Monday, February 24, 2014

House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough - Part 3

Use the candles on the fireplace to light them
Place the candles on the stand that is in front of the bookshelf
Pick up the items in the bookshelf: a scroll, a small gear and a book

Now spit the candle in two parts

The bars are now removed, and you can go to the second floor

You will find a scary wolf here. To deal with him go to the top floor

Pick up the items that are here: a crossbow, a gear and a shotgun bullet

Now arm the shotgun with the bullet and use it to kill the wolf
Go inside the next room

Pick up the knife, and remember how the 4 crystals are arranged

Now go back to the previous room
Tap the clock and take the small round handle. Remember the time: 10:10
Now tap on the shelf and set the numbers to what the clock shows: 10 10
You will find in the drawer a gear, a hammer and a arrow

Now go back to this room and use the hammer to break the vase near the fireplace
You will find half of a key inside

Now go to the wolf room, and use the ladder to go to the attic

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  1. but I don't have the ladder anymore. it went away when I used it to get up here.?? now what?

    1. Go back and take the ladder. Now that the skeleton is gone you can go inside the house though the front door.

  2. where the candle ? i cant found it