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Logo Quiz - Soccer Clubs [Level 4 - France]

Answers in Level 4 - France are:
  • AS Monaco - the logo shaped like a shield with a crown above. Inside is this text: "ASM FC"
  • AS Nancy - the red logo with an white flower inside and this word above it: "ASNL"
  • FC Nantes - the logo colored in yellow and green. Inside it has an green ship, a yellow ball and this number: "1943"
  • OGC Nice - the red circle with an white ball inside, and a black bird above. Under the ball are this words: "COTE D'AZUR"
  • FC Lorient - the orange logo with a white fish inside and the year "1926". Above are this letters: "FC LO"
  • FC Metz - the logo with a red lizard inside and this letters above it: "F.C. M"
  • RC Lens - the one that has inside: "RACING CLUB" and below a big "L"
  • Stade rennais FC - the logo colored half black, half red, with this characters inside: "FOOTBALL 1901"
  • Troyes AC - the blue logo with this white characters inside: "1986  AC  10"
  • Girondins de Bordeaux - the dark blue logo with this inside: "GIRO AUX 1881"
  • Montpellier HSC - the round logo surrounded by this letters: "M   H   Sport Club 1974"
  • Lille OSC - the logo colored win white and red and having a dog inside
  • Grenoble Foot 38 - the logo with "Gren   ot" above and "GB 18" inside
  • Le mans FC - the red logo with a horse head inside and this letters above: "LEM   FC"
  • AS Saint-Etienne - the round logo colored in whit and green, with this letters inside: "A.S.S.E."
  • Evian Thonon Gaillard FC - the red logo with and white "+" inside with this words "Football Club"
  • Toulouse - the violet logo with "TFC" inside
  • Aj Auxerre - the blue logo with "AUX" in it
  • En Avant de Guingamp - the red log with "EAG" inside
  • Olympique Lyonnais - the logo that has "OL" in it
  • PSG - the round blue logo, with and red eiffel tower inside and the year "1970"
  • Stade Malherbe Caen - the round logo surrounded by this blue words: "CALVADOS BASSE - NORMANDIE"
  • SC Bastia - the blue logo that has inside a black human head, and this words: "SC BA 1905"
  • Olympique de Marseille - the big blue "M"
  • FC Sochaux-Montbeliard - the blue logo with an yellow lion inside and this letters: " FC SM"
  • Valenciennes FC - the red logo with a swan's head inside and this letters: "V FC"
  • Stade Reims - the red logo with "S R" inside and "STADE DEPUIS 1931" around
  • Stade Brestois 29 - the red logo with " B9" inside

Logo Quiz - Soccer Clubs [Level 4 - France] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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Logo Quiz - Soccer Clubs [Level 3 - Spain]

Answers in Level 3 - Spain are:
  • Rayo Vallecano - the logo with "RVM" inside
  • Real Madrid - the yellow logo formed by "MCF" written one inside the other
  • RCD Espanyol - the red round logo with a crown above and "DE BARCELONA" written in the lower side
  • CA Osasuna - the logo with a golden lion inside and the letters "C A O"
  • Valencia - the logo with a football ball inside an a black bat above it.
  • Malaga CF - the blue logo with a building inside and the word "LAG"
  • Barcelona - the logo with a red "+" in the top left side
  • Real Betis - the triangle logo with a crown above
  • Sevilla - the red and white logo with 3 old persons inside
  • Real Sociedad - the orange football surrounded by a flack and with a crown above
  • Athletic Bilbao - the one that says: "Athletic Club"
  • Real Zaragoza - the red logo with a crown above and a lion inside
  • Sporting Gijon - the red/white triangle with an crown above and "S G" inside
  • Racing de Santander - the round logo with a green flag inside and a crown above
  • RCD Mallorca - the round red logo two green branches on the sides, and a crown above
  • Levante UD - the logo with a back bat beneath and the letters "LE   UD" inside
  • Hercules CF - the round logo with a black human head inside, wearing a leaf crown. 
  • Getafe - the logo surronded by a blue circle. In the top side is a football ball, and on the sides this words: "Ge C. S.A.D."
  • Almeria - the logo that has inside: "UD RIA"
  • Elche - the logo with a woman inside that is writing with a feather
  • Celta Vigo - the one that looks like a red dagger
  • FC Cartagena - the logo with 4 yellow towers above and "Fc Cart" inside
  • Las Palmas - the multi colored logo with a crown above

Logo Quiz - Soccer Clubs [Level 3 - Spain] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is Logo Quiz - Football Clubs by "bubble quiz games"