Sunday, November 11, 2018

Murder in the Alps Free Energy Scam

You found this page because you are looking for ways to get free energy in Murder in the Alps game. The short answer is: "You can't get free energy in Murder in the Alps!!!".

All those youtube videos that you find on google search results are simply scams that try to make you complete some servery and in return you won't get anything, maybe some viruses if you're lucky :).

Murder in the Alps stores the progress you make on their own servers, someone has to have access to those server in order to manipulate the data, and that it's close to impossible to achieve by someone who isn't in the game developing team. Even if some clever hacker finds a way to hack their servers and manipulate the data, if he makes this public the developers of Murder in the Alps will detect it in a mater of hours and revoke his access.

So if you want energy in Murder in the Alps, buy it or wait for it to regenerate, or just uninstall the game and be done with it...