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That level again 4 Walkthrough + ALL Endings

That level again 4 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions ALL LEVELS
That Level Again 4 walkthrough, cheats, solutions all levels for android, iphone, ipad and ipod. In this next chapter you’re gonna experience the story that just isn’t there but really want to be. Although the developer has left some clues, he himself isn’t sure what could be made out of it. You will some locations from previous parts that kinda shows that the developer has run out of ideas but if we dig a little deeper we see that life makes no sense, the space is infinite, and 42.

Take a look at the video below for visual walkthrough, or simply read the text walkthrough if you prefer the fast and brief solution for a level.

Stage 1 walkthrough

Level 1 (It's easy) - Press the red button and go through the door.
Level 2 (Try harder) - Press the red button 3 times to open the door.
Level 3 (Press the button) - Tap on the red button with your finger.
Level 4 (Back) - Just go back through the door you came.
Level 5 (Press the button) - Walk back through the right door, press the button with your finger, now walk through the left doors until you reach level 6.
Level 6 (Try harder) - In this one you have to go through the left door 3 times to reach level 7.
Level 7 (Ha! I've got everything covered!) - Just jump in one of the spikes to kill yourself, you will respawn behind the door.

From this point the game changes dramatically compared to previous That Level Again games, the level system is dropped and you will explore the hidden parts of the game.

There are borders everywhere, and you can't leave - Start by walking in the 3 control buttons (jump - right - left) to destroy them.
Turn it on - turn on the Accelerometer Mode. The code is - - - -. When the error appears press the "OK" button beneath it.
You're going back now? - Don't go through the door! Tilt the phone and bring the character to the top side. Now pres the pause button, than press the play button. The top side of the frame will disappear and you'll be able to get out. Now tilt the phone this way: UP - Vibrate - Right - Vibrate - Up.
Wait! It's boring here :( - Slide your finger on the screen to move the whole level. It will say the frame is in the way, then keep sliding the level up and down a few times and the frame will break. There is also a hidden star here, just go back down and you will see it touch it with the character to collect it.
If you can't see it, it doesn't exist - Just cover a part of the wall that blocks your way up with your finger, than move the character through the area covered by your finger.
Loading - Just push the male charter until he fills the whole loading bar.
Don't know how to move? Use a hint! - Drag the "Hint" button and use it to push the character to the right side of the screen.

Stage 2 walkthrough 

Guess it's time to put everything in it's place - To collect the star just pull the rope around the corner until it breaks, then touch the star with the hint button to collect it. Put the "Hint" button to it's original place (top-left corner).
What's next... You need to look around - Tilt the phone so it's straight vertical. You will now see the forward moving button.
Yeah... I can see the other side - Tilt the phone left - right. Now use the jump and forward button to get to the big pause button.
Take a closer look at the PAUSE - Use two finger to pinch zoom on the pause button. It tells you to "Turn it off and on". So just EXIT the game and start it again.
You need to go down! - Flip the phone in portrait mode and you'll be going down now.
You need to reach it with your hand - You can slide the spike platform with your finger.
Are you missing something? Be more persistent - Tap the big block in the corner of the screen to break it and reveal the "Jump" button.
BY THE WAY! I wanted to send you something! But WiFI doesn't work! Do something about it - Turn off WiFi on your phone. Now you'll receive a notification. Rotate the phone to fill the button, but don't press it!. Close the notification and use the movement button to walk right.
TEST ZONE - To find the key slide the in-game notification all the way down.
My test game - You can destroy everything with your finger, even the walls...
Flappy TLA - Just quickly tap the jump button to go over the whole obstacles.
Lick the device - Just slide your finger on the screen a few times, when asked if you really licked it just say yes.
SAVE THIS! - Make a screenshot, on most phones you can do it by holding Volume Down + Power Button.
What's next? - Jump over the spike (the wall is not solid).
Ouch! One more button? - Jump on the button than press and hold the "Down" button.
I'm done with this games - Just ignore the "spikes" game and go back through where you came. Now when you reach the "Flappy bird" part you need to get inside the longest pipe. Here you have to choose: On the left you have "Main plot", on the right you have "Subplot". I suggest going with the "Main plot" if it's the first time you play the game. You can explore Subplot area after you finish the game.
Securely hidden - Use your finger to remove the 4 screws. For the balls puzzle you need to put the phone on the table and rotate it, but it's still too random and hard. Just tap the hint button and press the skip button.
We need to move the icon... - Hold your finger on the ball icon. When it's starts to shake use the ingame character to hit it. To break it push it to the previous zone and use the sliding spike on it. Now bring the ball to the "Portal Shutdown" area. Tilt the phone to get it on the red button. Now move back to the left until you reach the "music" stairs.

Stage 3 walkthrough

Hmm... Didn't you save something? - To collect the star jump from tallest platform (B) on (E) platform, it will go down enough to allow you to fall down. Here you need to use the screenshot you made earlier and press the buttons in that order: F - A - G - E - E. If you did the star trick, playing fagee is not needed.
82. Pause - Use the pause button to freeze the character. Go on the first platform, and make the character jump than pause him fast, while he still moves up. Now go on the forward button and unpause him.
More Energy! - You need to put the phone near a bright light source. Shine a flashlight on the screen or get it close to a light bulb.
REWIND - Use the left - right buttons to rewind the fall, press START when you see it.
Go beyond the frame - First make use the ball to make a hole so that the girl can go down through it.
Now make her fall on the moving platform that you control. If you catch her with the platform as she falls down you can keep pressed the button that moves the platform and the girl won't jump. After you get her to the right side, make her go off, than push her with the platform through the line / wall.
Will we wait till the end - go back the the previous zone and climb up to take the ball, now push it down to end the game.
GAME OVER - Now the moving platform can reach this level as well, you will have to ride it to the next zone, i guess you figured out how to control it by now.
83. The key - Get the key with the male character, and push it through the door. Now the girl can grab the key.

Stage 4 walkthrough

CHARACTERS TEXT - Tap the word "TEXT" and enter "WALL WALL WALL WALL" instead. Also press "Enter" and make 2 extra lines, what you write doesn't matter.

There is also a hidden star here. It's above, where it says "WOLL" instead of wall. You need to write the text "wall" than jump on it. Now add new lines, one by one, to push it higher. Don't add 2 lines at once because you will fall down.

The Lock Door - In the next room write "ABC123456789KEY"
Drawing - You can draw lines with your finger. Just make some line that will press the red button. Push the word "Drawing" to the next zone.
Drawing 2 - You have to draw some kind of a bridge that gets you to the other side. See this image if you can't do it.
Finger walking - Hold one finger on the screen, slide a second finger on the screen from right to left.
Move - You can slide the colored parts of the level with your finger. You can also slide the wall on the right. Slide the wall all the way up to get another hidden star.
The way - the exit is on the bottom, where the 4th platform moves. On the right exit is the last star. You actually dye there because there's a spike and you walk into it. So just jump as you go through.

Endings Walkthrough

End_03 - Simple

Choose - Tap on both LIFE and FREEDOM buttons at the same time. Walk all the way to the end.


For 2nd ending you have to play the Subplot part in the Flappy bird area.

End_01 MAIN

You have to first collect all 6 stars to unlock this level. Check the orange text above to see where they are or watch this video.
Start a new game, by going to "Stage 1". Walk left and play until you reach "Empty Room". Here you can go inside the left wall now. Walk right and press the red button. Now move the character with the "hidden" button (is in the top-left corner).

That Level Again 4 All Levels Cheats, Solution, Walkthrough for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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