Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Logo Quiz! - Food [Level 4] by "Candy Logo"

In Level 4 of Logo Quiz! Food are this answers:
  • Tesco - the red "T" with a dotted blue line under it.
  • Knorr - is the green rectangle logo with an red "n" inside.
  • Danone - is the oval rectangle logo with a curved red line inside and two white letters: "ON".
  • Chiquita - the blue oval logo with "Ch" inside written in white.
  • Nature Valley - the yellow rectangle with this green letters inside: "NA EY".
  • Tobasco  - the square red logo with this green words inside: "Mc. ILHENNY CO BRAND PRODUCTS".
  • SubWay - the green logo with two letters to the side: "S Y".
  • Welch's - the white ribbon outlined in blue, and with two groups of letters inside: "W 'S" and "Family Farmer Owned".
  • Yoplait - the black letters: "Y it" above a flower logo colored in red and orange.
  • Ben & Jerry's - the black logo shaped like a label with two groups of letters inside: "& 's" and "ICE CREAM".
  • Bennigan's - the black rectangle with an bear above and 3 white letters inside: "BE 's".
  • Outback - the red logo made from this red letters: "BA K" and "STEAKHOUSE".
  • Yum - the red speech bubble with an white "!" inside.
  • Whiskas - the purple rectangle with a cat head inside and two white letters inside: "SK".
  • Pedigree - the yellow logo with 3 white letters in it: "P ee".
  • Maltesers - the red rectangle logo with 5 candies inside and two white letters: "alt".
  • Lidl - the blue square logo with an yellow circle inside. In the circle there is a red "i".
  • Aldi - the blue rectangle outlined in orange. Inside there is a blue square with 6 lines inside.

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