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CodyCross Answers for Questions starting with Letter "A"

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with Letter A. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
If you can't find the question you are looking for, or the answer is wrong, just leave a comment here and we'll fix it asap!

A 1940 car in Cuba, also known as yank tank: machina
A 1969 western film starring John Wayne: true grit
A 1986 film with Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni: down by law
A __ arch is a rock formation with an opening: natural
A __ bat is known for sucking blood: vampire
A __ degree burn causes blisters: second
A __ Frise is a toy breed descended from a poodle: bichon
A __ has a long neck: giraffe
A __ house is like a hotel, you pay for a room: boarding
A __ in time saves nine: stitch
A __ investigates a criminal case: detective
A __ is creature that flies and breathes out fire: dragon
A __ life is not good for mind and body health: sedentary
A __ lives in anemones and is bright orange: clownfish
A __ machine binds fabrics together: sewing
A __ measures hardness of minerals: mohs scale
A __ of cubs and kittens: litter
A __ Orange, by Anthony Burgess: clockwork
A __ Orange, movie with Malcolm McDowell: clockwork
A __ shared is a __ halved: problem
A __ squid has webbed legs and light-emitting spots: vampire
A __ takes care of your teeth: dentist
A __ tree is a Japanese art form: bonsai
A __ youth has a wolf in his belly: growing
A __, spell of hardship: lean patch
A baby cat: kitten
A bad __ always blames his tools: workman
A bad one makes a bad ending: beginning
A bad workman blames these: his tools
A baker's dozen: thirteen
A bambi rides this: motorbike
A ban on trade with another nation: embargo
A bank is a large elevated area of __: sea floor
A basin with running water and drainpipe: lavatory
A basketball player: hoopster
A bathroom sink: wash basin
A battle-axe; a shrew: termagant
A bear warning against forest fires: smokey
A bedroom for guests: guest room
A bend in a sinuous watercourse or river: meander
A big maritime potence of the 16th century: portugal
A bird in the hand is worth two in __: the bush
A bird of prey found in almost all continents: falcon
A biting dog, a pecking duck , a __ bee: stinging
A blade fitted to a rifle makes this old gun: bayonet
A blessing in __: disguise
A bodyguard is someone who __ and protects a person: escorts
A boilersuit, in US: coveralls
A bomb is an __ device: explosive
A box of matches, in days of yore: vesta case
A box-shaped musical instrument: accordion
A break in the middle of a game: halftime
A breed of short-legged cats: munchkin
A bulbous perennial herb native to the Mediterranean: hyacinth
A bunch of flowers; usually given as a gift: bouquet
A bungled shot in golf: foozle
A business's income: revenue
A buss, a kiss: smooch
A captain of __ manages or owns a large company: industry
A card suit: diamonds
A cascade of water falling from a height: waterfall
A case for arrows: quiver
A cash register goes __ when it's opened: ca ching
A cat in gloves __ no mice: catches
A cat's eye __ repels evil and clears obstacles: gemstone
A centenarian is someone who is one-__ or older: hundred
A central part in which other parts are grouped: nucleus
A certain feline who hates Mondays: garfield
A chalk illustrator who draws on the sidewalk: screever
A chamber in a house that has a lot of windows: sunroom
A change of looks obtained with scissors: haircut
A change to a constitution, US has 27: amendment
A changeling can morph into __ it wants: anything
A charm __ = a concentrated ingratiating campaign: offensive
A chemical element and a song by Nirvana: lithium
A chemical element listed on the periodic table: platinum
A child's first toilet: diaper
A chocolate and walnut tart created in Kentucky: derby pie
A city in western Uzbekistan: urgench
A close-cropped haircut: buzzcut
A closed space, usually a bedroom: chamber
A cloud of gas and dust: nebula
A collection of an artist's work: portfolio
A college __ is empty during the summer: campus
A colorful flying insect: butterfly
A comedy writer or performer: humorist
A common brooch design: sunburst
A computer thinking; making a car shine: buffer
A computer user does this seven times a minute: blinks
A concept album released by the Beach Boys in 1966: pet sounds
A concern for believers: doomsday
A condition to guide present and future decisions: policy
A container for baking cake: cake pan bathyscaphe
A container in which food is cooked with hot vapor: steamer
A cow moos, a donkey brays, a horse __: neighs
A cowboy of the South American pampas: gaucho
A cruel unprincipled person: cutthroat
A curse, an evil eye: whammy
A cylindrical container for holding ice cubes: ice bucket
A daily summary: newspaper
A dark porous carbon from vegetables or animals: charcoal
A dark sooty shade of brown or grey: bistre
A date which will live in __, by FD Roosevelt: infamy
A death in war time is a __ of war: casualty
A deciding __ used to make a decision: factor
A deck with outdoor furniture behind the house: back porch
A deep sky blue: cerulean
A defective, disappointing motorcar: lemon car
A delta is a plain __ two river mouths: between
A den made up in the leaves and branches: treehouse
A dentist invented this chair: electric
A dessert in which sherry or brandy is added: tipsy cake
A detailed report: rundown
A device that lets us view distant objects: telescope
A device to replace missing teeth: dentures
A digit is usually a __ or toe: finger
A disaster-prone pedestrian: jaywalker
A disease or sickness: ailment
A dish designed to hold a cleansing bar: soap dish
A disordered, weakened or unsound condition: sickness
A doctor who performs operations: surgeon
A draw in chess; no winners in a war: stalemate
A drink made from lemon juice: lemonade
A drink, a plant and a film: squash
A drop in the __, too small an amount: bucket
A due date is an __ date for a baby's birth: estimated
A fairly long break between two scheduled flights: stopover
A family of aliens with bald conical heads: coneheads
A famous comet was named after him: halley
A fault confessed is half __: redressed
A fellow member of a team: teammate
A female horse chiefly used for reproduction: broodmare
A female sibling: sister
A female who is engaged to be married: fiancee
A Few __, Aaron Sorkin's US legal drama: good men
A fictional reindeer with an unusual trait: rudolph
A fiend is an evil __, demon, or spook: spirit
A film about someone's biography: biopic
A film directed by Pedro Almodóvar: talk to her
A film genre and also a Michael Jackson's song: thriller
A filter or sieve: strainer
A fine place to leave your heart: frisco
A fine woven cotton fabric, resembling cambric: batiste
A flammable liquid mix, powers most cars: gasoline
A flap opening in a ceiling or into the floor: trapdoor
A floating residence: houseboat meherabad
A flower-based liquid used in cosmetics: rose water
A flying disc that can be used in competitions: frisbee
A folding case used to carry money: wallet
A form or variant of a type or original: version
A formal agreement between two or more nations: alliance
A free circus ticket is named after Annie __: oakley
A French delicacy: kickshaw
A French dish made from beaten eggs fried in a pan: omelette
A frog is not a reptile, but an __: amphibian
A fruit pie with a rich crust on top: cobbler
A funny name for an earring: sleeper
A game where rings are thrown around a peg: ringtoss
A gang leader or a lighting electrician: gaffer
A Garry Marshall show about Milwaukee in the 1950s: happy days
A general improvement in appearance: makeover
A genus of colorful sea slugs: tambja
A Ghoul is a __ who eats children and the dead: creature
A giving person is __: generous
A glass-enclosed room to allow in sunlight: solarium
A golem is a __ folklore monster: jewish
A good that is sent overseas: shipment
A great distance, long way off, remote area: far away
A group of entertainers who tour together: troupe
A group of military aircrafts: squadron
A group of people coming together: assembly
A group of stars or other celestial objects: cluster
A guest that is never welcome: constant
A gun needs at least one: bullet
A hair __ is where hair grows from: follicle
A head-swelling lizard: basilisk
A heavy-duty tape has high levels of __: adhesion
A hemorrhage is an __ loss of blood: abnormal
A herbivore dinosaur with a pointy thumb: iguanodon
A hermit (near the sea): anchorite
A heroscape is a turn-based __ war game system: miniature
A high-ranking military member: general
A highway skirting an urban area: beltway
A hit by The Beatles: i feel fine
A hit by The Beatles: penny lane
A hit by The Beatles: something
A hit by The Beatles: yesterday
A hole in the tooth: cavity
a horse's sad life: beauty
A house or a man can be made out of this: ginger
A humanoid robot, a mobile operating system: android
A humorous name for a Model T Ford: tin lizzie
A in ATM: automated
A is a young woman in the Lady __ duo: killers
A Japanese pop group from Hiroshima: perfume
A keyboard on an instrument: clavier
A keyboard symbol, like a star: asterisk
A kicker's success, worth 3 points in football: field goal
A kind of cosmetic used on the head: hairspray
A kind of foster mother for seven short men: snow white
A kind of nut that combines with chocolate: macadamia
A kind of slope: slippery
A kind of three dimensional form of visual art: sculpture
A lad, a young man: stripling
A large church, often with grand architecture: cathedral
A large dog: towser
A large fortified place, stronghold: fortress
A large frog that makes a loud, deep sound: bullfrog
A large gathering of scouts, Country Bear __: jamboree
A large geographic area: territory
A large pad used mainly for sleeping purposes: mattress
A large pile of grass; used in farms: haystack
A large room used for dancing: ballroom
A large vessel used to carry warriors: warship
A Latin American term for a foreigner: gringo
A left-handed boxer: southpaw
A life-like doll who could really show her emotions: tiny tears
A lion may come to be __ to a mouse: beholden
A lion's __ is like its fingerprint: muzzle
A lion-headed monster that breathes fire: chimera
A list of items to be added to written works: addenda
A long blade attached to the barrel of a gun: bayonet
A long fork is used in this type of meat cooking: barbecue
A long passionate kiss: liplock
A long-standing enemy: nemesis
A lot, generous amounts, high quantity: aplenty
A low mound or ridge of Earth; a knoll: hummock
A majestic tree named after a great man: sequoia
A major throwing sport and leisure activity: bowling
A maker of or dealer in optical items: optician
A male that's nice to look at: handsome
A male witch or wizard, sorcerer: warlock
A mayonnaise or aioli-based sauce: tartar
A mayor with judicial powers as well: alcalde
A means of guaranteeing protection or safety: insurance
A medium-grade metamorphic rock: schist
A memento you bring home from a trip: souvenir
A menorah is lit during this festivity: hanukkah
A messenger who transports goods or documents: courier
A metal covering that sheathes a metal structure: cladding
A millionaire: moneybags
A minor skin mark or imperfection: blemish
A misty and mystical island: avalon
A monstrous dog with 3 heads in Greek mythology: cerberus
A month with 31 days: october
A much sweeter type of vinegar: balsamic
A muscle involved in the breathing process: diaphragm
A musician __ a guitar: strumming
A musket should not be used to kill it: butterfly
A mythological, magical or folklore story: fairy tale
A nanny is hired to care for __ in the family home: children
A national symbol for Ireland: shamrock
A near fall: stumble
A near success is close but this: no cigar
A negative turns out positive as a __ in disguise: blessing
A negligible amount of money: peanuts
A new and exciting experience: adventure
A newborn's wardrobe: layette
A newly established company with few employees: start up
A night counsellor: pillow
A night street in New Orleans and a drink's name: bourbon
A note equal to two minims: semibreve
A novel written by Charles Bukowski: factotum
A outdoor equipment company: cubcadet
A parrot with an erectile crest: cockatoo
A participant in game played in an alley: bowler
A particularly bad dream: nightmare In the raw: undressed
A partner in everything, superheroes have one: sidekick
A passage or path: walkway
A peddler of shoddy goods: cheap jack pot of gold
A penny for your __: thoughts
A penny saved is a penny __: earned
A pentathlon is five __ athletic events: combined
A perfect, ideal world: utopia
A period during a massive power failure: blackout
A period of 10 years, a decade: decennium
A period of adjustment: shake down
A period of six months: semester
A period of three months: trimester
A period of three years: triennium
A permanent alteration that changes a DNA sequence: mutation
A person employed to guard buildings or property: watchman
A person or company that produces books: publisher
A person or thing that innovates: developer
A person that provides help: assistant
A person that taked power by force: usurper
A person trained in a specific branch of science: chemist
A person trained to give emergency medical care: paramedic
A person who acts for another in legal matters: attorney
A person who attends school or college: student
A person who checks the accuracy of accounts: auditor
A person who collects and delivers mail: postman
A person who comes from a Nordic island country: icelander
A person who gives information on TV or radio: announcer
A person who grows or uses herbs to treat illness: herbalist
A person who has written a book: author
A person who holds moderate political views: centrist
A person who investigates unknown regions: explorer
A person who is proficient in sports: athlete
A person who looks after livestock: stockman
A person who makes gold articles: goldsmith
A person who mixes and serves drinks: bartender
A person who moves permanently to another country: immigrant
A person who practices or studies legal matters: lawyer
A person who prepares cuts of meat and sells them: butcher
A person who repairs machines (such as cars): mechanic
A person who repairs or rents nautical vessels: boatman
A person who rules a kingdom or empire: monarch
A person who shoots with bow and arrows: archer
A person who studies the earth and rocks: geologist
A person who supervises the safety at the beach: lifeguard
A person who teaches or coaches: trainer
A person who trains lions: liontamer
A person who tries to obtain business orders: solicitor
A person who works backstage in theatres: stagehand
A person who works full-time for a company: employee
A person who works with books: librarian
A person who writes music: composer
A person whose job is to sell things: salesman
A person with the inability to feel touch: anaptic
A person's account of life events: memoir
A person's anatomy schedule aka circadian rhythm: body clock
A phase of the moon, also a type of roll: crescent
A physical desire, especially for food: appetite
A picture or painting of an ocean area: seascape
A piece of garment used by women: lingerie
A pinch of this will make you fly (tinker bell): pixie dust
A place for the sale of goods, store: bazaar
A place of history, art and more: museum
A place to keep things: storage
A place to sleep in when travelling: hotel room
A place where a person lives: residence
A place where children stay while parents work: daycare
A place where one shouldn't leave his/her manners: doorstep
A place where people grow fruit trees: orchard
A place where research or planning is done: backroom
A place where you can take a shower: bathroom
A plan regarding expenses and revenue or income: budget
A plant apt to bring forgetfulness: nepenthe
A plant louse: greenfly
A plantation of grapes aimed to wine production: vineyard
A player's position in baseball: baseman
A pond that supplies water for running a mill: millpond
A popular way of dressing during a particular time: fashion
A poser, a brain-teaser: conundrum
A position and form of affection between two people: spooning
A power metal band from Sweden: falconer
A practice to learn something: lesson
A precision shooter is an expert __: marksman
A price placed on a wanted person's life: bounty
A primary color: yellow
A prison __ is sought after by law enforcement: escapee
A private eye who grew orchids: nero wolfe
A professional clown, joker, in medieval courts: jester
A prophetic priestess of Apollo: pythoness
A psychic who earns money talking to the dead: medium
A quantum of electromagnetic radiation: photon
A quarter: one fourth
A quick and casual photograph: snapshot
A rapid spread of disease: epidemic
A receptacle having a narrow neck: bottle
A region bound by two concentric circles: annulus
A region in space with a strong gravity force: black hole
A reprimand, a rebuke: wigging
A respectful gesture of greeting in India: namaskar
A result of something else; cause and __: effect
A river or canal route for travelling by water: waterway
A rock and roll festival and a Peanuts character: woodstock
A room in which coats and hats may be kept: cloakroom
A room or building equipped for physical exercise: gymnasium
A room or compartment with a toilet and washbasin: lavatory
A room where young children can play: nursery
A round patty of ground beef in a split bun: hamburger
A ruling family in a monarchy: dynasty
A run-down hotel: flophouse
A sausage in a bun: hot dog
A school of design established by Walter Gropius: bauhaus
A sea __ is circular and covered in long spines: urchin
A section of a book, usually medium in length: passage
A sentence which uses every letter in the alphabet: pangram
A sequel to a sequel; third film in a series: threequel
A series of continued actions or operations: process
A serious crime, threat of bodily harm: assault
A set of teams that plays against each other: league
A shallow pan, a frying pan: skillet
A shortened version of a book: abridged
A shorter word for a hubble-bubble: hookah
A sign of an illness or disease: symptom
A silly one gets a silly answer: question
A sinister kind of humour: gallows
A skin condition in humans: psoriasis
A small breed of dog originating from Germany: pinscher
A small church: chapel
A small cooking measurement, not a table: tea spoon
A small deep cooking pot with a handle: sauce pan
A small entrance hall or anteroom, lobby: vestibule
A small european-style restaurant: bistro
A small footstool: cricket
A small German archipelago in the North Sea: helgoland
A small opening through which small arms are fired: loophole
A small part or feature of something: detail
A small powerboat used for towing waterskiers: skiboat
A small rocky body that orbits the sun: asteroid
A small staircase at the end of a house: back stoop
A small towel for washing facial features: face cloth translate
A small unit of matter: particle
A small wooden home in the Swiss Alps: chalet
A soft gentle breeze, car model: zephyr
A soiled or discolored spot: stained
A song by Kiss from album Unmasked: naked city
A sort of derivation of a clarinet: saxophone
A sort of lucky dip: bran tub
A sort of Trojan Odysseus: aeneas
A sort of word blindness: alexia
A special anniversary of an event; 50 years: jubilee
A special date, birthday, anniversary: occasion
A specialist in a particular branch of study: scholar
A specialist in plant science: botanist
A spinning cylinder: whirlwind
A spoonful of sugar helps the __ go down.: medicine
A sport played during the Olympic Games: water polo
A sport which is part of the Olympic events: archery
A sport which is part of the Olympic events: sailing
A square dance for four couples: quadrille
A state of intense happiness and self-confidence: euphoria
A statement saying something is not true: rebuttal
A stew made from whatever is within reach: mulligan
A storage area for supplies and goods: stockroom
A street musician who collects donations: busker
A strip of fabric gathered or pleated on one edge: ruffles
A strong and tough man: bruiser
A strong reaction to something unexpected: shockwave
A style of floral design that originated in Japan: ikebana
A subcategory of a broader category: hyponym
A subdivision of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire: appanage
A sublime state achieved in the Buddhism: nirvana
A Sugar __, a gliding possum that is kept as pet: glider
A summary outline of a course requirements: syllabus
A Summer Olympic sport: swimming
A superb painter of horses: stubbs
A superordinate word: hypernym
A supreme ruler, especially a monarch: sovereign
A Swedish turnip: rutabaga
A sweet spice used for cooking or baking: cinnamon
A symbol of Judaism since ancient times: menorah
A synthetised substitute for sugar: aspartame
A syringe's best friend: needle
A system of exercises strenuously performed: aerobics
A system of living organisms; a barrier: coral reef
A tall slender glass for drinking beer: pilsener
A task easy to accomplish: duck soup
A tax on imports or exports: tariff
A teacher, someone who helps, assists, guides: mentor
A temporary solution: stopgap
A temporary suspension of hostilities in a war: armistice
A tenet contrary to received opinion: paradox
A theory that explains the origin of the universe: big bang
A tie in a contest: deadlock
A tied fight may go to the judges for a __: decision
A tool used by companies to target consumers: marketing
A tourist destination in Dominican Republic: punta cana
A tower with batty bats: belfry
A Town __, a love story set during and after WWII: like alice
A tree that weeps: willow
A treeless northern region with frozen subsoil: tundra
A trifoliate plant that's symbol of Ireland: shamrock
A tube and rubber ball utensil for moistening food: baster
A turbine-driven plane engine with propeller: turboprop
A type of ballroom dance developed in the 1910s: foxtrot
A type of big cat, it purrs but does not roar: cheetah
A type of cabbage that has a large, round stem: kohlrabi
A type of computer virus: trojan
A type of endive: escarole
A type of mudrock: sequester
A type of shoe, same name as a university: oxfords
A UK bay is named after this Medieval folk hero: robin hood
A UNESCO World Heritage site in Tunisia: kairouan
A unit of power: kilowatt
A useful tool or implement: utensil
A usually circular line encompassing an area: circuit
A usually tall cupboard or wardrobe: armoire
A utensil used for grooming: hairbrush
A vacuum __ keeps carpets clean: cleaner
A variety of coffee bean: robusta
A vent in a volcano, narrow fissure in two rocks: chimney
A vent in the Earth: volcano
A very large piece of ice floating in the ocean: iceberg
A very long time ago, pre-Roman empire: ancient
A very popular baked pastry in North America: apple pie
A very popular item found in a woman's purse: eyeliner
A very short one-piece garment: minidress
A very short period of time, an instant: moment
A very short period of time: moment
A very short skirt: miniskirt
A very small vein: venule bourgeoisie
A vessel designed to carry goods: cargo ship
A villain hideout in The Spy Who Loved Me: atlantis
A virtue; the possession of knowledge: wisdom
A watercourse or creek in an arid region: arroyo
A well-known Beatles' song: hey jude
A well-known native-American tribe: comanche
A wind instrument consisting of a reed melody pipe: bagpipe
A winding path or trail, indirect course: meander
A Winter Olympic sport: ice hockey
A witch's pot boiling with glowing goo: cauldron
A Woman Under the __, movie with Gena Rowland: influence
A woman who stays at home to care for the children: housewife
A woman's work is __: never done
A Woody Allen film starring Diane Keaton: interiors
A word with the five vowels in alphabetical order: facetious
A yacht or other boat with twin hulls in parallel: catamaran
A young or baby goose: gosling
Aardwolf is a crime lord on Madripoor __: island
Abaft means __ the stern, in relation to an item: toward
Abandonware are old games free to __: download
Abbott and __, American comedy duo: costello
Abbreviated form of a TV comedy: sitcom
Abby Road was this band's last recorded album: beatles
ABC TV series about country music stars: nashville
Abdominal external __ muscle: oblique
Abdominal thrust maneuver used on people choking: heimlich
Abducted or drawn away: abduced
Abhorred, detested: anathema
Abiding strictly to one's opinion: adamant
Ability of animals to adapt to avoid predators: crypsis
Ability that allows you to be better at something: talent
Ability to go somewhere, use something: access
Able __ is someone able to do all duties: seaman
Able to be added to something else: addable
Abnormal reaction of the body to a substance: allergy
Abominable __ is a SHIELD paranormal member: snowman
Abraham __, pioneer of Yiddish theatre: goldfaden
Absorbent clay used in kitty litter: bentonite
Abstinence is a __ restrain: voluntary
Abstract, breviary, summary, conspectus: digest
Absurd talk, sounds like a flower-chicken cross: poppycock
Academic title from a university: degree
Academy winner who played Nefertiti, Anne __: baxter
Acaryas, guru of the world: jagad guru
Accelerating accumulation of weapons: arms race
Accessible, obtainable: available
Accessory often worn with a tuxedo: bowtie
Accidental clumsy fall, not disastrous: brodie
Accommodation for ship passengers: cabins
Accommodations, abodes, diggings: quarters
According to song, where to Pack up Your Troubles: kit bag
According to the song, Johnny B. Goode is from __: louisiana
Accounts for the even speed of a machine: flywheel
Accumulated wealth for business: capital
Accused of adultery in Shakespeare's Winter's Tale: hermione
Accustomed, anagram of ruined: inured
Ace Ventura's saved this NFL team's mascot: dolphins
Achievement of something: success
Achy __ Heart, Billy Ray's one hit wonder: breaky ocean liner
Acorn worms live mainly in __ ocean bottoms: sediment
Acrobatic or erotic staff boogie: pole dance
Acrophobia is a __ fear of heights: severe
Acrophobia is the fear of __: heights
Act of choosing and purchasing vacation, ticket: booking
Act of creating a picture with a pencil or pen: drawing
Act of doing something exactly like someone else: copying
Act of drinking, especially Liquor: potation
Act of escaping something; usually duty or taxes: evasion
Act of flying, trip on an airplane: flight
Act of helping someone: assist
Act of infiltrating somewhere to acquire secrets: espionage
Act of insulting a deity: blasphemy
Act of tossing objects in a synchronized manner: juggling
Act of traveling on a horse, car, plane, boat: riding
Acting fiendishly, diabolically: devilish
Acting on __ instead of thinking first: impulse
Acting unmannered, crude, rude: boorish
Action __ films include the Indiana Jones franchise: adventure
Action films with Bruce Willis as John McClane: die hard
Action planned or taken to achieve a desired result: measured
Action that pancake makers are involved in: tossing
Activated __ is used to absorb swallowed poison: charcoal
Active early in the morning: matutinal
Active fighting during the course of a war: combat
Actively look for people to hire: recruit
Activity-tracking wristband, produces the Flex: fitbit
Actor John __ starred in 70's musical Grease: travolta
Actor played Cruise's long-lost autistic brother: hoffman
Actor who was part of the cast of the SNL: bill hader
Actor who was part of the cast of the SNL: mike myers
Actor who was part of the cast of the SNL: will forte
Actor William __, played Captain Kirk in Star Trek: shatner
Actor won Oscar for portrayal of African dictator: whitaker
Actress and singer from 1950s named Marilyn: monroe
Actress became singing nun in hit Sister Act: whoopi
Actress known for her unique laugh, Fran __: drescher
Actress who invented a predecessor to Wi-Fi: lamarr
Acupuncture uses __ inserted into the body: needles
Adam Driver, __ in Star Wars: The Force Awakens: kylo ren
Adam Smith's hand that controlled the market: invisible
Add creme de menthe to make this duo cocktail: stinger
Add liquid to food residue on a pan to make sauce: deglaze
Add spices or flavorings to food: season
Add these to mulled wine to flavour it: spices
Added or mingled with something else: admixed
Added to milk to make cheese: rennet
Added to table salt to prevent diseases: iodine kiddie park
Added to table salt to ward off disabilities: iodine
Addictive substance from the coca plant: cocaine
Adding __ to injury: insult
Addition or change to a law or bill: amendment
Additive ractopamine illegal in this cold country: russia
ADHD: Attention __ Hyperactivity Disorder: deficit
Adieux: farewell
Adjective that describes the Tower of Pisa: leaning
Adjective used as a noun: adnoun
Administrative organization of a government: agency
Admiral __ squid face in Star Wars: ackbar
Admission to a train, show, plane: ticket
Adolf __, founder of sportswear brand Adidas: dassler
Adult cartoon about the Griffin family: family guy
Adults only laugh __ times a day: seventeen
Advanced robot, self aware, Data from Star Trek: android
Adverb for away, hence: avaunt
Advocate for women's rights and associated movement: feminist
Advocate of a strict moral code: bluenose
Aerial act where the performer hangs by the teeth: iron jaw
Aerial military combat; no canines to be seen: dogfight
Aerial scavenger of the dead, carcass eater: vulture
Aerialists' swing bar without a flat seat: fly bar
Aeromodeling is __ and flight of model planes: design
Aesop's __ had The Ant and Grasshopper: fables
Aesop's short stories with a lesson: fables
Affect someone's mind strongly, influence: impress
Affected: impacted
Afghan sword of the Pashtun people: pulwar
African __, giant gastropod: land snail
African country closest to Italian shores: tunisia
African country colonized by freed slaves: liberia
African country made quarterfinals of 2002 WC: senegal
African country rich in diamonds: namibia
African country, site of movie Black Hawk Down: somalia
African horned, hopping "deer": antelope
African lake also called Lake Nyasa: malawi
African leader was jailed for 27 years: mandela flying fish
African monkey virtually thumbless: colobus
African nation north of Lake Victoria: uganda
African nature excursion: safari
African tree with big hollow trunk: baobab
African wild pig with curved tusks: warthog
African wooden xylophone: marimba
After effects of a night of drinking: hangover
After primary colors: green, orange, and purple: secondary
After something has happened: afterward
Agatha __, also known as the Queen of Crime: christie
Agatha __, world-known UK crime novelist: christie
Agatha Christie's character: __ Poirot: hercule
Age of __, series of history based strategy games: empires
Agent, something causing diseases: pathogen
Agile tree-dwelling rodent with a bushy tail: squirrel
Agile, goat-like antelope, known for its leather: chamois
Agitated, distressed, perturbed: restless
Agitator, a rabble-rouser (no matches required): firebrand
Agnes __, actress of Bewitched: moorehead
Agreement between two parties: contract
Agreement preceding marriage: prenup
Agreement, harmony, voluntarily: accord
Agriculturalist who rears pork: pig farmer
Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim mix, Lady __: marmalade
Agyrophobia is a fear of crossing __ or roads: streets
AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency __: syndrome
Ailurophobia is an __ fear of cats: abnormal
Aion, Greek god of __; foreverness: eternity
Air __, oxygen-providing Australian musical duo: supply
Air blown through soapy water: bubbles
Air force, navy, army: military
Air transport agreement for international flights: open skies
Air zodiac sign; Age of __: aquarius
Airbrushing is the hobby of __ with air: painting
Aircraft designed to land on the ocean: seaplane
Aircraft designer known as Queen of Hurricanes: macgill
Aircraft storage building: hangar
Aircraft used in the military and for fun: drones
Airplane manufacturer, famous for 747: boeing
Airport area where you pick up family and friends: arrivals
Aka groundnut, good for making a butter: peanut
Aka polar wool, insulating synthetic fabric: fleece
Aker, __ earth god of the horizon: egyptian
Akhenaten's wife; Miles Davis album: nefertiti
Akinetic means loss of __ ability to move muscles: normal
Al __, SNL legend turned Minnesota senator: franken
Al Capone's business card claimed he sold __: furniture
Al Pacino plays an honest cop against corruption: serpico
Al Pacino's movie, means "Cara Cortada" in Spanish: scarface
Alabama __ is a medium sized salamander: waterdog
Aladdin's kingdom in the 1992 Disney film: agrabah
Alan __, Brit inventor of stereophonic sound: blumlein
Alan __, first American to travel in space: shepard
Alan __, played the bad guy Hans Gruber in Die Hard: rickman
Alan Menken musical, Little Shop of __: horrors
Alaska was purchased from this country: russia
Alaskan Dogsled race: iditarod
Alaskan islands hit by earthquake in 2014: aleutian
Alaskan sled dog: malamute
Albert Einstein was a world-known __: physicist
Alberta's museum deted to these local rodents: gopher
Album by progressive/power metal band Viathyn: cynosure
Albumen: egg white
Albuquerque is a major city in this state: new mexico
Alcatel mobile phone model range: one touch
Alcohol used in fuel: ethanol
Alcoholic drink with wine and soda water: spritzer
Alerting systems: sensors
Alexander __ Bell, inventor of the telephone: graham
Alexander __, Swedish actor of True Blood: skarsgard
Alexander Graham Bell invention: telephone
Alfre __, actress of Desperate Housewives: woodard
Alfred __, British director: hitchcock
Algiers is the capital of __: algeria
Alice in Wonderland is based on books by Lewis __: carroll
Alice in Wonderland, Looking Glass, Lewis __: carroll
Alice is the main __ in Alice in Wonderland: character
Alice Through the __ Glass, novel by Lewis Carroll: looking
Aliens do this: abduct
Aliens: The __ Game, Apple II 1988 video game: computer
All __ Day, post-Halloween holiday aka All Hallows: saints
All __, Fosse's dance film: that jazz
All bark and __; having lots to say: no bite
All in the Family character, Archie __: bunker
All My __, American soap opera cancelled in 2011: children
All Quiet on the __ Front, won an Oscar in 1931: western
All things that occur in a certain environment: ecosystem
All together without a certain one, excluding: except
All under control, like a clean boat: shipshape
All-__ event is four gymnastic events: around
Allan Poe suggested a solution for this paradox: olbers
Alleged biological warfare agent in early America: smallpox
Allegedly cursed Nascar Superspeedway: talladega
Allegedly, a mind reader: mentalist
Allegiance to a feudal lord: fealty
Allies, in their native American language: dakota
Allows coaches a moment to talk with players: timeout
Allows soldiers to drop into war zones: parachute
Ally __, Calista Flockhart quirky legal show: mcbeal
Ally McBeal portrayer, __ Flockhart: calista
Almond cookie pastry from Sicily: ciarduna
Almost certainly; highly probable: doubtless
Almost never, uncommon: rarely
Almost-rhyming capital of Nicaragua: managua
Aloft means above the rigging of a __ ship: sailing
Along with the Concord, a Revolutionary battle: lexington
Along with Tigris hosted Mesopotamia: euphrates
Along with waxing describes the Moon's phases: waning
Alphabet used for writing eastern Slavic languages: cyrillic
ALS stricken baseball Hall of Famer, Lou __: gehrig
Also called Malines: mechlin
Also known as Alcofribas Nasier: rabelais
Also known as Brazilian jazz: bossa nova
Also known as foodpipe or gullet: esophagus
Also known as horse trials: eventing
Also known as tungsten: wolfram
Altered granite with pink feldspar: unakite
Altering appearance, masks on Halloween: disguise
Alternate route around construction: detour
Altitude __ is caused from high altitudes: sickness
alty liquid dressing used in Chinese foods: soy sauce
Aluminum ore, a major source of aluminium: bauxite
Alvin and the __: chipmunks
Alvin, the __, is the lead singer of his group: chipmunk
Always lagging behind: straggler
Alzheimer's __, degenerative disease of the brain: disease
Amanda __, actress in Mamma Mia!: seyfried
Amateur radio is the private use of radio __: frequency
Amazon lily: eucharis
Amazon takes part in this electronic activity: commerce
Amazon's eReader: kindle
Amazonian queen killed by Hercules: hippolyte
Amber __, or Pinna carnea, is a bivalve mollusc: penshell
Amber like resin with little succinic acid: gedanite
Ambon __ is yellow with a spot on its fin: damsel
America Ferrera show from Colombian telenovela: ugly betty
America's "Last Frontier": alaska
America's controversial voting college: electoral
America's great swimmer before Phelps: mark spitz ignorance
America's most macabre TV family: addams
America's Next __ , reality show about fashion: top model
American __ is also the Bully: bulldog
American __, by George Lucas: graffiti
American __, Dick Clark show for new talent: bandstand
American __, friends enjoy one last night: graffiti
American __, stoic painting by Grant Wood: gothic
American actor and political activist: sean penn
American actor who died prematurely in 1955: james dean
American Association of __ People, aka AARP: retired
American bird; makes a sound like its name: bobwhite
American curly-crested bird with yellow bill: curassow
American director known for his dark fantasy films: tim burton
American football is also known as __: gridiron
American gangster during the Prohibition: al capone
American Gothic painter (first name, surname): grant wood A cast-å
American health supplements brand: herbalife
American Idol's country gem: underwood parchment
American Indian dwelling, round, lodge: wigwam
American jazz trumpeter: chet baker
American machine-gun used on the Western Front: browning
American Megafauna is a board game on __: evolution
American musician, artist, and actor, __ Manson: marilyn
American Ninja Warrior host, Matt __: iseman
American Nobel Prize winning economist: krugman
American Old West folk character, "Wild Bill": hickok
American president who was shot dead in public: kennedy
American printmakers, __ and Ives: currier
American retired basketball player and coach: larry bird
American singer who has a distinguished voice: tom waits
American Super Soaker inventor __ Johnson: lonnie
American sweet pastry bear claw
American TV series based on a Colombian telenovela: ugly betty
American weekly magazine on current events: newsweek
American who wrote The Old Man and the Sea:
American word for "football" comes from the UK: soccer
American WWI soldiers: doughboys
American, Briton, Spaniard, etc: denonyms
American-Chinese dish typically served with rice: chop suey
Amerigo __, explorer who gave his name to America: vespucci
Ammonium __, salt, unstable compound: phosphate
Among this Saharan people, it's men who wear a veil: tuaregs
Amos __ , world-renown painter from the Bahamas: ferguson
Amount made after expenses: profit
Amount of a medicine to take: dosage
Amount of an item a business has on hand: supply
Amount of money to be spent on one area: budget
Amount paid for retirement after serving: pension
Amount you're paid for your job: salary
Amphibian native to a Mexican lake: axolotl
Amphibious landing place at Gallipoli in WWI: suvla bay
Amputation is the __ of a body part: removal
Amusement park "home" to scare and amuse: funhouse
Amusement park attraction aka log ride: log flume
Amusing, soppy love movie adored by the ladies: romcom
Amy __, aviatrix flew from Britain to Australia: johnson
Amy __, comedian co-wrote Trainwreck: schumer
Amy Adams is the princess in this Disney film: enchanted
An __ coral has a resemblance with a deer: antler
An __ in Paris, Gershwin's musical 1951 film: american
An __ In Paris, won the Academy Awards in 1952: american
An addict's worst friend: enabler
An address to God or a deity: prayer
An African ant-eater: aardvark
An allotrope of carbon like the diamond: graphite
An ancient military device for hurling stones: catapult
An ancient Persian king: xerxes
An animal that feeds on plants and other animals: omnivore
An answering __ holds phone messages: machine
An apparatus for reducing liquids to a fine spray: atomizer
An apparatus in which nuclear fission is made: reactor
An area for the manufacture or assembly of objects: cleanroom
An area rich in fuel deposits: oil field
An art piece done with pigments and colors: painting
An artist whose canvas is a wall or a ceiling: muralist
An artist's lifework: oeuvre
An astronomical body orbiting a star: planet
An average person spends 6 __ at red lights: months
An Edgar Allan Poe's poem: the raven
An edible snail: escargot
An elevated region, plateau, mountain region: highland
An elevation on the ground, a summit: mountain
An elongated shape: oblong
An emotional state or reaction: feeling wine cooler
An employee who serves or helps customers: attendant
An entomologist: bug hunter
An enzyme secreted by the stomach wall: pepsin
An exciting or remarkable experience: adventure
An expert in a finance-related social science: economist
An expert in science: scientist
An extreme sportsperson: skydiver
An idiophone hand percussion instrument: cowbell
An illness or problem, from the French language: malady
An image with urban scenery as its primary focus: city scape
An imp is a goblin creature in English __: folklore
An induced state of human consciousness: hypnosis
An irrational fear of animals: zoophobia
An island republic which used to belong to Denmark: iceland
An island-city state: singapore
An object without a lot of detail or ornate colors: simple
An octopus has three of these: hearts
An official document conferring a right or privilege: patent
An opening move in chess involving sacrifice: gambit
An outdoor shelter with a roof for a pet: doghouse
An overpowering emotion or exaltation: ecstasy
An unbelievable tale: tall story
An unbred, bucking, wild horse: bronco
An uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear: hysteria
An underlying layer: substrate
Anagram of Ari got all: a Florida swamp animal: alligator
Anagram of cart horse: orchestra
Anagram of cart horse: orchestra smartphones
Anagram of cheater: teacher
Anagram of envied: endive
Anagram of fibers: briefs
Anagram of finder: friend
Anagram of hissed: dishes
Anagram of listen: silent
Anagram of oriental: relation
Anagram of parmesan: spearman
Anagram of pieces: specie
Anagram of rain hard: harridan
Anagram of ripens: sniper
Anagram of stiff gun; traditional for Thanksgiving: stuffing
Anagram of things: nights
Anagram of trestle: letters
Anaheim team named after Disney movie: angels
Anakin Skywalker, __ Christensen: hayden
Anakin was 20 during the Battle of __ in Star Wars: geonosis
Analysis, evaluation, especially of literature: critique
Anatomical term for womb: uterus
Anatomy __ of Dr Nicholaes Tulp, by Rembrandt: lesson
Ancient abstract design used in art therapy: mandala
Ancient African reptile with giant chompers: crocodile
Ancient Arabic dish made of durum wheat: freekeh
Ancient Art of War is the first real-time __ game: strategy
Ancient Babylonian tool made for mass farming: seed drill
Ancient burial ground in Egypt: saqqara
Ancient calculator with moving beads: abacus
Ancient city, center of Hellenistic Judaism: antioch
Ancient city, Turkey's capital: ankara
Ancient counting frame: abacus
Ancient Egyptian goddess and consort of Amun: amunet
Ancient Egyptian monarch; ruler of the dynasties: pharaoh
Ancient freestyle sport; Greco Roman: wrestling
Ancient gate leading to the inner city of Babylon: ishtar
Ancient gemstone used by pharoahs: peridot
Ancient gold coin from Spain: doubloon
Ancient Greek city, Temple of Artemis: ephesus
Ancient Greek writer of tragedies: sophocles
Ancient Hindu celebration, "Festival of Lights": diwali
Ancient Japanese military nobility, swordsmen: samurai
Ancient lingua franca of Greater India: sanskrit
Ancient microcontinent in Indian Ocean: mauritia
Ancient military piece that throws objects: catapult
Ancient people who were the original mummifiers: egyptians
Ancient Persian city capital of two empires: ctesiphon
Ancient quarter of a town: old town
Ancient queen of Persia who has a Bible book: esther
Ancient quest to turn base metals into gold: alchemy
Ancient rock temples in southern Egypt: abu simbel
Ancient Roman heating system for buildings: hypocaust
Ancient Russian town on Lake Nero, in Yaroslavl: rostov
Ancient site, spring at Mount Hermon: banias
Ancient solar clock: sundial
Ancient structure of a lion with a human head: sphinx
Ancient supercontinent, once called Pangaea: rodinia
Ancient times: antiquity
Ancient trade network connecting East and West: silk road
Ancient two-wheeled vehicle pulled by humans: rickshaw
Ancient wind instrument shaped like an egg: ocarina
Ancient wind musical instrument: ocarina
Ancient, pointy-nosed fish similar to a shark: sturgeon
And the like (in Latin): et cetera
Andean city and Chile's capital: santiago
Andre 3000 and Big Boi misspelled duo: outkast
Andrew __, climber, died with Mallory on Everest: irvine
Andrew __, Tom Hanks role in Philadelphia: beckett
Andy __, hosted popular shows in 60s: williams
Andy __, Opie's father, Barney Fife's boss: griffith
Andy Samberg stars in __ Nine-Nine: brooklyn
Anesthetic sometimes called "Special K": ketamine
Anesthetic used in dentistry: novocaine
Angela __, Germany's first woman Chancellor: merkel
Angela __, How Stella Got Her Groove Back actress: bassett
Angels' boss on Fawcett's detective show: charlie
Angels: guardians
Anger is a strong __, sometimes negative: emotion
Angiitis is inflammation of the blood __: vessels
Angler __, or flounder, has eyes on one side: flatfish
Animal __, a division to classify natural objects: kingdom
Animal __, kids zoological sweet treat: cracker
Animal blamed for everything: scape goat
Animal form of vitamin A; a skincare serum: retinol
Animal or creature that strikes fear: monster
Animal that builds dams, has long front teeth: beaver
Animal that moves slowly: crawly
Animal that relies solely on plant matter for food: herbivore
Animal waste used as fertilizer: manure
Animal with long nose known for eating ants: anteater
Animal with no bones and long tentacles; it stings: jellyfish
Animal, plant having no sex organs: asexual
Animals believed to exist by pseudoscientists: cryptid
Animals believed to exist by pseudoscientists: cryptid cruise ship
Animals that are described as ring-tailed: lemurs
Animals that attack prey; atop of the food chain: predators
Animals walking very close to the ground: reptiles
Animated caricature: cartoon
Animated Corpse, Di Caprio Oscar winning film: revenant
Animated film about a puppet whose nose grows: pinocchio
Animated film about ant Flik and his friends: a bugs life
Animated kid's playthings, Woody, Buzz, Hamm: toy story
Animated series about mystery-solving with a dog: scooby doo
Animated series set in the Space Age: jetsons
Animated TV series aimed for the adult audience: family guy
Anion is a negatively __ ion: charged
Ann Patchett book about opera hostage situation: bel canto
Anna __, character who commits adultery: karenina
Anna __, novel written by Leo Tolstoy: karenina
Anna __, Russian modernist poet in the Soviet era: akhmatova
Anna __, The Devil Wears Prada depicts her: wintour
Anna Karenina for her occupation: socialite
Anne __, actress of The Devil Wears Prada: hathaway
Anne __, Shakespeare's wife: hathaway
Anne __, US actress, The Graduate: bancroft
Anne Rice is the author of Interview with the __: vampire
Announcer on the Muppet Show,__ the Frog: kermit
Annoying pop-up: adware
Annually, each year: per annum
Annular __, Porgies, small silver tropical fish: seabream
Another name for a dendrite: dendron
Another name for a lawyer or counselor: attorney
Another name for baseball: hardball
Another name for Bigfoot: sasquatch
Another name for Cuban Contradanza dance: habanera
Another name for ghost, phantasm: spirit
Another name for Greece: the __ Republic: hellenic
Another name for kettledrums: timpani
Another name for linseed: flaxseed
Another name for low fat ice cream: ice milk
Another name for mandible: jawbone
Another name for nation: country
Another name for starfish: seastar
Another name for Swiss Roll: jellyroll
Another name for the European bison: wisent
Another name for the Holy Grail: sangreal
Another name for the Prime Minister of Ireland: taoiseach
Another name for the spine: backbone
Another name for the trachea: windpipe
Another name for uniform, used in sports: jersey
Another name for vitamin B3: niacin
Another name for whooping cough: pertussis
Another name usually used by authors: pseudonym
Another term for a broken bone: fracture
Another term for donkey: jackass
Another term for nauseated: queasy
Another term for safe room: panic room
Another term for soul or ghost: spirit
Another term for the mind; psychologists study this: psyche
Another way of saying farewell: goodbye
Another word for "spying": espionage
Another word for a spring onion or shallot: scallion
Another word for broken bone: fracture
Another word for plexiglas: perspex
Another word for police: officer
Another word for prisoner: inmate
Anoxia is the __ of oxygen in the body: absence
Answer to a problem: solution
Antagonist in Hugo's Les Miserables: javert
Antagonist that actually means "farmhand": villain
Antechamber, typically serving as a waiting room: anteroom
Anthony __ has been in seven Star Wars films: daniels Childbirth me
Anti-__ medicines treat some mental disorders: psychotic
Anti-__: drugs to help control blood sugar: diabetics
Anti-apartheid campaigner: mandela
Anti-corruption, pro-Cleveland politician in 1880s: mugwump
Antibiotics are used to treat an __: infection
Anticoagulants are used to __ blood clots: prevent
Antiderivative or integral, differentiable function: primitive
Antifungal __ are used to treat fungus infections: medicines
Antigen of a blood group system linked to a monkey: rh factor
Antimalarial drugs treat __: malaria
Antioxidant berry; sauce served at Thanksgiving: cranberry
Antioxidants treat damage due to __ in the body: oxygen
Antiquated term for a farmer owning his own land: yeoman
Antique paper for documents: parchment
Antiques __, PBS TV show with appraisals: roadshow
Antiseptics slow growth of micro__: organisms
Antitoxins treat __ toxins in the body: biologic
Antonio __, Spanish actor: banderas
Antony and __, a Shakespeare's tragedy: cleopatra
Antonym of limited: boundless
Antonym of literacy: ignorance
Antonym of lowest: highest
Antonym of moderation: excess
Antonym of never: always
Antonym of static: dynamic
Antonym of weak, helpless, insignificant: powerful
Antonín __, Czech New World Symphony composer: dvořák
Any article of clothing: garment
Any baked dish topped with cheese/breadcrumbs: gratin
Any form of pleasure is a sin to them: puritans
Any general business activity: industry
Any of the instruments used in a kitchen: utensil
Any set of numbers to be summated: addend
Anyone can do without them: luxuries
Anything affected by time or power on computers: dynamic
Anything pertaining to the bones: skeletal
Anything pertaining to the temple area of the head: temporal
Anything relating to ships, sailors or navigation: nautical
Anything relating to the skin: dermal
Anything that involves or pertains to the universe: cosmic
Anything thrown as a missile: dingbat
Anything to do with a mother, grandmother: maternal
Anything to do with nerves, nerve cells: neural
Aorta is the largest one in the body: artery
Ape that has long arms and reddish-brown hair: orangutan
Apep, Egyptian __ deity who fought Ra: serpent
Apes appeared during this geological epoch: oligocene
Apollo named a flower after him: hyacinth
Appalachian mountain range: allegheny
Apparatus used for hatching eggs: incubator
Apparel brand; a basket plus a foul: and one
Apparition, specter, illusion of something: phantasm
Appearance to the eye or mind; regard: aspect
Appendage found in theaters, cars for arms: arm rest
Apple mobile device: iphone
Apple's app, online music store: itunes
Apple's iPad is one of these devices: tablet
Apples and __: cinnamon
Appliance for heating water for coffee or tea: kettle
Appliance that can be found in a kitchen: freezer
Appliance that can be found in a kitchen: toaster
Appliance used to cook food with hot vapor: steamer
Appliance used to cut and mix food: blender
Appliance with slots to cook your bread: toaster
Application that allows the user to act: widget
Applied force: battered
Apply this in rooms to decorate them: wallpaper
Applying middle pedal in a car to slow speed: braking
Appropriate, suitable: apposite
Approximately 2.2 pounds: kilogram
April holiday celebrating trees and nature: arbor day
Aqua Teen __ Force, cartoon with talking fast food: hunger
Aquatic animal considered the largest on Earth: blue whale
Aquatic animal, 5 arms, regrows body parts: starfish
Arabian __ bream have a jerky movement: monocle
Arabic capital has largest female university: riyadh
Arabic language, news television network: al jazeera
Arabic noble title; "strength": sultan
Arabic title; elder of a tribe: sheikh
Arachnid: spider
Arcade game sequel to 1979's Galaxian: galaga
Archaeologist, before the word was coined: antiquary
Archaic expression for news, such as "glad __": tidings
Archbishop __, first president of Cyprus: makarios
Archer character's first name: sterling
Archery targets: bosses
Archimedes' famous exclamation: eureka
Archipelago that served as Darwin's lab: galapagos
Architect and engineer from ancient Egypt: imhotep
Architect who built the London 2012 aquatics centre: zaha hadid
Arctic animals with huge tusks and whiskers: walrus
Arctic explorer who created refugee "passports": nansen
Arctic footwear looks like tennis racquet: snowshoe
Arctic rodents purported to commit suicide: lemmings
Arctic whale with long tusk on its head: narwhal
Ardency, fervency, emotion: intensity
Area beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder: armpit
Area between the Earth and the sun: geospace
Area centers around study of symbols: iconology
Area consisting of marshes or swamps: wetland
Area in a yard for growing fruits and vegetables: garden
Area in a yard for planting: flowerbed
Area known as the center of a city: downtown
Area known for being dry, sandy: desert
Area not very high above the sea level: lowland
Area of a river where currents run extremely fast: rapids
Area of Asia including Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia: indochina
Area of low pressure in meteorology: trough
Area of north-west Italy with Turin as the capital: piedmont
Area of science that looks at growth: auxology
Area of X-rays and me
Area ruled over by sovereign princes of Austria: archduchy
Area that contains your vocal cords: larynx
Area using this unit of land measurement: acreage
Area where land and water meet: shoreline
Area where news is written in a newspaper office: newsroom
Area where pitchers warm up in baseball: bullpen
Areas below your shoulders; they produce sweat: armpits
Areas of the Earth around the Equator: tropics
Areas where "black gold" is found: oilfields
Argentine river flows into the Parana River: salado
Argo producer, George __: clooney
Argument, disagreement essential to a plot: conflict
Arid, bare region with little rain or vegetation: desert cephalopods
Aristocratic Japanese warrior: samurai
Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and __: scientist
Arizona capital risen from the ashes: phoenix
Arizona football team, St. Louis baseball squad: cardinals
Arm muscles men like to show off: biceps
Arm of the Atlantic ocean, west of Greenland: baffin bay
Armament is the ship's __: weapons
Armchair or sofa that can be tilted back: recliner
Armed __, government's defense, military: forces
Armed forces of Nazi Germany: wehrmacht
Armed ship privately owned; hired to fight: privateer
Armenian flatbread made in a tandoor: lavash
Armored mammal that curls into a ball: armadillo
Armored mammal with pointy snout: armadillo
Armpit perfume, fights body odor: deodorant
Army rank below a brigadier general: colonel
Arnold Schwarzenegger is from this country: austria
Aromatic spice, green pods with black seeds: cardamom
Arriving after the due time, expected: belated
Arriving or acting at the right time: punctual
Arsphenamine, compound 606: salvarsan
Art form made by sculpting or casting: statue
Art made of clay, fired, and glazed: pottery
Art made of various materials glued on a surface: collage
Art of carving something into surfaces: engraving
Art style of 17th century Europe: baroque
Art style very popular during the High Renaissance: mannerism
Art, science or military school: academy
Artemis can also be referred to as __: phoebe
Artform and genre of music in South Spain: flamenco
Arthur __, illustrator of Edwardian books: rackham
Arthur __, wrote Memoirs of a Geisha: golden
Arthur's best knight in the Round Table: lancelot
Article used at table to wipe lips or fingers: napkin
Articles made of earthenware or baked clay: pottery
Artificial heart experiment implanted in 15 men: abiocor
Artificial structure shooting jets of water: fountain
Artificial sweetener that Splenda contains: sucralose
Artificial sweetener: saccharin
Artificial waterway links the Elbe to the Baltic: kiel canal
Artist who parodied the Mona Lisa: Marcel __: duchamp
Artistic paper-folding: origami
Artists go acoustic: unplugged
Artwork found on some living room walls: paintings
Artwork made by cutting grooves into a surface: engraving
Artwork made with pencil or crayons: drawing
As __ as punch: pleased
As a rule, drunk at Christmas time: eggnog
As fast as it goes: flat out
As much as eight gallons: bushel
AS Roma plays soccer in this Italian league: serie a
As white as snow, as black as coal, as red as a __: beetroot
Ascending, growing, advancing: rising
Asian bread flavored with saffron: shirmal
Asian capital founded by Spaniards: manila
Asian cooking technique of roasted spices: baghaar
Asian mountain range, home to Mt. Everest: himalayas
Asian mushroom believed to have medicinal effects: shiitake
Asian nation known for its tough stance on drugs: indonesia
Asian river passing through India and Pakistan: chenab
Asian spice, root of the ginger family: turmeric
Asian state won independence from Portugal in 1975: east timor
Ask for something forcefully: demand
Aspartame is a man-made __ for foods: sweetener
Assassination: murder
Assign someone a position: appoint
Assignee, representative: agents
Assigning name to a product or company: branding
Assistance for a sudden injury or illness: first aid
Assyrian deity that is a mix of ox, bird and human: lamassus
Assyrian goddess of love and fertility: ishtar
Astrological sign associated with the fish: pisces
Astrological sign represented by a scary arachnid: scorpio
Astrologically wet sign: aquarius
Astronaut who took a "giant leap for mankind": armstrong
Astronomical event happens in spring, autumn: equinox
Astronomical event that marks summer and winter: solstice
At __ pace = very slowly: tortoise
At any moment, regardless of hour: anytime
At sixes and __, muddled up: sevens
At the end of, not keeping up: behind
Atari classic game; jumping across alligators: pitfall
Atari insect shooting arcade game: centipede
Atari's game Centipede makes players kill __: insects
Athenian citadel, including the Parthenon: acropolis
Athlete's workplace: stadium
Athletic competition with ten different events: decathlon
Athletic supporter: jockstrap
Atlanta __ play at SunTrust Park: braves
Atlanta Hawks play at __ Arena: philips
Atlanta's other bird mascot, not the Hawks: falcons
Atlantic wing-__is a bivalve mollusc: oyster
Atomic number 12, abundant element from stars: magnesium
Atomic symbol AI, used to make soda cans: aluminium
Atop Mount Titano: san marino
Attached sheets of paper together: stapled
Attached, impressed on, fastened: affixed
Attachment to a helmet to stop it from falling off: chinstrap
Attack someone violently: assail
Attacking, robbing someone in public: mugging
Attests who you are: id card
Attorney's assistant, not full lawyer: paralegal
Attracted to all people regardless of their gender: pansexual
Attracted with something desirable: allured
Attractive older woman; a mountain lion: cougar
Attractive, nice to look at: pretty
Attribute of a verb, not present or future: past tense
ATV aka All __ Vehicle: terrain
Atypical means __ or uncharacteristic: unusual
Au __, fancier way to say on the contrary: contraire
Aubrey __, Victorian painter: beardsley
Audi's car name, means four in Italian: quattro
Auditory membrane shaped like a cone: eardrum
Audrey __, star of Breakfast at Tiffany's: hepburn
Aum __, Japanese doomsday cult: shinrikyo
Aura that surrounds the sun and other stars: corona
Aurora __, the proper term for the Northern Lights: borealis
Aussie PM: howard
Aussie town in Northern Territory with female name: katherine
Austin Powers, Shrek, Wayne's World: mike myers
Australasian parrot with curved beak and crest: cockatoo
Australasian waterbird, also called Pukeku: swamphen
Australia's capital and largest inland city: canberra
Australian brothers, disco kings: bee gees
Australian city hosting the 2000 Summer Olympics: sydney seine river
Australian city known for its "Coathanger" bridge: sydney
Australian city with the biggest Greek population: melbourne
Australian rite of passage: walkabout
Australian singer of 1000 Forms of Fear: sia furler
Australian sponge cake dessert covered in coconut: lamington
Australian-themed restaurant actually from Tampa: outback
Austrian capital, with a Spanish riding school: vienna
Austrian captain portrayed in the Schindler's List: amon goeth
Austrian crystals company with swan logo: swarovski
Austrian pastry roll that looks like a crown: kaiser
Author of "And Then There Were None": __ Christie: agatha
Author of "Bridget Jones's Diary": Helen __: fielding
Author of "Dr. No": Ian __: fleming
Author of "Sense and Sensibility": Jane __: austen
Author of "The Day of the Jackal", Frederick __: forsyth
Author of "The Handmaid's Tale" Margaret __: atwood
Author of "The Sport of Queens", Dick __: francis
Author of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit": Beatrix __: potter
Author of All Quiet on the Western Front: remarque
Author of Interview with the Vampire: anne rice
Author of Rip Van __ suffered from insomnia: winkle
Author of The Chronicles of Narnia: cs lewis
Author of the novel "Black Beauty": Anna __: sewell
Author of the play "Blithe Spirit": Noel __: coward
Author of The Shining: __ King: stephen
Author of The Waste Land: ts eliot
Author who invented Neverland: jm barrie
Author whose girlfriend left him for Chaplin: salinger
Author's son wrote his final work after his death: tolkien
Authorization to arrest, detain someone: warrant
Autistic genius played by US actor Hoffman: rain man
Auto __, cars speeding after each other: racing
Auto safety feature: seat belt
Autocue helper: prompter
Automatic body responses to a stimulus: reflexes
Automobile, car, truck, bus, SUV: vehicle
Automotive doctor often covered in grease: mechanic
Autumn berries are __ in hedgerows: ripening
Avalanche: landslip
Avant-garde musical instrument with antennae: theremin
Avatar is a 2009 James __ film: cameron
Avenida da __, Lisbon's main thoroughfare: liberdade
Avocado-based dip: guacamole
Avoid a questioner, for he is also a __: tattler
Avoided, failed to be captured: evaded
Avoiding negative financial news, the __ effect: ostrich
Award for the best place-kicker in football: lou groza
Award winning director of Stand by Me: reiner
Awkward and not graceful: ungainly
Axilspot __ are red-brown with white spots: hogfish
Aztec method of agriculture on rectangular patches: chinampa

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