Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trivia Crack Letter "How much - Hy..." Answers

Trivia Crack "How much - Hy..." Answers
How much blood does an adult have? 5 to 6 liters
How much can bamboo grow in a day? 1 meter
How much did the Real Madrid pay the Manchester United for Cristiano Ronaldo? 96 millon Euros
How much did the United States pay Russia for Alaska? Around 7,2 million dollars
How much does a basket ball weight? From 600 to 800 grams
How much does a basket ball weight? From 600 to 800 grams
How much does an adult’s brain weigh? 1,3 Kg
How much does an elephant weight when it’s born? From 100 to 150kg
How much does it take to digest food in the stomach? 3 or 4 hours
How much is 11 x12? 132
How much is 2 raised to tenth power? 1024
How much is a human year in dog years? 7
How much is the addition of all the points of a dice? 21
How much time did it take for Philias Fogg to travel around the world? 80 days
How much time does blood need to pass through all pulmonary alveolus? 27 seconds
How much time passes in the hundreds of pages of James Joyce’s Ulyses? A day
How much time were the Philippines occupied by Japan during the Second World War? 2 years
How often are Summer Olympic Games held? 4 Years
How often do Vulcans need to mate? Every seven years
How old are kittens when they open their eyes for the first time? 8 to 10 days old
How old can a camel be? Around 50 years
How old do you have to be in the UK to drink legally? 18
How old is Bart Simpson? 10
How old is Lisa Simpson? 8
How old is Rapunzel in the movie “Tangled”? 18
How old is the lion when he has his mane? 5 years
How old is the planet Earth? 4.5 to 4.6 billion years
How old was Ayrton Senna when he died? 34 years
How old was Bob Marley when he died? 36
How old was Boris Becker when he first won Wimbledom? 17
How old was Cleopatra when she became Queen of Egypt? 18
How old was Jesus Christ when he died? 33
How old was Jesus of Nazareth when he died? 33
How old was King Tut when he reigned? 10
How old was Maria Antonieta when she got married? 14 years old
How old was Michael Jackson when he died? 50
How old was Mozart when he died? 35
How old was Mozart when he started composing? 4
How old was Mozart when he started playing piano? 3
How old was Mozart when he started to compose music? 5 Years Old
How old was Pelé in his first World Cup? 17
How old was Tony Hawk when he started skating? 9 years
How old was Tutankhamun when he died? 19
How old was Vincent Van Gogh when he died? 37
How old was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he died? 35
How old was tennis player Pete Sampras when he won his last Grand Slam? 30
How old was the American poet Sylvia Plath when she commited suicide? 30
How old were Spartan kids when abandoned to survive alone and become men? 12
How tall is Freedom Tower? 1776 feet
How tall is the actor Verne Troyer, famous for his role as Mini-me in the Austin Powers films? 32 inches
How tall is the standard basketball hoop? 10 Feet
How was Anne Boleyn killed? Head Chopped Off
How was Frida Kahlo’s home known? Blue House
How was Martin Luther King Jr. murdered? Shot by an assassin
How was Peter, the fisherman, crucified by the Romans? Upside down
How was Walter White known by the drug cartels in Breaking Bad? Heisenberg
How was the “Mona Lisa” damaged while being exposed? Someone threw a rock at it
How was the shark killed in Jaws 2? Electrocution
How were mortal epidemic diseases called in the Middle Age? Plague
How were the first French operas called? Tragédie en musique
How would you call a statue or sculpture if the subject has extended arms in a praying attitude? Orant
Hutus massacred one million tutsis in what country? Rwanda
Hydatid disease can be transmitted by what animal? Dog
Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square England
Hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite sides are names given to the sides of what kind of triangle? Right triangle
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