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Trivia Crack Letter "What do.... - What famous..." Answers

Trivia Crack "What do.... - What famous..." Answers
What didn’t the fox in La Fontaine’s fable like due to being green? Grapes
What director, winner of the Golden Palm, was declared persona non grata in Cannes Film Festival? Lars von Trier
What disaster devastated London during four days in September 1666? A fire
What discipline is not a part of Modern Penthatlon? Cycling
What disease characterized by red spots on the skin? All of them
What disease is produced when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced? Diabetes
What disease is transmited by the bug called vinchuca? Chagas Disease
What disease manifests with cognitive deterioration and behavioral upset? Alzheimer
What distance is the penalty point from the goal? 11 meters
What district does Katniss belong to in the Hunger Games? District 12
What do Andromeda I, Draco Dwarf, Large Magellanic Cloud and Baby Boom have in common? They’re galaxies
What do Christians celebrate the 25th of December? The birth of Jesus
What do Jewish people celebrate on the Pesach or Passover? The exodus from Egypt
What do Pythagoras, Euler, Roche-Frobenius, Thales and Mean Value have in common? They’re mathematic theorems
What do Spica, Cephei, Veca, Arcturus and Betelgeuse have in common? They’re stars
What do Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Roberto Clemente have in common? They’re baseball players
What do U.S. citizens celebrate on July 4th of each year? Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence
What do Zhongshan and Dome Fuji have in common? They’re bases in Antarctica
What do all cells have? DNA
What do all plants have? Chloroplasts
What do babies eat during their first months? Milk
What do babies pass instead of feces during their first two days of life? Meconium
What do beavers make their house of? Mud and branches
What do humans exhale? Carbon Dioxide
What do humans exhale? Carbon Dioxide
What do meteorologists study? Weather And Climate
What do meteorologists study? Weather And Climate
What do ogres in fairy tales usually eat? Tender children
What do tennis players Billie Jean King, André Agassi, Rod Laver and Steffi Graf have in common? They won 4 Grand Slams
What do the 13 white stripes of the American flag represent? The 13 original colonies
What do the 3 bars stand for in a pilots uniform? Co-pilot
What do the 50 stars in the American flag represent? The 50 states
What do the film directors Danny Boyle, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze and David Fincher have in common? They’ve directed videoclips
What do the five stars on Honduras’ national flag represent? Central America Nations
What do the flags of Peru and Canada have in common? The colors red and white
What do the initials ‘GDP’ Stand for? Gross Domestic Product
What do the initials LAN mean? Local Area Network
What do the initials MoMA, from the famous museum in New York, mean? Museum of Modern Art
What do the initials PPA stand for in economy? Purchasing Power Parity
What do the initials UEFA stand for? Union of European Football Associations
What do the initials WTO stand for? World Trade Organisation
What do the letters of the brand “H Hennes And Mauritz
What do the melipona, the queen, and the drones have in common? They’re types of bee
What do the spots in the ladybug’s wings indicate? Species
What do the symbols of the hammer and the sickle represent? The union of workers
What do the works of art ‘Pietà’ by Michaelangelo, ‘Last Judgement’ by Michaelangelo and the ‘Belvedere torso’ have in common? They’re in the Vatican Museums
What do we call an angle that measures less than 90°? Acute
What do we celebrate on the 1st of May? International Workers’ Day
What do we celebrate on the 8th of March? International Womans’ Day
What do we do if we use the literary figure called personification? We personify an object
What do we need to add to a glass to turn it into a mirror? Aluminium
What do we use our strongest muscles for? Chewing
What do you call a 12 sided closed polygon? Dodecagon
What do you call a resident of Guam? Guamanian
What do you call something that is related to the universe? Cosmic
What do you call the highest level of a certified diver? Dive Master
What do you call the process that generates two identical cells with the same number of chromosomes? Mitosis
What do you have to write between numbers in an IP address? Points
What do you measure with a hygrometer? Humidity
What do you obtain if you mix smog and water? Acid
What do you score in American and Canadian football? Touchdown
What doctor do you need to visit if you have a heart disease? The cardiologist
What doctor do you need to visit if you have kidney disease? The nephrolohist
What document transferred power from the king of England to the noblemen? Magna Carta
What does ‘BTW’ mean in colloquial English? By The Way
What does ‘Petite’ mean in English? Small
What does ‘Valar Morghulis’ stand for? All men must die
What does ‘geo’ mean? Earth
What does ‘karaoke’ mean in Japanese? Empty orchestra
What does “Día de Muertos” mean? Day of the Dead
What does “In situ” means? In the area
What does “delet” or “delevit” mean in Latin? Destroys
What does “f” stand for in musical scores? Forte
What does “kawai” mean in Japanese? Cute
What does “kawai” mean in Japanese? Cute
What does “remorse” mean? Regret
What does (m) stand for in basic units? Meter
What does -ology mean (Biology, cardiology, physiology, etc.)? The Study Of
What does .com mean? Commercial
What does A.M. stand for? Ante Meridiem
What does ATP stand for in sports? Association of Tennis Professionals
What does ATP stand for? Adenosine Triphosphate
What does Angelo Badalamenti do? He’s a composer
What does Anne Geddes tipically photograph? Babies
What does Argentina’s flag have in its center? A sun
What does BBC stand for? British Broadcasting Company
What does CIA stand for? Central Intelligence Agency
What does DC Comics stand for? Detective Comics
What does DS stand for in volleyball? Defensive Specialist
What does Daenerys Targaryen breed in the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’? Dragons
What does Depeche Mode’s song ‘Sweetest Perfection’ talk about? Drugs
What does Donald Duck dress as? Sailor
What does E stand for in the formula E=mc2? Energy
What does EP stand for when considering a musical album? Extended Play
What does F stand for on the periodic table of elements? Fluorine
What does GMO stands for? Genetically modified organism
What does Gandalf say right before he falls against the Balrog? Run, you fools
What does Garfield hate? All are correct
What does H.P. Lovecrafts initials stand for? Howard Phillips
What does HDD mean in computer science? Hard Disk Drive
What does Hakuna Matata mean? No Worries
What does Histology study? The body tissues
What does Jean Valjean get arrested for in “Les Misérables”? Stealing bread
What does Joe E. Black answer to Jack Lemmon when he tells him that he’s a man in the movie ‘Some Like It Hot’? Nobody’s perfect
What does July 4th represent? Independence Day
What does Kyle from ‘Kyle XY’ lack? Belly button
What does LCD mean in electronics? Liquid Crystal Display
What does Lady Gaga call her personal fans? Little Monsters
What does Mesolithic mean? Middle Stone Age
What does Michael Douglas do in ‘Wonder Boys’? Writer
What does NBA stand for? National Basketball Association
What does NRL stand for? National Rugby League
What does Newton’s third law of motion apply to? Actions and reactions
What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory
What does Rose learn from Jack in ‘Titanic’? Spitting
What does Serena Williams play? Tennis
What does Sheldon Cooper do for a living? He works as a theoretical physicist
What does Sheldon from the TV series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ do for a living? Physicist
What does UFC stand for? Ultimate Fighting Championship
What does URL mean? Universal Resource Locator
What does URL mean? Universal Resource Locator
What does USB stand for? Universal Serial Bus
What does WWE stand for? World Wrestling Entertainment
What does XC stand for? Cross Country
What does XC stand for? Cross Country
What does Zn on the periodic table stand for? Zinc
What does Zn on the periodic table stand for? Zinc
What does a “cosmologist” study? The origin of the universe
What does a caddie transport in golf? The clubs
What does a carnivore’s diet consist of? Meat
What does a glaucoma provoke if it’s not treated? Blindness
What does a judoka do with the judogi? Wearing it
What does a lightyear measure? Distance
What does a plant cell need to do photosynthesis? Chloroplast
What does a pomologist study? Fruits
What does a sign with a green circle mean when snowboarding? Easiest Level
What does an acephalic creature lack? Head
What does an oenologist do? Wine expert
What does an speleologist study? Caves
What does bile do? Breakdowns fats
What does boreal mean? North
What does cryotherapy use to treat the patients? Cold
What does cryptozoology study? Animals whose existence is improbable
What does cryptozoology study? Animals whose existence is improbable
What does every soft drink have? Carbonated water
What does futurism art glorify? Machine Age
What does ichthyology study? Fish
What does nitrous oxide produce? Laugh
What does numismatics study? Coins and medals
What does ophthalmology specialize in? Eyes and vision
What does parkour mainly consist of? Jumping
What does per capita mean? Per Person
What does plutocracy mean? Rule by the wealthy
What does tendonitis mean? Swelling Of The Tendon
What does the “D.C.” in Washington D.C. stand for? District Of Columbia
What does the English expression “FYI” mean? For Your Information
What does the F of John F. Kennedy stand for? Fitzgerald
What does the German phrase “Ich liebe dich” mean? I love you
What does the H stand for in H20 (water)? Hydrogen
What does the HDI measure? Human Development Index
What does the Italian word “dolce” mean? Sweet
What does the J. in Homer J. Simpson stand for? Jay
What does the Latin word “sanguis” translate to in English? Blood
What does the Latinism ‘ad hoc’ mean? For this
What does the Latinism ‘de facto’ mean? In fact
What does the Newton’s third law says? Every a action has a reaction
What does the Q in Q-tip stand for? Quality
What does the Schengen agreement legislate? Borders
What does the Spanish word “luna” refer to? The moon
What does the TV channel “NBC” Stand for? National Broadcasting Company
What does the atomic number refer to? Number Of Protons
What does the cactus peyote contain? Mescaline
What does the center panel of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ represent? The earthly world
What does the center panel of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ represent? The earthly world
What does the character Ted Mosby from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ do? Architect
What does the chemical symbol “Hg” stand for? Mercury
What does the city of Amsterdam look like from the sky? A spider web
What does the dung beetle feed of? Excrements
What does the expression “break a leg” mean? Good luck
What does the heliocentric thoery state? The Sun is the center of the solar system
What does the letter J stand for in “Homer J. Simpson”? Jay
What does the man hold in the painting “American Gothic”? Pitchfork
What does the name of the band AC/DC stand for? Alternate current / Direct Current
What does the nervous system do? Sends messages from the brain to the body
What does the polka dot jersey signify in the Tour de France? The King of the Mountains
What does the song Wake Me Up When September Ends, from Greenday, talk about? About his father’s death
What does the symbol N stand for in physics? Newton
What does the term ‘Serendipity’ mean? A happy accident
What does the term ‘Serendipity’ mean? A happy accident
What does the term “Epidermis” refer to? Skin
What does the term “philia” refer to? Love
What does the term “pigskin” refer to? A Football
What does the term travel mean in basketball? You Walked Without Dribbling
What does the union of amino acids form? Proteins
What does the woodlouse do if you touch it? It rolls up
What does the word carne mean in Spanish? Meat
What does the word tempo mean in music? Speed
What does vexology study? Flags
What does”TE” stand for in the NFL? Tight End
What doom metal band had green and black as its distinctive colors? Type O Negative
What drink was invented by the pharmacist John S. Pemberton in 1886? Coca Cola
What drug is a synthetic derivative of morphine? Heroine
What duct takes the tears to the nasal cavities? Nasolacrimal duct
What element does Argentina owe its name to? Silver
What element does Ne represent on the periodic table? Neon
What element does Ra stand for? Radium
What element has an atomic number of 69? Thulium
What element has the chemical symbol C? Carbon
What element is ” K ” on the periodic table of elements? Potassium
What element is classified as K on the period table of elements? Potassium
What element is diamond composed of? Carbon
What element of the periodic table has the atomic number 1 and symbol H? Hydrogen
What element on the periodic table has this symbol: Cu? Copper
What element was the famous Excalibur? Sword
What empire conquered almost all Europe? Roman Empire
What empire dissolved, after 844 years, on the 6th August 1806? The Holy Roman Empire
What ended Napoleon’s emperorship? His defeat in Waterloo
What energy company that belonged to Repsol was expropiated by the Argentinian government in 2012? YPF
What enzyme in the body breaks down fats into glycerol? Lipase
What epidemic resulted in Europe’s population to be cut in half? Black Plague
What event is known in Gaelic as An Gorta Mor, meaning the Great Hunger? Irish Potato Famine
What event is related to globalization? Cold war
What event marks the end of the prehistoric period? Writing
What event was considered as “Ukraine’s Wormwood”? Chernobyl Meltdown
What existentialist theatre questions society and men through humour and nonsense? Theatre of the Absurd
What explorer, whose momified remains were exhibited in Peru, was murdered by his own men? Francisco Pizarro
What explosive is used for treating heart attacks? Nytroglicerin
What facial feature does the Mona Lisa lack? Eyebrows
What fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen is based on the legend of Undines? The Little Mermaid
What fairy tale’s real name is ‘Alf layla wa-layla’? One Thousand and One Nights
What falls separate Brazil and Argentina? Iguazu Falls
What family does the element Hydrogen belong to? None of the previous answers
What family of instrument is the marimba part of? Percussion
What family of instruments do violins belong to? Strings
What family of instruments is the bassoon apart of? Woodwinds
What famous American actor was Lauren Bacall’s first husband? Humphrey Bogart
What famous TV series named many of its characters after philosophers? Lost
What famous actress’ actual name is Demetria Gene Guynes? Demi Moore
What famous animated character popped out funny gadgets from his magical pocket? Doraemon
What famous artwork is Van Gogh known for? Starry Night
What famous attack is remembered on December 7th? Pearl Harbor
What famous author was known for “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”? Homer
What famous author wrote “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”, “That hideous strength” and “Til we have faces”? C.S. Lewis
What famous communist Cuban revolutionary lead Cuba for over 30 years? Fidel Castro
What famous composer died at the age of 36 and left a Requiem unfinished? Mozart
What famous detective’s name was Jules? Maigret
What famous figure was assassinated that eventually led to the First World War beginning? Franz Ferdinand
What famous flowering trees were a gift from Japan to the US and planted all over Washington DC? Cherry
What famous musician made the “Nutcracker” ballet? Tchaikovsky
What famous person in history had a teacher/companion named Anne Sullivan? Helen Keller
What famous singer was born with the name Gordon Sumner? Sting
What famous singer’s actual name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson? Katy Perry
What famous singer’s actual name is Robert Allen Zimmerman? Bob Dylan
What famouse actress rejected the role of Clarice Sterling in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, finally portrayed by Jodie Foster? Michelle Pfeiffer
What famouse novel was written by Charlotte Brontë? Jane Eyre
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