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CodyCross Answers for Number and Special Characters Questions

Below you will find the answers for all the questions that begin with numbers or special characters. All the questions are in alphabetical order, to find a level fast use the search function on your internet browser, Ctrl + F on PC  or  Menu >  Find in Page on mobile devices.
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"__ of the month": flavor
"About" means to __ course of the ship by tacking: change
"Acidic" movie with Meryl Streep & Jack Nicholson: heartburn
"Addicted to Love" singer, Robert __: palmer
"All __" means a sudden, unforeseen stop: standing
"All over bar the __": shouting
"All sound" Japanese electronics brand: panasonic
"Au __" means goodbye in French: revoir
"Better be stung by a __ than pricked by a rose": nettle
"Blind pig", place sold alcohol in 20s: speakeasy
"Brain" that caused Dexter's urges: lizard
"Bridge Over __ Water", written by Paul Simon: troubled
"Can You Hear Me Now?" phone company: verizon
"Canine" grapefruit cocktail, salty dog on rim: greyhound
"Cat got your __", a rebuke when staying silent: tongue
"Cloak and __" stories of intrigue: dagger
"Colonel" who managed Elvis Presley's career: tom parker
"Colorful" women's magazine: redbook
"Copacabana, the hottest spot north of __": havana
"Don't make a mountain out of a __": molehill
"Elder," special witness of Latter Day Saints: apostle
"Fever" caused by airborne fungal spores: valley
"Flea" pepper aka Chiltepins: small hots
"Football" in most places: soccer
"Great voice" pioneer of video game consoles: magnavox
"He's a diamond __": geezer
"Here He Comes to Save the Day" __ Mouse: mighty
"High" part of a city: uptown
"Holy" fish popular on Catholic holidays: halibut
"I Am" shortest __ sentence in English: complete
"Jack of all trades, __ of none": master
"Jack" cheese mixed with colby in marbled form: monterey
"Japanese horseradish" used by sushi lovers: wasabi
"Juiced" eel you don't want to touch: electric
"Jumping" frying, usually with vegetables: sauteing
"Just a drop in the __": bucket
"Karma Police" band: radiohead
"Life on the D List" personality, Kathy __: griffin
"Lonely game", often played on computers: solitaire
"Low" region known for tulips and windmills: holland
"Mighty oaks from little __ grow": acorns
"Moorish" cocktail popular in southern France: mauresque
"Mouth" of car, allows air into engine area: grille
"Not the __ tool in the shed": sharpest
"Paper Roses"A No. 1 country hit for Marie __: osmond
"Peppered bread", Italian Christmas cake: panpepato
"Pregunta" means this, in Spanish: question
"Red" Italian lager brewery: peroni
"Sandbox" building video game of textured cubes: minecraft
"Shovel" suit in deck of cards: spades
"Sibling" relationship between cities, __ City: sister
"Skin" remover for fishermen: scaler
"Skyscraper" is one of her hit songs Demi __: lovato
"Small oven" treat, mignardises: petit four
"Socializing" of computer hardware and software: interface
"Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad", Russell __: peters
"SPAM is short for __ ham: spiced
"Stay Gold, __": ponyboy
"The __ is always right": customer
"The Body" later became Minnesota's governor: ventura
"The Holy City" in Shinto: ise mie
"The New Celebrity Apprentice" winner: Matt __: iseman
"Tropical" fruity drink packs a punch: hawaiian
"Ugly" Danish toy, found under bridges?: troll doll
"White Gorgonzola" with a hint of bitterness: pannerone
(I've got a girl in) __, 1943 Oscar-nominated tune: kalamazoo
1 in 4 __ have appeared on television in some way: americans
1 in every 4 __ lobsters are blue: million
1 person in every 2 __ will live to be over 116: billion
10 Cloverfield Lane, a 2016 movie with John __: goodman
10 years = One __: decade
1000000 of these make a gram: microgram
101 Dalmatians in 1996 is a __ of the 1961 film: remake
1024 Gigabytes is equal to 1 __: terabyte
1024 terabytes equal to 1 __: petabyte
12 __, classic courtroom drama movie: angry men
12 a.m., height of night, a scary hour: midnight
13 __ Drive is a 1993 board game by Milton Bradley: dead end
13 instead of 12 units round up a dozen for __: bakers
14 line poem written in iambic pentameter: sonnet
14th state to enter the union in the US: vermont
1695 European tale, Little Red __ Hood: riding
1790 French fairy tale, __ and the Beast: beauty
180-degree view: panoramic
1812 __, Tchaikovsky's cannon classic: overture
1830s Boer exodus from Cape Colony: great trek
18th century naval sword: spadroon
1918 epidemic that spread to the U.S.: influenza
1922 German movie about a vampire: nosferatu
1933 film about a captured giant ape: king kong
1940s, 50s working class "slick" subculture: greasers
1945 Yalta Conference: stalin
1957 Cary Grant movie: "An __ to Remember": affair
1960's solo dance, knees bent, palms flat: watusi
1961 Ben E. King's hit song: stand by me
1970s musical set in 1950s Rydell High School: grease
1975 film satire of country, gospel music: nashville
1976 black comedy, satire of US television: network
1977 Bond film The Spy Who __: loved me
1977 radio transmission, proof of ET life?: wow signal
1978 Triple Crown winner, he beat Alydar: affirmed
1979 Bond film featuring Jaws: moonraker
1979 Ivan Reitman comedy starring Bill Murray: meatballs
1980 American horror film: __ the 13th: friday
1980s Paul Reiser sitcom: mytwodads
1980s Primetime soap opera: dynasty
1981 game to get an amphibian across a street: frogger
1984 Conan game had __ Schwarzenegger on it: arnold
1984 game where you fight disembodied souls: ghosts
1984's Spy Vs Spy, based on MAD __ comic: magazine
1984, Big Brother: orwell
1985 European treaty to remove border controls: schengen
1987's Metal Gear was the 1st of the __ video games: stealth
1991 chart-topping album for REM: out of time
1992 Sci-fi Horror, __ Man: lawnmower
1994 Film that started a Sci-fi franchise: stargate
1994 short film about a Diana Ross fan with a crush: trevor
1999 in Roman numerals: mcmxcix
1st cruise ship to sink in Antarctic Ocean (2007): explorer
1st woman to get the Pulitzer for poetry, Sara __: teasdale
2 Author of "The Little Mermaid": Hans Christian __: andersen
2 baseball games played on the same day, __ header: double
2001: A Space __, Sci-Fi movie by Kubrick: odyssey
2002 World Cup stadium, home of the Antlers: kashima
2009's Race to Witch __ is a remake of 1975 film: mountain
2010 Disney movie based on Rapunzel: tangled
2013 outer space US film starring Sandra Bullock: gravity
2014 Oscar nominee about a jazz drummer: whiplash
2015 Adam Sandler, Kevin James movie: pixels
2015 Chris Hemsworth, John Ortiz movie: blackhat
2015 James Bond star, __ Craig: daniel
2015 Pixar and Disney movie with Joy and Sadness: inside out
2015 Ryan Reynolds Sci-fi movie: selfless
2016 Canadian-Spanish science fiction black comedy: colossal
2016 slang for hard core, badass: savage
2017 "New Celebrity Apprentice" winner: Matt__: iseman
2017 Oscar winner for Best Picture: moonlight
20th __ Fox: century
23rd James Bond film with Bardem as a bad guy: skyfall
28 days long (sometimes 29): february
30 Seconds is a general __ game: knowledge
4 leaf __ are good luck symbols: clovers
40s menswear with broad-shouldered drapey jackets: zoot suit
40s, 50s thriller genre, detective movies: film noir
40s, 50s western movie actor; Shane: alan ladd
41st state to enter the union in the US: montana
49ers legendary 1980s quarterback: montana
50 books on civil law compiled by order of Justinian: pandects
50's western TV series about gambling brothers: maverick
50s men's hairstyle upbrushed and set at the front: quiffs
5th cup of Passover Seder wine intended recipient: minutes
60,000 milliseconds: minute
666 Park __, TV show about a haunted building: avenue
70 percent of all boats are sold for __: fishing
70's US probes that visited Jupiter and Saturn: voyager
70s romantic comedy starring Allen and Keaton: annie hall
70s TV show spoofing 50s culture: happy days
76ers enforcer, Charles __: barkley
7th __ Stretch, late game break in baseball: inning
7th __, silent film, 1 of first 3 Oscar nominated: heaven
80% of country's population lives near US border: canada
80's band that made a hit about Big Brother: police
80's hair metal band, __ Crue: motley
80s band that made people jump: van halen
80s film about a nonviolent leader: gandhi
80s futuristic police enforcement movie: robocop
80s George Lucas fantasy movie, also a tree: willow
80s movie classic depicting One-Eyed Willy: goonies
80s perm style for African American men: jheri curl
90210 Star: luke perry
90s Christmas flick featuring Kevin McCallister: home alone
90s grunge band, Buddhist state of final release: nirvana
90s popular haircut named after a sitcom character: rachel
90s powerhouse sitcom based in Manhattan: friends
90s sitcom theme by The Rembrandts: friends
90s Star Trek TV series, NASA space program: voyager
90s TV show often described as being about nothing: seinfeld
90s working class sitcom starring female comedian: roseanne
__ & Mather, US important advertising and PR agency: ogilvy
__ & Shirley, Garry Marshall sitcom: laverne
__ & Tiaras, reality show about kids beauty pageant: toddlers
__ & white didemnum are sea squirts: purple
__ 13, drama about the abortion of a lunar mission: apollo
__ 2, 2016 Ben Stiller movie: zoolander
__ 4, aim to get four discs in a row: connect
__ 5, 90's space series: babylon
__ 66 is an American oil and gas company: phillips
__ a Time, how many stories begin: once upon
__ Abbey, British period drama: downton
__ Acar, Turkish artist: ismail
__ Achenbach was a German landscape painter: andreas
__ Aching, witch-in-training in Discworld series: tiffany
__ acid, crystals found in wine: tartaric
__ acid, found in fruits like lemons, oranges: citric
__ acid, more commonly known as vitamin C: ascorbic
__ acid, only acid excreted as gas from the lungs: carbonic
__ acid, process aid in beverages aka tannin: tannic
__ acid, produced after extreme sporting effort: lactic
__ acid, used in bleach and disinfectants: cyanuric
__ acropora coral forms large plates: cuneata
__ Actors Guild, award given by fellow actors: screen springboard
__ Africanus, Roman who won the Battle of Zama: scipio
__ aggressively protect nests, unlike other wasps: hornets
__ Aires, city of tango, Latin America's Europe: buenos
__ Airlines flight MH370 has never been found: malaysia
__ Airlines, US company based in Fort Worth: american
__ Airplane, known for the hit White Rabbit: jefferson
__ Airways, second-largest airline of the UAE: etihad
__ Ajdukiewicz, Polish portrait painter: tadeusz
__ al-qadr, holiest night for Muslims: laylat osiris myth
__ Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time: muhammad
__ Alps, "Iceman" range between Austria and Italy: otztal
__ Ames, a CIA agent who became a KGB mole: aldrich
__ and Broomsticks is a 1971 Disney film: bedknobs
__ and Butt-head are 90's icons from MTV: beavis
__ and Clyde, US criminal couple: Bonie
__ and Cream, beloved ice cream flavor: cookies
__ and Cressida, a Shakespeare's tragedy: troilus
__ and Dragons, role playing board game: dungeons
__ and Geeks, 90s cult favorite, star platform: freaks
__ and Guinevere, adulterous couple: lancelot
__ and Hardy, Classical Hollywood slapstick duo: laurel
__ and Her Sisters, a film by Woody Allen: hannah
__ and Her Sisters, Allen, Thanksgiving dinner: hannah
__ and Isolde, a Wagner opera: tristan
__ and Jeckle were cartoon magpies with accents: heckle
__ and Jughead, US comics still out today: archie
__ and Ladders, aka Snakes and Ladders: chutes
__ and lime: tequila
__ and Louise, feminist film with a young Brad Pitt: thelma
__ and meatballs, americanized pasta dish: spaghetti
__ and meatballs: spaghetti
__ and Pyrrha, the Greek version of the flood myth: deucalion
__ and Sullivan, opera composers: gilbert
__ and Terri, twins at school in The Simpsons: sherri
__ and the 40 Thieves: ali baba
__ and the Beast, 30th Disney animated classic: beauty
__ and Tobago are located in the Lesser Antilles: trinidad
__ Anguissola, Italian Renaissance painter: sofonisba
__ apple, thinly cut with a knife: sliced
__ Arch, marks start of Midwest in St. Louis: gateway
__ arches, related to breathing; gills in fish: branchial
__ Arcimboldo, Italian portrait painter: giuseppe
__ are insects considered good luck in Asia: crickets
__ are masters of the Light Side in Star Wars: the jedi
__ are members of the peach family: almonds
__ Arena, will be renamed Spartak for 2018 WC: otkrytiye
__ Armstrong, rubbery, elastic toy: stretch
__ Army, charity known for its Christmas presence: salvation
__ Arnault, French billionaire: bernard
__ art, art in public places, can be graffiti: street
__ Astronomy is watching the sky: amateur
__ Astros play at Minute Maid Park: houston
__ at Bernie's, 1989 US dark comedy: weekend
__ at night, shepherd's delight: red sky
__ at the O.K. Corral, western with B. Lancaster: gunfight
__ at Tiffany's, movie with Audrey Hepburn: breakfast
__ Australia Fair, the Aussie national anthem: advance
__ Away, Japanese animation from Studio Ghibli: spirited
__ Babies, owners consider these collectibles: beanie
__ Bacon, is just ham in the US: canadian
__ Bad, chemistry teacher turned meth lab owner: breaking
__ Bailey, slacker US military comic character: beetle
__ Baldwin, youngest of the Baldwin brothers: stephen
__ Bale, from child actor to Batman: christian
__ Ball, wartime weapon; ungraceful dive: cannon
__ Band, high school football live music: marching
__ Bank, in the US the Federal Reserve: central
__ Bank, water extension of Yucatan Peninsula: campeche
__ Banks, actress in Pitch Perfect and 30 Rock: elizabeth
__ bannerfish are white, black, and yellow: longfin
__ Bars, aerial gymnastic event: parallel
__ Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz series: l frank
__ Bay, tourist destination in Jamaica: montego
__ Beam, one of the Olympic gymnastic events: balance
__ bean, red legume: kidney
__ Bear, 2003 Disney film: brother
__ Beard, goatee, moustache named after painter: van dyke
__ Beauty is a 1959 Walt Disney film: sleeping
__ Beauty, a fairy tale version by Disney: sleeping
__ Beauty, won the Academy Awards in 2000: american
__ Beauty, won the Oscar for best picture: american
__ bells, ringing device on a harness or horse: sleigh
__ Belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter: asteroid
__ Bening, actress, Warren Beatty's wife: annette
__ Bennet, one of Jane Austen's heroines: elizabeth
__ Benz, Janis Joplin's final song: mercedes
__ Best, greatest player from Northern Ireland: george
__ Biel, married to Justin Timberlake: jessica
__ biking started in the 1970s: mountain
__ biking, extreme sport performed in nature: mountain
__ Binks is exiled from his tribe in Star Wars: jar jar
__ Binks, comedic relief in Star Wars: jar jar
__ Black, sci-fi drama about a woman and her clones: orphan
__ Blackhawks play hockey at the United Center: chicago
__ Blum, she loses her honor in a book by Böll: katharina
__ board, peg table of compass points and holes: traverse
__ Boat Festival, China's Double Fifth celebration: dragon
__ Bob SquarePants, most popular Nickelodeon toon: sponge
__ Bob, Bart's stalker voiced by Kelsey Grammer: sideshow
__ bodily harm, crime causing great pain: grievous
__ Boilermakers play football at Ross-Ade Stadium: purdue
__ Botticelli painted Adoration of the Magi: sandro
__ Boy, codename for the bomb that hit Hiroshima: little
__ Bread, sandwich, pastry food chain: panera
__ Break, FOX TV show about escaping from jail: prison
__ Bridge, Prague river crossing with statues: charles
__ Brody, The Pianist actor: adrien
__ Brody, won an Academy Award at age 29: adrien
__ Brothers, country-influenced rock and roll duo: everly
__ Brothers, US entertainment company: warner
__ Brown, was publicly criticized by Dan Quayle: murphy
__ Bucks began building a new arena in 2016: milwaukee
__ Buddha is especially lucky for wealth: laughing
__ Bulls play at the United Center: chicago
__ Bung Karno Stadium, Indonesia's biggest: gelora
__ Burns, smoking comedian lived to 100: george
__ Burton, actor and ex-husband of Liz Taylor: richard
__ Cage, actor of Leaving Las Vegas: nicolas
__ camps, single-site family summer attractions: holiday
__ Camus, contributed to the philosophy of absurdism: albert
__ Can Wait, Warren Beatty 1978 comedy: heaven
__ Candles, John Hughes coming of age 80s hit: sixteen
__ Capote, would never begin, end work on Friday: truman
__ car horns honk in the key of F: american
__ Cardinal play at Stanford Stadium: stanford
__ cards, decorative aces, kings, queens, jacks: playing
__ Carey, owned the 90s with 14 number one hits: mariah
__ carrier, a military ship with a flight deck: aircraft
__ carriers allow planes to take off in the ocean: aircraft
__ Carrington, original surrealist painter: leonora
__ Cash, famously entertained inmates: johnny
__ Cassidy, fictional cowboy character, TV series: hopalong
__ cat has a rounded face and folded ears: foldex
__ Catch, TV show in search of Alaskan king crab: deadliest
__ cats are a cross of hairless breeds: bambino
__ cave, formed within large ice formation: glacier
__ Ceausescu, leader executed on Christmas Day: nicolae
__ Centenario, football world's classic stadium: estadio
__ chameleon has large horns on its head: jacksons
__ Chan, Hong Kong actor, martial artist, director: jackie
__ charm will pass on power and regality to you: dragon
__ Checkers or Chequers, strategy board game: chinese
__ cheese and tomato soup: grilled
__ chicken wings and blue cheese dip: buffalo
__ chips and salsa: tortilla
__ chloride, used in sewage treatment: ferric
__ Christi "Body of Christ", Christian festival: corpus
__ Christi, Lonestar city, "Body of Christ": corpus
__ Christmas is celebrated on January 7: orthodox
__ cichlid has large black spot on its face: spotcheek
__ cichlids are also called Mbuna cichlids: african
__ Citizen, elderly person, usually retired: senior
__ City has been hit by the most tornadoes: oklahoma
__ City is the home of the Pope: vatican
__ City, 2010 FIFA World Cup Final; "The Calabash": soccer
__ City, east coast gambling capital: atlantic
__ City; capital of the Pope's city state: vatican
__ City; oil rich capital with same name as state: kuwait
__ clam flashes like a disco ball: electric
__ cleaner, home appliance, cleans carpets: vacuum
__ Clearwater Revival: creedence
__ clingfish live on sea urchins: oneline
__ clock, another name for a grandfather clock: longcase
__ Clothes, apparel by famous creators: designer
__ Club, frequent flyer scheme of Monarch Airlines: vantage
__ coffee, adorned with Irish whiskey and cream: gaelic
__ Collie is a hard working, herding dog: border
__ come back to life after they die: zombies
__ come, __ go: lightly illusionism
__ cone is a predatory sea snail: princely
__ Conquest, Battle of Hastings in 1066: norman
__ Conrad, Chief Bureaucrat on Futurama: hermes
__ control, of the force that attracts us to earth: gravity
__ cooker, airtight utensil for quick cooking: pressure
__ coral shrimp are red and white: banded
__ corals are also known as flower corals: bristle
__ cord, nerve tissue protected by vertebrae: spinal
__ cord, vital part of the central nervous system: spinal
__ Cornhuskers play football at Memorial Stadium: nebraska
__ corydoras are also called bronze catfish: bronze
__ Cotton, 1st Viscount Combermere, British Army: stapleton
__ counter is used to detect radiation: geiger
__ Cove, Newfoundland. Named after soil, not hair: REDHEAD
__ Cowboy, 1969 US film, Oscar for best picture: midnight
__ Cowboy, Jon Voight played a male prostitute: midnight
__ crab uses items around it to hide: decorator
__ Crab, marine creature with hard shell: horseshoe
__ crabs are widely known as pets: hermit
__ cracker, special companion to soup and chowder: oyster
__ craft. Boat designed for amphibious battles: landing
__ Crane, enemy of the headless horseman: ichabod
__ Creations, the B&B haute couture label: forrester
__ Cricket Association Ground, largest in India: vidarbha
__ Cricket Association Stadium Jamtha: vidarbha
__ Cricket is Disney's conscience: jiminy
__ Crossing the Alps, David's famous emperor art: napoleon
__ croucher is gray with red spots all over: spotted
__ Crowe, actor known for the Gladiator movie: russell
__ Crowley, English occultist and writer: aleister
__ Cruz, Spanish actress and Oscar winner: penelope
__ Cruz, won an Oscar for Vicky Cristina Barcelona: penelope
__ Culkin, Home Alone star, Jackson friend: macaulay
__ Cup, trophy awarded to the NHL winner: stanley
__ Curtis, The Scream Queen: jamie lee
__ D'Angelo, actress of Vacation: beverly
__ D'Angelo, American History X, Vacation actress: beverly
__ da Vinci, Mona Lisa painter: leonardo
__ Dad, adult cartoon led by CIA agent: american
__ damsel have beautiful bright colors: imitator
__ dance is made of partner dances only: ballroom
__ dance, 4 couples in a rectangular shape: square
__ Dance, Bruegel's artwork of pastoral carousing: peasant
__ dart frog, poisonous, with beautiful colors: poison
__ Davis, a pirate: howell
__ Day, Bill Murray's repetitive holiday comedy: groundhog
__ Day, early February holiday with rodent: groundhog
__ de la Cruz, eternal jubilee city: caravaca
__ De Vil tried to catch 101 Dalmatians: cruella
__ de Winter, French spy of The Three Musketeers: milady
__ Dead, band that had bears as mascots: grateful
__ Deep, deepest part of the Tonga Trench: horizon
__ del Toro, actor known for his role in Traffic: benicio
__ Deneuve, French actress and cinema icon: catherine
__ Depp, portrayed Edward Scissorhands: johnny
__ dervishes, white-clothed spinning sufi dancers: whirling
__ Destiny, term used to justify land expansion: manifest
__ Development, sitcom about a dysfunctional family: arrested
__ Development, TV show about the Bluth family: arrested
__ Devil, carnivorous Australian marsupial: tasmanian
__ Devils play football at Wallace Wade Stadium: duke blue
__ Diaz plays Fiona in Shrek 2: cameron
__ disc, distant circumstellar disc in Solar System: scattered
__ diving, digging through garbage bins: dumpster
__ Dixie, TV show about a doctor in the countryside: hart of
__ Dodger, Oliver Twist pickpocketer: artful
__ Dogs, movie by Quentin Tarantino: reservoir
__ Dogs, Tarantino crime thriller: reservoir
__ Dolls represent Native American spirits: kachina
__ Domain, state's right to take private property: eminent
__ Dream, film about Hormel Foods strike: american
__ driving is a major traffic violation in the US: reckless
__ Duchamp, French sculptor: marcel
__ Ducks play football at Autzen Stadium: oregon
__ dummies, car safety guinea pigs: crash test
__ Duncan, US innovator, dancer and choreographer: isadora
__ Eager, ruthless gambler, fake taxi driver: johnny
__ Earhart, famous female aviator: amelia
__ Earth, battle strategy used by the Russians: scorched
__ Eco, Italian semioticist and modern novelist: umberto
__ eggs are hidden jokes or messages in games: easter
__ Electric Power, stadium nicknamed Big Swan: tohoku
__ Eliot; actual name Mary Anne Evans: george
__ Elvis, Warhol painting of three: triple
__ Empire, dynasty centered on modern-day Germany: holy roman
__ Empire, HBO Prohibition period drama: boardwalk
__ Empire, TV show about gambling in Atlantic City: boardwalk
__ Endearment, won the Academy Awards in 1984: terms of
__ Energy, wild drink with a tear mark on its can: monster
__ engine; program that explores the web: search
__ English, dialect of English spoken in the US: american
__ Epoch: When the first marine mammals appeared: eocene
__ Eruption, dissolved CO2, aka lake overturn: limnic
__ Event, unexplained Siberian explosion of 1908: tunguska
__ Evil, PlayStation's survival horror videogame: resident
__ expressionism, conceptual art style: abstract
__ F, first console to use a microprocessor: channel
__ Fair, summer festivals, 4H club: county
__ Fair, Thackeray's tale of rebellious Becky Sharp: vanity
__ family includes aunts, uncles, cousins: extended
__ Family, TV series starring Shirley Jones: partridge
__ fan is a cone shaped sediment deposit: alluvial
__ Farhi, French fashion designer: nicole
__ fascia, band of tissue on underside of foot: plantar
__ Fawcett, suffragist leader and campaigner: millicent
__ feather star has 31 to 120 feathery arms: bennetts
__ feather star has thick feathery arms: robust
__ Felix, decorated US track Olympian: allyson
__ Festival, famous Canadian theatrical gathering: stratford
__ Fi, loyalty motto of US Marines: semper
__ fiction; a book or movie genre: science
__ Fighter, videogame with global characters: street
__ filefish can change colors very quickly: radial
__ Film Festival, Golden Bear Award: berlin
__ Finch, a Gregory Peck character: atticus
__ Finch, character from To Kill a Mockingbird: atticus
__ Finn, lighthearted strip started in 30s: mickey
__ Fire, indie rock band based in Montreal: arcade
__ Fire, just as dangerous as enemy's intent: friendly
__ fish are white with black or brown lines: jackknife
__ flaw, trait that leads to protagonist's downfall: tragic
__ Flute, Mozart opera: the magic
__ flying, jumping with no chute or kite: wingsuit
__ Flynn, her thriller novels portray mad women: gillian
__ for Sugar Man, Sixto Rodriguez rediscovery: searching
__ Ford is Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan: harrison
__ Ford, played Indiana Jones: harrison
__ Forge, winter military camp during Revolution: valley
__ forward, Fall back: spring
__ Four, 2015 movie reboot: fantastic
__ Four: a group of Marvel Comics superheroes: fantastic
__ Franklin, "First American" and Founding Father: benjamin
__ Freeman, actor and narrator: morgan
__ frogfish can change to match habitats: painted
__ frogs are also known as the Pac-Man frogs: horned
__ furniture: chests, chairs used by the military: campaign
__ Fusion, Hydrogen turns into Helium in the Sun: nuclear
__ gains, dishonestly obtained goods: ill gotten
__ gallery, criminals' photo mugshots for IDing: rogues
__ Galley, William Kidd's ship: adventure
__ Gally, galley ship captured by Samuel Bellamy: whydah
__ Games, trilogy of books later on big screen: hunger
__ Garden, collection of plants: botanic
__ Garden, operation codename for battle of Arnhem: market
__ gardens, Florence park adjoining Pitti Palace: boboli
__ Garner, US actress of Alias and 13 Going on 30: jennifer
__ gas, chemical agent used in the WWI trenches: mustard
__ Gates, entrance to heaven covered in jewels?: pearly
__ Gaye, smooth singer murdered by his father: marvin
__ Gecko has a yellow-scaled body color: golden
__ ghost crabs live in the Indo-Pacific region: horned
__ giant clam is bright blue with spots: crocus
__ gingerbread, named after former Polish capital: krakow
__ Ginsburg, "liberal," Jewish judge: ruth bader
__ Girl, CW teen drama series based on book: gossip
__ Girl, large, contemporary dolls: american
__ Girl, TV show about a mysterious blogger: gossip
__ Gladiators released 1991 for Super NES: american
__ Gladiators, TV warriors inspired by Rome: american
__ glass, a full-length mirror can be tilted: cheval
__ Globes, given by Hollywood Foreign Press: golden
__ Globetrotters, exhibition basketball team: harlem
__ Glory from Lilliput, Gulliver's Travels novel: princess
__ Goldthwait, actor, comedian, voice actor: bobcat
__ Goolagong, top Aussie tennis player in the 70's: evonne
__ Goose and Grimm, with Ralph, Attila: mother
__ Goose, classic children's game: duck duck
__ Gorgeous, villain on Jimmy Neutron: beautiful
__ Goya, Spanish Romantic painter: francisco wealthier
__ Grace, somber Christian hymn: amazing
__ Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876: alexander
__ green, color named after German city: brunswick
__ Greene, wrote Our Man in Havana: graham
__ grise, exerts power without official position: eminence
__ Gross, German doctor convicted for his crimes: heinrich
__ Grounds, host of Limerick hurling, football: gaelic
__ grouper has brown and white stripes: nassau
__ grunt, or dogfish, live in schools on reefs: bastard
__ guard: low seat for overflow audience in circus: cattle
__ Gump said: Stupid is as stupid does: forrest
__ Gump, won the Academy Awards in 1995: forrest
__ Hale, colonial spy during Revolutionary War: nathan
__ Hall, venue where Miss America is crowned: boardwalk
__ Harris, Creator of Hannibal: thomas
__ harvester, large machine that threshes grain: combine
__ Havisham, character in Great Expectations: estella
__ Hayden, actor of Johnny Guitar: sterling
__ head snake is has a reddish metallic coloring: copper
__ Hears a Who! Dr. Seuss book: horton
__ Heart, honor for those killed, wounded in war: purple
__ Heath, scene of German surrender in May 1945: luneberg
__ Hebdo, satirical magazine attacked in 2015: charlie
__ Heffelfinger, the 1st pro football player: william
__ Heights, inequivocal gothic novel: wuthering
__ Heinlein, the dean of science fiction writers: robert
__ Heller, American novelist who wrote Catch-22: joseph
__ Henry, Frenchman led Arsenal in scoring: thierry
__ Hepburn, won four Oscars for Best Actress: katharine
__ hermit crab fixes its shell to an anemone: anemone
__ Hero, self-destructive character: tragic
__ Heston, won an Oscar for Ben-Hur: charlton
__ Hicks, painful contractions but not real: braxton
__ Higgenbottom is the Mighty B: bessie
__ Holmes, character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: sherlock
__ Holmes, fiction character: sherlock
__ Homer painted The Fox Hunt: winslow
__ Hook is Peter Pan's nemesis: captain
__ Hook, Peter Pan's archenemy: captain
__ hope all ye who enter here, Dante said of Hell: abandon
__ Horde, Batu Khan's 13th-century Mongol khanate: golden
__ horns have a long coiled tube and big bell: french
__ Horse, event requires strong forearms: pommel
__ Hound is known for short legs and low bark: basset
__ hound, large silky-haired dog with a black mask: afghan
__ Hours, time when businesses are open: office
__ House, rooms to rent for extended periods: boarding
__ Housewives, TV drama set in Wisteria Lane: desperate
__ Houston, Costner's co-star in The Bodyguard: whitney
__ Howser, TV series about teenage doctor: doogie
__ Hugo, French novelist whose work is set in Paris: victor
__ Hunters is a board game from Japan from 2005: shadow
__ Huston, Morticia in Addams Family film: anjelica
__ Huston, star of The Addams Family: anjelica
__ Huxley, English writer, Brave New World: aldous
__ hypselodoris is a bright colored sea slug: bullocks
__ Ice, US rapper from the 1980s: vanilla
__ ideas, typical of old fogeys: hidebound
__ Illustrated, magazine known for swimsuit issue: sports
__ Impossible, Tom Cruise movie franchise: mission
__ in Arles, Van Gogh's sleeping quarters: bedroom
__ in Paradise features in the 50s musical Kismet: stranger
__ In Paris, a film by Woody Allen: midnight
__ in the Outfield is a 1994 remake of a 1951 film: angels
__ in the Sun, Violent Femmes hit: blister
__ in the wind, Bob Dylan's protest song: blowing
__ Incident, Japanese seizure of Manchurian city: mukden
__ incident, Morocco site of French-German rivalry: agadir
__ Inspector, enforces sanitation rules: health
__ Interest, interest on top of interest: compound
__ International, airport code HKG: hong kong
__ iron, hinged metal device to bake pancake mix: waffle
__ is a 1985 game where you deliver papers: paperboy
__ is a game of assault and defense: asalto
__ is another day, quote from Gone with the Wind: tomorrow
__ is bordered by Brazil and Argentina: uruguay
__ is Han Solo's friend and sidekick in Star Wars: chewbacca
__ is Jimmy Neutron's metal dog: goddard
__ is located on the eastern coast of Africa: tanzania
__ is the largest ray in the oceans: manta ray
__ is the main character of Tangled: rapunzel
__ is two teeth pressing together; very painful: impaction
__ Island, board game with marbles as lava: fireball
__ island, French dessert, on crème anglaise: floating
__ Island, South African prison that held Mandela: robben
__ Island, tale of "buccaneers and buried gold": treasure
__ Islands, source of Argentine, English contempt: falkland
__ Islands; Darwin's evolution theory: galapagos
__ It Out is based on the Nickelodeon TV show: figure
__ item, annoying detail prevents job completion: snagging
__ J. Fry is from the year 2000 on Futurama: philip
__ jack, a game fish, same family as yellowtail: almaco
__ Jack, caramel popcorn snack, baseball game: cracker
__ Jack, notorious 18th-century pirate: calico
__ James, actor who served as Monty's double: clifton
__ Jane, Wild West daredevil wore men's clothes: calamity
__ Jankovic, former Serbian no. 1 tennis player: jelena
__ Japanese Army, World War II Asian force: imperial
__ Jean, not Jackson's lover: billie
__ Jets play hockey at the MTS Centre: winnipeg
__ Jolie, American actress and Oscar winner: angelina
__ Jones' Diary, Jane Austen-inspired comedy: bridget
__ Jones, portrayed by Renee Zellwegger: bridget
__ Jones, US musical mentor, producer: quincy
__ Jordan, legendary US basketball player: michael
__ Joy, coconut, chocolate covered candy bar: almond
__ Judy, seaside slapstick with husband and wife: punch and
__ K, low-fat cereal, weight loss program: special
__ Kai-Shek, led the KMT government on Taiwan: chiang
__ kameez, traditional two-piece Indian outfit: salwar
__ Kant, renowned German philosopher: immanuel
__ Kate, Cole Porter musical based on Shakespeare: kiss me
__ keepers, losers weepers: finders
__ Kerr, star of The King and I: deborah
__ Keys, broke through in 2001 with Fallin: alicia
__ Kids, a not sweet movie candy staple: sour patch Focus lamp: spotlight
__ King, author of The Shining: stephen
__ Kingdom, Disney's nature park, zoo: animal
__ Knee, last battle of the Indian Wars: wounded
__ Knoxville of Jackass fame: johnny
__ Kong, Nintendo classic with climbing gorilla: donkey
__ Kors, designer with a billion dollar brand: michael
__ Krabs is SpongeBob's boss: eugene
__ Kutcher plays Michael Kelso in That 70's Show: ashton
__ l'oeil, optical illusion art style: trompe
__ Laboratories, famous pharmaceutical company: abbott
__ Lagoon, Disney's giant Florida waterpark: typhoon
__ Lake, actress of This Gun for Hire: veronica
__ Lake, Oregon landmark with a wizard island: crater
__ Lance, 1954 Western movie with Spencer Tracy: broken
__ Language, mixture of two languages: macaronic
__ Las Vegas, the final days of an alcoholic man: leaving
__ Le Pen, Marine's father and French FN head: jean marie
__ Le Pen, was French National Front head (female): marine
__ Leary, an advocate of the LSD: timothy
__ Lee, Mockingbird author, Pulitzer winner: harper
__ Leia kills Jabba the Hutt in Episode 5: princess
__ Lerche, German pastry used to use lark: leipziger
__ Lewis, boxer who memorably beat Tyson in 2002: lennox
__ Lights or Aurora Borealis: northern
__ Lindgren, Swedish author of Pippi Longstocking: astrid
__ line, marker on the sides of ships: plimsoll
__ line, series of factory workers and products: assembly
__ Lion, biggest of the species: african
__ Lions play football at Ford Field: detroit
__ List, life goals, no regrets: bucket
__ Little is a 2005 animated sci-fi Disney film: chicken
__ Little Liars, TV drama set in Rosewood: pretty
__ Little, 2005 Disney film; sky is falling fable: chicken
__ Lock, secures car from a distance: remote
__ Logs, grooved wooden toys to construct: lincoln
__ Lopez, US comedian had self-titled sitcom: george
__ Louise, Davis and Sarandon starred: thelma and
__ lounge, seating area to wait for your flight: departure
__ Mac, UK-US band with albums Tusk and Rumours: fleetwood
__ Man March, 1995 gathering in Washington: million
__ Man, 1945 musical about identical twins: wonder
__ Man, temporary community erected in Nevada: burning
__ Man, white, puffy spokesman for a tire brand: michelin
__ Manager, does online management of groups: community
__ manipulation is heavenly influence: celestial
__ Mann, German novelist who won the Nobel Prize: thomas
__ mantises are known for their devoted posture: praying
__ Mara, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress: rooney
__ Marshall, first black Supreme Court Justice: thurgood
__ Maugham, the highest-paid author of the 1930s: somerset
__ Mermaid; hoax, monkey head sewn to a fish body: feejee
__ method, studying the world using the senses: empirical
__ Meyer, famous for her series about vampires: stephenie
__ Meyer, Twilight author's first name: stephenie
__ Milano, child star, later became Charmed: alyssa
__ Mile, distance measurement of the sea: nautical
__ Miller, conservative. ex Weekend Update host: dennis
__ Millionaire, film about a game show contestant: slumdog
__ Millionaire, won the Oscar in 2009: slumdog
__ Mira, German actress, Emmi in Fear Eats the Soul: brigitte
__ Miss Daisy, won the Academy Awards in 1990: driving
__ missiles have predetermined trajectories: ballistic
__ moon knives, used in Chinese martial arts: crescent
__ Moore, controversial, liberal movie maker: michael
__ Morris, author of Manwatching (1977): desmond
__ Movement, a sleeping stage also known as REM: rapid eye
__ Municipal, Euro 2012 Polish stadium: poznan
__ Mussorgsky, humble Russian composer: modest
__ my pain with his fingers: strumming
__ Nadal, Spanish tennis ace: rafael
__ Nakamoto, bitcoin digital currency designer: satoshi
__ Nation, nickname of an African country: rainbow
__ Navratilova, former Czech tennis player: martina
__ nervosa, eating disorder: anorexia
__ Nets play basketball at Barclays Center: brooklyn
__ Network, first 24 news network: cable news
__ Neverland, movie depicting JM Barrie's life: finding
__ New Year, Spring or Lantern Festival: chinese
__ Nicks, Singer for Fleetwood Mac: stevie
__ Night Fever, it has Travolta dancing: saturday
__ Night Football, featured pigskin match: monday
__ Night, a Shakespeare's comedy: twelfth
__ Night, females pay half or nothing: ladies
__ Nimoy, Spock actor, died 2015: leonard
__ No More, diverse school in the heart of Tel Aviv: strangers
__ no. 5, world-famous French parfume: chanel
__ nose, also called a Roman nose: aquiline
__ notes, brand of sticky notes: post it
__ novel, a comic book story: graphic
__ nut, popular cookie also called a snap: ginger
__ O'Neal, former US basketball player: shaquille
__ oblige: noblesse
__ oblongata, base of your brain: medulla
__ Octopus has a white pupil and rust colored arms: sydney
__ Oddparents, cartoon about Timmy Turner: the fairly
__ Of a Geisha, movie set in Japan: memoirs
__ of Arabia, movie with Peter O'Toole: lawrence
__ Of Arabia, won the Academy Awards in 1963: lawrence
__ of Assisi, patron of animals: st francis
__ of Confederation, first US government: articles
__ of God, religious movement aka The Family: children
__ of heaven, ancient Chinese governing belief: mandate
__ of Horror, Simpson's Halloween special: treehouse
__ of July, date of America's independence: fourth
__ of Lima, patron of the Americas: st rose
__ of Lisieux, French "Little Flower" saint: st therese
__ of May 1808, Goya's war artwork: the third
__ of Miletus, early Greek philosopher: thales
__ of Mons, apparitions seen on the Western Front: angels
__ of proof, responsibility of accuser to prove: burden
__ of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders, ancient: colossus
__ of Scale, money saving economic principle: economies
__ of the Apes, Heston is astronaut who crashes: planet
__ of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, 2006 film: pirates
__ of the Field, Poitier won historic Oscar: lilies
__ of the Jedi has the first Ewoks in Star Wars: return
__ of the Jungle was a popular 1967 cartoon: george
__ Of the King, movie that won 11 Oscars: return
__ of the Sea, seafood, not poultry company: chicken
__ of the Shrew, a Shakespeare comedy: taming
__ of Wales, Champagne drink by Albert Edward: prince poker hands
__ oil, distillate of petroleum used in cosmetics: mineral
__ Olympic Stadium, 2004; Spyros Louis: athens
__ on 34th Street, movie with Santa Claus: miracle
__ on Elm Street: nightmare
__ on the block; just arrived in the area: new kid
__ One, credit card; "What's In Your Wallet"?: capital
__ Onion, wedding soup in European countries: french
__ order or a PO: purchase
__ Ordinance determined orderly state expansion: northwest
__ Oswalt, nerd comic, King of Queens: patton
__ oxide, aka laughing gas: nitrous
__ Pacific, Hong Kong's largest airline: cathay
__ Packard aka HP, former computer company: hewlett
__ Page, 1950s pinup-inspired hair cut style: bettie
__ Page, single web page when you click: landing
__ Page, star of Sweet Bird of Youth: geraldine
__ Paine, English-American writer and activist: thomas
__ painted The Picnic Party: vettriano
__ Palace, complex of lakes and gardens in Beijing: summer
__ Palacio, president of Ecuador, 2005 - 2007: alfredo
__ Palsy, movement disorder: cerebral
__ Paltrow, American actress and Oscar winner: gwyneth
__ Panda 3, 2016 movie: kung fu
__ Panettiere, US actress, activist: hayden
__ Pankhurst, suffragette matriarch: emmeline
__ Park, blockbuster about dinosaur island: jurassic
__ Parts, biographical comedy about Howard Stern: private
__ Party, overnight kid's get together: slumber
__ Party, Vettriano trio on a beach with parasols: picnic
__ pass, paperwork issued by airline to check-in: boarding
__ passage, shipping route passing Arctic Russia: northeast
__ Patch Kids, unattractive soft toys of the 1980s: cabbage
__ Pathi, 2nd most important Ayyavazhi center: ambala
__ pea, used for making rice and peas: pigeon
__ Pearl, vessel commanded by Jack Sparrow: the black
__ peas, beans or a band name: black eyed
__ Peet, American actress: amanda
__ pennant, flown to show absence of an officer: absentee
__ Pennyworth, Batman's faithful butler: alfred
__ peppers usually have rice as a filling: stuffed
__ percent of extinct species are birds: ninety
__ Persuasion, Civil War film with Gary Cooper: friendly
__ Pessoa, Portuguese poet who used heteronyms: fernando
__ Pfeiffer, actress of Scarface: michelle
__ pi, tiny "fruity" computer for teaching coding: raspberry
__ Pie, 1999 US teen comedy film: american
__ pie, berry pie requires no pitting: blueberry
__ pie: extra jobs done for extra pay in circus: cherry
__ pig: small rodent that is also a pet: guinea
__ pike is also called yellowfin pike: longfin
__ pin, utensil used for flattening dough: rolling
__ pinesnake is a nonvenomous constrictor: louisiana
__ Pirlo, Italian midfielder with great vision: andrea
__ Piven, starred in Entourage and The Goods: jeremy
__ Place, soap opera Seinfeld "didn't watch": melrose
__ Planet, world's largest travel guide: lonely
__ Planum, Martian region of flatlands: hesperia
__ Plath, American poetress who commited suicide: sylvia
__ Plath, writer who married Ted Hughes: sylvia
__ Platt, Canadian-American actor born in 1960: oliver
__ plot, dotted mathematical diagram: scatter
__ Point, time of no more resistance: tipping
__ pole, where a compass points to: magnetic
__ Pony, equine toy franchise: my little
__ Pope, English poet of satyrical verses: alexander
__ Pope, second only to Shakespeare in being quoted: alexander
__ pork, hand-ripped pig meat: pulled
__ pork, slowly cooked, later shredded: pulled
__ Posey, Superman Returns actress: parker
__ powerboat racing, ocean sport: offshore
__ Present, movie with Cary Grant: wedding
__ Price, major toy brand a subsidiary of Mattel: fisher
__ Prince is the smart kid in The Simpsons: martin
__ Princip, Yugoslav who murdered an archduke: gavrilo
__ Private Ryan, WWII drama directed by Spielberg: saving
__ Prize, for outstanding achievement in writing: pulitzer
__ Pryor, controversial comedian, social critic: richard
__ pudding, French, ladyfinger cold dessert: diplomat
__ pudding, sieved jam with flaky pastry: bakewell
__ Pumpkins, band of Halloween pranksters: smashing
__ punch, given in response: counter
__ Punch, last hit, knockout blow: sunday
__ puncture, spinal fluid removed, spinal tap: lumbar
__ Puzzle, 500, 1,000 pieces to put together: jigsaw
__ quo: one thing for another in Latin: quid pro
__ Race, global reality show competition: amazing
__ rate, the value of one currency against another: exchange
__ Razor, foldable razor used for men's shaving: straight
__ Razorbacks play football out of Fayetteville, AR: arkansas
__ Red Sox play at Fenway Park: boston
__ Refrigerator: modern, intelligent fridge: internet
__ Report, sports website with opinion pieces: bleacher
__ Research Center, studying gorillas in the wild: karisoke
__ Reserves, network of protected ecosystems: biosphere
__ retriever, well known for its beautiful coat: golden
__ Review, major feature of Common Law: judicial
__ reviver, a mix strong enough to raise the dead: corpse
__ rex cats only have down hair, not fur: cornish
__ Richards, makers of kettles and irons: morphy
__ Richie, sang Hello decades before Adele: lionel
__ Rider, Hasselhoff series before Baywatch: knight
__ Riders, civil rights activists in US south: freedom
__ Robinson, American professional boxer: sugar ray
__ Robinson, one of the first black baseball players: jackie
__ Rock, Elvis goes to prison in this movie: jailhouse
__ rockfish are dark red and tan: madeira
__ Rockwell's World, An American Dream: norman
__ Roll, circular pastry known for its spice: cinnamon
__ Room, people have to solve puzzles to break out: escape
__ room, where conferences are held: meeting
__ Rose, fired CBS This Morning co-host: charlie
__ Rostova, central character of War and Peace: natasha
__ Rules, down under football similar to rugby: aussie
__ Run, utopian, no one above age of 30: logans
__ Rush, Pirates of the Caribbean villain: geoffrey
__ Safran Foer, author known for visual writing: jonathan
__ sand skink has tiny legs with only one toe: florida
__ Santa Justa, lift in Lisbon inspired by Eiffel: elevador
__ scale, used to measure wind speed: beaufort
__ School painters, also known as The Eight: ashcan
__ schooners transported pioneers westwards: prairie
__ Schwarzenegger, actor, politician: arnold
__ Scissorhands starred Johnny Depp: edward
__ Scott, Scottish novelist who wrote Ivanhoe: walter
__ sea urchin has distinctive blunt spikes: imperial
__ sea urchins dig into the sand and mud: burrowing
__ seals have large, long noses: elephant
__ Seconds Over Tokyo, US movie, Doolittle Raid: thirty
__ seizure is a staring spell type of seizure: absence
__ Sense, Bruce Willis played a ghost: the sixth
__ Sense, Paine pamphlet advocating freedom: common
__ series, research into hydrogen atoms: balmer
__ shaping corrects small problems in teeth: enamel
__ Sheet, snapshot of assets and liabilities: balance
__ shell, sea slug that has a spotted skirt: umbrella
__ ship: designed to carry cargo: container
__ Shop, Macklemore loves to find a deal here: thrift
__ shrimpgoby live with snapping shrimp: arcfin
__ Silver, quartermaster under Captain Flint: long john
__ Singing, aka overtone chanting: throat
__ skating, ice dancing; individual and pairs: figure
__ Skies, TV show about an alien invasion: falling
__ skiing aka downhill skiing: alpine
__ slender salamander is found in the northwest US: oregon
__ slice, uncooked, layered brownie: hedgehog
__ Sling, Asian cocktail, originally gin sling: singapore
__ Smith, Charlie's Angel Kelly: jaclyn
__ Smith, voice of Lisa Simpson: yeardley
__ snake eel looks like a snake and has no fins: reptilian
__ snake eel looks like a snake and has no fins: reptilian hackney cab
__ snapping turtle is one of the heaviest: alligator
__ soldierfish are reddish with large eyes: blotcheye
__ Sore, painful, mouth ulcers: canker carcassonne
__ Sorter, machine to separate unattractive foods: blemish
__ Sound, NZ fjord with penguins and seals: milford
__ Sour, citric cocktail with melon liquer: midori
__ sour, hard liquor mixed with lemon juice: whiskey
__ Soze, Usual Suspects con artist: keyser
__ Space, a family traveling across the universe: lost in
__ speak louder than words: actions
__ spider shell, large sea snail species: arthritic
__ Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: steven
__ spoon race; a children's balancing party game: egg and spoon
__ Sport, square chocolate blocks: ritter
__ Sports Stadium, Ghana's largest, Baba Yara: kumasi
__ Spree, buying things until you drop: shopping
__ spree, the urge to buy anything you want: shopping
__ sprouts and bacon: brussels
__ squad, former military execution method: firing
__ Square, central piazza in Venice: st marks
__ Square, famous public space in downtown Cairo: tahrir
__ Srihari, Indian sculptor: bholekar
__ Stade de Bordeaux, French soccer field: nouveau
__ Stadium 2002, Japanese soccer field: saitama
__ Star, smallest and densest star in the Universe: neutron
__ Stars play at the American Airlines Center: dallas
__ states, a federal republic formed by 50 states: united
__ steam turbine was invented in 1884: modern
__ Steps, stone staircase in Rome: spanish
__ Steve Austin, actor, wrestler: stone cold
__ stick, photo pole helps take your own image: selfie
__ stick; a USB by another name: memory
__ stock: horses used for hauling baggage in circus: baggage
__ Story, a tale about two rival gangs in NYC: west side fear of men
__ Strait, eastern channel of Korea Strait: tsushima
__ Straw, paper, plastic tube for beverages: drinking
__ sulfoxide, colorless liquid, solvent: dimethyl
__ Summer, unseasonably warm autumn weather: indian
__ Sutherland, Flatliners star: kiefer
__ Swaray, female british singer, sang American Boy: estelle
__ Swift, singer who writes about her breakups: taylor
__ Swimming, long distance, minimum 10k: marathon
__ system, software directing computer actions: operating
__ Szabo, WWII Special Operations agent: violette
__ tables have intricately carved edges: pie crust
__ Tables, 1958 US drama film, Rita Hayworth: separate
__ Takei plays Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek: george
__ Takei, Sulu on Star Trek, social media star: george
__ Talkie, two way radio, 80s toy essential: walkie
__ tang are popular bright fish: yellow
__ Tatum, Magic Mike actor: channing
__ Tax, tax on excess profits on utilities: windfall
__ Taylor, British-American iconic actress: elizabeth
__ Tears, insincere expression of sorrow: crocodile
__ teeth are also called premolars: bicuspid
__ teeth usually come out from ages 17 to 20: wisdom
__ Teeth, All I Want for Christmas: two front
__ Tell, Swiss folk hero with a crossbow: william
__ Tennessee Blue Raiders are from Murfreesboro: middle
__ Tentacles lives next to SpongeBob: squidward
__ Terrier is known for markings and a short nose: boston
__ the bounty hunter captures Han Solo in Episode V: boba fett
__ the Cat never catches Tweety Bird: sylvester
__ the Entertainer, actor, comedian: cedric
__ the Farm, US government payoff for deceased: bought
__ the Great, 18th C king of Prussia: frederick
__ the Great, King of Wessex from 871 to 899: alfred
__ the Line of Duty, 42 movie narrated by Reagan: beyond
__ the Pooh is still a loveable child's cartoon: winnie
__ the post, voting system where winner takes all: first past
__ the spot, treasure indicator on a pirate's map: x marks
__ theft, stealing someone's information; a crime: identity
__ thy name is woman: frailty
__ Tigers play at Comerica Park: detroit
__ Tigers play at Memorial Stadium in SC, US: clemson
__ Tigers play football at Faurot Field: missouri
__ Tigers play football at Jordan-Hare Stadium: auburn
__ Timberwolves play at the Target Center: minnesota
__ Time video game has Finn & Jake: adventure
__ to Hell, AC/DC hit about an infernal road: highway
__ to his taste: everyone
__ To My Life, Simple Plan song: welcome
__ to plan is planning to fail: failing
__ To War, first of Capra's propaganda films: prelude
__ Toast, breakfast dish, bread coated with eggs: french
__ Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street: sweeney
__ Tomei, My Cousin Vinny actress: marisa
__ Tracy, American actor: spencer
__ train, speedy Japanese mode of transport: bullet
__ Trench, deepest known part of the ocean: mariana
__ trevally is an inshore marine jack fish: coachwhip
__ Trophy, annual prize for seaplane races: schneider
__ trout is known for its colors: rainbow
__ tuna is also known as the white tuna: dogtooth
__ Turner, actress from Peggy Sue Got Married: kathleen
__ turtles have tiny yellow round spots: spotted
__ twice, cut once: measure
__ Twilight, Irish movement, revival: celtic
__ type, printing press developed by Gutenberg: moveable
__ Unchained, Jamie Foxx plays a freed slave: django
__ Under, HBO series about a morgue and family: six feet
__ United legalized corporate personhood: citizens
__ University tells how Sulley and Mike met: monsters
__ Up Baby, movie with K. Hepburn and C. Grant: bringing
__ up, don't take things so seriously: lighten
__ Utamaro, Japanese printmaker who died in 1806: kitagawa
__ van Gogh, he painted sunflowers: vincent
__ velocity, final constant speed of falling body: terminal
__ Versace, Italian fashion designer (female): donatella
__ vest, beachware according to saucy postcards: string
__ Vivaldi, composer of The Four Seasons: antonio
__ Volcano, group cocktail with tropical twist: flaming
__ Volunteers play football from Neyland Stadium: tennessee
__ vs Superman, a movie released in 2016: batman
__ Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare released Feb 2014: plants
__ vs. __, won the Academy Awards in 1980: kramer
__ wage, Bernie Sanders ran to have this raised: minimum
__ wake you up better in the morning than caffeine: apples
__ wall, ancient limestone holy place in Jerusalem: western
__ Wallis, invented bomb used by the Dam Busters: barnes
__ Waltz, won a Oscar for Inglorious Basterds: christoph
__ Wars, series of 20th century Asian conflicts: indochina
__ was here! Graffiti meme from WWII: kilroy
__ was the Plow King in The Simpsons: barney
__ Washington was the first US president: george
__ Washington, Oscar winner for Training Day: denzel
__ watch is from 12.00 to 16.00 hours: afternoon
__ Watchers, most famous diet program: weight
__ wedding; two couples marry at the same time: double
__ Weissmuller, swimmer who turned into Tarzan: johnny
__ Weisz, The Mummy and Constantine actress: rachel
__ Western, a film genre: spaghetti
__ Wheat, cereal shaped like biscuit pillows: shredded
__ wheel boat, Mississippi boat from Rome: paddle
__ wheel, giant revolving fairground attraction: ferris
__ While You Work was sung by Snow White: whistle
__ Whitaker, The Shield actor: forest
__ Wildcats play football at Commonwealth Stadium: kentucky
__ will, directive for care if incapacitated: living
__ William, William Kidd's pirate ship: blessed
__ Wipes, moistened tissues for cleaning: surface
__ With Wolves, won the Academy Awards in 1991: dances
__ Wolf, Blues singer born Chester Arthur Burnett: howlin
__ Woman and her golden lasso: wonder
__ Woman, Bacall, Peck quick marriage: designing
__ Women, famous novel, film in 1933, 1949: little
__ Wonderland, snowy walking environment: winter
__ Woolf, known for stream of consciousness writings: virginia
__ World, former family sitcom of TGIF: boy meets
__ World, NBC soap that ran for 35 years: another
__ worship, veneration of deceased relatives: ancestor
__ wrap, another name for cling film: shrink
__ wrap, parcel packaging filled with air: bubble
__ wrasse cleans parasites from fish: cleaner
__ wrasse has irridescent bright colors: nebulous
__ Wyatt, poet imprisoned, accused of adultery: thomas
__ Years' War, conflict between France and England: hundred
__ yogurt, Eastern European fermented milk product: bulgarian
__ Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi cricket grounds: sheikh
__ zone is the shore around a body of water: littoral
__ zone of sea water, from 0 to 1200 feet: euphotic
__ ÃŽle, historic center of Strasbourg: grande
__!, film based on a musical named after a state: oklahoma
__, 1943 propaganda film, the Mary Ann: air force
__, Blizzards first multiplayer FPS game: overwatch
__, English singer who died in 2011: winehouse
__, ex boxer living with son Dink in Mexico: the champ
__, Franklin's ship lost and found in the Arctic: terror
__, home to Uttar Pradesh cricket team: green park
__, Inc takes place in fictional Monstropolis: monsters
__, luggage that stays with you, overhead: carry on
__, matched and dispatched describes life stages: hatched
__, Nintendo game for exercising: wii fit
__, or flu, kills thousands each year: influenza
__, or Seed Shrimp, is a tiny crustacean in oceans: ostracod
__, rats and rabbits are animals that cannot vomit: horses
__, reggae album by Bob Marley & The Wailers, 1979: survival
__, the Bruce, King of Scots revered as a hero: robert
__, the redhead on Scooby Doo: daphne
__-cell, mutated red blood cell: sickle
__-clean = spotless, faultless: squeaky
__-Daro, abandoned Indus Valley archeology site: mohenjo
__-flap scorpionfish has a reddish-purple color: paddle
__-snouted, endangered African crocodile species: slender
__: A Space Adventure 2005: zathura
__: The Golden Age, sequel to the 1998 film: elizabeth
___ Book, Medieval literature taught you manners: courtesy
___ Christie, best known for her detective novels: agatha
___ Hart, US country musician and songwriter: freddie
__Blake, English poet who illustrated his own work: william
__fish swims vertically to blend in: trumpet
__ism, art style with very little detail: minimal
__land Paris, Walt's theme park in Europe: disney
__of Love, opera singer moves to Milan: one night
__proof, can't be shot: bullet
__tooth, doggy-broken check fabric pattern: hounds
__ventura, Canary Island with biosphere reserve: fuerte

CodyCross Answers for questions starting with Number and Special Characters for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "CodyCross" by "Fanatee Games"


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