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That level again 2 Walkthrough All levels

That level again 3 is out! Also here you can find the walkthrough for original That level again
That level again 2 Walkthrough
Level #Answers
Level 1 (Plain and simple)Take the key and use it to open the door
Level 2 (Where did I leave it?)Go into the other room, trough the wood door, you will find the key there
Level 3 (Moon)Lower gravity, be careful where you jump
Level 4 (Can't take it)You can't pick up the key, but you can push it to the door
Level 5 (Is it in the second room again?)Go in the second room where you will see "You need a ninja here". Just use your finger to cut the rope holding the key
Level 6 (Use your finger)Slide the key with your finger, to open the door
Level 7 (Emergency exit)Tap the window with your finger until it breaks
Level 8 (New look)Go to the second room, jump over the spikes to take the key.
Level 9 (No jumps)Just walk forward (make a long pause, helps with the next level)
Level 10 (Release the guest)Get the key and open the door before the second characters reaches it. The second character moves as you did on level 9, if you finished level 9 to fast go back and replay it.
Level 11 (Is it there again?)Tap the "Pause" button and turn of the sound effects, now the wolf won't wake up.
Level 12 (Rearrangement)Go into the second room. There you can move the door with your finger. Move it to the far right an go trough it.
Level 13 (Be generous)Press "Donate" button in the main screen of the game
Level 14 (Don't be afraid)You can stay in the middle of the falling spikes. Only the ones at the edges kills you
Level 15 (Try it 3 times)Restart the level 3 times (Pause > Main Menu > Continue)
Level 16 (New control)You move the character by tilting your phone (lay the phone flat on a table)
Level 17 (WASD)Tap the keyboard button (top-middle of the screen). Now use "WASD" keys to control the character.
Level 18 (How do you open it?)Push the ice cube down and jump on it from the highest platform.
Level 19 (What do you need?)Tap the keyboard and write "KEY" to make a key appear.
Level 20 (Think before you act)The door is already open :)
Level 21 (Don't trust your eyes)Go to the second room and walk into the right wall
Level 22 (ABC)Tap the keyboard and write the alphabet: ABCDEFGHIJKL
Level 23 (The creator)Make a platform with the cubes to help you reach the key
Level 24 (The club)Dodge the lasers and get the key, than hide into the second room from the final laser
Level 25 (The End)Just walk to the right side...
Level 26 (That's not a bug)When you jump for the key, and you are in mid-air, pause the game. The laser will keep turn ON/OFF, unpause the game when is safe to land.
Level 27 (Chinese letters)Go to "Options" menu and change the language to English
Level 28 (The weird door)You have to die and your body to end near the door. Just jump into the spikes on the left, under the platform you stand at the beginning.
Level 29 (The fall)Reach the door without touching any spikes...
Level 30 (Licence agreement)If you read the "License agreement" that pops when you take the key, it will tell you that you have to tap the door 2 times to open it. Restart the level and thap the door 2 times, before you do anything else.
Level 31 (Need more energy)Plug the charger into your phone.
Level 32 (Make me do it)The character moves opposite to where you put your finger. Just hold your finger near the character to see how it moves.
Level 33 (Nothing lasts forever)Just make the key platform slide 3 times and it will break, releasing the key
Level 34 (Follow the volume)Press the volume buttons on the phone to move the character
Level 35 (One more key)Go to the main menu of the game, take the key and tap the window to break it and return to the level with the key
Level 36 (Have you ever played Mario)The second room has the hint "Down Up Up". There are 3 floating platforms .Walk under the first platform and over the next two platforms. Look Here for visual info.
Level 37 (Zoom In)The key is in the top-right corner...
Level 38 (Let's make it a little harder)Another level where you need to tilt the phone, only this time everything moves backwards.
Level 39 (Upside Down)If you turn the phone upside down the gravity also changes...
Level 40 (The password)Tap the keyboard and write "PASSWORD"
Level 41 (You're a ninja)You are invisible, so it may take a few tries to pass this one.
Level 42 (The Answer to the Ultimate Question)Tap the keyboard and write "42" - the current level number, as the hint in the second room tells you.
Level 43 (Megazoom)Just "pinch" the screen with two fingers to zoom out
Level 44 (The weird room)The second room shows you how the first room actually is and vice-versa.
Level 45 (Earthquake)Just shake the phone...
Level 46 (Page 1)Just follow the instructions that you see in the game
Level 47 (Free cheese)Dodge the gigantic rolling cheese, after it stops you get out trough the hole that the cheese made.
Level 48 (The Nightmare)Pretty easy one, wait for a gap to be created on the door area and jump trough it.
Level 49 (The Mud)Clean the black mud with your finger, take the key and open the door
Level 50 (Zoom 2)Tilt the phone to control the camera
Level 51 (The new look 2)Go to second room. Adjust the angle with the arrows and move with jump button
Level 52 (The new control)Slide your finger in the direction you want your character to move
Level 53 (The help of the dead)Kill yourself in the second room, than jump from the dead body to reach the key
Level 54 (To the left)Just press the "LEFT" button and nothing else.
Level 55 (The box)Pretty simple one...
Level 56 (Do not believe it)Ignore the "wait" sign, just go for the key...
Level 57 (Do not hurry)Walk slowly towards the door
Level 58 (The wrong door)Take the key and use it on the left door
Level 59 (Role reversal)In this one you are the key, and you have to push the character to the door
Level 60 (Key's here)Jump in the word "here" to find the key
Level 61 (New abilities)You can do multi-jumps in second room
Level 62 (Cannot stop)You move without stopping, easy one...
Level 63 (Knock on the door)Knock on the left door to open the main door...
Level 64Double-jump to reach your girl...

If you can't solve a level with the explications above, take a look at the video guide below

Level 1 to 48

Level 49 to 64

That level again 2 Answers, Cheats, Solutions, Walkthrough for Android iPhone, iPad, iPod
Note: This is "That level again 2" by "IamTagir"


  1. Press pause when in the air and touching the key. The laser will continue. Press play again in the right time (n26)

    1. Thanks! If you weren't here, I could have spent my whole life trying to jump at the "perfect time" as it says here xD

    2. I made it in 5-6 tries with "perfect timing", maybe I was lucky :)
      I updated the post with the pause/unpause solution.

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  3. I don't understand lv36 :(

    1. There are 3 "floating" platforms in the level. The second room has the hint down-up-up.
      So you have to go under the first platform, than jump on it from the center of the level, and go over the next two platforms.
      Look at this picture for more info:
      Level 36 Image Guide

  4. I don't get level 16... Tilt the device - but how??? I lay the phone flat on the table, but it doesn't work.... Can anybody help me, please??

    1. Level 16 uses the accelerometer, if your phone doesn't have an acelerometer sensor you can't pass level 16.
      If you have an phone with an accelerometer that it could be an bug with your phone model.

  5. Thank you! I had to calibrate my compass... ;)

  6. Can't go beyond level 48. I go through the door and come across a dark level with a girl across a large gap that i can't go beyond.

  7. Replies
    1. slide the screen to the right, when you see "Go Back" slide to the left once, then slide it to the right until you pass the level...
      Is a easy one...

  8. the creator of the game mentioned easter eggs ... I wonder what does he mean O.o

  9. Replies
    1. The controls are kind of tricky in level 32, basically the character moves away from the area you press your finger, but you have to keep your finger not to close and not to far from the character...

  10. I can t get through level 34 because of the volume bar that sends the game to second plan

  11. You can try with a volume buttons app like this one
    Not sure if it will work...

  12. I am stuck at level 17 I can't seem to get my guy jump and move right at the same time to jump on the platforms to determine the key..

  13. after i reached leval 25 now it shows The end. I cant go ahed and do other leveals

  14. How to jump in level 34? I can walk with the volume button, but not with the jump

  15. I am stuck level 31 (in the outer)!!!!

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  17. Someone knows what is the easter egg that the autor mentioned??

  18. I can't pass WASD because I can't jump to the key platform! HELP!!!!!

    1. Use keybord directions. Its in the upper middle of the game backgraund

  19. Hey! Mine has got more than 64 levels! How is that possible? 🤔

  20. Please help in Kebal 66 what double jump

  21. Level 66 please help what the mean double jump

  22. In level 66, use two fingers on the jump button at the same time to jump higher. This will also work in any level.

  23. Plz update dis because my version has levels up to 80