dress with small shoulder straps; worn in summer: sundress
Dress worn to evening parties or special events: formal
Dressed up: prinked
Dried plums: prunes
Drink made for historic 1969 stroll: moonwalk
Drink made with beans aimed to stay awake: coffee
Drinking fast: guzzling
Driving __, Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy film: miss daisy
Driving above the accelerating limit: speeding
Drug company famous for Viagra: pfizer
Drug that calms, puts patients to sleep: sedative
Drum shaped like a tapered cylinder from Nigeria: ashiko
Drummer for the Roots: questlove
Dry Italian cookies to eat with coffee: biscotti
Drying, shriveling: withering
Dubbed The Merrie Monarch: charles ii
Dublin stadium for Gaelic sporting events: croke park
Duck __ is a video game based on the show: dynasty
Ducks move this way: waddle
Due __, fair treatment, constitutional right: process
Due __, pre contract signing investigation: diligence
Duke of __, gave up throne for his love: windsor
Dukie __: vouchers given by management in circus: tickets
Dumb and Dumber actor Jeff __: daniels
Dumbo: elephant
Dunk completely in liquid: immerse
Durable roadway surface, usually grey: pavement
During the Holy Week it is called Spy __ in Ireland: wednesday
During this time: meanwhile
Dust and rock ejected by a volcano: tephra
Dust form of volcanic rock: pumicite
Dustin __, Rain Man: hoffman
Dutch capital with extensive canal network: amsterdam
Dutch girl known best for her courageous diary: anne frank
Dutch port and colony in Brazil: recife
Dutch province developed from reclaimed polders: flevoland
Duvall's character loves this smell in the morning: napalm
Dwarf leopard of Central and South America: ocelot
Dwarf planet located beyond Neptune's orbit: haumea
Dwarf planet named after a Tongva deity: quaoar
dy in Toy Story, hero of the Wild West: cowboy
Dynasty that gave origin to the Holy Roman Empire: ottonian
Dynasty that ruled France in the High Middle Ages: capetian

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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "C"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter C. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
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C-3PO was built by __ in Star Wars: Episode 1: anakin
Cabinet found at offices for storing documents: filing
Cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City: brooklyn
Cables reaching from the stern to mast heads: backstays
Cacao treat once used as currency: chocolate
Cactus "tree" native to Southwest Sonora Desert: saguaro
Cadmium salts are toxic and cause __: cancer
Cafe __ at Night, painting by Van Gogh: terrace
Caffeinated drink also popular ice cream flavor: coffee
Caffeinated drink lots of people can't go without: coffee
Cagney & Lacey actress __: tyne daly
Cake known for its ringlike shape: bundt cake
Cake made pouring batter with a conical object: funnel
Cakes with little fat, leavened by air: foam cake
Calcium __, aka Norwegian saltpeter: nitrate
Calcium __, salt used for dust control: chloride
Calcium-rich feldspar mineral: bytownite
Calculates insurance risks: actuary
Calendar: almanac
Calgary __ play at the Scotiabank Saddledome: flames
California __ domestic cats look like a leopard: spangled
California __ is one of the largest flying birds: condor
California desert, home to the Death Valley: mojave
California's city of roses: pasadena
Caliphate founded in the Arabian Peninsula in 632: rashidun
Call for entire ship's company: all hands
Called a hui in New Zealand: assembly
Called Gorky from 1932 to 1990: novgorod
Called hickey in America: love bite
Called Liberty Steak in the US during WWII: hamburger
Called Southwest Africa until 1986: namibia
Called the fuzz as well: police
Calligraphy is an elegant way of __: writing
Calumny, defamation: slander
Calvin Klein perfume: eternity
Cambodian temple complex built to Hindu god Vishnu: angkor wat
Camel-hump sign, late delta wave, hathook junction: osborn
Camelot is a strategy game by Parker __: brothers
Camels have three __ to protect from sand: eyelids
Camille __ painted Conversation: pissarro
Campbell's __, food tins by Andy Warhol: soup cans
Can be a chamber, a symphony or a philharmonic one: orchestra
Can be the result of a weakened blood vessel wall: aneurysm
Can be verified by observation or logic: empirical
Can keep insects, animals and water at distance: repellent
Can move 3 spaces in chess, not in same direction: knight
Can't move around the house due to illness, age: bed ridden
Can't think of the answer, no solution: stumped
Canada has the world's largest __: coastline
Canadian comedian, Uncle Buck, Space Balls: john candy
Canadian hamlet since 1984: leipzig
Canadian, member of the rock and roll hall of fame: neil young
Cancer common in older men: prostate
Cancer filtering organ that can be found in armpit: lymph node
Candleshoe is a 1977 film starring Jodie __: foster
Candy and treats on Halloween: goodies
Candy made by caramelizing sugar or molasses: toffee
Candy-coated gum that resemble teeth: chiclets
Canine cartoon superhero: underdog
Canine loves snacks as much as his scruffy friend: scooby
Canine who works with the constabulary: police dog
Canine with deadpan voice, in need of facelift: droopy
Canine, Latino rapper of 2014 World Cup: pitbull
Canines that protect properties: watchdogs
Cannibal who assisted the police in murder cases: hannibal
Cannon with short barrel intended for siege warfare: howitzer
Cannot be described in words: ineffable
Canoe __, speed racing on calm water: sprint
Canola oil comes from this plant: rapeseed
Canon law written in the medieval ages: decretum
Canvas backpack used by soldiers: knapsack
Cape Cod island, summer destination: nantucket
Capital city of India: new delhi
Capital city of Russian republic of Khakassia: abakan
Capital of Andorra, __ la Vella: andorra
Capital of Angola: luanda
Capital of Brunei, Bandar Seri __: begawan
Capital of Cambodia: phnom penh
Capital of Central African Republic: bangui
Capital of Cook Islands: avarua
Capital of Costa Rica: san jose
Capital of Czech Republic (and Bohemia): prague
Capital of Czech Republic: prague
Capital of Dominica: roseau
Capital of Greece and 2004 Olympics host city: athens
Capital of Greece: athens
Capital of Iceland: reykjavik
Capital of Iran: tehran
Capital of Kazakhstan: astana
Capital of Mauritius: port louis
Capital of New Caledonia: noumea
Capital of Northern Ireland since 1921: belfast
Capital of Pakistan: islamabad
Capital of Papua New Guinea, Port __: moresby
Capital of Paraguay: asunción
Capital of Portugal: lisbon
Capital of Russia: moscow
Capital of Saint Pierre and Miquelon: st pierre
Capital of Serbia: belgrade
Capital of Slovenia: ljubljana
Capital of South Dakota: pierre
Capital of Thailand: bangkok
Capital of the British Virgin Islands: roadtown
Capital of the Chimú culture in Peru: chan chan
Capital of the Netherlands: amsterdam
Capital of the Principality of Asturias, Spain: oviedo
Capital of the Qin Dynasty: xianyang
Capital of Turkmenistan: ashgabat
Capital of Vanuatu: port vila
Capital of Vatican, __ City: vatican
Capital of Wisconsin: madison
Capital raised through shares: stocks
Captain __ first appeared in 1941: america
Captain __, a Marvel Comics superhero: britain
Captain __, Tintin's tipsy friend: haddock
Captain __: Civil War released 2016: america
Captain of the White Tower (The Lord of the Rings): boromir
Captain Scott's Antarctic ship: terra nova
Captain Von Trapp sings about this Alpine flower: edelweiss
Captured by enemy, __ of War aka POW: prisoner
Car __ can involve all types of cars: racing
Car device used for listening to music: speaker
Car piloted by the Dark Knight in the comics: batmobile
Car safety device goes across chest, waist: seatbelt
Car that pulls a train: engine
Car that runs on batteries, not gas: electric
Car used as a time-machine in Back to the Future: delorean
Caracas is the capital of __: venezuela
Carbohydrates mainly come from __ and fiber: starches
Carbon __ is what we breathe out: dioxide
Carbon __; impression left on the environment: footprint
Card game for gamblers using five cards: draw poker
Card game with the aim of outdoing other players: top trumps
Card game with variants Callabra and Papillon: cassino
Cards Against __, US satirical non-PC party game: humanity
Cards suit chosen so as to beat all the others: trumps
Cards that beat 3 of a kind but not a flush: straight
Career where one enlists others for careers: recruiter
Careful, conservative, gingerly, guarded,: cautious
Cargoes sent by sea: shipments
Carl __ is Jimmy Neutron's best friend: wheezer
Carl Orff's O Fortuna cantata, Carmina __: burana
Carl Sagan taught astronomy here: cornell
Carmi, __-American abstract artist: israeli
Carnival doughnut from Central Europe: krofne
Carnival ride with horses going up and down: carousel
Carnivores are __ that eat only meat: animals
Carolina football team, Florida hockey side: panthers
Carpet clowns work the __ or arena floor in circus: audience
Carrie __, Princess Leia actress: fisher
Carrot eating menace, What's Up Doc?: bugs bunny
Carrying a developing baby inside: pregnant
Cars 2 is the __ to the 2006 original film: sequel
Cars parading at a slow pace: motorcade
Carson City, capital of __: nevada
Cartilaginous fish related to sharks: stingray
Cartoon about a group of elementary school kids: recess
Cartoon about a group of toddlers and their lives: rugrats
Cartoon about little blue creatures: smurfs
Cartoon character Elmer J. Fudd's orginal name: egghead
Cartoon character Elmer J. Fudd's original name: egghead
Cartoon superheroines, The __ Girls: powerpuff
Cartoons are __ movies or shows: animated
Carved faces on Westminster Abbey's roof: gargoyles
Carving a piece of wood by shaving it down: whittling
Cash __, an ATM to dispense the notes for shopping: machine
Casino game with option to bet on bank or player: baccarat
Cassatt painted Under the Horse __ Tree: chestnut
Cast iron bread of Boers in South Africa: potbrood
Castilla-__, Spanish autonomous community: la mancha
Castle strategically surrounded by water: moated
Castoff with Hagar in the desert: ishmael
Castrated male: eunuch
Casts protect __ bones: broken
Casual gathering without plans: hang out
Cat __, UK 70's singer today known as Yusuf Islam: stevens
Cat cross of Chinchilla Persian and Burmese breeds: burmilla
Cat that is always disappearing in Wonderland: cheshire
Cat with no hair, sounds Egyptian: sphynx
Cat woman, batman, wonder woman, superman: superhero
Cat-fish linked to earthquakes in Japanese folklore: namazu
Cat-like mountainous bear from Asia: red panda
Catalonian La Liga side: barcelona
Catch __, hybrid word guessing, hot potato game: phrase
Catch butterflies blown from an elephant's trunk: elefun
Cate__, actress of Lord of the Rings: blanchett
Category or sex humans identify with: gender
Caterpillars are __ of butterflies: larvae
Catherine Deneuve film: "The __ of Cherbourg": umbrellas
Catholic saints, __ of Antioch and __ of Loyola: ignatius
Cattle catching, cowboy sport: roping
Cause of common baby rash in the groin area: diaper
Cause of laughter: tickle
Causing great fear, terror: dreadful
CCR's Fogerty was not the son of this politician: senator
Ceases, concludes, ends, closes: finishes
Celebration headwear: party hat
Celebration in June in honor of an Irish author: bloomsday
Celery has negative __ content: calorie
Cell degeneration, state of decay: atrophy
Celtic's number 33, Dream Team member: larry bird
Cemetery marker: headstone
Center mass of a cell, holds chromosomes: nucleus
Center of a galaxy: quasar
Centers for __ Control and Prevention: disease
Central American coastal country: belize
Central American country with famous canal: panama
Central American nation, home to Mayans: guatemala
Central church of the diocese, bishop's HQ: cathedral
Central European river, flows through Bratislava: morava
Central French dept, capital is Nevers: nièvre
Central heating system of ducts and vents: forced air
Central Michigan __ play in Mt Pleasant Michigan: chippewas
Central part of a city: downtown
Central Swiss canton with large lake: lucerne
Central, rounded part of a cell: nucleus
Cephalopod mollusc with eight sucker-bearing arms: octopus
Cephalopod with eight arms and two rows of suckers: octopus
Ceramic material first seen in ancient China: porcelain
Cereal claims to be breakfast of champions: wheaties
Ceremonial blade used in Wicca religion: athame
Ceremony for someone who has died: funeral
Ceres, Roman goddess of __, agriculture: fertility
Cersei, Tyrion and Jaime __: lannister
Certainly not strict: lenient
Certainly, without a doubt, yes: surely
Certificate for a lower price: coupon
Cezanne painted Rideau, __ et Compotier: cruchon
Cha ching, study of material wealth: economics
Chagall painted I and the __: village
Chair filled with pellets: beanbag
chair for a child in a vehicle: carseat
Chairs with a tune, never enough for all: musical
Chairs, tables, bed frames, bookcases: furniture
Chalk's idiomatic antonym: cheese
Challenging toy, bouncy pole with places for feet: pogo stick
Chamber of the heart, left or right: ventricle
Chameleons' eyes rotate to help them with __: climbing
Champagne glasses: flutes
Champagne of choice of Patsy and Edina: bollinger
Change something so it fits, adapts, conforms: adjust is a __ website that makes requests: petition
Changes the sound of a vowel, in German: umlaut
Chantilly-__ cats are known as the Foreign Longhair: tiffany
Char fish aka Dolly Varden, found in NW: bull trout
Character based on Jazz age flapper: betty boop flea circus
Character created by A. A. Milne, __ the Pooh: winnie
Character from Peanuts obsessed with Beethoven: schroeder
Character in Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: sydney
Character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing: beatrice
Character in Shakespeare's tragedy about witches: macbeth
Character of an animated series about a gorilla: magilla
Character played by Jessica Tandy on a 1989 movie: miss daisy
Character that goes through few changes: static
Character who is decidedly ungainly: quasimodo
Characteristic of a certain group of people: ethnic
Characteristic: feature
Characterized by a state of overpowering emotion: ecstatic
Characterized by repeated bouncing: ballistic
Characterized by unexpected traits, unique: quirky
Charge incurred on a business trip: expense
Charged particles from the upper layer of the Sun: solar wind
Charged with a crime, offense: accused
Charity begins here: at home
Charivari is a noisy clown __ in circus: entrance
Charles __, Dickens' French aristocrat: darnay
Charles __, German-born American poet: bukowski
Charles __, King of the Franks: martel
Charles __, major commanding the Nagasaki bombing: sweeney
Charles Vane's brigantine: ranger
Charlie Brown's avian pal, music festival: woodstock
Charlie Brown's beagle pilot: snoopy
Charlie Sheen's Major League baseball team: indians
Charlie Sheen's real surname: estevez
Charlotte __ play at Time Warner Cable Arena: hornets
Charm of African origin: grigri
Charmander is a __ Pokemon: fire type
Chart with the days, weeks, and months of a year: calendar
Chasm undersea next to an ocean ridge: valley
Chausie is bred to look like __ cats: jungle
Cheap imitation of gold: pinchbeck
Cheap Italian bubbly served in lieu of champagne: prosecco
Cheap ticket carrier, US' fifth largest: jetblue
Cheat the mob and you could be wearing __ shoes: cement
Checkers in the US: draughts
Cheery US sitcom with the Fonz: happy days
Cheese from Southern Italy, often smoked: provolone
Cheese puff snack with Cheetah mascot: cheetos
Cheese-filled Catalan pastries: flaons
Cheesy beach drama starring Pamela Anderson: baywatch
Chelsea __, no holds barred female comic: handler
Chemical administered to elicit a confession: truth drug
Chemical components that contain oxygen: oxides
Chemical element commonly used in enemas: barium
Chemical element found in the Sun, stars & comets: carbon
Chemical element of atomic number 14: silicon
Chemical element of atomic number 46: palladium
Chemical element of atomic number 77: iridium
Chemical element with symbol U, atomic number 92: uranium
Chemical that kills mildews, molds and smuts: fungicide
Chemical that whitens clothes: bleach
Cher's comeback, club hit in 1999: believe
Cherrylike fruit source of vitamin C: acerola
Chess piece between the rook and bishop: knight
Chess piece that can only move diagonally: bishop
Chessmaster is a video game that __ chess: teaches
Chest for valuables, ancient term: coffer
Chest of drawers: dresser
Chest pain caused by low oxygen to the heart: angina
Chest pain, like pressure or squeezing: angina
Chew one's food: masticate
Chewing gum is illegal in this Asian country: singapore
Chewy Italian dessert like florentine: panforte
Chewy, rainbow fruit sweets with S on them: skittles
Chicago __ baseball team: white sox
Chicago community in Lower West side: pilsen
Chicago retailer acquired by Macy's, __ Field's: marshall
Chickenpox, blister-like itchy rash, fever: varicella
Chief cook: head chef
Chief Inspector Wexford and DI Mike __: burden
Chief job that masons attribute to God: architect
Chihuahua dogs are originally from this country: mexico
Child actress, Dakota __: fanning
Child sacrifice done by the Incas during famine: capacocha
Child who is just learning to walk: toddler
Child's playhouse above ground, getaway: tree fort
Child-eating hobgoblin from Celtic
Childhood pouches with sweets and small toys: lucky bags
Children of a couple: offspring
Children watch these: cartoons
Children's action series: animorphs
Children's pet, a small African rodent: gerbil
Children's song title, Three Jolly __: fishermen
Chilean animated movie, 2015 Oscar-winner: bear story
Chilean town shaken by a massive earthquake: valdivia
Chili __, dried, crushed mixture of chilis: powder
Chimamanda Ngozi __, wrote Half of a Yellow Sun: adichie
Chimpanzees are humans' closest __: relatives
Chin__, pet rodent a bit like a squirrel: chilla
China has more __ speakers than the US: english
China's long brick defense structure: great wall
Chinese __ Rings, classic illusion trick: linking
Chinese art of arranging objects for well-being: feng shui
Chinese assortment of fried dumplings: dim sum
Chinese board game of matching tiles: mahjong
Chinese Communist Party founder and chairman: mao zedong
Chinese communist revolutionary, Chairman Mao: zedong
Chinese daggers mounted on a detachable ring: emeici
Chinese dog breed whose name means puffy-lion dog: chow chow
Chinese eating utensil usually made of wood: chopstick
Chinese game played by four similar to rummy: mahjong
Chinese gooseberry, green flesh, furry brown skin: kiwifruit
Chinese portrait painter, __, born 1801: lamqua
Chinese soybean sauce; meat glaze: hoisin
Chinese title for supreme deity, creator god: shangdi
Chinese wedding cake: marry girl
Chinua __, Nigerian novelist: achebe
Chiropractors, masseuses relieve this: back pain
Chisinau is the capital: moldova
Chobani, Dannon, and Oikos: yogurt
Chocolate brand, amusement park in Pennsylvania: hershey
Chocolate rich cake with nuts: brownie
Chop, dice, slice on this board: cutting
Choplifter was on Atari, Sega, and __: nintendo
Chosen in place of or in preference to an original: adopted
Chris Evans, Captain __ actor: america
Christ coming into the world: advent meteorology
Christ the __, famous statue in Rio de Janeiro: redeemer
Christ the Redeemer statue overlooks Rio de __: janeiro
Christian __, shoe designer known for red soles: louboutin
Christian birth sacrament involving water: baptism
Christian expeditions to Jerusalem in Middle Ages: crusades
Christian festival celebrated on January 6: epiphany
Christian field, study of saints: hagiology
Christian group that celebrates Christmas in January: orthodox
Christian holiday about the resurrection of Jesus: easter
Christian holiday celebrated 50 days after Easter: pentecost
Christian title can be held by women: deacon
Christians believe it is the word of God: scripture
Christina played Kelly in Married... with Children: applegate
Christine __, French feminist and sociologist: delphy
Christmas classic about child musician: drummer
Christmas season house-to-house singing: caroling
Christmas song, __ Night: silent
Christmas time celebration of African heritage: kwanzaa
Christmas, peppermint walking stick: candy cane
Christopher's loveable friend, honey aficionado: winnie
Chronic liver damage, result of alcoholism: cirrhosis
Chronicler whose work was used by Shakespeare: holinshed
Chubby sweet winged angel: cherub
Chuck __, novelist of transgressional fiction: palahniuk
Chuck __, Senator from New York: schumer
Church instrument with monstrous sound: pipe organ
Churchill's __, WWII propaganda made in Canada: island
CIA assassin played by Matt Damon: bourne
Cigar __ is enjoying different types of cigars: smoking
Cigar flat at both ends: cheroot
Cigarette mascot designed to attract children: joe camel
Cincinnati had first team in this American sport: baseball
Cincinnati Reds play at the Great American __: ball park
Cinderella's Fairy __ helps her Î godmother
Cinema __, film that is a homage to the cinema: paradiso
Cinematic German Shepherd, star of 1920s films: rin tin tin
Circle formed from the Equator or Meridian: parallel
Circular mount from a slow flow of lava: lavadome
Circumstances that surround a situation: context
Circus act with muscular performer: strong man
Circus is over and audience is all gone: all out
Circus march tunes played really loudly: screamers
Circus performer turned actor Burt __: lancaster
Cirky is a circus __, used like carny: employee
Cisco __, company sells networking equipment: systems
Citadel, impenetrable stronghold: fortress
Citric dessert spread used as topping: fruit curd
Citroën car model named after a spiky plant: cactus
City in California that hosts Disneyland: anaheim
City in Germany that's home to the Porsche Museum: stuttgart
City in Nevada sung by Elvis Presley: las vegas
City in western Russia, on Kuban River: krasnodar
City located in both European and Asian continents: istanbul
City named after founder of lost Roanoke Colony: raleigh
City on the river Pegnitz, state of Bavaria: nuremberg
City that hosts the Nascar Hall of Fame: charlotte
City where country music hopefuls flock: nashville
City where Harry Potter was written in a cafe: edinburgh
City where one can shop at the famous Princes St.: edinburgh
City where the escapologist Harry Houdini was born: budapest
City where the NBA was founded in 1946: new york
City where Westminster Abbey is located: london
City which debuted trampolining at the Olympics: sydney
City with one of the largest zoos in the world: san diego
Civil __, 60s movement fighting for minorities: rights
Civil Disobedience is __ resistance: passive
Civil War General Thomas J Jackson's nickname: stonewall
Civil War hero, Little Bighorn loser: custer
Clamshell fixing used in jewelry making: callotte
Clans may be identified through them: tartans
Clapping Spanish dance performed by couples: fandango
Class: lesson
Classes where dogs are taught to behave: obedience
Classic "aerial" cocktail includes violette: aviation
Classic French white sauce flavored with bay: bechamel
Classic kids' game involving small glass balls: marbles
Classic movie, The __ of Oz: wizard
Classical dance form known for its grace: ballet
Classification of any field of knowledge: category
Claudia __, beautiful Italian actress from 1950s: cardinale
Claudia __, Supermodel: schiffer
Claustrophobia is a fear of __ spaces: closed
Clay-based vases, bowls and ornaments: ceramics
Clayface is a villian in __ comics in 1940: batman
Clean, sharp edged cut; usually surgical: incision
Cleanliness is next to it: godliness
Clear mineral that looks like glass or ice: crystal
Clear of chin hair: shaven
Clear soft drink: sprite
Clear space around printed words: margin
Clear sticking tape invented by Richard E Drew: adhesive
Clear, reflective material: crystal
Cleopatra's Needle: obelisk
Cleric of secular institution, prison or hospital: chaplain
Climate phenomenon can be category 1 to 5: hurricane
Climb the Phoenician Steps to get there: anacapri
Clinton's Vice-President: al gore
Clock or watch to measure minutes, hours, etc.: timepiece
Cloris __, Raising Hope actress, born 1926: leachman
Close combat between armed aircraft: dogfight
Close Encounters of the __, UFO film: third kind
Close enough to be visible: in sight
Close quarters, military knife: trench
Closed __, text on a screen for hearing impaired: caption
Closely __ Trains, Czech movie about train worker: watched
Closely avoided accident: near miss
Closely trimmed ribs of pork or sometimes beef: spareribs
Closest living blood relative: next of kin
Clothing accessory worn around the skull: headband
Clothing worn by members of a group: uniform
Clothing worn by members of an organization: uniform
Clothing worn to get into the water: swimsuit
Clothing, garments, attire, outerwear: apparel
Clotted blood from a broken blood vessel: hematoma
Cloud of dust and elements in space: nebula
Cloud-covered: overcast
Clouding of eye that reduces vision: cataract
Club mate, rum and limes in this German drink: tschunk
Club-__ scale worm live on sea cucumbers: spined
Clue Jr.: Case of the __ Pet was released in 1989: missing
Clue suspect, Colonel __: mustard
Clump breaker, sieve: sifter
Clumsy comedy; embarrassing situation: slapstick goalkeepers
Clusters of friends on social media: circles
Coagulation is __ of the blood: clotting
Coal __, nickname for German military helmets: scuttle
Coarse fabric often used in sacking: burlap
Coarse-grained metamorphic rock: gneiss
Coast to coast US bus line: greyhound
Coastal city destroyed by the Mamluks in 1270: ashkelon
Coati are __ in the raccoon family: mammals
Cobra is a common name for __ snakes with hoods: venomous
Cocks have crests, bulls horns and deer __: antlers
Cocktail of whisky and Drambuie, not used in d-i-y: rusty nail
Cocktail tastes like York Peppermint Pattie: polar bear
Cocktail with many variations, creme de cacao: alexander
Cocktail, looks like South American nation flag: colombia
Cod are food fish found in the __ Ocean: atlantic
Code computers and programs are written in: binary
Code name for the first atomic bomb test: trinity
Code of __, Middle Ages text on the Byzantine Empire: justinian
Code of conduct associated with knighthood: chivalry
Codified the three laws of robotics: asimov
Coffee chain store first opened in Seattle in 1971: starbucks
Coffee extracted in small, concentrated amounts: espresso
Coffeehouse expert: barista
Coiffure: hairdo
Coiled tuba used in military bands: helicon
Coin-operated communication: pay phone
Cold box for food storage: fridge
Cold weather bird living in Southern Hemisphere: penguin
Cold, sweet drink made with ice cream: milkshake
Cold-blooded vertebrate animal: amphibian
Cole Porter musical and song, __ Goes: anything
Collar, ring, shaft on a pipe for strength: flange
Collectibles in metal currency form: coinage
Collecting of bank notes and cheques: notaphily
Collection of ancient writings forming Jewish law: talmud
Collection of foot soldiers in an army: infantry
Collection of information for a business: database
Collection of information, people, lists: registry
Collection of investments: portfolio
Collection of lined papers used by students: notebook
Collection of poems or songs: anthology
Collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports: database
Collection of units into a body, mass or amount: aggregate
College class with one way communication: lecture
College diploma; Fahrenheit, Celsius: degree
College favorite involving juggling footbag: hacky sack
College football player without a scholarship: walk on
Colloquial term for Affordable Care Act: obamacare
Cologne __, Germany's most visited landmark: cathedral
Colombia's main river, delta on the Caribbean: magdalena
Colombo is the capital of __: sri lanka
Colorado __ play at Folsom Field in Boulder: buffaloes
Colorado __ play hockey at the Pepsi Center: avalanche
Colorado soccer team named after river current: rapids
Colorado, Utah, __, and New Mexico: Four Corners: arizona
Colored dot game once considered "sex in a box": twister custard pie
Colored feline that means good or bad luck: black cat
Colorful candy placed on top of a stick: lollipop
Colorful mighty warriors of 90s kids show: rangers
Colorful mineral; Blue John is a variety: fluorite
Colorful US music style with banjos: bluegrass hatchling
Colorful, big eyed bugs named after fire breather: dragonfly
Colorful, natural formation in the sky: rainbow
Colorless crystals used as insecticide: boric acid
Colour of autumn leaves before they turn red/brown: golden
Colourful allium that is actually purple: red onion
Columbus Blue __ play at the Nationwide Arena: jackets
Come Out __, not so subtle boxing idiom: swinging
Comedian Dave __: attell
Comedian in a castle: jester
Comedian Jerry __ starred in a hit TV show: seinfeld
Comedian, TV host, Jeff __: foxworthy
Comedy about a singer who pretends to be a nun: sister act
Comedy Central adult cartoon that killed Kenny: south park
Comedy Central animated TV Series: south park
Comedy of __, satirizes upper class: manners
Comes from a Greek word meaning choice: heresy
Comes from Arabic "al zahr" which means dice: hazard
Comes from Greek words for bad and star: disaster
Comet is a smaller __ with a forked tail: goldfish
Comforting, acting sympathetically: consoling
Comic about parenting struggles: baby blues
Comic actress who was part of the SNL cast: tina fey
Comic book character played by Samuel L Jackson: nick fury
Comic book enjoyed by Barack Obama: spiderman
Comic book hero born on Krypton and sent to Earth: superman
Comic captain fought "Civil War" against Iron Man: america
Comic lost show on ABC for non PC remarks: bill maher
Comic strip character susceptible to kryptonite: superman
Comic strip popular in early 1920s by Walter Berndt: smitty
Comic strip turned into a Warren Beatty movie: dick tracy
Comic with yellow haired woman, Dagwood: blondie
Coming to a finish; opposite of beginning: ending
Command solemnly under oath: adjured
Commander of a ship, plane, police: captain
Commander William Riker plays this in Star Trek: trombone
Commercial building used to store goods: warehouse
Commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza: king khufu
Commitments to do something: promises
Common caiman specie found in South America: yacaré
Common clouds that appear to be fluffy: cumulus
Common European sword with cruciform hilt: longsword
Common herb used as a garnish: parsley
Common herb used on potatoes and other dishes: chives
Common name for alcea flowers, with hairy leaves: hollyhock
Common name for the Academy Awards: oscars
Common North American freshwater fish: bluegill
Common pet lizard with a long tail: iguana
Common place for teachers in a school or college: staffroom silkworms
Common species of whale found around the world: humpback
Common springtime allergy: hay fever
Common submission in MMA, __ choke: triangle
Common US food, buttermilk and __: cornbread
Commonly known as maru, deer horn weapon: maduvu
Communal dwelling of North American Indians: longhouse paintball
Commune of medieval Tuscany: scansano
Communication system consisting of dashes and dots: morse code
Communist icon who started out as doctor: guevara
Community supported agriculture, output portion: farm share
Compact round clouds forewarning rain: cumuli
Compact self-contained gaming device: handheld
Companion to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes: watson
Company distilling Cordon Bleu: martell
Company engaged in a trade: business
Company or group controlling all the market: monopoly
Company synonymous with greeting card industry: hallmark
Company that flies planes: airline
Company that manufactures Chuck Taylor sneakers: converse
Company that sells something for retail price: retailer
Company's items of value: buildings, equipment: assets
Company, organization providing services: agency
Comparative study of primitive peoples: agriology
Compartment in furniture: drawer
Competed for the first time at the 2016 Olympics: refugees
Competition between two or more people for a prize: contest
Competition between two teams pulling a rope: tug of war
Competition: contest
Competitor who enters a game to cheat: ringer
Complete and total, __ faith in someone: absolute
Completely tear down or apart, defeat someone: destroy
Complex situation; Family Guy character: quagmire
Component that cleans lubrication: oil filter
Composed the Four Seasons of Buenos Aires: piazzolla
Composer of the "Messiah": handel
Compound that doesn't contain a closed chain: acyclic
Comprehensive health examination: me
Compressed charcoal used for barbeques: briquette
Computer electronic circuit on small plate: microchip
Computer key allows you to flee: escape
Computer key allows you to switch between modes: insert
Computer key to make life easier: shortcut
Computer key with a function: command
Computer programs distributed without charge: freeware
Concentrated melaninized cells, ephelides: freckles
Concerning the sky; heavenly: supernal
Concise observation, general truth: aphorism
Concrete bridge, the design for many road bridges: box girder
Condition of being short and plump: pudginess
Condition of being unhealthy or sick: illness
Condition of too much acid in the body: acidosis
Condition that lasts three or more months: chronic
Condorman is a Disney __ comedy film: magic shows
Cone-shaped hard candy, multicolored: pirulín
Confection of ice cream, espresso and cream: affogato
Confidence in something, faith: belief
Conflagration such as visited on Dresden in 1945: firestorm
Conflict involving Greeks, a woman and a horse: trojan war
Conforming to an established doctrine: orthodox
Congenital irregularity on the skin: birthmark
Congo's National park with mountain gorillas: virunga
Congress of __, 1815 meeting of European minds: vienna
Congresswoman Nancy __: pelosi
Conical __ crab, also called Decorator crab: spider
Conical hat students were made to wear: dunce cap
Conical headgear worn at birthday celebrations: party hat
Connected organisms benefit from each other: mutual
Connected to the Internet: online
Connecticut __ play at Pratt & Whitney Stadium: huskies
Connective tissue between bones: ligaments
Conqueror of the Incan empire: pizarro
Conscientious __ refuse to perform military service: objectors
Considered founder of Beatnik movement: kerouac
Considered one of the greatest male ballet dancers: nijinsky
Considered Shakespeare's last play: tempest
Considered the father of computation: turing
Consolation, comfort: solace
Conspiracy thriller film with Nicolas Cage in 1998: snake eyes
Constables, lawmen: officers
Constant __ wears away the stone: dripping
Constant need to move a body part; disorder: akathisia
Constellation named after a mythical winged horse: pegasus
Constitution, character, complexion, personality: nature
Construction equipment that can push loads: bulldozer
Construction equipment with big fork to dig: excavator
Construction of an item, act of creating something: making cassiodorus
Construction tool for pressing materials: compactor
Construction workers: hardhats
Container for inhaled tobacco: snuff box
Container for waste: trash can
Container holding school children's meal: lunch box
Container or ship: vessel
Container that plays a tune: music box
Container used to carry water, used by militaries: canteen
Container used to haul drinks and keep them chilled: cooler
Container used to have a garden in a balcony: planter
Containers that are used to drink out of: glasses
Containing a hidden meaning: oracular
Containing two or more metals, past tense: alloyed
Contains planets, nebulae, stars, etc.: universe
Contamination, toxic waste and smoke cause this: pollution
Contamination; disease caused by germs: infection
Contesting, challenging: disputing
Continent with the largest hippo population: africa
Continuous movement of seawater that creates waves: currents zooplankton
Contract between two entities: agreement
Contract between two entities: agreement havilland
Control over several people in a company: manage
Control panel found in cars: dashboard
Control used from a distance: remote
Controversial boxer with a face tattoo: mike tyson
Controversial English poet of the 19th century: lord byron
Controversial issue and lunch: hot potato
Controversial spiritual movement in China: falun gong
Controversy in Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris: sodomy
Conversion, deep change: metanoia
Convert into metres: metricise
Convertible car: soft top
Convertible motorcar: rag top
Convicted pyromaniac: arsonist
Convulsions is another name for __: seizures
Cook rapidly over a high heat while shaking: stirfry
Cook who works under the head in a kitchen: sous chef
Cooked bread and warm dairy liquid: milk toast
Cooked by being submerged in hot oil: deep fried
Cooked land snails popular in Western Europe: escargot
Cooked on a slow boil: simmered
Cooked sausage, usually served on a bun: hot dog
Cooked, sliced meats aka lunch meat: cold cuts
Cooker patented by James Sharp in 1826: gas stove
Cookers patented by James Sharp in 1826: gas stoves
Cookie made of egg, sugar and almonds or coconut: macaroon
Cooking glaze made of soy sauce and sugar: teriyaki
Cooking in an oven: baking
Cooking item used to char food: broiler
Cooking just below the boiling point: simmering
Cooking using both moist and dry heat: braise
Cool, refreshing flavor used in gums and candies: spearmint
Cop __, song that riled up 90s politicians: killer
COPD: Chronic Obstructive __ Disease: pulmonary
Copenhagen is the capital of __: denmark
Copper based alloy; ancient period of time: bronze
Copper carbonate with green hues: malachite
Copper smelting cultures belonged to this age: bronze
Copy someone's ways mockingly: send up
Coral __ live on coral reefs: scallops
Coral live in __ and make up the reefs: colonies
Coral that lives on rocky areas; aka vase or turban: pagoda cup
Cord for securing something around the neck: lanyard
Cord used to secure the edges of shoes: shoelace
Coriander: cilantro
Corn and lima beans dish: succotash
Corn tortilla dish originating in Mexico: enchilada
Corn tortilla stuffed, covered with sauce: enchilada
Corned beef sandwich with Russian dressing: reuben
Corny, mawkish: slushy
Corpulent and pig-tailed friend of Asterix: obelix
Corpus __, feast on Thursday after Trinity Sunday: christi
Corrosive resistant element used in biomedicine: zirconium
Cosa __, the Sicilian mafia: nostra
Cosmetic treatment for feet and toenails: pedicure
Cosmetic used to mask skin imperfections: concealer
Cosmic order, teaching of the Buddha: dharma
Cosmos: universe
Cost of running a business: overhead
Costa __, cruise ship that capsized off Tuscany: concordia
Costco __, warehouse club founded in Seattle: wholesale
Costs of doing business: expenses
Cotton cloth used as a surface for painting: canvas
Cotton fabric like velour but no sheen: velveteen
Cotton-like, fluffy clouds: cumulus
Couch __, a lazy person, TV aficionado: potato
Cough mixture: linctus
Coulrophobia is a fear of __: clowns
Coulrophobia is the fear of __: clowns
Countdown device related to boiling and cooking: egg timer
Counterfeit copies of coins, paintings etc: forgeries
Country bordered by Congo, Zambia and Namibia: angola
Country bordered only by Spain, capital Lisbon: portugal
Country called the "land of milk and honey": israel
Country claims part of Kosovo, capital Belgrade: serbia
Country colonized by the Portuguese in S. America: brazil
Country famous for being romantic: france
Country freed from Italian rule at Battle of Adwa: ethiopia
Country in Europe, Berlin is the capital: germany
Country in Europe, capital is Paris: france
Country in Europe, Helsinki is the capital: finland
Country in Horn of Africa, capital is Addis Ababa: ethiopia
Country in Marvel comics, capital Doomstadt: latveria
Country in N. Europe by the Baltic Sea: estonia
Country in North Africa, capital is Rabat: morocco
Country in Persian Gulf, capital is Manama: bahrain
Country in South Asia, capital is Islamabad: pakistan
Country in southern Africa, capital is Windhoek: namibia
Country in W. Africa, its capital is Abuja: nigeria
Country in western Africa, capital is Yaounde: cameroon
Country known for producing fancy chocolates: belgium
Country located in two different continents: turkey
Country made of 17,000 islands; capital Jakarta: indonesia
Country mostly covered by Kalahari Desert: botswana
Country music legend, cannabis activist, __ Nelson: willie
Country north of England: scotland
Country noted for its Ajiaco stew: colombia
Country on West African Coast, capital Monrovia: liberia
Country singer __ Yearwood: trisha
Country that introduced $100 billion note in 2008: zimbabwe
Country that is home to Serengeti National Park: tanzania
Country that once had three presidents in one day: mexico
Country that was part of the former Yugoslavia: serbia
Country that won the Six Day War in 1967: israel
Country where Belfast is located: ireland
Country where Calgary International Airport is: canada
Country where Cristiano Ronaldo was born: portugal
Country where Day of the Dead festival originated: mexico
Country where Hugh Jackman was born: australia
Country where Shakespeare was born: england
Country where Stephan Edberg was born: sweden
Country where the baht is the official currency: thailand
Country where the Negev Desert is located: israel
Country where the Tasmanian devil is found: australia
Country where US Casablanca film is located: morocco
Country with large oil reserves, ruled by Maduro: venezuela
Country with several Mayan cities, such as Copan: honduras
Country with the biggest number of lakes: canada
Country with the largest orange production: brazil
Country with the same name as its capital, __ City: panama
Country with the world's largest Muslim population: indonesia
Courageous, adventurous: daring
Course of planks on a ship, hull, deck, etc: strake
Cous Cous is the national dish of this country: morocco
Cousin of the bison; looks extremely similar: buffalo
Cousin to dolphins with different nose and teeth: porpoise
Cover cuts and scrapes on the skin: bandages
Cover for a light: lamp shade
Cover of vehicle engine, cars, aircraft: cowling
Covered in perspiration: sweaty
Covered structure used to park cars under: carport
Covered with spices and fried until dark: blackened
Covering a gift with paper: wrapping
Covering in a book that binds the pages: binding
Covering on the outside of a building: awning
Covers feet and legs; pantyhose: stockings
Cowboy in charge of livestock: wrangler
Cowboy mouthpiece; after meal dental cleaner: toothpick
Cradle song: lullaby
Craft for moving about on water: vessel
Craft of attaching objects using stitches: sewing
Cranial pain usually relieved with Tylenol, Advil: headache
Cranial safety piece for construction site: hard hat
Crashing this car is the goal: bumper
Craters appearing in Siberia without explanation: sink holes
Crawfish or shrimp over rice, Cajun style: etouffe
Cream applied to protect against rays: sunscreen
Cream of __, by product of winemaking, ingredient: tartar
Cream-colored root related to the carrot: parsnip
Cream-filled yellow cakes: twinkies
Creamy beverage, Christmas' favorite: eggnog
Creamy salad named after an Italian American chef: caesar
Created The Feast of Herod: donatello
Created the first cell phone in 1973: motorola
Creator of Holden Caulfield: salinger
Creator of the Middle Earth: tolkien
Creators of Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs: hostess
Creature part tiger, part carp in Japanese folklore: shachi
Creature that sucks blood and lives eternally: vampire
Creature which is part lion and part eagle: griffin
Creature with the head of an eagle, body of a lion: griffin
Credit __, financial swap led to 2008 crash: default
Credo, dogma, doctrine: gospel
Creme __, creamy with glazed caramel layer: brulee
Crew of an aircraft in US Air Force: aircrew
Cricketer when his team is not batting: fieldsman
Criminals, racketeer: gangster
Crinkled pasta shape resembles household heaters: radiatori
Crisp biscuit shaped like a knot: pretzel
Croat capital on Sava River: zagreb
Crockery for breakfast food from hens: egg cup
Crocodile __ was brought to life by Paul Hogan: dundee
Crocodile's cousin: alligator
Crooked, curved: arched
Crop failure in Ireland causing the Great Famine: potato
Cross __, long distance skiing: country
Cross between a donut and a croissant: cronut
Cross between a zebra and a donkey: zonkey
Cross of genetically different parents, liger: hybrid
Cross them for good luck: fingers
Cross-country runners: harriers
Cross-country skiing plus target shooting: biathlon
Cross-species animal; dishonest online friend: catfish
Crossed with a hammer on China's Communist flag: sickle
Crossword __, what you are playing at this moment: puzzle
Crossword compiler: setter
Crouching Tiger, Hidden __, film by Ang Lee: dragon
Crowded Taiwanese headquarters: taipei
Crowdsourced encyclopedia: wikipedia
Crowdsourced encyclopedia: wikipedia Plum bran slivovitz
Crown __ has a crown shape on its top: jellyfish
Crown of __ is a large starfish that eats coral: thorns
Crown, headband with jewels from Asia: diadem
Crude painters: daubers
Cruise is airman who loses friend Goose: top gun
Cruiser that sank; named a series of movies: poseidon
Crumb, bit, fleck, molecule, morsel, grain: dribble
Crumbly top on muffins, pies and cakes: streusel
Crumbly topping for muffins or pies: streusel
Crusades aimed to seize __ from muslim control: jerusalem
Crusading king of France, who was later sainted: st louis
Crustacean with long body and tiny legs: shrimp
Crustaceans with a blueish shell, popular in the NE: blue crab
Crusty arthropods that cover rocks: barnacles
Crux __, also known as the Southern Cross: australis profanity
Cryptid creature from East Africa: nandi bear
Cryptography is the study of decoding secret __: messages
Crystalline form of aluminium oxide: corundum
Crystallized green stems used as cake toppers: angelica
Crème __, French dessert of cold, set custard: brûlée
Cu, malleable, used in wiring, turns green: copper
Cuban brand, famous white rum: bacardi
Cuban cocktail of rum, lime and sugar syrup: daiquiri
Cubic silver sulfide: argentite
Cucumber-looking vegetable related to pumpkins: zucchini
Cuddling or embracing: hugging
Cue and balls game similar to pool and snooker: billiards
Cue sport which originated in Etawah, India: snooker
Culinary term for garnishing with almonds: amandine
Culture responsible for first written language: sumerian
Cured beef found in many deli sandwiches: pastrami
Cured Italian meat, popular cold cut: salami
Curious, mask-wearing mammal native to the US: raccoon
Curley's vehicle in Oklahoma: surrey
Currency in use in Argentina from 1985 to 1991: austral
Currency of Angola, replaced the escudo: kwanza
Currency of Hungary: forint
Currency of Swaziland: lilangeni
Current Japanese period that started with Akihito: heisei
Current that sent the Portuguese away from India: agulhas
Curriculum vitae: resume
Curved club designed to return to the thrower: boomerang
Curved embellishments in handwritten letters: curlicues
Curved Persian sword: shamshir
Curved segment of a circle, sphere, not convex: concave
Curved sword, like a Sikh kirpan: scimitar
Custom device to hold teeth in position: retainer
Custom-makes, repairs and alters clothes: tailor
Customizable character controlled by the player: avatar
Customs charge on an import or export: tariff
Cut and polished precious stones, gems: jewels
Cut food into tiny pieces, like matchsticks: julienne
Cut into fourths: quarter
Cute, good looking: pretty
Cutout of a shape or design used multiple times: stencil
Cuts blocks of silage aka block cutter: hear grab
Cutting hair just a little bit: trimming
Cutting wood to make a picture or toy: carving
Cuttlefish are related to squid and __: octopuses
Cyclophobia is the fear of __: bicycles
Cyd __, actress of The Band Wagon: charisse
Cylindrical missile fired from a submarine: torpedo
Cylindrical oven used in Middle East, Central Asia: tandoor
Cyst or tumor that is not harmful: benign
Czech __, home to Prague and Bohemia: republic
Czech tennis champion 1 Jana __: novotna
Czech-born Swiss tennis star Martina: hingis
Cates-__, north French dept, was Cates-du-Nord: darmor

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