Monday, June 16, 2014

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 2] by "Candy Logo"

In Level 2 of Logo Quiz! Food are this answers:
  • 7-Eleven - the green square logo with an "7" inside.
  • Dunkin Donuts - the square logo colored in orange and purple and having inside a white coffee cup.
  • Nestle - the blue nest with 3 birds inside.
  • Chupa Chups - the yellow round wobbly logo with to red letters in it: "C C".
  • Heinz - the black outlined logo with a green and a brown line inside and this letters: a big black "I" and "1869" written in red.
  • Wall's - the red line shaped in form of a heart.
  • Kraft - the red rectangle whit a blue "A" inside.
  • Carrefour - the logo made from a grey arrow pointing left followed by a blue round arrow pointing right.
  • Oreo - the blue shadow of text that ends in an white "o".
  • Lay's - is the yellow sphere with and red ribbon above and a white "s" inside.
  • KitKat - is the red ellipse logo with an red heart above an a "k" inside.
  • Nabisco - is the red triangle with an white outline circle inside.
  • Corn Flakes - is the one made from this black letters: "C RN KES".
  • Bertolli - is the red oval logo with this white letters: "TOL" inside.
  • Haagen Dazs - is the round white logo with two black "a" inside.
  • Mondelez - is the purple logo made from this groups of letters: "M Z" and "International".
  • Baskin Robbins - is the circle outlined in blue and pink with this letters inside: "BR".
  • Gorton's - is the blue rectangle logo with a man inside, wearing a yellow rain coat. Under him are two white letters: "NS".
  • Del Monte - is the red logo outlined in yellow and green and with an white "m" inside.
  • Safeway - the square logo with an red "S" inside.

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Note: This is "Logo Quiz! - Food" by "Candy Logo"


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