Monday, May 7, 2018

Tricky Challenge 2 Answers

This is a complete list of answers, cheats, solutions for Tricky Challenge 2 by Yiugame. Tricky Challenge 2 features 60 levels full of brain teasers with funny answers that you'll need to figure out. Each level it's unique and to solve them you need to think outside the box.
As you already know by now, some levels are quite difficult to answers and you get stuck if you can't find the right solution.
Below I'm going to explain you, as briefly as i can, how to solve all the 60 levels in Tricky Challenge 2.

Tricky Challenge 2 Answers All Levels

Level 1 (Can you wack the mole): Use 1 finger to cover the empty hole, and another finger to wack the mole.
Level 2 (ISAAC wants to pee, help him): Drag the "Men's" blue sign over the "Female" sign on the other door.
Level 3 (Help him plug in the light bulb): Drag the power cord down to reveal a hidden socket, now plug the power cord in it.
Level 4 (Can you wack the mole again): Tap all mole holes 5 times to cover them, than wack the mole.
Level 5 (Here is a simple question 3 + 2 = ?): The answer is "5" so tap the "5" that represents the current level, on the top menu.
Level 6 (How many stars do you think this game worth?): Of course 5 stars :D, so tap the last star.
Level 7 (Light up the candle): Slide the match, up and down, on the left side of the screen to light it up.
Level 8 (The pig sleeps like a log, help me wake it up): Tap and hold the pig's nose until he wakes.
Level 9 (The supermarket is discounting today, How many cola did Xiao Ming bought?): The answers is 19. There are 16 cola cans and 3 more hidden in the word "Cola".
Level 10 (Which one is a real bat?): Just shake the phone to reveal the real bat.
Level 11 (Don't let other know you have ACEs): Use 2 fingers to cover the letter "A" on the card and the word ACE in the sentence.
Level 12 (The rabbit disppeared. Find it): The rabbit is under the hat that's on the magician's head.
Level 13 (The rabbit disppeared again. Find it): This time the rabbit is under the lower-right hat.
Level 14 (The rabbit disppeared again. Find it): Now the rabbit is again under the magician's hat. But now you have to also drag the rabbit up by it's ears.
Level 15 (Open the cabinet): Slide the left door to the right.
Level 16 (Drag the ball to the terminal in 5 seconds): Ignore the maze, just drag the ball on the word "terminal" in the sentence.
Level 17 (Find a way to let the equation make sense): Just flip the phone up-side down.
Level 18 (The tortoise and the hare. Let hare win once): Tap the pause button, in the top left corner. Now tap the hare / rabbit until he wins the race.
Level 19 (Steal the meat from the crocodile's mouth): Use 1 finger to cover the eyes of the crocodile, and another finger to steal the meat from his mouth.
Level 20 (Which bulb is on for a longer time?): Tap and hold each light bulb for 5 seconds. A label will appear on the 3rd one, saying "It's hot".
Level 21 (Please input the corresponding price for the goods): Tap the price label to rip of the ".50" part. Now the price is 24 and you can enter it on the cash register: 10 + 10 + 2 + 2.
Level 22 (Stop it when the fifth bulb lights up): Tap the word "Stop" in the sentence, when the 5th bulb is on.
Level 23 (1 + 1 + 0 + 1): The answer is "5". Not sure about the logic behind this one, the hit says: "The numbers at the beginning and end of each line is actually linked together"
Level 24 (Replace old batteries with new batteries): Just drag and switch the position of the words "old batteries" and "new batteries".
Level 25 (Put the car into the parking place): Drag the rectangular empty parking place, and the car, on the word "parking place" in the sentence.
Level 26 (5 + 2 =36): Ignore all the equations, except the last one "2 + 6 = 8". Enter the answer like this: "000008".
Level 27 (Don't want to do math? Let's make it simple this time): Just drag the buttons away until you see the button "Enter Next Challenge".
Level 28 (Click red, blue, green, white, purple and orange in turn): Tap the buttons in the required order, based on their color and not based on what is written on them.
Level 29 (Find the different lion): The different lion is the bottom-left one, just drag it away.
Level 30 (Please balance the scales): Just leave the scale empty to balance it.
Level 31 (Click it). Just tap the word "It".
Level 32 (One more time. Click it strongly!!!): Just tap the "Still Me" button. several times.
Level 33 (Cut the apple): Tilt the phone to the left and wait until the apple appears. Than slice it with your finger.
Level 34 (What's the parking number of the car?): Flip the phone upside down, now the parking numbers are in alphabetical order and the missing parking number is 87.
Level 35 (Hit the ball into the hole): Just drag the hole near the ball, than gently flick the ball inside.
Level 36 (Get 500 coins pieces from the slot machine): Just shake the phone until you get 500 coins.
Level 37 (x = ?): The formula is (a - b) * c = x, so (9 - 8) * 3 = 3
Level 38 (Hide the elephant): Just drag the blue elephant and the word "elephant", away from the screen.
Level 39 (How many apples are there in the tree): Shake the phone and the apples will fall down. There are 7 apples.
Level 40 (Press the yellow dot): Tap the yellow dot and carefully move your finger to see in what color it changed. The new color is random... red, blue or green.
Level 41 (Xiao Ming is good at playing basketball): Xiao Ming is the blue player. Tap him and drag him up to make his legs longer.
Level 42 (X is equal to what?): The equation you need is: (7 + 11 + 10) / 2 = 14
Level 43 (Try mixing two liquids): Cover the hole with your finger, than shake the phone to mix the liquids.
Level 44 (What are you talking about?): Turn the volume on your phone to maximum.
Level 45 (Help the fat man get his beautiful lady): Put the fat man in the bed, than tap on him several times to help him make crunches and get slim.
Level 46 (The mosquito is so annoying, please destroy it): Tap and hold a empty area of the screen. Then tap the mosquito when he feeds.
Level 47 (Which cup is the biggest?): Rub the t-shirts of the 4 girls to remove them. Now tap the girl with the biggest breasts, the bottom-left girl.
Level 48 (What's your temperature?): Just tap and hold the red part of the thermometer.
Level 49 (Looking for the stars): Shake the device and tap the stars that appear above the kids. Also remember that there are 15 stars, you will need this number in a future level.
Level 50 (Find the last camper): Swipe the guns to the right to reveal a hidden shotgun. Use the S686 shotgun to shot the camper.
Level 51 (Unscrew the screw): Tap and hold the screw. Now rotate the phone clockwise.
Level 52 (Point arrow at yourself): Make the green arrow point down. Now lay the phone on a flat surface, like a table, and the arrow will point at you.
Level 53 (How many stars have appeared in the previous challenge?): You need to enter the number of stars that appeared in Level 49. The number of stars is 15.
Level 54 (How many holes are there in the socks?): There are 4 holes, if you count the hole where you slip your foot in.
Level 55 (Which one is male?): Blow into the phone's microphone, than tap the bottom-left girl.
Level 56 (Today is Tom's 2nd birthday): Use the match to light the middle candle. Than rotate the phone 90 degrees to the right to light up the second candle.
Level 57 (Claude stepped on the nail): Just scream "Ah" into the microphone, you have to scream quite loud.
Level 58 (Who will be the last runner in the race?): The bottom left boy, because he has a nail in his foot :D
Level 59 (Ferdinand was stole a year ago): You need to set the date on your phone to 1 year back.
Level 60 (Congratulations for going to finish all challenges): To open the champagne just shake the phone a bit, than tap the cork.

Congratulations you found the answers for all the 60 levels in Tricky Challenge 2.