Friday, January 24, 2014

4 Pics 1 Word Level 301 to Level 350

The Answers are:

  • Level 301: Dominate - girl riding man, horses, finish line, woman sitting on man's back
  • Level 302: Strand - ship, blue DNA, black and white woman face, bottle on beach
  • Level 303: Mantle - kid with red cape and lightning sign on shirt, section of earth, fire place, woman with white fur coat
  • Level 304: Snap - woman pulling her hair, woman breaking white stick, man with palms on cheeks
  • Level 305: Dream - woman sleeping on white pillow, man and woman laying on the floor bellow white house, a statue, woman dreaming on things
  • Level 306: Medium -man dressed in black with open arms, clothing size tags, beef steak
  • Level 307: Spikes - snow climber boot, hedgehog
  • Level 308: Premiere - red carpet, woman in red on red carpet, blackboard, man in black suit holding newspaper
  • Level 309: Strip - plane on landing pad, beach, man stripping over women
  • Level 310: Bellows - old photo camera, harmonica, man with hand on ears
  • Level 311: Sewer - sewing machine, sewers pipes, woman with scissors in her hand
  • Level 312: Sharp - razor blade, glasses, kitchen knifes
  • Level 313: Traffic - green traffic light, city street with busy traffic, cars on street
  • Level 314: Wound - man bandaging his foot, woman with blood on finger, bruise, bandage on foot
  • Level 315: Heart - ace of hearts, section of human heart, defibrillator
  • Level 316: Basic - 1+1=2, paper wit "case" written on it
  • Level 317: Sweeten - sugar poured in cup, cup and spoon, honey on a spoon, honey in a jar
  • Level 318: Guide - tourist couple picture, 4 people on snow, 3 scouts girls
  • Level 319: Scavenge - hyena, man searching trough trash, trash bales, trash plant
  • Level 320: Rose - pink rose, red roses, rising graph
  • Level 321: Converse - pair of red sneakers, man and woman in bed, woman on phone, kids with can phone
  • Level 322: Window - horse head trough small window, glass windows, person cleaning window
  • Level 323: Mother - woman holding baby, duck with babys, lion with lionets, pregnant woman on bed
  • Level 324: Island - green island on water, palm tree, island in the middle of water, small mountains near water
  • Level 325: Beans - cocked beans, green beans, coffee cup in sack with beans
  • Level 326: Fruit - kid eating banana, woman with green apple in hand, glasses with grapes juice, pineapples
  • Level 327: Gift - red gift box, kids opening present box, man with gift box in hands
  • Level 328: Hero - cartoon with red cape standing on top of a mountain, kid wearing red cape and eye mask, green guy
  • Level 329: Bicycle - bike gear being oiled with spray, bicycle seat, chained bicycle
  • Level 330: Wine - red grapes, wine bottle near wood barrel, wine bottle cap
  • Level 331: Party - kids on birthday party, wine glasses, girls parting, girls dancing in club
  • Level 332: Pink - pink flowers, pink unicorn, baby dressed in pink clothes, pink car
  • Level 333: Sword - alien with jedi sword, Jack Sparrow, ninja samurai, knight with sword
  • Level 334: Sausage - baloney cut in half, sausage
  • Level 335: Brain - human brain, brain running on treadmill, neuron
  • Level 336: Airport - man buying airplane ticket, airplane being loaded, lifting airplane, airport seats
  • Level 337: Ghost - ghost in woods
  • Level 338: Pilot - aircraft pilots, pilot cap
  • Level 339: Diving - man with underwater mask, woman holding baby underwater, girl swimming underwater, two water divers
  • Level 340: Animal - two puppies, small squirrel, elephants, sheeps
  • Level 341: Snore - man sleeping and woman with hand on ears, man sleeping on couch, man snoring near woman with pillow on ears, elephant sleeping
  • Level 342: Stink - man spelling armpit, skunks, girl holding her nose
  • Level 343: Tooth - mouth with one missing tooth, tooth brushes, tooth fairy, tooth paste
  • Level 344: Father - man holding baby, man sleeping with baby, man and baby brushing teeth, man carrying kid on his back
  • Level 345: Bowling - shelf filed with shoes, bowling balls, strike, bowler
  • Level 346: Chair - leader chair with two cuts, green chair, girl sitting on chair, chair rows
  • Level 347: Cry - man on phone crying, baby crying, woman crying
  • Level 348: Kiss - boy kissing girl, lips, couple kissing, woman kissing man
  • Level 349: Couple - couple in ping heart blanket, two golden rings, old couple
  • Level 350: Effects - soccer ball in blue fire, disco lights, rainbow lights, red sky

4 Pics 1 Word [Level 301 to 350] - Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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