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Trivia Crack Letter "What fi.... - What is an..." Answers

Trivia Crack "What fi.... - What is an..." Answers
What famouse novel was written by Charlotte Brontë? Jane Eyre
What fashion designer popularized the miniskirt in the 60s? Mary Quant
What female writer won the Nobel Prize in Literature due to ‘that epicist of the female experience, who with scepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilisation to scrutiny’? Doris Lessing
What fiction character has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead? Harry Potter
What field hockey player has won, until 2013, the best female world player award on 7 occasions? Luciana Aymar
What film director is known as the Master of Suspense? Alfred Hitchcock
What film does Johnny Depp NOT star in? Ocean’s Thirteen
What film is this quote from ” Everyday above ground is a good day “ Scarface
What finger has only two phalanges? Thumb
What fissure separates the frontal and parietal lobes from the temporal lobe? Sylvian fissure
What flowers does Charles Baudelaire describe in 100 poems? Flowers of evil
What flows through a conductor? Electrons
What food did Popeye eat to gain his strength? Spinach
What food is typical from Mexico? Tacos, Pozole and Tamales
What football team won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in 2012? Mexico
What form does Harry’s Patronus have? A stag
What former president of the Soviet Union was honored with a Nobel Peace Prize? Mikhail Gorbachev
What freed the remaining slaves in the south post civil war? Emancipation Proclamation
What fruit has a variety called Claudia? Plums
What fruit is high in potassium? Banana
What game did the Nintendo character, Mario first appear in? Donkey Kong
What game is considered by the fans the worst game in ATARI’s history? ET
What game is considered by the fans the worst game in the history of Nintendo 64? Superman 64
What game needs 11 players and a pitch? Cricket
What game reactivates Marty McFly in the Cafe ’80 in ‘Back to the Future 2’? Wild Gunman
What game with Nazis popularized the genre of first person shooting in 1992? Wolfenstein 3D
What genre does H. P. Lovecraft work fall into? Horror
What genre is American composer La Monte Young’s music? Minimalist
What genre is Ken Follet’s novel ‘The Pillars of the Earth’? Historical
What genre is the ‘Odyssey’? A Greek epic poem
What genre is the classic German text ‘Nibelungenlied’? Epic poem
What genre is the novel ‘The Story of the Eye’, by George Bataille? Erotica
What genre of music was introduced to America during the 1920’s? Jazz
What german soccer player broke the best goal record in soccer world cup in Brazil 2014? Miroslav Klose
What gives feces its brown color? Stercobilin
What goalkeeper has scored more than 100 goals? Rogério Ceni
What god bears the same name in both Greek and Roman mythology? Apollo
What goes across the whole world months before the Olympic Games? The torch
What golf prodigy played golf with Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart on TV when he was a child? Tiger Woods
What golf prodigy played golf with Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart on TV when he was a child? Tiger Woods
What golf tournament is contested between the U.S. and Europe? The Ryder Cup
What goverment did dictator Augusto Pinochet defeat? Salvador Allende’s
What greek sculptor was in charge of dressing the Parthenon with its piece ‘Athena Parthenos’? Phidias
What group was Lionel Richie a member of before his successful solo career? The Commodores
What group was Michael Jackson in when he was a young boy? Jackson 5
What grows in a ‘Crescendo’? Sound
What hand is more valuable in poker? Royal flush
What happened in 1925 in China? Massacre of Communists
What happened in Srebrenica in 1995, in the context of the Bosnian War? Massive execution of Muslims
What happened in the Battle of Waterloo? The defeat of Napoleon
What happened to Anna and Elsa’s parents in the movie ‘Frozen’? Died at sea during a storm
What happens in the rain scene from ‘The Bridges of Madison County’? Francesca stays with her husband
What happens to energy? It changes form
What happens to you if you have diplopia? You see double
What happens when a star explodes? Supernova
What happens with the temperature when the boiling point is reached? It’s maintained stable
What has been referred to in western society as the ‘Wall of Shame’? All are correct
What has no charge? Neutrons
What hemisphere would you be in if summer started in December? Southern hemisphere
What hindu God burned villages for fun? Agni
What hip-hop artist is responsible for the direction of the “Despicable Me” soundtracks? Pharrell Williams
What historical character was portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis in a film by Steven Spielberg? Abraham Lincoln
What historical period does the parietal art, also known as rock art, belong to? Prehistory
What historical period was the Mona Lisa painted in? The Renaissance
What hobbit was the bearer of ‘the One Ring’? Frodo Baggins
What homo discovered the fire? Homo erectus
What house from ‘Game of Thrones’ has a deer and a crown as a symbol? Baratheon
What hurricane caused in 2005 the greatest money loss to the United States? Katrina
What important event of World War II occurred on Dec 7, 1941? Japan Attacked Pearl Harbor
What important piece of art was stolen and kept under a bed until it was returned to the Louvre Museum? Mona Lisa
What impressionist artist painted ‘Impression, Sunrise’? Claude Monet
What in our cells define our characteristics? DNA
What in the acronym FBI, what does the “I” stand for? Investigation
What indigenous ethnia built Chichén Itzá? Mayas
What induces combustion in a fire? Oxygen
What induces combustion in a fire? Oxygen
What infamous US prison was built on an island and is commonly referred to as “The Rock”? Alcatraz
What ingredient is usually used to make beer bitter? Hops
What initials are given to lysergic acid? LSD
What insect is known for causing sleeping sickness? Tsectse fly
What inspired Walt Disney to make Disney? A Mouse
What instrument did John Bonham play in Led Zeppelin? Drums
What instrument is capable of lower frequencies? Tuba
What instrument measures the electric power? Voltmeter
What instrument was initially played behind a curtain in order to keep the invention a secret? Saxophone
What invention led to the expansion of slavery in the United States the early 1800s? Cotton Gin
What invention permitted time travel in Back to the Future? The Flux Capacitor
What involuntary muscle causes hairs to stand on end? Arrector Pili
What is ‘God’s particle’? The Higgs Boson
What is ‘Texas Hold’em’? A type of poker
What is “Cuneiforme”? Old Writing
What is “the Oktoberfest” in Munich (Germany)? A traditional beer celebration
What is “the Oktoberfest” in Munich (Germany)? A traditional beer celebration
What is 500 in Roman numbers? D
What is Adesonine Triphosphate (ATP)? Nucleic acid
What is Africa’s largest country? Algeria
What is Agnes’ stuffed animal in the movie ‘Despicable Me’? Unicorn
What is Angelina Jolie’s last name? Voight
What is Artemis the Greek god of? Hunting
What is Asterix like? Short
What is Atlas’s punishment for fight against the gods? Holding The Earth On His Shoulders
What is Batman’s son name? Damian
What is Bilbo’s last name in “The Hobbit”? Baggins
What is Bill Nye the Science Guy’s saying in any movie? Science Rules!
What is Bob Dylan’s real name? Robert Zimmerman
What is Brazil’ s capital? Brasília
What is Brazil’s capital city? Brasília
What is Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase? To infinity and beyond
What is CO2 in words? Carbon Dioxide
What is Canada’s national animal? Beaver
What is Canada’s national bird? It doesn’t have one
What is Cara Delevingne’s real name? Cara Jocelyn Delevingne
What is Challenger Abyss? The deepest point in the oceans
What is Chandler’s from “Friends” original job? Data analysis
What is Chewbacca? A Wookie
What is China’s official language? Mandarin
What is DC Universe’s villain Deathstroke’s real name? Slade Wilson
What is Dehydration? Lack Of Water/Fluids
What is Descartes’ last foundaton in his method, the explanation of every knowledge? God
What is Doctor House addicted to? Vicodine
What is Draco Malfoy’s father called? Lucius
What is Drake and Josh’s famous catch phrase? “Hug Me Brother”
What is Emma Stone’s real name? Emily Stone
What is Escherichia coli? Bacteria
What is Frank McCourt’s most famous novel? Angela’s Ashes
What is Freddie Mercury’s real name? Farrokh Bulsara
What is French player Benzema’s first name? Karim
What is Frodo Baggins, the main character in ‘The Lord of the Rings’? A hobbit
What is Guyana’s capital? Georgetown
What is Hannah Montana’s real name? Miley Cyrus
What is Harry Potter owl’s name? Hedwig
What is Hulk’s secret identity? Bruce Banner
What is Italian ice cream called? Gelato
What is Italy’s shape similar to? A boot
What is J.K.Rowling’s first name? Joanne
What is J.R.R Tolkien famous for? Writing “Lord of the Rings”
What is John Rhys-Davies character’s name in the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Gimli
What is Johnny Depp’s middle name? Christopher
What is Katniss’ favourite colour in “The Hunger Games”? Green
What is Kobe Bryant’s nickname? The black mamba
What is Kurt Cobain’s daughter name? Francis Bean Cobain
What is LeBron James’ nickname? The King
What is Linux? An operating sytem
What is Lorde’s real name? Ella Yelich O’Connor
What is MCMXCVIII? 1998
What is March Madness? Basketball tournament
What is Maria Sharapova’s nationality? Russian
What is Mario Bros daytime job? Plumber
What is Mayon Volcano in the Philippines known for? Its Almost Perfect Cone Shape
What is Metallica’s guitarist name? Kirk Hammet
What is Mexico City’s largest soccer stadium? Azteca
What is Monica and Ross’s lastname in the series “Friends”? Geller
What is Monica’s surname in the TV show “Friends”? Geller
What is Montenegro’s capital city? Podgorica
What is Mr. Big’s real name in Sex and the City? John James Preston
What is NOT a part of the guitar? Arm
What is Napoleón’s last name? Bonaparte
What is Naruto’s symbol in the anime? A spiral
What is Nomophobia? Fear Of Being Without A Cellphone
What is Obelix like? Fat
What is Pearl Jam’s vocalist name? Eddie Vedder
What is Pelé’s first name? Edson
What is Phineas and Ferb’s sister’s name? Candace
What is Polonium? A chemical element
What is Polonium? A chemical element
What is Pope Francisco’s nationality? Argentinian
What is Pope Francis’ favourite soccer team? San Lorenzo
What is Portugal’s antipode? South Island, in New Zealand
What is R.E.M. ‘losing’ according to their song? Religion
What is Rambo’s first name? John
What is Ricky Martin’s full name? Enrique Martín Morales
What is Romeo’s surname? Capuleto
What is Russia’s most famous railway? Trans-Siberian
What is Scotland’s official animal? A unicorn
What is Scotland’s official animal? A unicorn
What is Shakira’s first album? Magia
What is Sheldon’s girlfriend’s name in “The Big Bang Theory”? Amy
What is Sherlock Holmes assistant’s, John Watson, middle name? Hamish
What is Sherlock Holmes’s brother called? Mycroft
What is Shrek? An ogre
What is Sonic the Hedgehog’s special power? Super Speed
What is Spain’s current position in the ranking of the most visited countries in the world? Fourth
What is Sponge Bobs snail named? Gary
What is Switzerland’s capital? Bern
What is The Sims? A videogame
What is Thyroxine? A Hormone
What is Tiger Wood’s real name? Eldrick Woods
What is Tony Starks super hero name? Iron Man
What is Usain Bolts nationality? Jamaican
What is Usain Bolt’s profession? Runner
What is Van Gogh’s first name? Vincent
What is Vatican City’s capital? Vatican City
What is Venezuela’s main export product? Oil
What is Walter White’s full name? Walter Hartwell White
What is Yoko Ono’s field of expertise? Conceptual art
What is YouTube’s slogan? Broadcast Yourself.
What is Zanzibar’s most famous export? Spices
What is a ‘Fanfic’? A fictional story created by a fan
What is a “Shiitake”? Mushroom
What is a 12-sided figure called? Dodecahedron
What is a Dendrobium? An Orchid
What is a Great Crested Grebe? A bird
What is a Haiku? A form of poetry
What is a baby horse called? Foal
What is a bituminous shale? A kind of coal
What is a centaur? Half Man-Half Horse
What is a common nickname for an American Football? Pig Skin
What is a good heat conductor? Metal
What is a hockey puck made out of? Rubber
What is a hockey puck made out of? Rubber
What is a hypotenuse? Longest side of a triangle
What is a kangal? A turkish dog breed
What is a killer whale’s actual name? Orca
What is a metropolis? Principal city
What is a metropolis? Principal city
What is a nanometer? A unit of measure
What is a nickname given to an American football? Pigskin
What is a nickname given to an American football? Pigskin
What is a pattern of stars that can be used to locate celestial objects called? Constellation
What is a perfect game scoring in bowling? 300
What is a person afraid of if they have tonitrophobia? Thunder
What is a pickle in baseball? Getting Caught In A Rundown
What is a plateau? An area of highland of flat terrain
What is a plexus in medicine? Nerves
What is a prion? A protein
What is a protein made of? Amino Acids
What is a pulsar? A magnetized rotating neutron star
What is a salamander? An amphibian
What is a stomatologist? Dentist
What is a transistor? An electronic component
What is a trinomial? Polynomial with three terms
What is a trinomial? Polynomial with three terms
What is a trumpet made of? Brass
What is a turbot? A fish
What is a typical food of El Salvador? Pupusas
What is a unicellular organism? An organism formed of one living cell
What is aboulia? Decrease of motivation
What is aboulia? Decrease of motivation
What is an ‘archipelago’? A group of islands
What is an annual award for American children’s literature? The Newbery Medal
What is an antonym for the word pessimist? Optimist
What is an avocado? A fruit
What is an equestrian? Horseback rider
What is an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm more commonly known as? Hiccup
What is an ion? A charged atom
What is an oriole? A bird
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