Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where in the World Answers

Where in the World - Geography IQ Test answers for all levels are right here. Where in the World is an puzzle game made by ICON, LLC in which you will have to guess famous places and countries, around the world, by looking at a picture that shows something representative to that place.
Some levels are hard to solve, so here are the correct answers for all of them:

Level # Answer Level # Answer Level # Answer
Level 1 New York Level 51 India Level 101 North Pole
Level 2 Paris Level 52 Angola Level 102 Mumbai
Level 3 England Level 53 Swiss Alps Level 103 Belarus
Level 4 Canada Level 54 Casa Mila Level 104 Seoul
Level 5 China Level 55 Washington Level 105 Guatemala
Level 6 Mount Rushmore Level 56 Giza Level 106 Philippines
Level 7 San Francisco Level 57 Grand Canyon Level 107 Taipei
Level 8 Italy Level 58 Arch Of Triumph Level 108 Yellowstone
Level 9 United States Level 59 Brasilia Level 109 Antarctica
Level 10 Geneva Level 60 Istanbul Level 110 Parthenon
Level 11 California Level 61 Vatican City Level 111 Mali
Level 12 Greece Level 62 Hungary Level 112 Taj Mahal
Level 13 St Louis Level 63 Melbourne Level 113 Idaho
Level 14 Empire State Level 64 Louvre Level 114 Equator
Level 15 Great Sphynx Level 65 Monas Level 115 Iceland
Level 16 Buenos Aires Level 66 Honolulu Level 116 Humayuns Tomb
Level 17 Sydney Level 67 Belize Level 117 Syria
Level 18 White House Level 68 Great Wall Level 118 New Zealand
Level 19 Los Angeles Level 69 Ethiopia Level 119 Shanghai
Level 20 Germany Level 70 Mount Mckinley Level 120 Tennessee
Level 21 Houston Level 71 Dead Sea Level 121 Mongolia
Level 22 Spain Level 72 Bryce Canyon Level 122 Finland
Level 23 Texas Level 73 Queensland Level 123 Dubrovnik
Level 24 Brazil Level 74 Romania Level 124 Detroit
Level 25 Venice Level 75 Niagara Falls Level 125 Blue Mosque
Level 26 Japan Level 76 Yemen Level 126 Sagrada Familia
Level 27 Russia Level 77 Machu Picchu Level 127 Petra
Level 28 Virginia Level 78 Berlin Level 128 Nepal
Level 29 Dubai Level 79 Ireland Level 129 Kansas
Level 30 Pisa Tower Level 80 Brussels Level 130 Iraq
Level 31 Las Vegas Level 81 Morocco Level 131 South Korea
Level 32 Golden Gate Level 82 Madagascar Level 132 Nessebar
Level 33 New Orleans Level 83 Venezuela Level 133 Tokyo
Level 34 Ayers Rock Level 84 Easter Island Level 134 Portugal
Level 35 Sweden Level 85 Jerusalem Level 135 Oman
Level 36 Florida Level 86 Jamaica Level 136 Hong Kong
Level 37 Australia Level 87 Prague Level 137 Sacre Coeur
Level 38 Hoover Dam Level 88 Eiffel Tower Level 138 Alaska
Level 39 Athens Level 89 Liverpool Level 139 Mount Everest
Level 40 Scotland Level 90 Saudi Arabia Level 140 Philadelphia
Level 41 Arizona Level 91 Sahara Level 141 Malaysia
Level 42 Vienna Level 92 Denmark Level 142 Mecca
Level 43 Death Valley Level 93 Jordan Level 143 Honduras
Level 44 Bulgaria Level 94 Norway Level 144 Massachusetts
Level 45 Seattle Level 95 Stonehenge Level 145 Amsterdam
Level 46 Colorado Level 96 Cape Town Level 146 North Korea
Level 47 South Africa Level 97 Monument Valley Level 147 Elizabeth Tower
Level 48 Cuba Level 98 Rio De Janeiro Level 148 Utah
Level 49 Scott Monument Level 99 Angkor Wat Level 149 Myanmar
Level 50 North Carolina Level 100 Thailand Level 150 Zollverein

The Walking Dead Edition Guess Image Trivia Answers

The Walking Dead Edition Guess Image Trivia answers for the game made by Suwan Banthong, available for play on iphones and ipads.
This is a trivia game based on the popular TV Series The Walking Dead, and in it you will have to recognize characters from the movie. Each level pack has 10 characters to guess, if you don't know the answer just look for it in the list below.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Rick Grimes Glenn Rhee Andrea Felipe Arnold Greene
Carl Grimes Theodore Douglas Amy Miguel Josephine Greene
Judith Grimes Dale Horvath Morales Vi Patricia
Lori Grimes Jacqui Miranda Morales Edwin Jenner Jimmy
Lambert Kendal Jim Louis Morales Candace Jenner Otis
Shane Walsh Daryl Dixon Eliza Morales Maggie Greene Nate
Leon Basset Merle Dixon Guillermo Beth Greene Randall
Morgan Jones Carol Pelletier Jorge Hershel Greene Sean
Jenny Jones Sophia Pelletier Mr.Gilbert Annette Greene Tony
Duane Jones Ed Pelletier Abuela Shawn Greene Dave
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Michonne Caesar Martinez Rowan Tim Tyreese
Andre Anthony Shumpert Dr.Stevens Crowley Sasha
Mike Mr.Jacobson Eileen Philip Blake Allen
Terry Karen Noah Penny Blake Ben
Axel Eryn Eric Mrs.Blake Donna
Oscar Owen Paul Betty Coleman Gainesi
Andrew Thomas Jody Michael Coleman Brady
Thomas Greg Haley Emily Coleman Wilson
Big Tiny Ms.Mcleod Warren Mrs.Foster Sean
Jeanette Milton Mamet Gargulio Richard Foster Franklin
Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15
Welles Chloe Meghan Chambler Billy Sam
Bob Stookey Mr.Richards David Chambler Harley Paula
Luke Charlie Alisha Tony Christopher
Molly Patrick Ross Joe Ana
Becky Zach Mitch Dolgen Len Clara
Julio Lizzie Samuels Pete Dolgen Lou Nelly
Henry Mila Samuels Abraham Ford Gareth Flame
Noris Ryan Samuels Rosita Espinosa Mary Violet
Caleb Subramanian Tara Chambler Eugene Porter Albert Joe Sr.
David Lilly Chambler Dan Alex Bill Jenkins
Level 16 Level 17 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20
Big Tony
Louise Bush
Wayne Dunlap
Hannah (Webisodes)