Thursday, October 24, 2013

Logo Quiz - Cars [Level 2] Answers

Answers in Level 2 are:
  • Maserati - the oval logo colored in white and blue, and with a trident inside
  • Opel - the silver circle with a squashed "Z" inside
  • Iveco - the blue letters: "vec"
  • Kenworth - the red rectangle with "KTM" inside
  • Daimler - the square colored in grey and black, and with a "D" inside
  • Corvette - the logo that is half colored in white and black , and the other half is red
  • Chery - the red oval with "A" above it and a "C" under
  • Peterbilt - the black oval outlined in white and whit this letters inside: "P  bil"
  • Fiat - the silver logo with a red square inside
  • Lancia - the blue logo with a white outlined circle in it and a "A" inside
  • Tata - the blue circle with two white curved lines in it and "A A" written under
  • Isuzu - the back letters: "I   U" and a small logo above them
  • Jeep - the black letters: "J  P"
  • Kawasaki - the letters "R    ki"
  • Lexus - the black rectangle with a white circle that has an "L" inside. Under it are this white letters: "LE"
  • Mitsubishi - the logo formed by 3 red parallelograms, forming a triangle

Logo Quiz - Cars [Level 2] Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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